Flying Double

Should anybody decide to enforce a narrative on the post Hip-hop music era then one character in particular will loom larger than life and help to propel the story just a he has helped to push the music itself forwards. To celebrate a decade's worth of service to sound from Flying Lotus, his compadre Gaslamp Killer has crafted together an enchanting collection of new and exclusive with previous gems. Just in time to get you all sparkling with anticipation for the forthcoming Cosmogramma abum that is due to drop on Warp Records in April.

Download: A Decade of Flying Lotus (mixed by GLK) via Brainfeeder

Another group of West Coast sound warriors of similar airborne moniker the Flying Skulls have also hit us up with their latest live mix. Long serving readers will remember that much as we love their studio material it's in the freestyle arena that this band of crunk wielding grime and glitch Gladiators truly flex their muscles.

Download: The Flying Skulls, Recorded Live at The Arcata Theater

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One Response to Flying Double

Anonymous said...

a decade of flying lotus, my god you've made my year