Rinse This

Alternative Blueprint are a new label on us but apparently they deal with electronic & acoustic music hybrids which are different, hard to categorise, and musically enriched from many styles and influences. Well this frenetic bass-fest from label signing Optikatechniqua certainly fits that description. With a boulder rolling beat, filthily twisted synths and all out glitch warfare over the top, this track is a promo precursor to the forthcoming Optikatechniqua album Sinister Dub.

(YSI) Optikatechniqua - Rinse It (Dank Woods Mix)

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3 Responses to Rinse This

Anonymous said...

Yeah this is totally rude! Been hearing it a lot. Baddddness

Mr. Fatty said...

this is where acid techno kicks the boredom out of dubstep! feeling the acid nutszness more than the slower dubby ones, but this is still an utterly killer album

Anonymous said...

been playin out rinse it and sett;e for fiction out lots. quality material