Back To The Future

Our next Brain Juice night is part of the Vintage Generation festival so our residents will be digging in the crates unleashing some of their influences, from Hip-hop to UK Garage, Jungle and Old Skool Rave.


Plus live set from...

Hailing from Shoreditch it’s easy on first glance to see how Mikill Pane has been credited with leading the charge of Hipster Rap for the UK, but besides the fixie bike, hi-top and impeccable footwear there’s also plenty of substance to go with the style and his underground poetics are intelligent, amusing, socially relevant, outrageous and occasionally rather rude.

Party Animal Remix by MikillPane

All in the Ghetto Remix by MikillPane

Fairlytale by MikillPane

Making music since 2006, one half of The Sweet & Tender Hooligans with producer extraidinairre Deemo. Together they released an 10 Track EP called “Bobby Caldwell…It Was Really Nothing” which earnt them weekly airplay on Adam Waltons Radio Wales Introducing Show where their single “Pretty Eyes” was selected as one of the tracks of 2008 on his end of year show along with a Live Session which was described by the man himself as “Classic”. Along with this, Louis has appeared on 1xtra alongside Secondson & played various live sets around the UK backed by both Deemo & DJ Killa Tomato supporting the likes of Ugly Duckling, Jehst, MC Xander… Dynamic, entertaining and singular, Louis’ music is quite simply the your modern day soundtrack.\ Here's a few tracks off his Money Making Brothers Mixtape alongside DJ Killer Tomato.

Ahhh What The Hell by Louis Boston

In Momentum Shoes-+ by Louis Boston

As I Enter by Louis Boston

Kaptin will be playing elsewhere in the festival too, doing a tribute to the British Reggae scene tomorrow (Thursday 24th) alongside the legendary DJ Derek, Love + Harmony Sounds and Big Crumb, plus an Electro Swimg set with the Big Swing Soundsystem alongside our gentlemanly brethren, The Correspondents, who have just dropped this video for their new single 'What Happened To Soho'.

'What's Happened To Soho?' by The Correspondents from Sentinel Productions on Vimeo.

What's Happened To Soho? by The Correspondents

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