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Astroid Boys - Roundabout Behind The Scenes (Video) + Esoterra Download

Much fun was had on the video shoot for the new Astroid Boys video the other day. They just put this little video together of the day including my time keeping skills. Big up to Esoterra on the tune here too. Here's a copy if you want to download it.

Terrabite (FREE DOWNLOAD) by EsoterraDubstep

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Trillbass - Chief Rocker (Psymbionic remix)

Anyone waking up this weekend with a hankering for glitched-out, party-ready 180/90bpm biz could do worse than getting on this download courtesy of Austin, TX's Symbionic.

His refix of Trillbass's "Chief Rocka," dropping ahead of their Trillogy No. 1 album, is all gnarled, meandering basslines and beats skittering over a solid half-time foundation.

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Chew The Fat! - tonight at Cable

Bit late on this one - a heavy line-up that needs no introduction. Check the Chew The Fat! Facebook event page for further deets. CTF also have an interview with Boy 8-Bit up on their blog now, as well as a spacious, four-on-the-floor Bowski remix of "The Keep" for your downloading pleasure.

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Human Atrocities Reporter DJ 0.000001 in BAHRAIN

Following up his recent release, a musically scored collection of video footage from last month's chaotic demonstrations in Egypt, now DJ 0.000001 takes us on a short but horrifying trip to Bahrain. Not for the faint at heart...

DJ 0.000001 - HOLY FUCKING SHIT Pt 2 by magicalbass

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Snakeyman - Makin Moves (Video)

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Eat My Radio

This week we have Raffertie’s take on Anneka’s 'Technicolour' track, some exclusive new South Wales productions from Monky, Diverse Concepts, Esoterra (bonkers Dr Who Remix), Discord and Stagga (who teams up with his Berlin bredren Doshy for a killer tune). Plus new Boxcutter, Kavsrave, Sinden & SBTRKT, HavocNDeed, Naifian and a classic Bassnectar remix of ‘Walk Like An Egyptian’ from 2003 (that we posted for download on Monday).

Exterminate! (Dr Who Theme Tune) by EsoterraDubstep

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A Good Mix Is For Life, Not Just For Valentines

Our amigette Ghettozoid hit us up with this Valentines mix she did for her group Bubbz & The Black Notez, yes we realise that if you're in the UK Valentines only has about 35 minutes left and in some places it's done and dusted but posting now kind of accentuates the fact that this mix is far too good to be tied down to just one day. However it is also great if you happen to be tied down right now (see what we did there) so fire up the speakers and get ready for this freaky fun mix that is a far more considerate gift than chocolates and roses, who says we don't love you.

Download: Bubbz & The Black Notes - Immaculate Conception (requires email address)


01) Dimlite 'On the Same Picture' Feat Elan Tamara
02) Jill Scott 'The Real Thing'
03) D'Angelo 'Lady'
04) Slum Village 'Climax' (Girl Shit)
05) Machine Drum 'Bermuda Love Triangle'
06) Outkast - Andre 3000 Happy Valentines Day
07) 6th Borough Project 'Slow Down Baby'
08) Celi Bee 'Closer'
09) Storm Queen 'Look Right Through'
10) M E 'R&B Drunkie'
11) Donna Summer 'Love to Love You Baby'
12) Imagination 'Just an Illusion' (Lindstorm Rmx)
13) Lee McDonald 'I'll Do Anything For You'
14) Deadly Sins 'I Love You More'
15) Jimmy Edgar 'Hot Raw Sex'
16) Donna Summer 'I Feel Love'
17) Lil' Louis 'French Kiss'
18) Vexkiddy 'Babystrange'
19) Silvermangle 'My Neck, My Back'
20) DJ Rashad 'Get it Shorty'
21) DJ Nephets 'gettinsomejuke'
22) DJ Rashad 'U know U Wanna'
23) DJ Deeon 'Shake What Your Momma Gave Ya'
24) Wish/DJ Nephets 'Popdrop'
25) DJ Assault 'Drop Dem Panties'
26) Marvy Da Pimp 'Gimme More' (Juke Remix)
27) Mariah Carey 'H.A.T.E. U'
28) DJ Slugo 'Bounce That Shit'
29) Mr De' 'On The Floor'
30) Millie Jackson '(If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don't Want To Be Right'
31) DJ Baddmix 'Do That There' (Jukestrumental)
32) DJ Assault 'Ride Out' Beatapella
33) DJ Godfather & DJ Nasty 'Back Dat!'
34) Jodeci_-_'Feenin'
35) DJ Deeon 'Shake It'
36) Robert S 'Show Me Love'
37) Bjork 'All Is Full of Love'
38) Scuba Before (after)'
39) Eprom 'Too Fly' (Juke Mix)
40) Ub40 'Don't break my heart

She also dropped us off her new single 'Boy Toy' which will have a vinyl release on One4Ho on March 7th, we shall be reporting back soon as we've had a butchers.

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Walk Like An Egyptian

Some classic Bassnectar bootleg business for you all to celebrate the events in Egypt. Here's what Lorin had to say.

"I cannot pretend that I understand the intricacies of Egypt’s current political situation (neither the history of it, nor the most recent developments: the people’s uprising, the overthrow of a dictator, etc.) but I do know it is amazing to witness humans coming together to organize and rise up against injustice. As with Obama, whom I always took with a grain of salt (knowing he has tendencies to be inept at best and corrupt at worst) I was happy merely with the SYMBOLISM of his presidential victory. Because for a country that is shamefully built on slavery, with a pathetic legacy of racism and prejudice, this was a symbolic achievement: a majority of US citizens had looked past racism in a way that would have been impossible 50 years prior. That was a big deal.

So it is a big deal also that the Egyptian people, under strict rule of an unjust dictator, found courage and conviction to unite together and stand up to an aggressor, against all odds. Additionally it is extra special that this uprising was fueled by internet organizing and social networking (yet another example of why it is SO important to fight government & corporate control of the internet, on any level. Net neutrality should be defended as a direct lesson from the victory in Egypt).

What happens next is of course uncertain, but I am an optimist. In this case, my optimism is fueled by the inspiring courage and success of the underdog.

And so with a bit of playfulness, I give you this:"

Download: Bassnectar - Walk Like An Egyptian (2003 Remix)

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Killa Kela - Kelavision 8 (Video)

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DJ Cable - 2011 Valentines Mix

So, here's a quick mix that I put together for this year's Valentines Day.

Rather than do another generic Slow Jams mix, this time around I've selected a bunch of love-themed Dubstep & Grime tunes (yes, they do exist!), alongside a healthy dose of misogynistic Hip Hop & Booty Bass in the latter half of the mix, plus a cheeky bootleg, and some material that's forthcoming on Triangulum!

The result? A mish mash of everything from JME, to Wiley, Three 6 Mafia, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg, DJ Assault, Necro, Dizzee Rascal, Borgore, Ruckspin, Chromeo and more!



01. Dizzee Rascal - I Luv U [INTRO] (XL Recordings)
02. Ruff Sqwad & Wiley - Together (White)
03. Terror Danjah Feat. Elrae - Down (Hardrive)
04. Frisco - Crazy (Boy Better Know)
05. Tinie Tempah - Wifey (DL Recordings)
06. Ginuwine Vs. L-Wiz - Pony (DJ Cable THUGSTEP Refix) (White)
07. Ruckspin - Get Naked (Ranking Records)
08. Jamakabi - Pum Pum Riddim (White)
09. JME Feat. Special K & Jewels - Oh (Boy Better Know)
10. Chromeo - Night By Night (Skream Remix)
11. Roll Deep - Ride Or Die Chick (Roll Deep Recordings)
12. J Kamata & 2000F - You Don't Know What Love Is (Hyperdub)
13. Δdmin - Love Bump (Forthcoming Triangulum)
14. Borgore - Love (Edit) (Shift Recordings)
15. DJ Assault - Ass-N-Titties (Assault Rifle)
16. DJ Assault - Nut In Your Eye (Intuit-Solar)
17. Project Pat Feat. Ludacris - Dis Bitch Dat Hoe (Relativity)
18. Three 6 Mafia - Put Cha D. In Her Mouth (Columbia)
19. Ludacris Feat. Shawnna & Lil' Fate - P-Poppin (Def Jam)
20. Necro - Get On Your Knees (Psycho+Logical-Records)
21. Dr. Dre - Bitches Ain't Shit (Death Row Records)
22. Ludacris - Ho (Def Jam)
23. Too Short - The Bitch Sucks Dick (75 Girls Records and Tapes)
24. B.I.G. Feat. Too Short - Big Booty Hoes (Bad Boy)
25. Dizzee Rascal - Jezebel (XL Recordings)

Shouts to Glen Stone aka DJ Absrakt for the artwork.

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Erykah Badu - Gone Baby, Don't be Long (Video - Directed by Flying Lotus)

Erykah Badu - Gone Baby, Don't be Long from beeple on Vimeo.

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DJ 0.000001 vs. Egypt

In contrast to his last couple of unicorn-based releases, DJ 0.000001, AKA Th' Mole, takes a turn towards harsh reality with his latest work. It's a 9-minute-long instrumental composition accompanied by raw video footage of last week's violent demonstration in Cairo, fittingly titled "HOLY FUCKING SHIT". Bob your head while you gasp in shock.. This is the news, DJ 0.000001-style.

The video, as well as two alternate versions of the soundtrack are available for free download at

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Bibio - Excuses (Video)

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Stagga feat Skamma + Joe Blow - Genik Riddim

In our excitement for getting this video out we accidentally posted a password protected version... sorry for that folks, here's the proper version in all it's twisted glory!

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Revenge Of The Unicorn!

In preparation for a European/US tour and new album coming out this Spring, Chrome Kids and Th' Mole are back with yet another collection of remixes for the nerd rap classic "I Love Unicorns". The fittingly titled Beating A Dead Unicorn - I Love Unicorns Maxi-single Pt. 2 includes a music video, seven remixes of the title track, two versions of a new song, and "Th' Mole's text-based video game"(!)

Check out Savage Henry's psychedelic music video complementing the dubstep "I Love Unicorns" remix by EFXHAND.

Meanwhile, the other remixes by Splatinum (with vocals by Ilen Halogram), The Tleilaxu Music Machine, Fishstix, Bit-Tuner, Audible Terrible, and MRA run the gamut from glitch hop to drum & bass.

Th' Mole - I Love Unicorns (Splatinum Remix ft. Ilen Halogram) by magicalbass

The B-side, "How To Drive", is the unofficial sequel to Th' Mole's earlier hit "How To Be Cool", which has him rapping in pitched-up-and-down vocals, explaining how to be a safe and courteous driver. The production, featuring a face-punching beat, buzzing bassline, flute and bells, comes courtesy of Th' Mole himself. Finally, "How To Drive (Rappy McRapperson Remix - Chopped & Screwed Version)" puts Th' Mole's vocals over a catchy drum machine beat and then chops it all up.

The 40-minute-long 10-track maxi-single is available exclusively at

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Baobinga Get Basslaced

Our bredren in Bass, Baobinga hooked up a mix for the Basslaced crew, focusing on the Grimier side of the tracks, including Dubs from Starkey, DJ Madd, Kahn and Swindle. He also has Bristol badbwoy mic man Frilla on hosting duties. Have a butchers.

Download: Baobinga Basslaced Podcast


1. J Sweet - Kerb (Starkey RMX) - Dub
2. Ginz & Baobinga - The Good Stank - Build
3. Royal T - Orangeade - Butterz
4. SRC - Goin Out (Swindle RMX) - Rwina (Dub)
5. I.D. & Skinnz - Most High - Earwax (Dub)
6. Digital - Deadline (DJ Madd RMX) - Dub
7. Spooky - Spartans - Oil Gang
8. Baobinga & I.D. - Tongue Riddim - Build
9. M.I.K. - Do It (Kahn RMX) - Dub
10. S-X - Woooo Riddim (DJ Q RMX) - Butterz
11. Taz - Arterial Girl - Dub
12. Baobinga - Make Me Feel - Build (Dub)
13. Terror Danjah - Power Grid - Planet Mu
14. Baobinga & Mensah - N.S.G. (Grapes' Chalie Boy Blend) - Build VIP

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Buggsy - Pure Gas (Video0

Buggsy will be playing the launch of our Brain Juice label on Feb 25th at Cardiff Arts Institute... look out for that one!

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