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Here’s Mud In Your Ear

The Associated Minds label have been consistently releasing good British Hip-hop at a time when the scene is essentially dead. They’ve really caught our earlobes this time though with the track Skullcrackology off Mudmowth’s forthcoming Circus In The Cemetery 12. This is a trip to the dark side that would make any Sith lord proud, with angry guitar, angry bassline, angry drums, angry synths and angry Welsh rapper, taking us through some of his favourite pastimes, which include ‘driving through Babylon in Satan’s Mercedes’ and ‘breaking into convents to date rape nuns.’

Mudmowth’s ‘Just To Get The Name Known EP’ had many heads turning their attention to Wales and if the rest of this 5 track release is of the same standard of ‘Skullcrackology’ or other recent tracks such as ‘Most Colourful Years’ then those heads won’t be turning back round again for some time. He’s already been receiving a lot of good press with this, with Sureshot of the Month in DJ Magazine and even 4 / 5 in Fast Car magazine (maybe we’ll finally have a decent new boy racer anthem). You should also check his killer verse on the Metabeats’ tune ‘F**k With Me’ (3rd verse on video below), so good it gives me chills.

Oh yeah and as extra enticement the 12” will be coming out on White Vinyl and all orders will include a CD copy for your car or computer too… no excuses! Pre order a copy now at the Associated Minds store.

(YSI) Mudmowth - Skullcrackology

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Get Crunc-ed Up

This video just dropped on YouTube for the Starkey remix of ‘Firewalk With Us’ from Brooklyn Grime crew Os Crunc Tesla & the Fearless Vampire Killer Arcestra. The original track was featured on last years ‘The Unexpektheadz 2’ compilation on French label Ekler O Shock and then released on the ‘Firewalk With US’ EP from the Luv Technologies label. The track features K-Swift (from New York, no relation to the late great Baltimore queen), Seraphim and DJ Raedawn (who I believe is also Crunc Tesla).

Bass producer Starkey was one of the featured artists on Mary Anne Hobbs’(soon to be seminal) Generation Bass programme last week and this remix looks to be featured on a remix EP coming out on Dead Homies which will probably also feature remixes from Bristol all rounder Awkward, fellow Brooklyn resident DJ Oddfellow and Queens based Londoner Natz, as they are already out there (using the same video).

If you have some time then Raedawn also sent us this wicked little video compilation of friends that includes some classics from Beans, Santogold, TTC, etc plus a few more you might not have discovered just yet.

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There’s a new Dubstep label just launched to deal with the output of work from the Nottingham and Derby areas of the UK. For The Win Records have released their first EP digitally for free so you can get a taste of what to expect from them with artists Metaphi, Earlybird, Ashburner and DFRNT all providing dubz.

True to the cliché ‘it’s grim up north’ (or should that be grimey) the tracks are quite dark Dub-tek bubblers with Ashburner mainly providing the kind of grinding stompers that we favour more here at Chrome Kids. We’ve put his tracks down below or you can download the whole EP here

If you would like to send them some of your own dubz you can contact them on:

(YSI) Ashburner – Stamina

(YSI) Ashburner – Untitled

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Electric Picnic Basket

Off to Electric Picnic in Ireland tomorrow for the weekend to go play in a Time Machine (?!). Only just checked the line up…it’s heavy! A Trak, Diplo, Toddla T, Count & Sinden, Digital Mystikz, Santogold, Benga, Modeselektor, George Clinton and Spearhead (who I met on Friday, one of the best live bands out there and a bunch of good genuine people too – pick up their Sly & Robbie produced All Rebel Rockers album if you can) are just a few of the artists I shall be trying not to miss.

Won’t be back til next Monday or Tuesday so I’ll leave you with a few posts to keep you going til then starting with a guy that hit me up on Myspace Vince P and has a new track produced by Diplo (see the link there) called ‘Rookie Of The Year’ which originally featured on his ‘Cool By Association Mixtape’ through URB Magazine in June. I’ve also included a link to that below - the copy I’m putting up isn’t mixed for some legal hoo hah reason (not sure if it ever was) so essentially what you have is just a bunch of great tracks from the likes of Starters, The Hood Internet, The Count & Sinden and a track from Really Doe that features Vince P and Kanye West.

(YSI) Vince P – Mr Fresh Bounce

(YSI) Vince P – Rookie Of Thje Year (Diplo Mix)

(YSI) Vince P – Cool By Association Mixtape (Zip file)

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Around The Carnival in 8 Minutes

Not really much to tell from Carnival… drink, dance, get squashed, lose people, dance some more, eat, drink some more and keep dancing til it’s time to go. The general pattern doesn’t really change. Of course there’s a lot more you can say about it but if you’ve been, you know and if you haven’t then I couldn’t begin to explain it here. Let’s just say there’s no better way to spend a Bank Holiday Monday.

What was missing for me this year was a Carnival ‘tune’, something fresh that you hear over and over again. To be honest we kinda got herded around sounds that just pumped out the classics and finally settled at Gaz’s Rockin Blues (dressed up the best as always - this time with an 'Around The World in 80 Days' theme) watching a ska band called The Trojans. Not really inspiration for a Chrome Kids post but good fun nevertheless and some great guest slots from Ska saxophonist Megumi Mesaku, the legendary Prince Buster and one of our favourite rappers Mystro…actually he’d be perfect for a post. Here’s two videos for two of the best Hip-hop tunes this year.

Mystro - U Live & U Learn

YesKing feat. Mystro - One Of Those Days

The first is from his now mythical forthcoming release on Beer & Rap the ‘Fuck Da Taxman EP’ which will hopefully see the light of day soon, and the second track is from Mark Rae / Rhys Adams project YesKing off their ‘Rock This World’ album which is also slightly mythical thanks to their distributor going bust after releasing just a few hundred copies and not letting go of the rest. Definitely worth checking if you can find one though.

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Got Some Change for the Bus Driver?

There are probably a million 'A Milli' versions out there but I've only just caught a version I can probably relate to better by LA Rapper Bus Driver called Pennyiare, check it out...

(YSI) Bus Driver - Pennyiare

And just incase anyone missed the fantastic Flying Lotus remix of the original

(YSI) Flying Lotus - Robo Tussin

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UK newspaperThe Independent yesterday carried a feature on Chicago Hip-hop (The New Home of Hip-hop by Ian Burrell) in which they kinda tried to justify a link between the Hip-hop and House scenes of the city. I wasn’t sure if I bought it, but this Cool Kids / Frankie Knuckles mash up from The Hood Internet is a bit more convincing.

(YSI) The Hood Internet - Your Love Iz What It Iz (The Cool Kids vs Frankie Knuckles)

You can download this and more from their MySpace or Blog or you can grab the whole of their ‘Hood Internet Vs Chicago’ project here.

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Who JR Shot

Part of JR's 'Women Are Heroes' exhibition. This section is from the Favela da Providencia in Rio De Janeiro

(YSI) DJ Chernobyl - Neo Baile Funk Mix

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Man Make Music Carnival Special w/ Rustie, Jackmaster & more @ Rhythm Factory This Friday 22/08/08

I shall hopefully be reaching down to catch the last day of Notting Hill Carnival on Monday but for those who want to start early then I’d suggest heading to Man Make Music down at the Rhythm Factory over the other side of London for their annual carnival party, this time featuring two stalwarts of the bass community Glasgow Glitchmeister Rustie and B’more UK Ambassador Jackmaster.

Support comes from grime crew Man Scandalous Unlimited and resident DJs Sketchy and Another Amit.

Here’s a quick Dubstep mini mix from Another Amit consisting mainly of hyperdub

Another Amit - MMM Dubstep Mix

You can also download some Jackmaster mixes from his Myspace page

Whilst Rustie has just posted a new track Jagz The Smack on his page.

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Music To Make You Stagga

Just been delivered some fantastic tracks from DJ / Producer Stagga. I can’t believe that no labels have picked any of this mans dubz up yet! There’s been a few DJs on BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra playing his stuff and Mary Anne Hobbs dropped Predatory Control Freaks in her Sonar Festival set, so it’s not like nobody gets what a sick producer he is. Still it means that I can post up some absolute treats for you with Stagga’s blessing that are all still officially fresh.

Stagga is also part of Hip-hop crew Dead Residents (whose ‘Pacman…’ track I posted up a couple of days ago) and has been performing / producing alongside Monkey (who was also up on here recently) as Optimas Prime for some time. Stagga gives many of his tracks a great traditional dub flavour but can also match Monkey with his sick and slinky, bass butchering beats on apocalyptic dubz such as 2012 and the War Of The Worlds Dub.





(YSI) STAGGA – 2012

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Play It Again... and Again

Been loving the new Roots Manuva single from his forthcoming Slime & Reason album 'Again & Again'. The single drops some time next week, a wicked little skanking summer tune, hopefully just in time for a late summer to begin!

Not too much worries if the sun doesn't shine though as this remix from Arctic Monkey's drummer Matt Helder's will get you bubbling hard whatever the weather, although it should probably only be played at night... through big muthaph**kin' speakers.

(YSI) Roots Manuva - Again & Again (Matt Helder Remix)

And we can't leave without dropping you this tough remix of 'Buff Nuff' by Milan based production trio 3 Is A Crowd too

(YSI) Roots Manuva - Buff Nuff (3 Is A Crowd Remix)

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You Need These In Your Life...

Sub Swara do a fine selection in digital riddims. From the big and bashie to the low and rolling with the added injection of live instrumentation such as Tabla, flute and horns which often give their tracks a kinda tribal mystical feel and lends the music a beautiful juxtaposition of organic and electronic.

The crew run a club night in New York and the music seems to be a natural extension of that, although their album Coup D’Yah definitely takes it beyond the club and into the psyche with 12 tracks of sheer bass driven beauty of varying persuasions.

Buy the album here and keep an eye out for a remix album coming soon also with a heavy line up of contributors including Glitch Mob, Ghislain Poirier, Fort Knox Five, Eskmo and State of Bengal.

Here’s the track 'Yeah (Ina Dravidian Bombstep)' which features Sub Swara resident MC Juakali and a remix of Stephen Marley’s Traffic Jam by crew member Dhruva.

(Direct link) Sub Swara - Yeah (Ina Dravidian Bombstep)

(YSI) Stephen Marley, Damian Marley, Buju Banton & Rahzel – Traffic Jam (Dhruva Refix)

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Bring Forth The Guillotine

If the lack of sun this summer has got you stuck in the house feeling all moody and pensive then you could do a lot worse than download the latest mix from Guillotine Clique and have a listen.

Guillotine Clique, is the combined output of London DJ / Producer MLR (My Left Retina) and Bristol based Nottingham native Breach. The self proclaimed ‘bastard spawn of a modern dawn’ have collated a collection of tracks from the likes of 2562 and Appleblim which sit perfectly besides their own beautifully crafted dark and twisted dubz.

Guillotine Clique Volume 1

If ever you happen to get chased through Port Talbot steel works by the Terminator T1000 this is the shit you want playing in your Ipod… although you’d probably get caught and decapitated eventually. For a full tracklisting check out their MySpace page or if you live anywhere near Bristol, UK you can catch them both deejaying separately at this enticing little night...

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Check Dem Boyz Go

I’ve never really been a massive Planet Asia fan, something about his brand of straight up standard Hip-hop bores the tits off me… However this track from his forthcoming album with F.L.O. on My MO Productions is a sick synth ridden, bass boomin’ Hyphy style bad boy of a tune.

(YSI) Planet F.L.O. – Dem Boyz Go

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Packed Lunch

After working with some of our favourite artists such as: Robot Kotch; Jahcoozi; Al Haca; and Mochipet, Barcelona resident RQM finally unleashed his first solo release via Exploited Records last month. It’s called ‘Miss Pacman’ and if you haven’t grabbed it yet then venture over to Beatport now and pick up a copy.

Already being supported by the likes of The Glimmers, Erol Alkan, Missil, Switch, Sinden, Edu K and Z-Trip, the release carries 4 different remixes all of which are good. There’s a Bassline mix from Act Yo Age, a Baile Funk flavoured one from Brazil’s DJ Chernobyl, Oliver $ is on the Electro House tip initially but then gets a bit Dubstep with the Bassjunk edit (which is my personal favourite and hit Number 1 on the Juno Dubstep / Grime chart).

You can listen to a snippet mix of them all here or check the teaser video below

A couple of other Pacman related tunes for you here too. Not sure on the proper name of this Dead Residents track from their forthcoming album so I've just called it Pacman Tune (should be able to put up a proper write up on that release soon)and a classic from Aesop Rock from his Bazooka Tooth album.

(YSI) Dead Residents – Pacman Tune

(YSI) Aesop Rock – The Greatest Pacman Victory in History

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Crazy as a Dog

Just been making my way through the Flight of the Conchords series... funny shit!

Here's a booty shakin' track from the last episode, not actually by them but rival group The Crazy Dogggz 'Doggy Bounce'.

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Bonde Do Role Live @ 10 Feet Tall, Cardiff 14/8/08

I have to admit I don’t really know what to make of Bonde Do Role. There’s no denying they make some phat Baile Funk party tracks, and their choice of samples I find fun and quirky where they could easily venture into cheeseville. In fact, f**k it I’m a fan of their music for definite, so essentially I should be bubbling hard as they take to the stage at 10 Feet Tall in a drunken sexed up rampage of rhyme and rhythm, and I am… for a bit.

It’s possibly because I’m stuck in festival mode where no matter how good the artist I find it difficult to last more than 20 minutes of a set before I see something shiny that takes my attention away again, but I think it’s more than that, some how I feel slightly cheated. Now I’m pretty sure I’m not having a go at Bonde Do Role, they do what they want, they have fun with it and they do it well and that’s as it should be. But for some reason, seeing this bunch of geeky looking, well to do Brazillians in a nice little club like 10 Feet Tall had me crying out for a phat seedy warehouse with wall to wall speakers run by drug dealers in a favela someplace, maybe it’s just me.

There are all sorts of issues to do with authenticity in music, some are to do with race and social positioning. In Bonde Do Role I’m sure sits a whole bunch of these issues but to tell you the truth I don’t want to get into them, because I probably don’t agree with them. For some reason though, I can’t help but feel them tonight, and something just doesn’t quite sit right.

Still, despite their drunkenness they are tight and definitely lively on stage, although I have to say the grinding and breast rubbing going on is far from attractive… maybe it was that which caused me to wander off.

Downstairs, the pasty shop doors and windows are rattling. Probably just as well the sound man walked out before the band even got on stage, Bonde Do Role, definitely needed to be loud… and they were. I catch the murmur of the rest of their show from outside before going over to watch Death Set (who were delayed as they’d come over to see their friends BDR play) in Clwb Ifor Bach, they were pretty good too… for a bit.

In a perfectly timed delivery, LA DJ / Producer Troublemaker dropped me a copy of his new edit of SK87's remix of Bonde Do Role's 'Gasolina.' I heard more than a few complaints that Gasolina wasn't performed at 10 Feet Tall, so as a consolation here it is along with the Fake Blood Remix too.

(YSI) Bonde Do Role Feat. The 87 Stick Up Kids & Micah James - Gasolina (SK87 Remix - Troublemaker Edit)

(YSI) Bonde Do Role - Gasolina (Fake Blood Remix)

ps. Random fact - DJ Gorky is named after Gorky's Zygotic Mynci and is a big fan of the Welsh group apparently... well I never.

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Pennies from Heaven Knows

I have to admit I’m a little dubious as to how long the Cool Kids can carry off their sound. It’s a fine line between throwing away the boundaries on time and using 80s Hip-hop as an influence - to making old sounding shit. Also, a lot of their stuff kinda sounds like Ice T’s ‘6 In The Morning’ or Schooly D ‘Parkside’ but these artists had a far wider repertoire of styles and tracks back then. Don’t get me wrong, although this track is more of the same, it still bumps and I’m not sick of them yet… infact when I finally play this out I’m sure all doubts will be beaten down by that B-line… and they whistle on the track too… cool. Still I have a friend's rant fresh in my mind from last night's gig (of which more soon). "Why are all these kids trying to relive the 80s, I was there... it was f**kin' shit."

(YSI) Cool Kids - Pennies

(YSI) Ice T - 6 In The Morning

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Big On The Roads

Bethan Elfyn and Radio Ed over at BBC Radio 1 have proven themselves once more as purveyors of quality music with the inclusion of Collision’s ‘Grime Time Remix’ which they came across on this very same blog (was posted a few days ago as R Dott, Young C & Fusion). You can listen again to the show for the next week over at their BBC Introducing page it also features Yo Majesty and a track from Dirty Secretz which features JLD, a young rapper who I actually remember jamming with at an awards ceremony some years ago. If you’ve not heard her yet here’s a video from last year for her track ‘Big On The Road’ which features Kristi and J Bone. All I believe are from the South Wales area.

Which just reminded me of another MC - Asher, who I remember from years ago as a wicked little singer who then became a heavy Grime MC / Producer. He’s also from South Wales (Pil in Newport to be exact) and I once saw him walk into a room full of emcees (and all their crew) from Grangetown and Butetown in Cardiff on their home turf and along with his brother Barrington battle them all and win. Here’s the video for his track ‘Big On Da Roads’ (you can see why my memory was jogged) with Sick Made Man and Skywalker that came out a couple of years back and is an evil Grime track indeed.

ps. Just found out I'm warming up for Bonde Do Role tonight at 10 Feet Tall in Cardiff... bigFUN indeed, come along if you're in the area. Will let you know how it all goes tomorrow.

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Drop Me A Line

Australian DJs Simon Sez & DJ A Style have been ripping it up separately with their Grime, Hip-hop, Baltimore & Bashment sets around their home town of Melbourne and across the world for some time. Simon Sez is the DJ for Aussie Hip-hop crew Justice & Kaos and DJ A Style is a DMC and ITF finalist, but they have now joined forces to create Vinyl Man & Wax Boy – a 4 Turntable Stage Show and remix outfit who have just dropped a phat Baltimore tinged remix of NERD’s ‘Everybody Nose’ called LA Coke Bars.

(YSI) NERD Vs Vinyl Man & Wax Boy – LA Coke Bars

and here's another slightly more Bassline style from Brooklyn DJ Sammy Bananas...

(YSI) NERD - Everybody Nose (Sammy Bananas Remix)

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Right to remain silent

Krueger Magazine launch their new night in Cardiff tomorrow and have promised us that amongst the wanky rocked out Electro will be enough treats to keep us Chrome Kids happy. Their first night includes live sets from The Deathset and So So Modern but they're booking wishlist includes the likes of Cadence Weapon, Chrome Hoof and Chromeo (the last two might not normally find their way onto these pages but get extra points for their names - look out for a Chrome Hoof interview hopefully coming soon.)

They also have some damned fine residents who shall be armed with a bag full of Electro, Electronica, Hip-Hop, Baltimore Club and Disco House. Mac 3000, a regular at Club Motherfucker and Deadly Rhythm in London plus Cardiff's own party starters - Skinny White Boys. Expect the likes of Passions, Drums of Death and Evils too.

Tell The Police The Truth is every Thursday at Clwb Ifor Bach in Cardiff, kicking off tomorrow (14th of August).

Here's a proper little mix from Mac 3000

Mac 3000 - Tell The Police The Truth Mix

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Get Your Tittsworth Out

Washington DC DJ / Producer Tittsworth has just dropped a fine album of Baltimore style club bangers entitled Twelve Steps. The impressive guest spots are taken up by Santogold, Pase Rock, Kid Sister, Pitbull, Ninasky and Detroit Booty Bass legend DJ Assault.

Check out a Tittsworth mix including tracks from the album plus others from the likes of Say Wut, Blaqstar, Fake Blood, Chavy Boys, Lil Wayne and George Michael(?!)

Tittsworth – The John McCain Experience

Plus here’s the DJ Assault remix of ‘Broke Ass N*gga’ from the album.

(YSI) Tittsworth – Broke Ass N*gga (DJ Assault Remix)

Oh go on then and here’s a filthy classic from DJ Assault too… Warning XXX Rated!

(YSI) DJ Assault – Asses Jinglin

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Talking Milanese

Keep an eye out for a new EP coming soon on Square Records from UK super Producer Milanese. With some classic previous releases on Warp and Planet Mu that have pushed the boundaries of what he terms ‘UK Bass Music,’ the new EP has a lot to live up to but early signs are good indeed.

Milanese has been working with South African rapper Ben Sharpa on tracks and at least one ‘Reload Beat’ has made it onto the EP. The track is a dark grinding, hop, glitch and jump type tune that wouldn’t sound out of place bumping out of a Mad Max vehicle. You can check it out on Milanese’s MySpace… trust me this is BIG.

I’ve heard one other collaboration called ‘Wonderful World’ up on Sharpa’s MySpace which is a lovely Industrial Grime track with a bounce like a turbo injected pogo stick on a brothel bed, but not sure if that’s going to be included on the Milanese EP or not.

Here’s an earlier Milanese track featuring Virus Syndicate that came out on Planet Mu

(YSI) Milanese & Virus Syndicate – You Can’t Remix

And a rockin’ 40 min mix from Milanese

Milanese – Electronic Explorations

And speaking of both Virus Syndicate and Planet Mu, look out for the Manchester Grime crew’s second album on the label ‘Sick Paye’ dropping some time next month.

But for now here’s a heavy little mix that the Syndicate’s producer MRK1 has cooked up featuring vocal duties from JSD.

MRK 1 & JSD (Virus Syndicate)

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Jay Z out of retirement... again.

"That bloke from Oasis said I couldn’t play guitar / Somebody shoulda told him I’m a fuckin rock star."

I once got so annoyed with Jay Z that I banned him from my Drive Time show on Beats FM (RIP), sparking outrage from the Associated Minds Hip-hop show who made sure they were gunning for me on their next outing. Still regardless of whether you like him or not there's no arguing that he has it together when it comes to business and every now and then he makes bangers that can't be f**ked with. His new track definitely bangs, although to be fair Jay Z is still kinda whiney and annoying on it. Kanye West is on production and takes it back to to late 80s Run DMC style with simple drums and heavy guitar riff which still manages to sound fresh to date. But don't take my word for it... listen yourself. I try and make sure I have permission for all the tracks on this page but I'm not gonna worry over whether Jigga loses a few pence over it.

Jay Z - Jockin Jay Z (Dough Boy Fresh)

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Bloomin' Eck

Just got back from the Bloom Festival somewhere in Gloucestershire, UK. As with most festivals I end up at there was plenty of bimbling round and not much music listening but did manage to catch a couple of good sets that actually penetrated my 5 minute limit attention span.

As I wasn't sure if I was supposed to be deejaying in Cardiff Saturday night (I was... but found out too late - shit) and the rain, wind and cold, alongside a soon departing girlfriend (just for 2 weeks but still) were starting to tug all 4 corners of my come down even further, I wandered over to try and get a lift back to the city with High Contrast who was presently rocking the Fly 53 tent (and to see him play naturally).

Armed with only a (not so) white puffer suit stolen from a GLC tour; with no idea who had the keys to the van where I'd hidden my tunes; and a borrowed tent still full of stuff, it was probably not the best idea to leave, so luckily by the end of his set I had perked up slightly anyway. It's been a while since I've heard HC play but he always manages to do the trick, although it wasn't til he dropped the Caspa Remix of TC's 'Where's My Money', a demonoid Dubstep stompfest, that he truly had hold of my soul strings... I decided to stay in the field and brave it out for another day.

Good job I did cos I hadn't noticed that Caspa himself was due to be playing the next day in a back to back session with Benga. So after dressing in my Sunday best and visiting Church (of the inflatable kind – sadly deflated due to the weather so services were taking place in the Wedding Disco next door) to drop some rather unholy tunes of my own, I went to see what was occurring in the Funk Tent opposite. Seems that a large portion of the Bloom’s criminally under capacity crowd had the same idea (and rightly so – that’s not the kind of set that you get everyday).

Manoeuvring through the mass of K holed crustified kids from the upper ghettos of Bath and Bristol I set myself speaker side for one of the toughest Dubstep sets this century, I’m not gonna bother giving a tune by tune account, if you weren’t there then hard luck, but both fed off each other nicely as they dropped bomb after bomb, many of their own making as would be expected. I didn’t quite reach the end (but that’s to be expected also) still I was marginally more satisfied than I had been up til then thanks to that quick double dose of Dubstep’s finest. Even the poor guys who had snuck in to the festival hoping to catch a live set from Beenie Man (they might well have been getting confused with Beardyman who was apparently there) would have been happy with the level of ragoness – except I think they’d been thrown out again by then.

I actually only heard the ‘Where’s My Money’ remix last week whilst working in Area 41, a youth arts centre in the rough South Wales seaside town of Barry (or Bazra to many locals), where a hungry young group of local emcees were tearing the mic apart. One of them (R Dott) played me the track through his phone that he’d ripped off YouTube, sounded good then but I was thankful to hear it through the DMT boys fat speakers at Bloom (twice), there’s no substitution for quality (and loudness) with such tunes believe me. Still I’m grateful to R Dott for introducing it to me so as both Benga and Caspa declined to let me put up any of their tunes, here’s one from him.

(YSI) R Dott, Young C & Fusion - Grime Time Remix

And in case you missed it, here's a mix that Caspa did for the Future Breaks show on San Franciso's University Station KUSF from late last year.

Caspa Dubstep Mix on Future Breaks FM

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Spread The Word Out...

If you like what you find here please spread the word out to others and let them know it exists. Feel free to get in touch and tell us what artists you're feeling at the moment. Don't forget to send us tracks simply email

Keep checking back as this shall be updated a few times a week (sometimes a day). If you want to join the team get in touch also

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Moneyshot & Monkey

Cardiff, Wales is just about to lose a valuable asset in the form of DJ Moneyshot - 'The Mix Tape King' as he takes that trip over the rainbow to the land of Oz and pastures anew.

Known to rock many a party with a number of styles it is these two live sets from the Cardiff independent bars '10 Feet Tall' and 'Buffalo' that really show why he will be missed most by the Cardiff Chrome Kids. Hope you Aussies appreciate what you're getting and make the most of his talents.

DJ Moneyshot - Live at Ten Feet Tall, Cardiff

A Bubbling little mix with the likes of Bassnectar, Modeselektor and Pase Rock and below is a more funked up bumping breaksy set with Chemical Brothers, Crookers and Black Grass included.

DJ Moneyshot - Live at Buffalo Bar (Late and Lively)

Luckily Cardiff still has a wealth of talent left to keep it's citizens satisfied. Not least Dubstep producer Monkey (aka MonkeyDubz) who has just dropped his single 'Volume' on Rossi B & Luca's 'War Dubz' label backed up with Calenda's '8:15' on the flipside. You can pick up the 12" here.

Monkey is part of Hip-hop / Dustep / Bashment DJ and Production team Optimas Prime alongside Stagga (of who more soon) who have produced for most of the Welsh Hip-hop scene over the years but is now concentrating on Dubstep which he feels is the sound he's always been looking for in Hip-hop anyway. He's had a few plays on BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra here in the UK with various unreleased Dubz but this is (as far as we are aware) his first official Dubstep release. However there are upcoming singles scheduled for Heavy Artillery and a remix of Mr Vegas' bashment anthem 'Jacket' (probably flipped with a Sizzla Dub) for the more bootleg orientated Rudis in the pipeline.


(YSI) Monkey - Arangatang

...or check out his MySpace page

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Guns N Bombs

This LA production duo largely seem to be hammering out big gnarly stomping Electro Disco of which we are definitely quite fond, but it’s their glitchy lumberjacking mix of Ghostface Killah’s ‘Charlie Brown’ that really caught our eardrums here at Chrome Kids. It actually fits GFK’s urgent call for the saving of Hip-hop even better than the rather happy go lucky strings of the original. Of course some would say it’s an extra nail in the coffin… but not us

“Hey Hey What You Say This Is Real Hip-hop on the line today”

Guns N Bombs are Chicago DJ - Johnny Love and Filip Turbotito from Ima Robot (and the rather superb Dub duo Djosos Krost as well). They have done various remixes for The Klaxxons and Chromeo plus a new mix for 80s Goth Rock band The Cult which is a million times better than the original… and we’ve never even heard the original. They have a single floating around from last year called “Nothing Is Getting Us Anywhere" on the Kitsune label and are just putting the finishes touches to an album which they’re currently shopping around for a deal. You can pick up a copy of the single HERE or check out their MySpace for various other downloads and mixes.

Ghostface Killah – Charlie Brown (Guns N Bombs Remix)

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As a club DJ, Sepalot from out of Munich mixes up all the music we love right here at Chrome Kids and as a producer on his new album 'Red Handed', he does practically the same thing by putting dirty electronic Hip-hop (featuring guest vocals from the likes of Saigon and Frank N Dank) with more upbeat funked out electro break tracks.

Check his Myspace for mixes and more info - Sepalot

Download the track 'Did It Again' featuring Brooklyn bad boy Saigon

(YSI) Sepalot feat. Saigon - Did It Again

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Pay Me No Mind

One of our favourite Grime spitting, Dubstep ripping, all round heavy hitting emcees Durrty Goodz has schmooved out somewhat to team up with Cardiff / London / Brooklyn king of the grown up Soulful live Hip-hop sound (with a reggae twist) - Me One for a laid back but bumpin' little number called 'Pay Me No Mind' off Me One's forthcoming new album and the current 'Finger's Crossed' EP available here.

Check the great animated video to the track directed by Dan and Andrew Baxter

Pay Me No Mind on MySpace TV

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Hello, Good Evening & Welcome...

This blog will hopefully help in both keeping me on my toes in terms of what's going on in the world of Glitch Hop, Electro Booty, Dubstep, Baltimore, Robo Crunk and any other form of digitally mutated Funk, Reggae and Hip-hop music out there, and also be helpful to other people seeking that sound that is just that touch more satisfying to the soul then the average beats being served up on a traditional platter at the moment. I shall endeavour to keep it as upto date as possible and include links to artists as well the occasional MP3 download which should serve only as a taster to the treats that those artists featured may hold in store if you go buy their stuff.

First I think I'll start with a review I just wrote for the new Missill album 'Targets' which should be dropping in the UK on 1st September on Discograph, I have also included a track featuring DJ Vadim / One Self rapper Blu Rum 13...

Despite her cutesy Power Puff style designs, Missill is a dirty bitch. This isn’t a personal slur by any means, in fact far from it. The French DJ / Graf Artist / Designer / Producer’s album is positively stinking up the place in the best possible way with some of the dirtiest glitch ridden, bass heavy Hip-hop based electronic music available today. From the early head snapping guest slots by the likes of Dynamite MC and Blu Rum, through the favela flavoured floor fillers and into guitar screeching electro breaks of the highest order. There is enough cleanliness in the production to make this reasonably accessible, but there’s no doubting there is filth within Missill’s mind indeed.

(YSI) Missill feat Blu Rum 13 - Choose To Care

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