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It's Bigger Than...

We love getting new stuff from Kid 606's Tigerbeat6 label, because like the man himself, you never quite know what's in store but it's guaranteed to slap you in the face and make you listen. This time they've hit us up with the debut EP from French Glitch hop producer Humanleft and it's rather ginormous. It's like a big melting pot of our favourite things with elements of Acid Crunk, Ghettotech and Dubstep all in a phat bassed up, glitched out packed lunchbox of fun. You can pick up the EP from here.

Download: Humanleft - Roarr / alt link

We first heard of Cleveland Hip-hop crew Keyel after they hooked up with Flako on a blunted out excursion for their new mixtape. Now the mixtape has finally dropped in full force and it shows the fellas in fine form over a bunch of head bobbing future soul Post-Dillafied beats including this one produced by Sa-Ra.

Download: Keyel - Hanging by a String (prod. by Sa-ra Creative Partners) / alt link

Download: Keyel - Volume 1 (Mixtape)

Grayskull just hit us up with this glitched up re-rubbing of Amanda Blank' already fairly phat and filthy track. Think I prefer it to the original but then maybe I might like her's better if we slept together.

Download: Might Like You Better (Grayskull Remix ) / alt link

Maybe it's all in the name but there must be something in the water over in Boulder, Colorado cos I swear a few of our favourite Glitch hop tracks recently have been from that direction. This free EP from Denver Bass Squad member Samples is no exception. 5 and a bit beats that are crunchier and crisper than a bowl of dry cornflakes and ten times as tasty.

Download: Samples - Intercontinental Ballistic Lazer (EP)

Download: Samples - Blakka / alt link

In one of those interconnecting web jumping missions that can take days we also came across Freddy Todd out of Detroit, who has hooked up a remix for Samples in the past and has a number of his own filthy glitch ridden bass bangers currently riding round our playlist.

Download: Freddy Todd - Vespertino / alt link

Download: Freddy Todd - Ghost Dance Messiah (EP)

Our boy Ralph Rips Shit just put us on to the Mixtape that came out earlier in the year from Fresh Daily (who also has a new album that dropped last month). Some well borrowed beats from the likes of Flying Lotus, Gorillaz and Oddisee that perfectly frame his finely tuned seemingly effortless flow. Includes a heavy guest appearance from fellow New Yorker Mickey Factz (we're still looking for a 320 copy of him rhyming over Machine Gun by Portishead, hit us up if you got one).

Download: Fresh Daily - Tomorrow Is Today (Mixtape)

Download: Fresh Daily - Space Movies (Kanye West Dub) / alt link

Download: Fresh Daily - Winterfresh (Flying Lotus Dub) / alt link

On a jazzier mellow tip we just picked up this beautifully epic track from Leaving Records. It's a track from Oscar McClure who will be dropping his debut album on the LA based label in the near future. Perfect for a crisp Autumn morning.

Download: Oscar McClure - Augusting / alt link

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Big Tree, Small Acts?

It's rare that we ever post album reviews on here (infact I think the first post may have been the last time). Mainly because it is rare that we ever get the chance to give whole albums more than the once over anyway. However there are three that have found themselves on rather constant rotation here at Chrome Mansions over the past few weeks so it's only right we give them a special mention.

Bassnectar’s studio must be next to David Banner’s laboratory cos these beats have definitely been mutated by some kind of gamma force. This is what you might call Hulk-hop of the highest order, his mix of Dubstep and Glitch hop is weightier than almost anybody else out there. The beats here are about as in your face as it gets without slipping into alienating noise clash territory but there’s an element of future phunking bounce that keeps the general vibe as frolic full as a free party in a Fun House. There are a number of thoughtful and reflective moments throughout that certainly qualify this as an album proper rather than simply a collection of bangers, but even these are backed up with massive dirty spine rumbling production and we can’t help but feel that the speakers are going to fall through the floor at any moment.

Download: Bassnectar - Cozza Frenzy / alt link

Buy Bassnectar - Cozza Frenzy

The UK Hip-hop scene was perhaps one of the most self destructive musical environments since Norweigan Black Metal, albeit in a completely non-descript and straight forward manner. The spirit of creativity and invention that first spawned the so-called worldwide cultural phenomenon that is Hip-hop was seemingly forgotten amidst restrictive unwritten rules and tedious in-house bitching, something that occurs everywhere, but when the house is so small it becomes even more tiresome. Egos inflated the second an artist was recognised in his local corner shop and the majority soon got lazy and ended up in the deflating paradox of looking back to the good old days and realising even they were actually a bit shit. To put it plainly, everybody, listener and artist alike (generally one and the same anyway) got bored and eventually boring, everybody that is except Foreign Beggars it seems.

U.C.O.B. oozes with the excitement of a crew that are truly in love with their art. If there was ever even a second of boredom amongst them it must have soon been quashed by discovering some of the most exciting producers in the game and getting them to provide the base (or is that bass) for their collection of fun and thoughtful flame roasted rhymes. Their ears are obviously in all the right places as this is one of the best all round Hip-hop albums of the year so far bar none.

Pre-order Foreign Beggars - United Colours Of Beggattron

The more negative cultural commentators amongst us may feel that the rise of computer intelligence, somehow goes hand in hand with the dumbing down of human intelligence. Computers imitate humans whilst humans imitate computers and get locked in the lifecycle of a robotic drone who can’t think for themselves or even feel for themselves and simply follow a monotonous and shallow pre-programmed objective. This is perhaps as over dramatic as it is pessimistic but not even the ones who feel this way could view the musical interaction between man and machine that has come crawling out speakers from LA to Glasgow and many a spot inbetween, finally to end up in this compilation, as anything but thoughtful, emotional and as organic as it is technically advanced. Wild Angels is a collection of tracks that blurs the boundaries between Hip-hop, Dubstep, Techno, Jazz, Folk and a bunch of left leaning beat genres with tenuous titles. All carry as much warmth as they do a disregard for the rules and a beauty that is often caught within sharp, dark and aggressive surroundings. You can certainly see how the title fits. This is not necessarily for the uninitiated but those familiar with the output of Mary Anne Hobbs Radio 1 show will recognise some of the bigger and more forwards thinking names on a scene of increasing relevance that she has gathered here.

Download: Gemmy - Rainbow Road (128) / alt link

Mary Anne Hobbs presents Wild Angels is out now on Planet Mu.

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Robot Koch - Hard To Find

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Monday Mixtapes On Mars

First up Pete Concrete gives us an insight into his leftside listening habits which shows some of the inspiration between the top choices he makes for the releases on his own Eat Concrete imprint (Take, Herrmutt Lobby, Bretzel Zoo, Aardvarck, etc); Next we have many a twisted turn in Lazyboy's (fyi - not our hombre Rob Da Bank, Dan Carey or the dude from Aqua) mix of 'Future Step, Cosmic Garage and Chip Tune Grime'; and finally El-Mahdy R brings us our first mixtape from Turkey which is more in the straight up Dubstep realm but which, like all the mixes today stays warm and grown up but with more than a hint of youthful mischeviousness and just a touch of menace.

Download: Pete Concrete - PLUG TWO (zip)


01. Meat Beat Manifesto - Happiness Supreme - Run Rec
02. MIA - Pull Up The People - untitled
03. Dimlite - Ravemond's Young Problems - Rush Hour
04. The Chap - Carlos Walter Wendy Stanley - Ghostly
05. Low Limit - The Club - cdr
06. Blackalicious - Kalakuta Show - MCA
07. Fulgeance - Ann Arbor - One Handed Music
08. The Normal - TVOD - Mute
09. Daedelus - Missing - Mush
10. DJ Shadow - Bring Madlib Up - Ninja Tune
11. squarepusher - Body Builder - Warp
12. Klute - Evo Sniffer - Commercial Suicide
13. µ-Ziq - Burst Your Arm - Planet Mu
14. Mr. Scruff - Ug - Ninja Tune
15. Hearin' Aid - It's A Bwoy - Eat Concrete
16. Debruit - Sole's Sweat (instrumental) - Civil Music
17. Nosaj Thing - IOIO - Alpha Pup
18. BBC Radiophonic Workshop - Dr. Who - BBC
19. Mika Vainio - Galaxies - Sähkö
20. Funckarma - stub dane - FUNCK
21. Urban Tribe - RNA World - Rephlex
22. Aphex Twin - Inkey$ - Warp
23. Luke Vibert - Belief File - Planet Mu
24. Martyn - Vancouver - 3024
25. Black Dog - Tunnels rmx - Soma
26. Meat Beat Manifesto - Guns 'n Lovers - Planet Mu
27. Kenlo Craqnuques - Zoid - Rush Hour
28. The Orb - EDM - Universal
29. Twinnie - Waitin for my love - Cheap
30. Plastikman - Ping Pong Novamute
31. !!! - Pardon My Freedom rmx - Touch And Go
32. Hexstatic - Invader - Ninja Tune
33. Balil - Parasight - Rising High

Eight Drops To Crystal Mix by lazyboy


01. Eskmo - San Francisco (The Rhythm)
02. Untold - Anaconda
03. Boemklatsch - Bonafied (Eric de Man remix)
04. Untold - Sweat (Original Mix)
05. Untold - I Can't Stop This Feeling
06. Zomby - One Foot Ahead of The Other
07. Martyn - Hear Me
08. Brackles - Get A Job
09. Skepta - Disguise Ft. JME And Jammer
10. Mount Kimbie Sketch on Glass + Skepta- Amsterdam Skit
11. Rustie - Bad Science
12. Slugabed - Gritsalt

El-Mahdy R. - Headstrong Selection Vol1 by El-Mahdy R.


01 eymen koçlar - gitmeseydin
02 silkie - techno22
03 brackles - get a job
04 beyonce - Say My Name (Robot_Kochs_Birthday_Remix)
05 natasha - Ildebrand I byen (2000f remix)
06 groove armada - superstylin (bassnectar remix)
07 taz buckfaster - kingston bridge
08 tempa t -next hype (starkey remix)
09 fuat - night day feat yener
10 rsd - forward youth

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Brooding Violence In The City

Rapper, producer and all round musical prodigy P.L.O. from the Associated Minds stable has just created this beautiful 'homage of the brooding shining violence' by reworking the Chromatics already rather broody track In The City into something that would fit perfectly into the Manhunter soundtrack (you know, the original Hannibal film from the 80s).

P.L.O. - Chromatics 'In The City - The Manhunter Remix' by AssociatedMinds

Download: Chromatics - In The City (P.L.O. Manhunter Remix)

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Taken from the C23Management Mail Out... Book Chrome Kids!

The Chrome Kids are yet another act on the roster that are going from strength to strength. If you didn’t already know, TCK DJ Sets are made up of three emerging stars, all in their own right; Kaptin, Monkey and the rising Dubstep star, Stagga.

If they’re not hosting Radio 1 shows, they’re gallivanting around Europe unleashing their bass rumbling, gut-churning eclectic sets comprising of anything from Glitch Hop to Dubstep to Acid Crunk and everything in between. If you haven’t had the aural pleasure of these guys, get over to their myspace to check out some of their DJ sets.

It’s not only their DJ sets that have been pricking the ears of the taste-makers; their music blog has been getting attention from absolutely everyone and their dog! With Diplo dropping comments, P Diddy twittering links and Loo & Placido, the Godfathers of the Mash-up scene claiming it introduced them to Dubstep and Glitch hop, you can see that with in its first year, the blog has reached every corner of the globe. It recently appeared as the primary source for Hip-hop / Electronic crossovers in an article for ‘the biggest Hip-hop Magazine in Europe, Germany's Juice Magazine and even a few Radio 1 DJs have been keeping their eye on it and playing featured tracks on the airwaves. Go and check out what all the fuss is about… (you're already here :)

We have some extra special goodies for you from The Chrome Kids. Not one, but TWO FREE tracks for you to feast your ears upon. First up, a track from someone everyone is talking about, the man that brought you the dubstep masterpiece Sick as Sin, Stagga. Rub on ya Bass Binz is a track like no other and has been a staple in TCK’s sets for months and you’ll only understand why once you click on the link... Number two is a collaboration between Monkey & Stagga called Glass Bong. A fine example of the sort of twisted beats and bass you can expect from one of the trios DJ sets.

Download: Stagga – Rub on ya Bass Binz / alt link

Download: Monkey & Stagga – Glass Bong / alt link

Available Dates:
OCT - 16/23/24/30/31
NOV - 6/13/14/20/21/27/28

For all bookings and enquiries please contact Adam on

Bonus Download: The Anomalies - Margarita (2 Bit Thugs Skank Ass Remix) / alt link (2 Bit Thugs are also on the C23 Roster)

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Blow Your Horns It's Karnival Time

Although most UK Funky heads probably don't know who Poirier is, he's been a big pioneer in fusing Soca riddims with Bass music. His new night Karnival at Club Soda in Montreal is guaranteed to live up to the name and be a lively explosion of music and madness. Certainly if this promotional mix by Poirier is anything to go by it will be. Ninja Tune just sent it over as they're dropping a new EP 'Run The Riddim' from the man himself on 28th September.

Download: Poirier - Karnival Mix (zip)


Intro by MC Zulu
Demarco - Love A Come Down (She Can’t Wait) (Stress Free Riddim)
The Dø - On My Shoulders (WILDLIFE! Remix Instrumental)
MJ Cole & Serocee - AO (Zed Bias Wind Up Mix)
Schlachthofbronx - Farafina feat. Ete Kelly
Izé - Oh Narina feat. Omrane
Buraka Som Sistema - IC19
Buju Banton - Me & Oonu (Wipe Out Riddim)
Bunji Garlin - Fire Fi Dem (Wipe Out Riddim)
Ricky T - Like A Jumbie (Poirier Edit) (V12 Riddim)

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Thursday Square Up

The 87 Stick Up Kids have blessed many a Troublemaker remix and always make it their own. They work so well together that it's actually quite a suprise that this is the first official collaboration between the LA natives. Taking every era of Hip-hop firmly into the future this could probably fit back to back into any selection of classic bangers.

Download: The 87 Stick Up Kids - Lights, Camera... (produced by Troublemaker) / alt link

Leeds teen producer JSaxton adds some Dubstep dirt to VonStrokes broody Tech-House bubbler.

Download: Claude VonStroke - Whos Afraid Of Detroit (JSaxton's Scared Remix) / alt link

This track from the new Filewile EP on Mouthwatering Records is a blend of crisp and light rhymes, electronic beeps and bouncing bass. Solid in a dreamy sort of way.

Download: Filewile - Number One Kid / alt link

And we can't give this up for download but it's well worth a listen. Om Unit take Joker for a Glitch-hop ride.

Joker - Digidesign (Om Unit's Pop Lock Remix) by omunit

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Dudley Perkins - The God

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One Guy Named Mohawke

We're most excited about the iminant arrival of the new Hudson Mohawke (where's our promo copy btw?!) and to further get us musically moist we've just been sent these 2 bootlegs which were originally put out as white labels LuckyMe x Wireblock sometime last year. HudMo rampantly rags up some R'n'B bitches, even Biggie couldn't dream up such filth.

Download: Ashanti - Still On It (Hudson Mohawke Remix) / alt link

Download: Tweet - Ooops (Hudson Mohawke Remix) / alt link

Just incase you've been hiding in a lead box for the past few months and haven't yet heard anything of the Butter album that drops via Warp on October 26th, here's a mix of snippets from the album along with one of the featured tracks in full.

Download: Hudson Mohawke - Butter Snips / alt link

Download: Hudson Mohawke - Rising 5 / alt link

And there's also an excellent podcast from the fellas at Wireblock over at the XLR8R website at the moment featuring the likes of Hudson Mohawke, Rustie, Slugabed and Joy Orbison. Check it out here.

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Who's In The House?

We posted up the Doorly remix of this track a few weeks back but now Wiley's blessed the original version with a verse, just in time for the last of the Ibiza closing parties.

Download: Riton & Primary 1 feat Wiley - Who's There / alt link

Some may remember a couple of posts we put up from a great Electro House producer by the name of A-ux out of New York. Well the last one was just before he headed off to do national service back in his native South Korea, he's still got a while to go but he's been spending his first ever leave in the studio exorcising all the emotions that have built up since his time there, and here's the result.

Download: A-ux - Forgotten Memoir / alt link

And he also polished up one of his older beats for us which is a slightly grimier crunkish affair (it stands for Your Mom Loves this Beat)

Download: A-ux - Y.M.L.B / alt link

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Vive La Republic

We wholeheartedly support what these guys are about, although not sure this film pushes hard enough the idea that it's not a regressive attitude they're taking by being against the kind of development being proposed by the council, it's actually a hyper-progressive one as they're thinking about further into the future then just making quick easy money and also building upon the internal strengths as well as the external. If ever you're in Bristol, Stokes Croft is a must to visit.

Found this video on The Peoples Republic Of Stokes Croft website.

Speaking of Bristol, we're loving the new release from Wascal, one of the many talented producers in the city. Glisten Up is a warm, sparse and moody Garage roller whilst Sub Mission is a magic carpet ride into the grimey depths of Dubstep with a touch of the Jungle in there too. Pick up a copy here. It's also a good excuse for us to put up this reworking of a classic Niney The Observer dub we've been selfishly holding onto for a while now.

Download: Niney & The Soul Syndicate - Couchi Dub (Wascal Refix) / alt link

We also have a new half hour mix from him featuring all his own productions. You can download or check the tracklisting here.

30min Wascal Only mix [Sept 09] by wascal

Bonus Download: Simian Mobile Disco feat Beth Ditto - Cruel Intentions (Joker Remix) / alt link

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Monday Mixtapes For Yo Ass

Our Monday mixtape selections this week are from a great new mix resource that goes live today. Mixcloud have

Oneman certainly captures that warm Autumn feeling perfectly in his soulful, jazzed up Dubstep mix; Legendary UK Hip-hop pusher Disorda offers up a beautiful slice of off-key Hip-hop and future soul; whilst Bok Bok hypes it up with some Tropically tinted rhythms and filthy basslines.

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From Old Money To Nouveau Riche

Old Money have hit us with a brand new swagger full remix off their No.1 Champion Sound EP. It Comes courtesy of Starks & Nacey, ironically two thirds of Nouveau Riche, the guys behind the monthly Washington DC party of the same name. We've also included two dope tracks off their EP below.


Old Money - Buena Mah Muvu (Starks & Nacey Remix) / alt link

Steve Starks ft. Manulita - Don't Let Me Go (Dub Mix) / alt link

Nacey - Lose Ya Love / alt link

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Ghost In The Machine

This track has been floating around for a while for those lucky enough to catch it but now it's the first official leak from Caspa's forthcoming album. We've always got a soft spot for Dynamite MC here at Chrome Kids, you're kind of guaranteed a beats gonna be banging if he's bothered to bless it. Thankfully after one or two disappointing excursions we're also pleased to say we wholly approve of this rather Crunkish offering from Caspa, who gives a spooky spin on it in keeping with his friendly ghost moniker.

Download: Caspa feat. Dynamite MC - The TakeOver / alt link

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Regular readers of this blog will probably know by now but for years Wales has secretly harbored one of the most vibrant, diverse and talented Hip-hop scenes on the planet. This is no small part due to three forward thinking crews based in the Welsh capital of Cardiff:

Associated Minds who have produced some of the strongest UK Hip-hop releases of the past few years from the likes of Metabeats, Mudmowth, Ruffstylz and Ralph Rips Shit; Higher Learning whose nights set many a Hip hop legend next to the latest cutting edge artists,and have been the primary breeding ground for Welsh acts over the past 9 years; and Mutty Wango, who have consistently supported the scene in their off the hook eclectic nights, bringing the artists to a whole new audience.

Now all three have combined to bring a killer line up of acts.


Undoubtedly one of the UK’s # 1 emcees at the moment, Kyza Smirnoff first came to our attention as part of the Terra Firma crew but was always slightly overshadowed by Klashnekoff. Since going solo he's gone from strength to strength and has far eclipsed his former compadres. His new Shots of Smirnoff mixtape is out on Foreign Beggars' Dented Records label and DJ Nonames from the group will be backing him up on the ones and twos.

Download: Kyza Smirnoff - Freestyle / alt link

Download: Kyza Smirnoff - Vibe-Rater / alt link

Download: Kyza Smirnoff - His Story / alt link


One of the most consistent emcees in the game, with massive releases on Low Life and Dented Records plus a whole bunch of legendary guest spots. He’s also the man behind the hilariously sharp Grime spoof Lips 2 Da Floor.

Download: Ralph Rips Shit & Dubbledge - Kiss The Guns / alt link

Download: Dubbledge - Deep Cover / alt link

Download: Foreign Beggars ft Dubbledge & Kyza - Hit That Gash (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Remix) / alt link


One of the UK’s leading young beatboxers who has worked with the likes of Dizzee Rascal and Duran Duran. He’s always guaranteed to hype a crowd.

Check this video of Fozzy live at the BBC Radio 1 Studios.

METABEATS (exclusive DJ set)

One of the UK’s finest new producers and a man of many names, faces and sounds, all of them worth looking out for. His last album Metaphysical was one of the best UK Hip-hop releases in years and had major support from a number of BBC Radio 1 DJs. Ever prolific he's got three albums that we know of ready to drop, all of which are being kept under heavy duty lock and key for the moment. There's the Sledgehammer Kisses album with Mudmowth, an instrumental future soul type one (possibly the Darkhouse Family album with Don Leisure) and another straight up Hip-hop monster (we've been assured it will be by the label, all we know so far is Elucid is on two of the tracks).

Download: Metabeats ft Ralph Rips Shit, Ruffstylz, Mudmowth & Cervantis - F**k With Me (Radio Edit)

Check this post from last month for a copy of his future soul track Fruit Salad.


Yup that's right, we shall be up in the place with a big bag of bass. Really looking forwards to this one, we've not played our home town as a crew for some time now.

DOORS OPEN 19.30pm (close 12.30am)

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Stac - Whoops

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Riding The Mu Wave

BosBos pick out some gems from Planet Mu's releases this year for a new mixtape. Not hard when their output includes artists such as Hudson Mohawke, Starkey, Jamie Vex’d and Raffertie.

Download: BosBos – The Mµ Wave (51mins, 117MB)


01. Syntheme – Mimtro
02. Brackles – Sutorîto Faitâ
03. Starkey – Miracles (Jamie Vex’d Remix)
04. Terror Danjah – Zumpi Hunter (Swindle Remix)
05. Gemmy – Rainbow Rd.
06. Boxcutter – Sidereal Day
07. Pinch – Teleportation (Original Mix)
08. Ital Tek – Massive Error
09. Raffertie – Wobble Horror!
10. Jamie Vex’d – Radiant Industry
11. Floating Points – K&G Beat
12. Hudson Mohawke – Spotted
13. Tranqill – Payroll (Paul White’s Clean Dub)

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Beep Music

If you've not yet picked up the Beep Tape from Four Tet, Caribou, and Madvillain collaborator Koushik then you have a few days left to download the whole album for free from the Stones Throw website. 30 tracks deep of short instrumental tracks, the longest coming in at only 1m33secs. Some funky, some glitchy and some rather odd but all a must for connoisseurs of off-key instrumental Hip-hop. So waste no time and head over there before the week is up. Here's a few of our choice cuts.


Koushik - Beep 5 / alt link

Koushik - Beep 7 / alt link

Koushik - Beep 28 / alt link

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Asian Dubplate Foundation

Call us ignorant but we didn;t expect that The Philippines would get down like this. video from the opening night of the Red-I Sound System's new night Dubplate.

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Beware The Blue Bunnies

We're already fans of ProF's laid back productions here at Chrome Kids but think this has to be our favourite so far. It's sundown at the beach meets sunrise on Mars, a beautiful liquid crunching digital Hip-hop funk fest.

Download: ProF - Blue Bunny Stampede / alt link

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Monday Mixtape Mischief

Some multisensory Monday mixtapes to help you wake up and smell the rest of the week with zest in your eardrums. First some downtempoish glitch speckled mood music from a mix our man zwolf recorded recently for Adam Walton on BBC Radio Wales, easing into a deep melodic Dubstepish orientated journey courtesy of DJ ID then finally, well and truly grab Monday by the bollocks and twist em with High Rankin's set from Jay Cunning's New Breed Stage at Glade Festival, there's a even a video so you can bounce along with the big man himself.

Download: zwolf - function follows form mixtape


01. jacaszek – lament
02. bubblegum interlude
03. flying lotus – falafel
04. doom – thank ya
05. j dilla – waves
06. zwolf – room for doom
07. broadcast – pendulum
08. system of a down – soldierside interlude
09. can – oh yeah
10. experimental dental school – basement fever
11. felix kubin – ich sacke hund
12. grandaddy – AM 180
13. felix kubin – hotel supernova
14. zwolf – cry wolf
15. unity gain temple – sahmo
16. xentrix - outro

I.D. Sep09PromoMix192 by bassmusic

Download: DJ ID - Sep09PromoMix


Rossi B & Luca - Don't Cry Soundbwoy (I.D. rmx) - Heavy Artillery
I.D. vs Skinnz - The Blues (Earwax)
Gemmy - Rainbow Road (Planet Mu dub)
I.D. - Leaves (Mata Syn dub)
Relocate - Origins (Iberian Records dub)
TRG - New In Town (dub)
F-Word - Death Valley (I.D. remix) (Dusted Breaks dub)
DJ Madd - Wot 2 Play (dub)
DJ Znobia - Me Batem (Baobinga & I.D. remix) (Enchufada)
Baobinga & I.D. - Tongue Riddim (Build dub)
L-Vis1990 - United Groove (Baobinga & I.D. remix) (Mad Decent dub)
I.D. - Clipper (dub)
Viper Corps - Overclocked (I.D. remix) (Lucky Break dub)
I.D. - Tell Ya (dub)
Toasty - Lickable (dub)

Download: High Rankin live at Glade 09


01. High Rankin – Soundboy
02. High Rankin – No Money for guns
03. Krywolf – Mucky (High Rankin Remix)
04. Trevor Lovey and Sinden – Organ Grinder (High Rankin Remix VIP)
05. High Rankin – Occupation: Pimp and Gambler
06. Phonat – Set me free (High Rankin Remix)
07. Black Daniel – Here comes Caeser (High Rankin Remix)
08. High Rankin – The Airloom 2009
09. High Rankin – Requiem for a dream
10. Hérve feat: Marina Gasolina – Baseball Bat (High Rankin Remix)
11. Alex Roots – Don’t stop (High Rankin Remix)
12. High Rankin – Beak Street
13. Barbarix – Bass Rocker
14. Temper D – Wonky Glasses VIP
15. Diplo and Switch – Get Off (Jack Beats Remix)
16. Rusko – Cockney Thug (Scratch Perverts Remix)
17. High Rankin & Gyto – How Many Records
18. Skunk Annansie – Charity (High Rankin Remix)
19. Kevin Rudolf feat: Kid Cuddi- Welcome To The World (High Rankin Remix)
20. High Rankin – VERY METAL
21. Steve Angello & Laidback Luke feat: Robin s – Show me love (AC Slater Remix)

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Lawrie Load Of Talent

This is something a little different for us but I pledged some time ago to support Pete Lawrie any way possible, which means here he is. Definitely a hell of a shift since I first met a young DJ / Producer by the name of Itchy Fingers at our Higher Learning nights about 6 years ago. Since then he's proved himself to be a talented multi-instrumentalist but it wasn't until I discovered he could sing that he really blew me away. Gone is the Hip-hop moniker and sound, in comes one of the most refreshing singer / songwriters I've heard in a long time. Now signed to Field Recordings, an Island Records subsidiary and home to King Blues and Yoav, he is due to drop an album later this year. This recent version of one of the album tracks featuring Mercury Prize winning emcee Speech Debelle popped up a couple of days ago, but seeing as we're not the first ones to bring it to you, we've also given you an exclusive twisted tribal Dubstep remix from one of the Chrome Kids family of another track.


Pete Lawrie ft Speech Debelle - (Black And Blue) That's How I Feel About You / alt link

Pete Lawrie - Panic (Monkey Remix) / alt link

Also worth checking out is the Pete Lawrie Remixed Myspace where he's beautifully reworked some of his own tracks.

Bonus Download: Speech Debelle - Go Then, Bye (Photomachine And EL-B Remix)
/ alt link

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Turn Up The Tempz

We're definitely reaching this... this is why.

Download: DJ Cable - Mr Muscle Hype (Tempa T & Rusko Mash Up)

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Glasgow Kiss Of Life

We've already told you about the upcoming birthday festivities for LuckyMe's Ballers 5ocial Club, but the pre- party warm ups continue as Dazed & Confused offer up a mix from The Blessings. Go check it here.

And seeing as we've got our ear in the Glasgow area, our good friend Boom Monk Ben has just hit us up with a brand new mix to party up the end of summer with.

Download - Boom Monk Ben's 'Bass Go Boom' Mix


1. Kormac – Showtime Intro
2. Roots Manuva – Again & Again (Matt Helders Remix)
3. Bangers & Cash – Loose (Acapella – Tease)
4. Dank – Rock The Boat
5. Chemical Brothers – Keep My Composure feat Spank Rock
6. Fort Knox 5 – Funk 4 Peace ( Nick Thayer Remix)
7. Fort Knox 5 - Insight feat Asheru (The Nextmen remix)
8. Ed Solo & Skool Of Thought – We Play The Music
9. Mr Benn - Without A Trace feat Ragga Twins (The Leisure Allstars ‘Bevvy Owes Me Money’ Remix)
10. Grand Puba - Get It (Toddla T Remix)
11. Jesse Rose – Night At The Dogs
12. Boy 8-Bit - A City Under Siege
13. Stush - We Nuh Run
14. Poirier – Enemies
15. Major Lazer – Pon De Floor
16. MJ Cole - AO (MJ’s Open Your Gob dubb)
17. The Count & Sinden – Mega (Dub)
18. DJ Gero - SAVATE (Kazey N Bulldog Remix)
19. DJ C - Body Work feat MC Zulu (Octa Push Remix)
20.Groove Armada – Superstylin’ (Bassnectar Remix)
21. Ginuwine – Pony (Sharps Remix)
22. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Bournemouth (Tomb Crew’s South Coast Teenage Pregnancy Remix)
23.Zero 7 - Everything Up (Joker Remix)
24. La Roux - 04 Im Not Your Toy (Nero Remix)
25. 2000F & J Kamata - You Don’t Know What Love Is

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The LA Dubstep Renaissance?

As this is mixed by Plastician and features artists such as Benga, Caspa, Starkey and Virus Syndicate, not entirely sure what constitutes it as an LA Dubstep album but maybe we're nit-picking and infact it's just an overview of what's big in LA, and make no mistake Dubstep is big in LA. If you needed any more convincing look at the list of West Coast Hip-hop big hitters who are jumping on board. Ras Kass, Xzibit and Big Snoop Dogg himself. We're not entirely sure who the Cashmere Agency are, and in which way they are presenting Mr. Grustle & Tha Russian but it does present a new era for Dubstep in the US.


Cashmere Agency Presents Mr. Grustle & Tha Russian's Dubstep LA Embrace The Renaissance Vol.1 Mixed By Plastician (zip)

MURS - Madhouse (prod. by Chase & Status) / alt link

Xzibit feat. U-N-I - So What (prod. by D1) / alt link

Ras Kass & 12th Planet - West Coast Dub / alt link

Snoop Dogg - Snoop Dogg Millionaire (prod. Chase & Status) / alt link

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The guys over at Berlin label Shockout take the Tropical Bass sound to a new level with their latest release. The Disciples of Dread EP is the sonic equivalent of being at Trinidad Carnival when someone spikes the rum punch with Ketamine and the place is over run by a Haitian Voodoo Gang. Dark, twisted and kinda scary at times but also upbeat, fun filled and refreshing. Tracks come courtesy of: BADXMAN, a relative newcomer to the scene; Breakcore come Dubstep don Cardopusher; and Kid606 who is as hard to categorise as he is to keep up with. Here's a mix with 3 of the featured tracks plus one in full to whet your appetite.

3 tracks from shock20 Kid606/Cardopusher/BADXMAN-Disciples of Dread EP by Tigerbeat6

Download: BADXMAN - The Blood / alt link

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Big Basslines, Bigger Thrills

Having been out to a string of average, apathetic and just plain empty nights of late it is refreshing that there are nights such as Bigger Than Barry to restore our faith that the party proper still exists. We hit their night at The Rainbow Warehouse in Birmingham a couple of weeks ago and had a great time, secret special guests came in the shape of Toddla T (whose firing set instigated a mosh pit) and Annie Mac who brought along the beautiful, bashy and blazing hot Lady Chann on mic duty... you know a night's going well when you can afford to keep guests like these a secret. Elsewhere the likes of Doorly and Tomb Crew tore it up whilst Scarlet Harlots proved themselves to be one of the best young indie rock (for want of better pigeon-holing) bands on the circuit.

Anyway, part of the reason these guys know how to put on a top class night is they have their ears finely tuned to the dancefloor, and they are now putting their learned lugholes to further use by starting up a label. We don't have much info on it but we do have these Dubstep reworkings of some 2 Step classics to give you courtesy of the BTB boys. These tracks have already been getting support from all of the DJs we mentioned.


Shorterz Pimps - Spin Spin Enigma (Spin Spin Sugar Dubstep Mix) / alt link

Shorterz 99 - Enigma Groove (RIP Groove Dubstep Mix) / alt link

Thrills has hit us with a bunch of new hype tracks plus a brand new second installment of Dubstep refixes in a handy half hour mix. The firin' Bassline single Go is out on Sub Philo Music soon with remixes from the likes of Taz Buckfaster, Tony Rocky Horror and Zeppy Zep and has been getting Radio 1 play from Kissy Sell Out.


Thrills - Next Friday (Original Mix) / alt link

Tragik - Crazy (Thrills & Tony Rocky Horror Remix) / alt link

We Are Enfant Terrible - I Can't Help Myself (Thrills & Tony Rocky Horror Dub) / alt link

Thrills - Dubstep Refix Mix 2

Some of you may have caught this guy in our latest chart, but we have a couple more tracks to give away from Polish producer Spox, whose background in the Warsaw Hip-hop and Free Party scenes probably helps to endear him to our ears, although both of these tracks are on a Dubstep tip with an Old Skool Rave twist.

Spox - Diz Bass Shit / alt link

Morcheeba - World Lookin' In (Spox's Let's Get Ravey Remix) / alt link

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