Dropping Knowledge

What with us messing up last week and posting the mixtapes on Tuesday, we could if we so choose, claim a new precedent and post the phat selection of mixtapes we have for you tomorrow... and we're gonna. But what about the Monday mixtape? Surely we can't do away with that? Have no fear cos us greedy bastards are gonna keep the whole thing for ourselves, so you don't go without. That's right we have a brand new selection for you that we put together for the oracle of all that is Drums and Bass, Knowledge Mag. We kept it pretty fun filled for you all, packing a nights worth of tune into one handy 50 minute mix. Props to Drone 1 on the cover too.

You can also download it from their website, where it sits along with some quick Q&A with our DJ wing.

Download: Chrome Kids - Knowledge Me (via Knowledge Mag)


1. Of Porcelain – Signal The Captain
2. DJ Vadim ft. Wretch 32 – Soldier (UK Flex Accapella)
3. Mix N Blend – I Got Bitches
4. Bassnectar – The Churn Of The Century
5. Schlacthofbronx feat. Kein Vorspiel - Cubick
6. Micky Slim ft. Virus Syndicate – Skank Out (MRK1 Remix)
7. Mstrkrft - Bounce (Doorly Remix)
8. Mumdance – Kerplunk!
9. Cadburys ft. Tinny - Zingolo (Doorly Remix)
10. Ke$ha - TiK ToK (Untold Remix)
11. Missy Elliott - Best Best (Two Fingers Remix)
12. Dema - Chang!!XXXX
13. Jantsen – I'm A Balla (Term V Chingy Mash Up)
14. Stagga – Timewarp (Akira Kiteshi Remix)
15. The Benga Boys – Crunk World (Benga V Outkast Mash Up)
16. Ruckus & Roke – Illusion
17. Starkey feat Badness - OKLuv
18. Hudson Mohawke - Twistclip Loop
19. Ofra Haza - Im Nin'Alu (HavocNdeeD Remix)
20. Pete Lawrie – Panic (Monkey Remix)
21. The Flying Skulls - Skeleton Talk (Jason Short & J. Rogers Blipism Dub)
22. DJ 0.000001 ft. Mochipet - Eazy-E On Atari
23. Stagga – Beeps Get Down
24. Notorious B.I.G. – Dreams (Just Playin')
25. Foreign Beggars – Contact (Noisia Remix)
26. Baobinga & ID – Jah
27. Kelis ft. Andre 3000 – Millionaire
28. Busy Signal – Caan Beat We
29. Stagga – It's A Jungle
30. Count & Sinden – Strange Things
31. The Kleptones - Voodoo Sabotage (Prodigy V Beastie Boys Mash Up)
32. Dismal Futures – Witchdoctor Massif
33. Akira Kiteshi – Ulysses
34. Scarlet Harlots - A Secret (Shorterz & Enigma Mix)
35. Magenta – Force
36. Foreign Beggars – 7 Figure Swagger (Bar 9 Remix)
37. James Blake - Air & Lack There Of

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12 Responses to Dropping Knowledge

Eric Kleptone said...

Hey, thanks for the drop in your mix guys - much appreciated :)



No worries at all, thanks for making a tune BIG enough for us to put in.

Morgan McCloud said...

Look forward to seeing stagga in the Bay Area on Friday, big up,love this blog

Anonymous said...

i cant open the file once i download it. it is a .mp file?

Anonymous said...

hey there, should be a straight mp3, you using this link?


Anonymous said...

Yes, i did and it downloads as a .mp file that i cannot open on itunes. im using a mac if that matters. any ideas on the problem, or the solution?

Velckro said...

Just rename and add the missed 3... It will work!
Love that mix!

Anonymous said...

it worked!! thank you.

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Elliott Broidy said...

Great collection.