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Extra Sauce With Your Fries.

As always, there were a few tracks put aside for the show which we just couldn't fit into the final 58mins. We never like to keep tracks til the next fortnight as there's always so many to choose from anyway, so here's a selection of those that we had to miss.

Some warm and jazzy autumnal Soul from Canadian singer Claire Mortifee, produced by Nick Wisdom & AstroLogical aka Potatohead People. This track also features on their excellent 3rd EP out on Jellyfish Recordings, whose other guests include rappers Moka Only and Frank Nitt (Frank N Dank).

Some more soulful vibes from Canada. This track by Vlooper is taken from his recent 'Snowloops' album and also features his wife Modlee. You can grab the album for any price you feel is right below.

Actually now listening back to this Breezy Lovejoy album, it's even more surprising that we didn't play anything from it. Again we're very much still on the Neo-Soul vibe but with that extra kick that keeps it fresh and exciting. You can also pick up the LA based singer / rapper / drummer's first album for free here.

We were possibly judging the whole Chief Navaho album by some of it's dodgier singing excursions so unfairly overlooked this one until it was too late. The rest of the album has some other golden moments but some of the sung vocals do come off rather sketchy at times.

Despite the fact it didn't quite initially grab us we did keep on getting pulled back to this one. It's a track whose charm grows with each listen too.

As well as these gems, FACT Magazine have also posted a free download for this little gem which we did actually play on the show.

If you missed the show entirely, then make sure you go back and check it out.

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Jesse Boykins III & MeLo-X - Broken Wings / Low Leaf - Paradise II / KRTS feat. Jon Hairston - Something New / Stubborn Heart - Starting Block (Something New Remix) / Capeface - Drownin / A. Chal - Roses On Your Silhouette / Tropics - Popup Cinema / Staygold featuring Style Of Eye and Pow - Wallpaper (Video) / The xx - Fiction (Druid Cloak Blood Magick Remix) / Julien Mier - When Will They Wake Up? (Jauge Remix) / Chris Malinchak - So Good To Me / My Dry Wet Mess - Clappin' Ears / Ossie feat Tilz - Ignore (Yes I Did)

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