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Let's Do The Timestetch

By now, those of you with a penchant for gnarly basslines and swaggering bruiser beats may well have picked themselves up a copy of the new Timestretch EP from the West Coast master of such styles Bassnectar, which was due out this week but dropped early as it escaped from the Beatport cage like the Kracken in Clash Of The Titans. If you haven't got a copy then read no further, run over to here now and grab it (along with special DJ tools, bonus tracks, and bundle packs) before coming back and enjoying this delicious bootleg of the title track which features vocals from Nelly Furtado's Turn Out The Lights

Download: Bassnectar feat. Nelly Furtado - Magical World / alt link

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Juice Aleem - Rock My Hologram (Video)

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Back From The Sticks

When Skitz dropped Countryman back in 2001 it marked a strong time for UK Hip-hop. His guest emcees such as Rodney P, Roots Manuva, Task Force and Skinnyman seemed to be on course to break through into the everyday consciousness of the nation. Although they definitely made a dent, it seems in hindsight that the only artist from the album to have 'crossed over' as it were is Estelle and since then the scene has been on steady decline. The long wait for the follow up album is nearly over and despite the less than hospitable environment, the first signs are that this could be just what the scene needs (unless the idea of an actual single genre music scene is slightly passé, in which case it will hopefully find some favour in the unclear space between worlds). The first single Requiem Of The Gods dropped a while back and thankfully showed that Skitz hadn't been ignoring Grime and Dubstep like many Hip-hop artists and there was definitely a more bass heavy, electronic tint to the production. The same goes for his latest single Born In The System, which despite being a straight up Hip-hop / Reggae hybrid that pre-cursors both the other scenes mentioned, still manages to hint at the sound of now, especially with the inclusion of Bristol's Buggsy on mic duty who rips a double time rasta rhyme that is straight fire. The whole album is due to drop at the end of May with the single dropping at the start of the month.

Skitz ft Buggsy - Born Inna System by Skitz

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Monday Motivational Mixtapes

Mondays can be a vicious circle sometimes. We like to post these mixes to help you through this most difficult of days but after a heavy weekend it's tricky to get the motivation up to do that. However, with the help of these same mixes we managed to pluck up enough of our reserve energy banks and last few remaining braincells to bring you: A new DJ Moneyshot mix that will make you want to relive the weekend all over again; also another pair of Solid Steel family members, Hextatic have a mix to promote their new single Gammera which features big remixes from George Lenton and Akira Kiteshi (pick up a copy for just £1.50 here); and Aussie Dubstep diva Kito serves up a new Knowledge mix (there's also an accompanying interview).

If this hasn't quenched your thirst for music then the fantastic mixtape resource Mixcloud have just created a new Dubstep / Bass features section with some great mixes by the likes of Bassnectar, Terror Danjah, Oneman and a certain group of Chrome nippers.

Download: DJ Moneyshot - Promo Mix Up April 2010

01. Halcali - Peek-A-Boo
02. DJ Moneyshot - Mucky Wizbang
03. Toddla T - Do U Know (instrumental)
04. Casual - That’s How it is (acapella)
05. Don Diablo feat. Example - Pussycat Too
06. A.Skillz - Twang Banger
07. Stevie Wonder - Superstition (J-Roc of the Sould Out DJs remix)
08. Skibadee - Tika Toc (DJ Moneyshot 110 remix)
09. Profisee - Foolz Thinkin’
10. The Johnny Otis Show - The Watts Breakaway
11. Funkdoobiest - Bubble Butts
12. Big M - Hot Cowgirl
13. Riva Starr - I Was Drunk (Solly remix)
14. Jesse Rose - Touch My Horn (Mad Kids remix)
15. Dire Straits - Money For Nothing (PulpFusion remix)
16. Jay’s Soul Connection - Frank’s Party Life
17. Bassnectar - Superstylin’ Smashup
18. High Rankin - Pimp and Gambler
19. The Benga Boys - Crunk World
20. Hayseed Dixie - I Love Rock & Roll

Solid Steel Radio Show 19/3/2010 Part 1 + 2 - Hexstatic by Ninja Tune

Reso - Hyperglide - Civil Music
Eskmo - Sister You Have Got To Listen - Mp3
George Lenton - Cold Rocker - Wicky Lindows
Hexstatic - Gammera (Akira Kiteshi Remix) - Lower Level Records
Akira Kiteshi - Pinball - Black Acre
Massive Attack - GirI I Love You (She Is Danger Remix) - Virgin
Gorrillaz - Stylo - EMI
Outputmessage - Glintz - Output Noise
Joy Orbison - The Shrew Would Have Cushioned The Blow - Doldroms
Pantha Du Prince - Saturn Strobe - Dial
Groove Armada - Superstylin (Bassnectar Mashup) - Mp3
Justus Kohnocke - Yacht - Kompakt

Download: Kito - Knowledge Mix

01. Kito & Reija Lee - On The Jam
02. Cosmin TRG - Make Everything Alright
03. Worthy – Crack-El (Justin Martin's Stoopit Crunk-Lil Hyphy Mix)
04. Slevarance and Hackman – You And Me
05. Snoop Dogg - Sensual Seduction
06. Primary 1 - Outside (Kito Remix)
07. Uffie - MC's Can Kiss (Starkey Remix)
08. Kito - On The Floor
09. Kito featuring Reija Lee – LFO
10. DJ MADD - Corner Dance
11. Ruckspin & Quantum Soul - Venus Project
12. Vaccine - Cascade Failure
13. Cosmin TRG - Strobe Lick
14. Kito featuring Reija Lee - This City
15. Spor - Knock You Down (Eskmo Remix)
16. DJ MADD - Arpz3000
17. Pendulum - Watercolour (Emalkay Remix)
18. Joker - Taste The Rainbow
19. Skream - Amity Step
20. Massive Attack - Paradise Circus (Breakage Tightrope Remix)
21. Starkey - Starting Gates
22. ModeSelektor - Prototypes
23. Emalkay – Crusader
24. Kito – Don't Wanna Lose You
25. Numan - She Said
26. Skream – Arola
27. Vaccine – Fever (Kito Remix)

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Engine-EarZ Experiment - Faction 2 (Revolution) (Video)

Many scoff at the idea of live Dubstep saying its alomst a contradiction in terms but there are a few guys who pull it off well. Jazzsteppa are most definitely up there in the top, but not to be slept on are the Engine-Earz Experiment boys who we caught at Glastonbury last year. Here's their new tune which we plucked from the excellent Suspect Packages site.

Download: Engine-EarZ Experiment - Faction 2 (Revolution) / alt link

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Damaged Good$ Doing Some Good Damage

We’ve been keeping an eye on Texan rhymers Damaged Good$ since their fantastic but seemingly overlooked project with Xrabit. They showed then that they have an ear for a dope beat and now they've proved themselves beyond the call of duty with their new 'mixtape' in which they ride a bunch of killer tracks from the likes of Hudson Mohawke, Rustie and Caspa (his Deadmau5 remix).

Download: Damaged Good$ - $pread Love Not Germ$

Or if you want a little taster first here's a couple of the teacks in question.

Download: Damaged Good$ - I Remember / alt link

Download: Damaged Good$ - The Great Escape / alt link

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New Mud / Meta Track Is Maaad Tight.

We've been looking forwards to the new Metabeats and Mudmowth LP for longer than is polite to have to anticipate anything but looks like the wait is nearly over and it ain't gonna be pretty. The first sign of impending destruction comes in the shape of this controlled explosion from a fearsome foursome. Riding the stutter funk production is three of the UK's finest: Sonnyjim, Mudmowth and Skamma and this tune gives us that warm evil feeling inside like lacing your mate's toilet paper with chilli powder.

METABEATS & MUDMOWTH 'Maaad Tight' feat. Sonnyjim & Skamma by AssociatedMinds

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Monstrous New Beats From Deceptikon

Today marks the release of the new Deceptikon album on Daly City Records. Mythology of the Metropolis is a genre-hopping, bass-heavy epic, equally suited for the home stereo and dance floor alike.

Created primarily while Wright was living in Japan, the album is described as an extended love letter to the city of Tokyo. Over three years in the making, it features such diverse guest artists as He Can Jog, Copy, Oly, and Vincent Parker.

"Mythology of the Metropolis Promo Mix" MP3: Stream/download.

"Kinyoubi" MP3: Stream/download.

Buy it here.

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The Bass Too Darkhouse

When compiling our Monday Mixtapes we scandalously overlooked this one from our boys Don Leisure and Metabeats aka Darkhouse Family, who shall be dropping a 12" on Fat City mid April some time.

This mix also contains the future garage track Baduka from Metabeats' alter ego Chesus and fellow Barry dweller Diverse Concepts which we posted earlier and is looking at getting a release sometime soon through Ten Thousand Yen.

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Losers feat Riz MC & Envy - Flush (Video)

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Monday Mixtapes Make More Sense

This week on the Chrome Mansion's stereo are our Swansea bredren Doc Daneeka has a new EP ready to drop but before that hits the streets he's the latest heartbeat in FACT Magazine's pulse locating finger mixes; on the lower reaches of the BPM scale, Candian Turbo Crunk pioneer Hovatron has put together a phat selection of neck snapping beats for the Lowriders Collective (we should be playing with those guys in Bristol sometime in April so look out for that one); and Baobinga proves his bass seeking, floor filling prowess once again with a big bag a dubz n stuff from his Build label and assorted high ranking amigos.

Download: Doc Daneeka - FACT Mix 131


Doc Daneeka – Doc Daneeka is a Zombie (Dub)
Martyn – Friedrichstrasse (Fabric)
SBTRKT – 2020 (forthcoming Brainmath)
Julio Bashmore – Batak Groove (forthcoming Soul Motive)
Yollanda Be Cool – Villalobos For President (Dubbel Dutch Remix) (dub)
Mujava - Mugwanti / Sgwejegweje
Doc Daneeka – Deadly Rhythm (forthcoming PTN001)
Warrior One – King Riddim
Venom and Damage – Deeper (Doc Daneeka Remix) (forthcoming Ten Thousand Yen)
R1Ryders – Hydraulic (forthcoming R1 Ryders)
Bassjackers & Apster – Klambu
Round Table Knights – Calypso (Made to Play)
Zombie Disco Squad – Esperanto (Solo Remix) (Sound Pallignero)
T Williams – Afrik (forthcoming Local Action)
DJ Gregory + Sidney Samson - Dama S Salon (Defected)
Delphic – Doubt (Doc Daneeka VIP) (Tres Cool)
Killa P – Police A Come Run (E10 Riddim/ Rossi B and Luca) (forthcoming Planet Mu)
Hot City – Sweat (Ramp)
Wookie – Flex (S2S Recordings)
Deadboy – Unofficial Girl (forthcoming Well Rounded)
Chesus & Diverse Concepts – Baduka (forthcoming Ten Thousand Yen)
Julio Bashmore – Footsteppin’ (forthcoming Ten Thousand Yen)
Doc Daneeka feat. Mayor Man – like a fool (Dub)

Baduka - Chesus x Diverse Concepts by C.R.S.T

Download: Hovatron - Lowriders Mixtape 003


01. Hovatron – Max Headroom – INTRO
02. Hovatron – Everything Always
03. Hovatron – The Drip
04. Hovatron – Gold Star Radiation
05. Hovatron – Gold Star Radiation (Cryptical remix)
06. Dopplereffekt – Plastiphilia (Hova remix)
07. Hovatron – One Handed
08. Hovatron – Blaptop
09. Hovatron – Delorean Reprise
10. Hovatron – Super Soaker
11. Cassie – Long Way to Go (Hova remix)
12. Hovatron – Born Under Punches (interpretation of Talking Heads)
13. Hovatron – Already Know
14. Hovatron – Gypsy Trader
15. Hovatron – Case of the Doomsdays – OUTRO

Super Soaker by hovatron

Download: Baobinga - Mix March 2010


01. Julio Bashmore - Batak Groove - DUB
02. Emvee - Repeat Me
03. Andrea Lai & Madox - Ganja King (Baobinga RMX)
04. Bubblez aka Grievous Angel - Wicked Inna Bed - DUB
05. Baobinga & Cosmin TRG - I Get Ruff - Build DUB
06. Poirier - Coco Drunk
07. Tinie Tempah - Pass Out (SBTRKT RMX) - DUB
08. Mele - Mugged - DUB
09. Geiom ft Marita - Sugar Coated Lover (Brackles & Shortstuff RMX)
10. Bok Bok ft Bubbz - Citizen's Dub
11. Ramadanman - Tempest - DUB
12. Baobinga & I.D. - Wang It - Build DUB
13. Addison Groove - Footcrab
14. Mensah - Pulse 80 - DUB
15. Skinnz - Make Me Feel - DUB
16. Ginz & Baobinga - The Good Stank - Build DUB
17. I.D. - Handbagger (Baobinga RMX) - DUB
18. Playaz Circle ft Lil Wayne - Duffle Bag Boy

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Sticky In The Mud

So as some of you might have noticed from my twitterings, we have banned the words d**ty and f*lthy from our vocabulary. They've become far too easy an adjective for the music on these pages. Of course stankin' is still allowed and that is certainly one way of describing this new Sticky K remix.

Download: Ludacris - How Low Can You Go (Sticky K Remix) / alt link

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'King Fantastic

Always heavy on the beats whether they be phat crunked up remixes, Electro bootlegs or glitched out Hip-hop productions for some of his West Coast compadres on the mic side of the fence, our boy Troublemaker now has a new project with rapper Killer Reese One that combines the whole package into one f'king fantastic duo. Here's the new track from King Fantastic.

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Greatest Rapper Of All Time?

"the greatest rapper alive died on March 9th"

Okay so that might have been overstatement of the century, lets face it he never was actually the greatest. Possibly the best on Bad Boy but then Diddy had a habit of signing up really shit rappers (if like us you caught the London show on the mix below you will no doubt remember how truly s**t that loveable crackhead Craig Mack actually was live), probably so he wouldn't look so bad when he tried to rap himself. Still Biggie wasn't too bad with a mic and made some classic tunes now and then, most of which are here on this 'tribute' mix by DJ MK.

Download: DJ MK - Biggie Smalls Tribute Mix



Picking the actual greatest rapper of all time is blatantly an impossibility unless you're the sort of person who believes that there's one meaning to life and one path to God, or that blue smarties tasted better because you didn't get them all the time. Marketing ploys aside we could probably do a list of bloody good rappers if we could be arsed and one rapper who would certainly be on that is Gift Of Gab, who shall be playing with our boy Ruffstylz (who believes he once spat the 'greatest verse in Hip-hop', to less applause then Biggie admittedly but hey mi vida es su vida) this Friday at Clwb Ifor Bach in Cardiff. He is also on this incredibly dope track from Nick Andre and E da Bos.

Download: Nick Andre and E da Bos Feat. Gift of Gab - Left Side of the Brain (Nick Andre Remix) / alt link

The EP also features Marc Stretch (of Foreign Legion), Bicasso (of Living Legends) and Z-Man (of One Block Radius). Here's a link to the EP and a video for the title track.

Download: Nick Andre & E da Boss - Robot Practice EP

Robot Practice from totempole pr on Vimeo.

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Evil Nine feat. Spoek Mathambo - No Manners

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Like Marmite For The Eardrums It's The Monday Mixtapes

For those of you loving the new Stagga video, a special treat indeed as we bring you a whole mix (including Dirty Sydney) from the mini Malkovich himself with plenty of his own productions and remixes plus some family and friends also; also another of our Cardiff bredrens Ill Diddy from Brothahood has been in our radar for a while but has been sadly under represnted up on here. However it wasn't until a recent party scorched early morning session that we experienced the full magic of his mixes... twice. We have his latest hyper-chilled Future garage / Dubstep outing for you, unfortunately no tracklist so you're just gonna have to sit and wonder what the hell those tunes are; lastly to follow on from their killer new mash up earlier we have a new HavocNDeed mix that is seriously weighty business indeed and stomps around the spectrum from Dubstep to Hulk Hop, Old Skool Rave to Old Skool Garage...HUGE.

Download: Ill Diddy - Didz 2010 Mix Dem

Download: HavocNdeeD - Friendly Fire Mix


1) Barrington Levy - Murderer (HavocNdeeD DuB)
2) Bob Marley - Exodus (HavocNdeeD RemiX)
3) Johnny Osbourne - Ice Cream Love
4) Borgore - Ice Cream
5) Hulk - Pixiedust (King Remix)
6) Joker - City Hopper
7) Lea Luna - Leaving For Mars (B. Rich Remix)
8) Get Busy Committee - I Don't Care About You (HavocNdeeD RemiX)
9) Ultrablack - It's Showtime
10) HavocNdeeD - Bass4YaFace
11) B. Rich - We Ball Harder (HavocNdeeD RemiX ft. original congas by Randy Herbert)
12) Cloud 9 - You Got Me Burnin'
13) Skream - Burnin'
14) 2 Bad Mice - Bombscare
15) Doctor P - Sweet Shop
16) Altern 8 - Respect Is Due (Breakbeat Hysteria Mix)
17) Julissa Veloz - Take Control (HavocNdeeD RemiX)
18) Roni Size Reprazent ft. Bahamadia - New Forms
19) N.W.A. - DopemaN (HavocNdeeD RemiX)
20) N.W.A. - Boyz-N-Da-Hood (Heretic Remix)
21) Remarc - Single Finga Killa
22) Major Lazer - Pon Di Floor (Camo UFO's Remix)
23) Q Project - Champion Sound
24) DJ Connie & Bizzy B - Crowd Says Rewind (VIP Mix)
25) Million Stylez - Miss Fatty (MIR Crew Remix)
26) The Qemists - Dem Na Like Me (King Cannibal Remix)
27) Breakage ft. Roots Manuva - Run 'Em Out
28) Stagga - Beeps Get Down
29) Sade - Soldier Of Love (Kastle Remix)
30) The Pixies - Where Is My Mind? (Bassnectar Remix)
31) HavocNdeeD - Roll Call
32) Tinie Tempah - Pass Out
33) Dirtyphonics - Vandals
34) Reid Speed & Mike Balance ft. Sporty-O - Motion
35) Kastle - You Got the Love
36) DJ Luck & MC Neat - Master Blaster 2000
37) MJ Cole - Sincere (Nero Remix)
38) HavocNdeeD ft. Skaught Parry - Headspin
39) Terror Fabulous - Gangster's Anthem (HavocNdeeD DuB)

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HND Get Our Heads Spinning

Another killer refix for you here from HavocNDeed, fast becoming one of our favourite pair of pile driving beat purveyors. This one takes the NWA classic Dopeman through a range of tempo changes, stomping from 140 to 180 to 90. Most useful indeed.

Download: NWA - DopemaN (HavocNDeed Tempo Change Maddness Mix) / alt link

The fellas have a new release on Play Me records called Headspin with a bunch of remixes and this big vocal mix that could easily find itself gate crashing daytime radio playlists.

HavocNdeeD - Headspin (Vocal Version ft. Skaught Parry) by HavocNdeeDsounD

Not only that but Play Me have also hit us with this bumper bucket of bootlegs from some of their other artists.

Download: Major Lazer - Keep It Going Louder (KING! Remix) / alt link

Download: Daft Punk - Da Funk (Claw VIP) / alt link

Bonus Download: White Panda - Ready For My Neck My Back / alt link

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2 Steps Forward

Couple of great Future Garage mash ups here from Cardiff based crew Astrosnooze and Cape Town's Biscope.

Download: Empire of the Sun Vs Martyn - Walking on Memories (Astrosnooze Mash Up) / alt link

Biscope - Little Dragon Versus Burial Twice by biscope

Download: Biscope - Little Dragon Vs Burial Twice / alt link

plus incase we forgot to give you this before...

Download: Sub Focus - Rockit (Biscope Boot) / alt link

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Ruffstylz feat Beatbox Fozzy - 1980s Grime (Video)

Plus another new one from our boy Ruffstylz, he rips this beat apart...

Ruffstylz - Case Closed by AssociatedMinds

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Heavy Bass Sessions

Those ever prolific connoisseurs of Bass I.D. & Baobinga have just dropped a killer album of tuneage that covers those areas of speaker destroying music that are hard to pin down to one genre (unless you want to bung it all under the umbrella of Funkycrunkbreakstep... but that's just silly). You can pick up the whole lot for whatever you wish to pay (all proceeds to charity) over at their excellent Bass Music Blog but here's a couple of our favourites.

Download: I.D. & Baobinga - Hush Up Riddim / alt link

Download: I.D. & Baobinga - Hither & Thither / alt link

Also from the Bass Music crew is HeavyFeet who launch a new label this week called Stamp! Beats. To celebrate they're giving away this Roisin Murphy refix.

Roisin Murphy - Momma's Place (HeavyFeet Remix) by bassmusic

Download: Roisin Murphy - Momma's Place (HeavyFeet Remix) / alt link

Plus they have a killer new mix doing the rounds as well...

Download: HeavyFeet DJ Mix - March 2010
01 Hot City - Sweat [Ramp]
02 Pearson Sound - Indellible [Aus Music]
03 Pearson Sound - Wad [Hessle Audio]
04 DJ Gregory - Triby [Faya Combo]
05 Doc Daneeka - Drums Of The Deep [Fabric]
06 R1 Ryders - Right Foot Forward [R1 Ryders]
07 Deadboy - U Cheated [Well Rounded]
08 Jovonn - Trama (K2 Beats) [Defected]
09 Edu K - Broken Tap [Anabatic]
10 Radioclit - Secousse (ROund Table Knights Remix) [Mental Groove]
11 Aniki - Suck My Disco (Nom De Strip Remix) [CDR]
12 Roisin Murphy - Momma's Place (HeavyFeet Remix) [CDR]
13 The Young Punx - Juice & Gin (Riva Starr Remix) [Mofo Hifi]
14 Nouveau Yorican - Boriqua (Harvard Bass Remix) [Sound Pellegrino]
15 Robbie Williams - You Know Me (The Count & Sinden Dub) [Virgin]
16 L-Vis 1990 - United Groove (Cosmin TRG Remix) [Mad Decent]
17 Nick Thayer - The Zombies (HeavyFeet Remix) [Passenger]
18 Suncycle feat. Mavado - No More (Redlight & Toddla T Remix) [Suncycle]
19 Serocee - Badeng (MJ Cole Remix) [CDR]
20 Fast Eddie - Yo Yo Get Funky (Nick Thayer Remix) [Giant Pussy]
21 Skitzofrenix feat. Golly - Droppin' That [Sneakerz Muzik]
22 HeavyFeet vs. Virus Syndicate - I Spy... (HeavyFeet Club Dub) [Stamp! Beats]
23 Apster & Firebeatz - Skandelous [Made In NL]
24 DJ Sneak - You Can't Hide From Your Bud (Gramphonedzie Nu Skool Remix) [Magnetic]
25 The Young Punx - Ready For The Fight (Black Noise Remix) [Mofo Hifi]
26 Deekline & Wizard - Gimme A Piece Of That Booty (HeavyFeet Remix) [CDR]
27 Wiley - Never Be Your Woman (Andy George & Jaymo Dub) [Virgin]
28 Blatta & Inesha feat. RQM - Bite Your Lip (Congorock Remix) [I Dischi Della Valigetta]
39 AC Slater - Play The Record Again [CDR]
30 Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Clap Your Hands (House Mix) [Technique]
31 Drop The Lime - Set Me Free (NROTB Carnival Mix) [Trouble & Bass]
32 Rob Threezy - Your Love [T&A]
33 Cosmin TRG - Tribal Flex [Tempa]
34 Marcus Visionary - St. Vincent [Liondub International]
35 HeavyFeet vs. Virus Syndicate - I Spy... (AC Slater Remix) [Stamp! Beats]
36 Breakage feat. Newham Generals & Rodigan - Hard [Digital Soundboy]
37 Jack Sparrow - The Chase [Tectonic]
38 D1 - Jus Business [Dub Police]
39 Skream - Burning Up [Digital Soundboy]
40 SL2 - DJs Take Control 2009 [New State]
41 Slipmatt - Hear Me (Junki Munki Remix) [Can You Feel It]
42 Danny Byrd feat. Liquid - Sweet Harmony (Jungle Mix) [Hospital]
43 Motive - Screwtop [Bingo Beats]
44 Heist - Moonshine [Co Lab]
45 Baobinga & I.D. - Jah [CDR]
46 Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Speed Freak [Technique]
47 Logistics - Ram Raid [Hospital]
48 Xample feat. Jakes - No Respect [RAM]
49 Bassment Jaxx - Twerk (Sub Focus Remix) [XL]
50 Adam F & Horx feat. Redman - Shut The Lights Off (Adam F & Sigma Remix) [Breakbeat Kaos]

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Stagga - Dirty Sydney (Video)

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Winging It

In the ever murky marriage of art, music and corporate sponsorship it has to be said one company are showing themselves to be remarkably in tune with where the money should be going and that's Red Bull. Suddenly their Red Bull Music Academy seems to be everywhere: music workshops with some of the industry's top names; recording studios across the globe; some of the best line ups imaginable in their live events; and even free daily papers in London. There's a whole conversation that needs to be had regarding this and we'd love to hear your thoughts but for now we can't help but give a mention to their upcoming event with Brainfeeder next Wednesday. The line up is ridiculous.

Flying Lotus (Brainfeeder, Warp, Los Angeles)
Kode9 (Hyperdub, London)
The Gaslamp Killer (Brainfeeder, Low End Theory, Los Angeles)
Martyn (3024, Washington DC)
Dorian Concept (Kindred Spirits, Vienna)
Dimlite (Now-Again, Bern)
Daedelus (Brainfeeder, Ninja Tune, Los Angeles)
Nosaj Thing (Brainfeeder, Alpha Pup, Los Angeles)
TOKiMONSTA (Brainfeeder, Los Angeles)

Wednesday 10th March, 9pm–4am, Tickets: £12,50.
Fabric, 77a Charterhouse Street, London, EC1M 3HN

Download: Nosaj Thing - IOIO / alt link

This should really be experienced live but just incase (like us who shall be making do with Nosaj Thing at Start The Bus in Bristol on Tuesday) you can't make it the great thing about these events is they're all recorded for RBMA Radio. There's absolutely loads of incredible music on there, right now we're listening back to their Culture Clash event with a Sound System show down between Soul II Soul, Trojan Soundsystem, DMZ (Digital Mystikz and Loefah) and Metalheadz (Goldie & Co) all hosted by Don Letts (who drops a killer special of Riot Music). Here's the links to each part of the night.

Part 1: The Warm-Up

Part 2: The Selection Round

Part 3: Entertainment Round

Part 4: Mixed-Up Styles Round

Part 5: Final Round - The Decider

We're still waiting for them to upload the set we caught from Andreya Triana in Bristol at the weekend. The new Ninja Tune signee performed a stunning version of the classic Eurythmics track Sweet Dreams and her live version of Tea Leaf Dancers (the track she recorded with Flying Lotus) was just beautiful. Her solo Sonar performance from 2007 is available to listen to here but it's without live band and not quite as confident as the Bristol show. Still worth a listen mind. Also, her new single drops April 5th, here's a little taster...

Download: Andreya Triana - Lost Where I Belong - Flying Lotus Remix (Preview Edit) / alt link

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Hindenburg Style Mash Up

David Starfire hit us up with this quadruple genre splicing mash up, not really a stomper but could work as a dope intro build up. Big tunes abound plus he's added a touch of his Indian flavour to the mix too.

Download: Led Zeppelin vs. Rusko vs. Daft Punk vs. Lil Jon - Kashmir Punk (David Starfire Mash Up) / alt link

Speaking of Mr Starfire, we have to say we're most definitely feeling this promo video for top bellydancer Sharon Kihara which uses his track Sitarfire.

Sharon Kihara promo video from davidstarfire on Vimeo.

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Dydd Gwyl Dewi Sant Mixtapes

Rather apt that it took us til St David's Day to upload our Welsh bass music mix for BBC 1Xtra to Mixcloud. If you haven't downloaded it yet take 20 minutes to go have a listen. Nearly alll the artists are from our home town of Cardiff and this scene is buzzing right now. There's no 'sound' to our city as such, but that diversity is what makes it so good. We shall all be back in the motherland next Monday for a gig at Buffalo with Rusko so if you're in the area make sure you reach.

Also whilst we're on a Mixcloud tip here's some of our favourite recent mixes from the site: First is DJ ID from the excellent Bass Music Blog setting something of a marker for where Breaks / Bass music is at right now; some hyper-filth from Kanji Kinetic courtesy of the Trouble & Bass crew; and BBC Radio 1 keep things moving even quicker than we do with two of their mini-mixes from SBTRKT and Four Tet.

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