Our First Official Fre-Release

Hello, Good Evening and Welcome to our very first official Fre-Release (no not a Pre-Release, not a Re-Release... a Fre(e)-Release). We've linked up with the fantastic Daly City Records (Mochipet, Th' Mole, Flying Skulls, Preshish Moments) for two single releases from DJ 0.000001 (below) and Th' Mole (on May 4th) that we're bringing to you in the spirit of the blog, absolutely free. We also have EP releases lined up for Zwolf and Stagga, with plenty more waiting to be confirmed. So without further ado...

You should all by now be familiar with the good old DJ friendly Mash-Up. They’ve long been a staple of many a party set, in fact, so long now that it’s about time they were taken to the next level… well thank f**k for DJ 0.000001 [one-millionth] then that’s what we say. Following on from his widely acclaimed releases on Mochipet’s Daly City Records label: Ooh Baby I Like It Hard (an infectious Ol' Dirty Bastard / Matty G / Glitch Mob remix single); and the Whirled Fusion Mix Tape (featuring Th' Mole), comes this brand new big, bad and banging ‘Thrash Up'. 10 tracks that would happily fit into a killer 40 minute set are fused together into one mighty morphing power stomper of a track in the shape of We All Fall Down.

Squeezing the essence of such Chrome Kids favourites as Milanese, Kraddy, Nasty Ways and K-The-I??? into 3 minutes of phat future funk totality, We All Fall Down moves fluidly between the beats and melodies but hits harder than an iceberg being dropped on your cranium. We couldn’t think of a better track for our first official Chrome Kids Fre-Release, plus it comes with an even DJ friendlier acappella and instrumental (which is also handy for the radio) so you can ‘thrash it up’ even further yourselves.


Milanese "The Plague" +
Pharoahe Monch "Simon Says (Acapella)" +
Lil Wayne "Lollipop (Nasty Ways Remix)" +
K-The-I??? "400 On The BPM" +
The Cool Kids "88" +
Too $hort "Burn It (Instrumental)" +
Art Of Noise "Moments In Love" +
Noreaga "Super Thug (Instrumental)" +
Benga "26 Basslines" +
Glitch Mob "Crush Mode" (Kraddy "Android Porn") +
additional electronic percussion by DJ 0.000001

(YSI) DJ 0.000001 [one millionth] - We All Fall Down / alt link

(YSI) DJ 0.000001 [one millionth] - We All Fall Down (Instrumental) / alt link

(YSI) DJ 0.000001 [one millionth] - We All Fall Down (Acapella) / alt link

Download a complete zip file with the 320s and cover...

(Direct Link) DJ 0.000001 [one millionth] - We All Fall Down (zip)

Or just check a Snippet here.

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3 Responses to Our First Official Fre-Release

celerydeli said...
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celerydeli said...


mega mashups ftw

Brian said...

Please Re-Upload

We All Fall Down (instrumental)

I cant find it anywhere and love this song!!