Mets On Fire

Our man Metabeats has been mightily busy of late. As well as the soon to come Sledgehammer Kisses EP with Mudmowth and the new album from his clique Squid Ninjaz for which he's provided a number of beats, and even a few rhymes, he's also been setting dancefloors on fire with the Chesus & Rodski stuff and is working on a new solo album, for which information is scarce but we do know that Elucid makes an appearance or two in there some place and no doubt some of the other Squid Ninjaz and Associated Minds family will find there way in there too.

On top of all this he's found time to drop us this small slice of Dillafied future soul, new beat generation type business. You can grab the wav here or a 320 MP3 below.

(YSI) Metabeats - Fruit Salad / alt link

If this is your flavour then the track is also included in this BBC Radio 1 mix from Don Leisure who is also collaborating with Metabeats on yet another project under the Darkhouse Family moniker and who, as his Drum & Bass alias Jamal has just hit us up with one of the filthiest half time D&B tracks we've heard in a while in the shape of Untitled Stink which you can check on his Myspace.

(SS) Don Leisure Mix on BBC Introducing in Wales (inc interview)


Brenk - Dont Stop (MPM BEAT 45)
Don Leisure – Slix (money) (White)
Don Leisure – Birthday Bounce (White)
Debruit & Om'as Keith – Im going wit you (Civil Music)
Don Leisure – Deluxe Pez Suite (White)
Dam-Funk – Chocolate (Stones Throw)
J-Dilla – Untitled (White)
Hudson Mohawke – Are you feeling hot? (White)
Metabeats – Fruit4 Salad (Associated Minds)
808 State – Pacific State (Lazarus Project Bootleg) (Cease & Desist)
Don Leisure – 1x1 (White)
Don Leisure – Russel Dust (White)

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