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Bare Jokes

This is what happens when you get some of Bristol's top Dubstep artists (Joker, Scarz, Shadz, Nomad, Guido) in a studio together drunk... good fun.

(YSI) Joker & Co - Drunk Freestyles / alt link

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NASA ft KRS One, Fatlip & Slim Kid Tre - Hip hop

I'm not sure if the MCs here realise that simply making this tune acknowledges the fact that Hip-hop's dead. I'm sure KRS One wouldn't like to accept this what with trying to proclaim himself leader of the cult or something but that's the truth of it. This is a good thing, it means we can enjoy this track rather than it being an annoying 'take it back to the good ole days' cliche like J5 or Ugly Duckling. There is no future for Hip-hop so we can enjoy it's past in the present (or something like that).

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The Sound of Rotten Guts

Following up from the heavy mix we posted a little while back from Ninja Tune's new signing Shuttle (previously Etan), we've got a brand new track which looks set to get some major play here at Chrome Mansions from the forthcoming EP 'Tunnel' dropping 16th March. Rotten Guts also features Cadence Weapon, an ideal pairing really as they both add extra depth to the dancefloor (and indeed elevate beyond it) in what they do.

oops sorry forgot to post the track!

(YSI) Shuttle feat Cadence Weapon - Rotten Guts

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Make Sure You've Got Some I.D.

I.D. is on some heavy tribal rolling dancefloor Dubstep bizness that veers closely to Broken Beat and straight up Breaks at times. His new single To The Line bw Late Night Hype drops on Aquasky's Passenger label February 16th.

To get a better idea on the sound check out this half hour mix packed with I.D. exclusives.

(SS) ID's Swell Head Mix


I.D. - Stitch (CDR)
I.D. - Akusative (Cool & Deadly)
I.D. - Late Night Hype (Passenger dub)
I.D. - Mission (Re:Connect)
I.D. - Once Again (Passenger dub)
Reso - Identity (I.D. remix) (C.I.V.I.L. dub)
I.D. Flay (Cool & Deadly)
Reso vs I.D. - Shifty (Smokin' Sessions dub)
I.D. & Skinnz - Issues (Earwax dub)
I.D. - Handbagger (Passenger dub)
I.D. - Tell Ya (CDR)
I.D. - To The Line (Passenger dub)
Baobinga & I.D. - South Manchester Weather (I.D. remix)

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Furious & Ital

Still on the Dubstep tip. Here's a filthy grimey refix of Movado's 'Whe Dem A Do' from Nick Fury outta Riverside, California.

(YSI) Nick Fury - Gangsta For Lyfe (Movado Remix) / alt link

Which reminds me we're waiting on another Movado Dubstep remix from Ital Lion, not sure if it uses the same track though. While we're waiting for that here's a couple more from the man himself outta Tiger Bay, Cardiff which we've been scandalously sitting on for a while now.

(YSI) Ital Lion - Bun Dem!

(YSI) Ital Lion - Done Already

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Crunk To The Future have just uploaded a great article by Raji Sohal entitled 'Lazer Bass: Crunk to the Future'. Giving a brief and sweeping overview of the scenes in Montreal, Glasgow and California. Any fairly new fans of the music here on Chrome Kids should definitely have a read as a reasonable starting point.

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Wooly Titts

The Tantrum 'Free Remix Club' on Facebook has just hit us with this fun remix of Tittsworth's 'WTF'. Join up to the group here.

(YSI) Tittsworth ft Kid Sister & Pase Rock WTF (DJ Wool Remix) / alt link

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Listen To The Scriptures

If any of you are starved by the lack of UK Hip-hop out there at the moment then you could do worse then check out Jyager, whose Encrypted Scriptures drops on 23rd March on Y'N'R. The only one we're really feeling is the track with Foreign Beggars and Kashmere (who's playing at The Globe in Cardiff alongside Verb T and The Last Skeptic on February 7th for all the heads here), but then we kinda got bored of most UK Hip-hop acts a while back (along with everybody else if sales and releases are anything to go by). This isn't gonna resurrect the scene but it might keep some of the die hards happy for a while.

(YSI) Jyager ft Foreign Beggars & Kashmere - Frozen In The Night

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Rudie Tuesday

Well overdue for a spot of Dubstep methinks.

First up is this wicked version (not strictly a remix as he hasn't taken any samples from the original) of Robert Miles' 'Children' from HxdB that took me back to being young and dancing all night to dodgy trance music on cheap speed... thanks for that.

(YSI) HxdB - Dubstep Children (Robert Miles Cover) / alt link

Next is a fairly new Dubstep producer (in that he's recently moved to Dubstep from Hip-hop) called Ill Boding. He's obviously still developing a sound but definitely has some potential.

(YSI) Ill Boding - Grit Ya Teeth

Finally is the remix for the new Chase & Status single 'Against All Odds'. I actually went up to the video shoot for this a couple of months back as it was organised by Pav who runs BOSH over in Swindon, probably my favourite residency . We both got far too drunk however and never quite made it in front of the camera at all. Still got pimped up and had a laugh though. Can check the final video here.

(YSI) Chase & Status - Against All Odds (Dubstep Remix)

Wasn't sure about posting this but then noticed it over at Rock The Dub so figured it's fair enough. If you want a 320 though go buy it.

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One Millionth Of A Mash Up

Don't know why it took so long to click that DJ 0.000001 (One Millionth) is infact Th' Mole, an artist we've been lovin' recently and who we shall be covering in a bit more depth soon enough. But for now here's his brilliant mash up of ODB's Shimmy Shimmy Ya and the Glitch Mob remix of Matty G's West Coast Rocks.

(YSI) DJ 0.000001 - Ooh Baby I Like It Hard (Glitch Mob Vs Matty G Vs ODB)

If you fancy trying your hand at a remix of this remix (sure there's some Postmodern thinker's who'd have plenty to say on this concept) then head over to the Daly City blog and pick up a zip file with all the necessary parts.

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Schlachthofbronx is Blazin'

Been quite a while since those Bavarian bass marauders Schlachthofbronx hit us up with anything, but they're back and true to form they have another blazin' remix. This time they've flipped Timberlee's Gunny Gunny from an aggresive Bashy bubbler into an uptempo Soca-more stomper.

(YSI) Timberlee - Gunny Gunny (Schlachthofbronx Remix) / alt link

Look out for Schlachthofbronx's forthcoming four-track EP We Run This dropping through On The Brink Recordings soon.

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Mission To Mars

Just re-watched Blade Runner as I was struggling to remember any of it. I say that I watched it but actually I fell asleep and missed a large chunk of the middle. I'm not sure if it's because I've seen it before but it didn't really seem to matter...

Funny as I came to check my emails and this tune from the new Malaventura EP Mars was there, which kind of sums up everything I've just said. You can buy the whole thing here for just 1€.

(YSI) Malaventura - Cydonia

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No More Lidl Shop Lifting, Afrikan Boy Gets Some Old Money

How serious is Afrikan Boy? Particularly after the Lidl track I'm not too sure but I'm going to take him at the most light hearted as that's about the realm he becomes really enjoyable. It seems his main credentials are working with MIA on Kala (and subsequent Mixtapes and Tour) but that's one album where the guests do a worse job of rhyming than even MIA herself. But then that album shines beyond the lyrics and so does Afrikan Boy

There's something instantly likeable about the guy but this track extends beyond simple charm with Konrad from Old Money flippin' a heavy Canadian Grime style on the remix..

(YSI) Afrikan Boy - Lagos Town(Konrad Remix) / alt link

You can buy the original version of Lagos Town on iTunes here and look out for his mixtape Can of Whoopass Vol. 1: The Rise of Captain Africa, coming soon. Now you gotta love that title.

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Copenhagen Ready for War

Don’t know much about this Glitch-hop track except, it’s dope and it’s by Eloquent from outta Copenhagen. Apparently the Danish city is now ‘Ready For War’, so look out people.

(YSI) Eloquent - Copenhagen

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(YSI) 'Thank You Jay Dee Act 1' Mixed By J Rocc

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Couple of Dirty 2 Bit Thugs

In the last 20 minutes since I got hold of a bunch of 2 Bit Thugs remixes they are very quickly becoming one of my favourite remix crews. I’m finding it increasingly difficult to type this cos all I want to do is jump on the table and wave the cat in the air like I just don’t care. These tunes are like a tractor with bad suspension, big bouncing beasts flinging dirt everywhere as they go and not stopping for anyone foolish enough to get in their way. Packed to the brim with funk, and basslines like a laser lasso, they’ve put their mark on such classics as It’s Like That by Run DMC, Cypress Hill’s Insane In The Brain and the B'more meets Miami in London re-rub of 2 Live Crew’s Party. This track here doesn’t seem to be a remix as such, and to be honest it’s one of the best from the lot. If this doesn’t get a dancefloor packed, then the club’s not open yet.

(YSI) 2 Bit Thugs – Mother F**ker

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London Chavs in Baltimore

Been a while since we had any B'more on the blog so it's about time we remedied the situation. just gave us a heads up on their latest podcast from the Chavy Boys Of London. A Baltimore 'supergroup' consisting of Scottie B, Shawn Caesar (co-founders of Unruly Records) and King Tutt. Not quite sure where the name comes in, sounds more like a Bassline crew to me, but who cares. This is a damned fine mix.

(Direct Link) The Chavy Boys of London XLR8R Podcast

Tracklisting (w/ Downloads)

01 KW Griff - "Pork and Swift"
02 DJ Class - "Im the Ish (Remix)'
03 Rod Lee - "Crazy Legs'
04 Chavy Boys - "George's Groove"
05 DJ Booman - "Feel Like Dancin"
06 Chavy Boys - "Sets Up"
07 Crookers - "Big Money Comin"
08 Mr Oizo - "Gay Dentist"
09 Diplo - "Wassup Wassup (Crookers Remix)"
10 Rex the Dog - "Bubblicious (Congrorock Remix)" (YSI)
11 Aston Shuffle - "For Everyone (Stupid Fresh Mix)"
12 Chavy Boys - "Sis"
13 Paz - "Raw"
14 DJ Mujava - "Township Funk (Scottie B Remix)"
15 Nick Thayer - "War Joint"
16 Scottie B - "Build a Beat"
17 Sagat - "Fuk Dat Again feat. Yo Majesty and Scottie B"
18 Chavy Boys - "Yay Thon"
19 Fatty Arbuckles - "Arab Collection (Scottie B Remix)"
20 Chavy Boys - "Peggy"
21 Chavy Boys - "Weirdo"
22 Technics - "RadioHead Beatdown"
23 Technics - "RadioHead FX Mix"
24 DJ Will Roc - "Unruly Radio (Shawn Caesar's My Crew Be Unruly Remix)"
25 DJ King Tutt - "Future Remix Featuring Kellee Maize"
26 Simon Harris - "Ya Bad Sista Break"
27 DJ Scottie B Vs. DJ Unk - "In Yo Face (Scottie B Remix)"
28 Say Wut - "GO Part 1"
29 Bamabounce - "Punch Em In Da Face"

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Tone at 20

Many of you will already have heard the dope Peaches remix of Tone Loc's Wild Thing that has been floating around the last couple of years, well Delicious Vinyl have now decided it would be worth resurrecting the whole Loc'd After Dark album this month for a 20th Anniversary edition, with 6 new Bonus tracks. Interestingly enough the Peaches remix isn't included by the looks of things, neither is the Moguai mix below. Shame as I'm struggling to decide whether the album is quite relevant enough to warrant a revival without a bunch of new versions.

I've had a copy for some time now (of the original) and I honestly don't think I've ever played the whole thing, infact I've probably only ever played Wild Thing and Funky Cold Medina. But then maybe that's why we need to be reminded about the rest of the album, maybe there are some truly hidden gems lurking in there that have been criminally overlooked.

Certainly with production by the Dust Brothers (NOT the Chemical Brothers who originally went by the same name until this lot sued their ass) who later went on to record the classic Beastie Boys album Pauls Boutique, as well as working with Beck, the Rolling Stones and scoring part of Fight Club. I should probably go and dig it out to make sure, but if you haven't got a copy then keep an eye out for this, even if you just grab it's two party classics.

There are also planned 20th Anniversary releases of Young MC's Stone Cold Rhymin', which again I could only vouch for about 2, possibly 3 of the tracks. Def Jef's Soul Food, Masta Ace Incorporated's SlaughtaHouse, which in fairness stands well up as an album in it's entirety (although our favourite Masta Ace track was the remix of Jeep Ass Niguh 'Born To Roll' which never made it on to the original album, hopefully that will be remedied on the new updated release).

There's also the fantastic Heavy Rhyme Experience Volume 1 by the Brand New Heavies featuring a whole slew of names from that period such as Gang Starr, Main Source, Grand Puba, Jamalski and Tiger. This was the first introduction for many to The Pharcyde with the classic Soul Flower track as well.

What was missing on any copy I've seen was the collaboration with 3rd Bass that was mentioned on much of the original press for the album. Hopefully this shall also be remedied when it drops a fresh, and again I would love to see some updated remixes of the tracks. The originals are great but much of the Heavies stuff never quite matched their collaborators toughness, so if any of you Delicious people are listening, sort it out!

(SS) Tone Loc - Wild Thing (Moguai Remix)

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Bus' Some Shuttle

Meant to post this mix up a few days back but had trouble downloading and so it slipped through the net. However had a message earlier from Shuttle which reminded me again plus another message just now from Pro letting me know that the Etan track on the Mumdance mix should be credited to Shuttle as he's officially changed his name now after some legal troubles (you still with me?). Still not had a chance to check it but has now been doubly recommended and it has a dope tracklisting that includes the Daedelus track (minus Wales stuff) we just posted. So here it is.

(ZShare) Shuttle - Vostock 1 Mix (zip)


1. Brian Wilson - Our Prayer
2. Shuttle - w1
3. Thom Yorke - Cymbal Rush
4. Martyn - Broken
5. Aaliyah - Are You That Somebody?
6. Kode 9 - Bad
7. Joker & Rustie - Play Doe
8. Crissy Criss - Don't Mess About
9. TC - Where's My Money? (Caspa Remix)
10. Nero - Something Else
11. Rustie - Tempered
12. Zomby - 1 Up
13. Output Message - Glint
14. Esau Mwamwaya & Radioclit - Funa Funa
15. Flying Lotus - Roberta Flack (Martyn's Heartbeat Mix)
16. Cardopusher - Homeless (Quarta 330 Remix) w/ Aphex Twin - Flim
17. Rob Sparx - Thug Step
18. Darkstar - Need You
19. Shuttle - Tunnel
20. Radioclit - Secousse (etan remix)
21. Daedelus - Hrs Mins Secs (etan greenwich mean report)
22. Reso - If You Can't Beat 'Em
23. Shuttle - Tunnel (High Rankin Remix)
24. High Rankin - Bubble & Squeek
25. Spankrock - Bump (etan's french film remix)
26. Alborosie - Kingston Town (Uproot Andy Remix)
27. Black Rabbit - 1992
28. Shuttle - Eighty
29. The Deathset - Impossible (etan's positive outlook)
30. Micachu - Golden Phone (shuttle's golden pager ringtone)
31. Our Prayer Rev-prise
32. Shostakovich - Op.86 No. 1

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Daedelus on Wales

You can listen to our BBC Radio 1 show for a few more hours here folks. Don't worry though if you miss it we shall be uploading the whole thing pretty soon (plus Huw Evans this weeks presenter will be playing some great Hudson Mohawke and Rustie tracks in his selection. Before we do just wanted to share this moment from the show with you all. Some may be aware of Daedelus' Wales 'obsession'. He used to tell people he was Welsh and called an album Of Snowdonia (a mountainous area up north from where we're based) and has had a long relationship with the country even before visiting. He was extremely kind enough to send us this track in which he talks about his feelings over one of our favourite tracks from the last album 'Hrs:Mins:Secs' and we were extremely touched. If we may be spokesmen for our country then the feeling is entirely mutual sir.

(YSI) Daedelus on Wales (Hrs:Mins:Secs)

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Round The World with Mumdance

Meant to put this up a couple of days ago so no more faffing about. We've bigged up Mumdance long enough for you to ask no questions and grab this straight away. It's kinda on the same vibe as Ghislain Poirier's Cosmopolitan Bass except very much in a UK style despite the Global persuasions.

(ZShare) Mumdance - Global Bass Mix


1. Mumdance Divine Tempz (No Homo) Bootleg Intro
2. Radioclit - Divine Gosa (Switch Remix)
3. Tempa T - Next Hype (Acapella)
4. Youngstar - Pulse Xtra
5. The Prodigy - Breath (Number Nin6 Remix)
6. Zomby - Rumours & Revolutions
7. Shortstuff - A Rustling
8. Etan - Tunnel (High Rankin Remix)
9. AC Slater - Banger (Drop The Lime Remix)
10. Silverlink - Message is Love (Mumdance Remix)
11. Lady Sovereign - I Got You Dancing (Jack Beats Remix)
12. Radioclit - Secousse (Vocal Version)
13. Radioclit - Secousse (Brodinski Remix)
14. Maluca Y Diplo - Tigaraso
14. Machel Montano - Jumbie
16. Current Value - Symptomless Coma (Donny Remix)
17. Mumdance Outro (Ft Tempa T)

Cocknose cover illustration by Joe Haddock

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Late Night Listening

Forensics just dropped us his latest Dubstep mix, which as always is proving to be a good companion to a late night working stint. The mix changes from dark and moody to bright and reflective to downright dirty but Forensics always manages to maintain a solid depth to his mixes and this is no exception. Check it out and keep an eye out for his forthcoming album on Digital Sin.

(Direct Link)Forensics - Forward Motion Mix (alt link)


01 : Forensics - Beneath the surface
02 : Forensics - The depths
03 : Forensics - Comfort Blanket
04 : Forsaken ft. Joker & Ben Blackmore - Last Saloon Swagger
05 : Starkey - Time Traveller
06 : Pure - Grand
07 : DFRNT - Mammoth
08 : Starkey - Spacewalk
09 : Kode 9 vs. Badawi - Den of Drumz
10 : T++ - Therefore Version 5
11 : Luke Envoy - So
12 : Sclist - Darkroom (Phaeleh remix)
13 : Sclist - Kigelia (Gyu remix)
14 : The Widdler - Disconnected
15 : DZ - Be cool
16 : Damien Marley - Welcome to Jamrock (Hereldeduke remix)
17 : The Qemists ft. Wiley - Dem na like me (King Cannibal remix)
18 : B-Real - Let us Blaze (High Rankin remix)


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Bitches Bewares

A while back we dropped you a preview of the Aussie based Rhymers Killa Queenz track Bitches that came out on the Grindin label last September. Well, seems like those Bitches didn't listen properly before cos the girls are back to drive by their asses with a plasma rifle. At least that's what this beefy and downright filthy South Rakkas Crew remix feels like. It's about to drop on Sweat It Out with additional remixes by Zombie Disco Squad, Yolanda Be Cool and ooh EE.

(YSI) KillaQueenz - Bitches (South Rakkas Crew Remix)

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Flying High

We haven't yet finished jamming the last incredible live set they gave us (one of the most played mixes of last year) when the Flying Skulls do it once again with a set recorded at the Juxtapoz Magazine / ArtNowSF Party at VeniVidiVici in San Francisco earlier this month. We're gutted we missed this one with a line up which included Fantan Mojah and Ninja Ford live, Nosaj Thing, Gaslamp Killer and Egyptian Lover amongst many others, and if this Mutant Electro Crunk set is any marker of the night's quality it was a damned good one.

(Direct Link) Flying Skulls Live at VeniVidiVici January 2009

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Will He? Let's Hope So

As Barack Obama jumps on the train from Philladelphia and makes the journey to Washington DC for his Inauguration ceremony on Tuesday. There's alot of excitement and anticipation for what the next few years might bring. Somebody recently on the BBC Introducing in Wales seemed to think this meant all the world's problems were solved and everything was going to be alright for a while. No matter how misinformed some of it might be, there's one thing that can be said for Barack Obama, he's brought alot of people (including me) one thing...

And alot of people are gonna need that as we enter into what could be "the worst recession in decades". Idealism isn't always realistic on a grand scale and although many of us like the direction his policies are going, there's nothing to say they'll work. Let's not forget that America became as powerful as it did using alot of the policies we would like to reject. Alot of people want what they feel is right but aren't willing to pay the price, so Obama could well be set to piss alot of the people off who are now singing his praises. I hope he manages to get through it relatively unscathed. I hope that history is kind to him and some of our ideals are fulfilled through his work, I hope he doesn't have to get assassinated to secure a good place in the books and I hope that eventually we can judge him on his merits and not our hopes.

And of course the musical tributes keep rolling in. The optimism can be summed up in part by the way many people have posted up this track by Busdriver and Flying Lotus. The track is called Will He but in most places you'll find it as He Will.

(YSI) BusDriver & Flying Lotus - Will He

The next is from Troublemaker who will be heading down to Washington DC tomorrow to DJ and enjoy the festivities with the Manifest HOPE family.

His dark Dubstep stomper is more of a goodbye to the old president than praise for the new, or as he puts it, "the passing of my George Bush kidney stone."

(YSI) Troublemaker - Follow The Leader (direct zip link)

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Things That Go Whump In The Night

Later on we're gonna have a Chrome Kids road trip to go and catch Raffertie, Starkey and Dexplicit over at CrazyLegs in Bristol. If you're in the area at all we highly recommend it.

(YSI) Food For Animals - Mutumbo (Raffertie's Bigger Bass Remix)

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Chew on This

Somehow Chew Fu always manages to take tracks I was ready to write off and flip them into dance floor bomb droppers that I'm alot more sure about. He's done it once again with Wiley's Cash in My Pocket. Okay yeah the original was catchy and kinda funky in that Ronson radio friendly way but I wouldn't have really played it out til now.

The difference between the Small Room Fix and Big Room Fix is as you might expect. One is for the bar room bubblers and the other is more of a main room stomper.

(YSI) Wiley ft Daniel Merriweather - Cash In My Pocket(Chew Fu Small Room Fix)

(YSI) Wiley ft Daniel Merriweather - Cash In My Pocket(Chew Fu Big Room Fix)

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BBC Radio 1 Chrome Kids Takeover

Big thanks to those who tuned in yesterday as we took over the BBC Introducing in Wales show for the night whilst Bethan Elfyn was away. We had a wicked session from Welsh electro rhyme duo The Binary Kids, a Mini mix from our very own Monkey & Stagga plus Dregz (aka Jason Camilleri from BBC Radio Wales), Ruffstylz and Don Leisure dropped into the studio also. The tracklisting is below with a few of tracks available for download (via YouSendIt) and you can listen to the show for the next week over at the BBC Radio 1 website. There were also a lot of artists we didn't get to play because of time, language and even 2 because of the War in Gaza but will chat more on that tomorrow.

Show Tracklisting

The Quemists ft. Wiley – ‘Dem Na Like Me (King Cannibal Remix)’ (White)
Shadow Law – ‘Da Law Rocks’ (White)
Silverlink ft. Jammer & Badness – ‘Message is Love (Mumdance Tropical 8bar Remix)’ (White)
DJ Power ft. Deeme, Jammie & Meanzee – ‘All 'Bout Da Money ’ (White)

In Session – Binary Kids
‘She Loves it’

Willo Wispa – ‘What Kind of Girls’ (Associated Minds)
Diverse Concepts – ‘Looking Everywhere Blind’ (White)

Daedelus on why he loves Wales
Daedelus – ‘Hrs:mins:secs’ (Ninja Tune)

Akira Kiteshi – ‘Pinball’ (Black Acre)

Monkey and Stagga live in the mix
Stagga – ‘Policeman get Hype’ (Rudeez)
Monkey – ‘Emmanuelle I Dub’ (White)
Magenta – ‘Cry Out’ (White)
Stagga – ‘Sick as Sin’ (Rag + Bone)
Monkey – ‘Theramon’ (White)
Stagga – ‘The LSD User’ (White)
Unknown Artist – ‘Aftermath Bootleg’ (White)
Monkey – ‘A Thought’ (White)

Mutumbo (Raffertie’s Bigger Bass Remake) – ‘Food for Animals’ (Cock Rock Disco)

Bethan Elfyn's tips from Australia
Afrirampo – ‘Oni-Pika Heart’ (Very Friendly)

PH Fat – ‘Jabu’s Dance Team’ (White)
Ben Sharpa – ‘Hegemony (DPlanet Remix)’ (Pioneer Unit)
Brothahood ft. Chico – ‘Cardiff’ (White)
Axon – ‘A Step Closer’ (White)
Lurk On Film ft. Matt Gamin – ‘Zombie Oasis’ (Lurk Music)

Binary Kids in Session
'Kit Kat'

Shystie – ‘New Style (Doc Nasty Remix)’ (Rat Records)
Robot Koch – ‘Sound Boy’ (White)
Magic Heart Genies – ‘Heartifact’ (White)
Don Leisure – ‘Subway Shampayne’ (White)
Kid Robot – ‘Shortin Circuit’ (White)
Edu K – ‘Sexomatic (Chesus n Rodski Remix)’ (White)

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Another Pioneer in the Unit

Got some heavy new tracks from South Africa to play tomorrow night on the show but this remix from Konfab, who should be dropping his debut solo album on Pioneer Unit sometime soon, came just a bit too late, so here tis for you now.

For those who know the original this is "a dubbed-out and warped electronic hip hop hybid with heavy dancehall subs."

(YSI) Konfab - It Rocks (Remix) / alt link

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A Veritable Mixtape Feast

Some heavy mixes here for you to check out, a couple of fresh Dubstep ones courtesy of T_! of Macabre Unit and Shift Recordings plus a new 'Glitch Womp' mix by Sugarpill that includes our Chrome Plated Elbow refix of Grounds For Divorce. But first up is the one man earthquake Raffertie with his Mary Anne Hobbs mix from last week. Been wanting to put this up since before he recorded it but now here tis in all it's glory...

(DivShare) Raffertie - Mary Anne Hobbs Mini Mix (zip)


Raffertie - Intro
Ini Kamoze - Hotstepper (Raffertie's Remix) (Dubplate)
Raffertie - Stomping Grounds VIP(On The Brink Recordings)
Whitney Houston - I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Raffertie Re-Dub)(Dubplate)
Raffertie - ANTISOCIAL (Seclusiasis)
The Scarlet Harlots - Backlash (Raffertie's Remix)(Dubplate)
The Squire of Gothos ft. Shifty Moova - Out Of Order (Acapella) (Raffertie Re-Edit) (Dubplate)
Raffertie - Eyes Closed(Seclusiasis)
Raffertie - Wobble Horror!(Seclusiasis)
Raffertie - Music Take Me (Dubplate)

(Direct Link) T_! January 2009 Levels Up Dubstep Mix


1.Macabre Unit- Frisky [forthcoming 6fbs]
2.Plasticman- Spring Roller [fatale attraction]
3.Heny G- Candy [forthcoming gangsta boogie music]
4.Kode 9 & LD- Bad [hyperdub]
5.Kulture- Tyrone [forthcoming ghetto knowledge]
6.Untold- Discipline [hemlock]
7.J Treole- Loot (Sully Remix) [unreleased]
8.Silkie & Harry Craze- Favela [break the habit]
9.Slaughter Mob- Check One [unreleased]
10.Silkie- French Knickers [break the habit]
11.Alpha Rhythm- Light Sleeper (Scuba Remix) [forthcoming lost souls]
12.Pangea- Router [hessle audio]
13.Silkie- Test [forthcoming deep medi musik]
14.Pinch- Motion Sickness [tempa]
15.Noah D & Roommate- Street [forthcoming thought]
16.2562- Techno Dread [tectonic]
17.Zomby- Closer [unreleased]
18.Toasty- On Something [halo beats]
19.Joker- Do It [unreleased]
20.Kosheen- Guilty (Plastician Remix) [white]
21.Woogie- End Dub (DZ Remix) [forthcoming aufect]
22.Ikonika- Please [hyperdub]
23.Woogie- End Dub [forthcoming aufect]
24.Chasing Shadows- It Was Written [forthcoming dm2008]
25.DLX- Matter Of Fact (Breakage Remix) [smog]
26.Macabre Unit- Dragon [unreleased]
27.Nero- This Way [audio freaks]
28.Macabre Unit- Shokwaves VIP [forthcoming streetwisemusic]
29.Wesley Jay & Shimano- Jazz Music [white]
30.Benga & Kutz- I'll Kut Ya [unreleased]
31.Coki- Road Rage [dmz]
32.Afterdark- Positive Vibes [forthcoming ghetto knowledge]
33.Kutz- Spaceman VIP [forthcoming sin city]
34.Macabre Unit- Growler [forthcoming 6fbs]
35.Toasty- Cold Blooded [clandestine cultivations]
36.Coleco- Skull Step [unreleased]
37.Ruff Sqwad- Anna [white]
38.Fused Forces- Broken Chain [unreleased]
39.Target- Poltergiest (Terror Danjah Remix) [aim high]
40.Redline- Lashed [forthcoming urban graffiti]
41.Mala- Miracles [deep medi musik]
42.16 Bit- Chainsaw Calligraphy [forthcoming boka]

And some deep and dark Dubz courtesy of Seattle based Shift Recordings.

(SendSpace)Shift Recordings present Street Science - The Mix


Tizzer & Press -Solitude
Tyrant -Unlocked (VIP)
Triage -Datashrapnel
Selfsimilar -1st Degree
Atreus -Ive come for your souls
Tizzer & Press -Deadly Eyes
Adam John -Reflection of Reason
King -Swiss Miss
Conscious Pilot -Night Owl
Tryptomatik -Dubplate Badman
Lukki -16 Switches
UltraBlack -Gearbox
King -Let it Ride Out
Broke-N -Definition of
Lukki -Woah
Triage -Bad Mouth
Dubtek -Bounce
Solace -The Loot!
Ale Fillman -Nightmare
Claw -$weet $ensi
Atreus -Mistake
Selfsimilar -Centipede

And last but by no means lesser a phat outing indeed

(Direct Link)Sugarpill- Glitch Wamp Mix


Build 128- Snowdrift
Young Joc- Going Down (acapella)
Kraddy- Android Porn
ill Gates- Heads n Tails (ill gates remix)- Myagi
Busta Rhymes- Dangerous
Bassnectar- Roustabout
Lazer Sword- A Milli (Blapfuture Megamix)
Radioactive Man- See You Next Tuesday
Outkast- Rosa Parks (acapella)
Thomas Fehlman- Alice Springs
Spank Rock- Crunk and Wet (Mochipet Remix)
Kid Sister- Pro Nails (Rusko Remix)
Sugarpill- BustaStep
Baby J ft Alex Blood-
Mr. Oizo- Monday Massacre
Ghislain Poirier- Juelz Santana
Mimosa- Lullabyte
Dem Franchize Boyz- Lean Wit It (acapella)
Sugarpill- Tricked Loved The Kids
Antannea & Ghislain Poirier- Citoyen Du Monde
Vibesquad- Custom Stuff
Jay-z- Encore (acapella)
Breakbeat Buddah ft. Jantsen- The Wrecka Track
Clipse ft. Slim Thug- Wamp Wamp (acapella)
Kilowatts- Dub Serious
Jackson 5 ft. Black Rob- I Want You Back (remix) (acapella)
Archie- For the Club
Chrome Kids- Chrome Plated Elbow
Kanye West- Love Lockdown (Flying Lotus Remix)
edIT- 4am in 4 Parts

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Goon But Not Forgotten

We're on lockdown getting ready for our Radio 1 takeover this Wednesday as Bethan Elfyn kindly lends us her BBC Introducing in Wales show for the night. But here's a quick couple of fresh goodies so you don't feel we've forgotten you all.

First up a minimix from Maryland Electro Bmore party rocker Oh Snap!!

( Oh Snap!! - If Bill Cosby Was a DJ Mini Mix


Mixhell, OH SNAP!! & Jen Lasher - Boom Da! (Let Petits Pilous Remix)
Two Fresh - Radio Rental
OH SNAP!! - Bill Cosby Sweater (Kazey & Bulldog Remix)
DJ Class - Tear Da Club Up (Solly Remix)
OH SNAP!! - My Party
DJ Jean - The Launch
OH SNAP!! & Ed Orable - Everyones' a DJ (DJ Mujava Remix)
Robot Disaster - Guitars Are Overrated (Urchins Remix)
SuperFluo - Fuck the Minimal
Sound of Stereo - Heads Up! (DJ Manaia Remix)
N.W.A. - Straight Outta Compton

And here's a beautifully soulful remix of the PPP (formerly Platinum Pied Pipers) track On A Cloud by Bearded Baby aka Californian production duo Co. Fee and Teebs which they originally posted up on

(YSI) PPP - On A Cloud (Bearded Baby Remix)

Actually, we never did put up this Waajeed remix of the other side to the On A Cloud single.

(YSI) PPP - Angel (Waajeed Remix feat. Coultrain)

Look out for the original to both of these on the new PPP album Abundance dropping on Ubiquity next month.

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Some Proper Tingz Online

Proper Tingz, the Wolves raised (Wolverhampton that is, not the furry creatures with big teeth) and San Francisco 'bass-ed' producer has just launched a new website over at head over and pick up his wicked Dubstep lick of Lil Wayne's 'A Milli' for free. Also here's a track he made with FreQ Nasty which the FreQuish one included on his absolutely killer FabricLive 42 mix at the end of last year.

(YSI) FreQ Nasty vs Propa Tingz - Peacemaker

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Southern Hospitality

Spoek from South African electro rhymers Playdoe just dropped us a copy of his new mix which he originally posted up on his blog a couple of days back. He mixes up some of the fresh new South African Kwaito artists with some classic old skool House / Techno and a few new tracks from UK House producer Geeneus. Killer.

He also sent us a killer new Playdoe track called The Bombs, it's an interpretation of an Afrobeat track by Seun Kuti (Fela Kuti's far as they know) and it is huge... however we can't post it here yet so you're gonna have to tune in to us on BBC Radio 1 next Wednesday when we cover the BBC Introducing in Wales show for Bethan Elfyn. You can listen online at or if you're in Wales or nearby you can peep it on 99.5fm.

(ZShare) Spoek Mathambo - H.I.V.I.P Dezemba Liazonz Mix



Also from South Africa are this dope crew PH Fat who just hit me up with their new bass heavy track Jabu's Dance Team. Lovin' the drop on this one and these fellas have also just made a track with Spoek, it all slots in to place nicely.

(YSI) PH Fat - Jabu's Dance Team

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Robot Koch - Death Star Droid Video

Brand new video to a heavyweight new track from Jahcoozi producer and all round Bass junkie Robot Koch. Some rather twisted sci-fi imagery both in the visuals and the tune.

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Glitch In The System

I frickin' love Glitch Mob. For me they defined much of last year both individually and as a crew, but for those who've missed out on their releases so far they've helpfully sewn together this handy catch up mix with everything from edIT's seminal The Game Is Not Over to their remix of Matty G's West Coast Rocks, down through the phat thumpin' Kraddy track Android Porn to their monster sized remix of Evil Nine's All The Cash, arguably one of the Top 5 remixes of last year. If you are ignorant of their weighty brilliance, or even if you're already well aware, then grab yourself a quick lesson.

(Direct Link) Glitch Mob - Crush Mode

(YSI) Matty G - West Coast Rocks (Glitch Mob Remix)

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Slummin' It

I’m always cautious about recommending films as I know an over hyping can sometimes disappoint. But if I am to recommend one film this year (I know we’ve just begun it but hey) then it has to be Danny Boyle’s Slumdog Millionaire. Okay so it’s India by numbers with the kind of cultural references you might expect from an (albeit informed) outsider’s view but sometimes you have to include such weighty images to tell such a big story in so little time. And what the film lacks in subtleties it makes up for in action, suspense, beauty, style and brutal honesty.

I’m not quite sure if comparisons in general are lazy or effective, rude or flattering, but I can’t help thinking of this as the Indian ‘City Of God’ and I doubt I’ll be the only one to make that connection. I don’t see this as a bad thing however, both attempt to speak truths in a way that buries them into you, and both are f**king great movies. Go watch this as soon as it drops... oh yeah and the soundtrack is great too. I thought AR Rahman’s name at the end was simply a nod to Bollywood, as the film does subtly, respectably and justifiably pay its dues throughout. But it seems he did produce an overly chunky part of it (in fact all but the two versions of Paper Planes it would seem) and he adapts himself well to Boyle’s style of direction.

(YSI) A R Rahman & M.I.A. - O...Saya

(YSI) A R Rahman ft. Palakkad Sriram & Madhumitha - Liquid Dance

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New Year Catch Up

Hopefully you've enjoyed your Christmas and New Year break as much as we have, our inboxes are now overflowing with goodies though so we're just gonna hit you with 1 choice Video, Mix, Track and Remix out of them all before we carry on with what the New Year brings.


After her recent ventures into the acting world with parts in Dubplate Drama and Adulthood, Shystie returns to the mic backed up by breakbeat leg-end DJ Deekline (as in Deekline & Wizard). 'New Style' is released later this month on Deekline’s very own Rat Records with remixes from Oh Snap and Doc Nasty.

This mix from ex Kids In Tracksuits, Matt Cutler a.k.a. Lone (who dropped a gem in the form of his aqua-crunkish Lemurian album last year) was originally featured on and includes some of our Chrome favourites such as Rustie, Mrk 1 and our fellow Cardiff resident Mr Curtamos whose fine dubz we've been rinsing extremely hard of late.


01 Kona Triangle "Pinchbeck Intro"
02 Lone "Indigo Breath"
03 Plaid "Anything"
04 Kode9 vs ld "2 Bad
05 The Tuss "Fredulogon6"
06 Rustie "Response"
07 Drexciya "Triangular Hydrogen Strain"
08 Macabre Unit "Lift Off"
09 Clark "For Wolves Crew"
10 Mrk1 "Get Out Clause"
11 Jakes and Joker "3k Lane"
12 Mr Curtamos "Glowinthedarkstep"

(Direct Link) XLR8R Presents Lone - Podcast Mix


Have to admit I was dubious about anyone calling themselves Don Cash, I was kind of expecting some G'd up foolishness but instead found some rather intriguing Hip-hop Electro-Punk Popish Old Skool business. This track isn't really representative of the rest of the 'Freshy Fresh' album but you can check the whole thing via ZShare here.

(YSI) Don Cash - Party Over Here


In Jen Feldman's own words this is "Rick Ross's 'Hustlin' re-imagined for the cashmere set" and indeed when listening to this remix it's hard to picture that Rick Ross actually intended this track to be anything but a dreamy little ditty about what he gets up to "What's that Ricky? You've been hustlin' really hard, there's nice for you." Any initial aspirations to being a bad boy are immediately squashed beneath Jen's happy go lucky production. A fine job indeed.

(YSI) Jen Feldman - J Cuddle Hustle

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