A Journey Through Hyperdub

Look out for the new Hyperdub meeting of minds and music from L.V. and Quarta 330 which drops on April 26th. Hylo is a glitched up electro ping pong game set to a future grime bleep fest whilst Suzuran, a remix of a tune by Chiptune artist Dong, is what it might sound like if the first pop tune to break out of Furby land into the Japanese charts was a Future Garage track.

Speaking of Hyperdub, we're currently watching this lecture from head honcho Kode 9 that we got from the fellas over at the Red Bull Music Academy. One of the most interesting guys in modern music so you know it's gonna be a brain booster.

Finally we have a tune which Hyperdub starlet Ikonika felt was a little too close to her label mate Zomby, so she offered it up on her Twitter feed.

Download: Ikonika - Politriks / alt link

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3 Responses to A Journey Through Hyperdub

Carl Morris said...

Thanks for sharing, I love this stuff! As you know.


Did you not book Kode 9 for Moloko many moons ago. Think it's time for a return!

Anonymous said...


Does someone know the ID of the track at the intro of the redbull music academy video?

& thanks a lot for all the good stuff you're uploading on your blog

big up from belgium