Filthy Sexy Electro Freaks

Master Shortie is perhaps the most moralistic out of the bunch today, he's from the school of look but don't touch, not even a bit of extra dirt from our good friend Mr Chew Fu can corrupt him, although we're not sure she'd fall for the old 'looking like a samosa' line anyway.

Master Shortie - Dead End (Chew Fu GhettoHouse Fix) / alt link

Next is a bit of sleazy Electro Hip-house from that rather rudely monikered German Fukkk Offf who is up to no good with his rapping friends Razor Cain & Hazel from New York.

"You're with your girl, I'm with my man but can we be more than friends."

Not quite sure if it's a bit of sneaky cheating or full on group sex that they're on about but with something of a reputation for rocking parties in Hamburg's Red Light District, we guess it could be anything. Taken from the Love Me Hate Me Kiss Me Kill Me album.

(YSI) Fukkk Offf ft Razor Cain & Hazel - More Than Friends / alt link

Sexy Brazillian duo Blood Shake bring some breaksy Electro flavour to this Baile Funk track from equally sexy, and almost downright slutty The Fire and Reason. Taken from the Shakes forthcoming first album Ghetto Dirty Lovers.

(YSI) The Fire & Reason - Preste Atenção - (Blood Shake FuckBaileFunk Remix) / alt link

And lastly those Dirty Monkeez have filthied up that nice clean cut Mr Merriweather, the Hungarian duo have definitely brought about a change in him.

(YSI) Daniel_Merriweather - Change (Dirty Monkeez Remix) / alt link

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