The 'Non' Radio Show Selection

The Radio show's had a bit of a break over Christmas and New Year but was due to start back up tonight. However there's a problem down at the studio so we won't be back til next week. By then there will probably be a whole new set of tunes to play so here's what we would have played tonight!

The opening to the Bossasaurus album, which we figured would have also been a good first tune for the show, definitely feels like the introduction to something epic.

1. Bossasaurus-Space Renaissance by Bossasaurus

Next up was supposed to be a couple of DVA tunes: 'Still Born' from the 'Afro Cuban EP', a B Side for Manchester artist GuGu’s release on DVA Records due out on 10th January; and his remix of Bad Autopsy's ‘Ginmixer’ which is out now on red and gold vinyl via RAMP, limited to just 200 copies. Get yours here.

Bad Autopsy - GINMIXER (Scratcha DVA Remix) by RAMP Recordings / PTN

Next up a deep rolling sea of synths on this Dubstep / Glitch hop track from Ooah’s PANTyRAID partner in crime, MartyParty’s excellent 'Skukuza' album.

This stunning track is from a new free release that Blue Daisy passed us from his amigos ▽nknown ShΔpes. Apparently the ‘If I Should Die EP’ was recorded in just 2 days, but it’s certainly no rush job. If they have this kind of solid output in such a short time we can’t wait to see what they pull out of the bag next, definitely ones to watch for the future!

Download: ▽nknown ShΔpes – The World Keeps Turning / alt link

After their reworking of 'Genik Riddim', HavocNDeed have hooked up with Skamma & Joe Blow from the Squid Ninjaz crew once again for this strictly VIP track. Not sure if this is going to get a proper release or not but it’s killer for sure. Of course the version we were going to play would have been radio friendly, this isn’t!

Game Over (HavocNdeeD ViP ReWorK ft. Skamma & Joe Blow) by squidninjaz

We were then going to play a new Stagga track called 'Annihilating Riddim', but you’ll just have to wait until next week for that one, but trust us it’s another huge one.

On a more mellow tip, it’s tricky to pick just one track off James Blake’s debut album but we were going to go with this beauty.

James Blake - To Care (Like You) by Vicente P

Another deep, mellow, male vocal track, this time from Westernsynthetics. Not sure when it came out but someone passed us a copy of the May Day Radio album recently and this track struck us instantly. Actually gives us a chance to post the video now too which is also stunning.

Was going to drop the Monkey & Stagga produced track Chillski from the forthcoming Juakali EP but not got a clean version so opted for this Tes La Rok Remix of Freak You Back from the same release.

We still haven’t got round to playing this Skinnz track and we might not get the chance now but it’s definitely something you should all hear if you haven’t already. Quite a juxtaposition of the title and it’s corresponding sample with the sunshine soaked synths which would probably lift the most destitute dude up out the ‘gutta’.

Skinnz - Keep It Gutta [BOKA033] *Forthcoming* by boka

Only just caught the free AC (aka AC Slater) & Dell album 'Right Now' that Мишка released but it’s got some great tracks on there. Picked this one cos it didn’t have swearing in and we love the Dubstep / Future Garage vibe on it.

Still not 100% sure about this track which came out today., we love Maverick Sabre and Prof. Green makes some decent tracks from time to time but there’s something about the two together that grates slightly. Maybe it’s because they both sound like they recorded the track with pegs on their noses. We reckon it might be a grower still though..

Actually went to the launch of the ‘Scientist Launches Dubstep Into Outer Space' in Fabric but got there late and missed everyone’s set except Mala (who absolutely tore the place down). Not played anything off the album on the show before though so figured we’d drop this.

RSD ft Prince Jamo 'After All' Scientist Dub (Tectonic) by punchdrunkmusicdotcom

And that would have been the show. Hopefully you would have enjoyed it as well. We shall return to Radio Cardiff next Monday at 9pm as usual. 98.7fm if you’re in the Cardiff area or if not.

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