Ice Cold

Andre 3000 once posed the question, 'what's cooler than being cool?' We're inclined to disagree with his doppelgang of backing singers and believe that it's Ghostly International, a label that is not only too cool for school but too cool for college, university and night classes as well. If any of those finger snappin', black polo neck wearing, jazz cigarettte smoking dudes hanging out in Paris cafes back in the day could see into the future, Ghostly Int would be their vision. They've just unleashed a free EP from post Hip-hop producer Mux Mool (also so cool he even rhymes with the word), now that is cool as f**k.

Actually, having said all that this track from the EP is a touch aggressive. We wouldn't go as far as to say it's lost it's cool, perhaps redefined it somewhat.

Download: Mux Mool - Death 9000 (Prof & P.O.S. Broadcasting Version) / alt link

Grab the whole EP here.

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ha ha, we'll take that on the chin, everyone's allowed a twat day... of course others seem to make a life's work from it.