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Happy Halloween People

We shall be getting our living dead on for the Bristol Zombie Walk then ducking rude boy yout's armed with an unlimited supply of eggs to get to Shout Out Loud's Dance Of The Dead in Cardiff before getting ourselves properly zombiefried, dancing til the dawn of the dead then perking ourselves up with a couple of Bloody Marys and carrying on with the rest of the weekend. Feel free to join us or let us know your plans for this most freakish of festivites. Here's some ghoulish goodies to get your groove on to (did I really just say that? Could well deserve being hung drawn and quartered for real over that shocking string of words).

Download: DJ POL Style - Vampire Killah EP (zip)

Download: Kaptain Cadillac - Mad Decent: Kill Yourself Vol 4 / Tracklisting

Download: Ben Samples - Crypt Tales / alt link

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Joker & Ginz Vs. Lil Scrappy & Young Buck "Re-Up For Money (Cable THUGSTEP Blend)"

Joker is killing it right now (matter of fact everyone within the Bristol scene is doing a lot), and with his recent remix of Simian Mobile Disco, plus an album in the pipeline, 2010 looks like it could be his year.

I'd already put this Lil Scrappy acapella over Coki's "Shattered" a while back (last year, in fact), but thought I'd update it by putting over Joker & Ginz' filthy anthem "Re-Up". Plus, I think this one pisses over the original blend I put together...I've also added an extra 8 bar intro for the DJs...

Shouts to everyone who's been supporting the THUGSTEP blends, there's more to come soon! In the meantime, enjoy this little re-fix.


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Take The Micky (And Stick It In Ya Eardrums)

This hyper than hype jump up party mix from Micky Slim is getting us well geared up for some good ol' fashioned wrong doing this Halloween at Shout Out Loud's Dance Of The Dead in Cardiff, where we shall be joining, not only the twisted Slimster himself but also the likes of Ms Dynamite, Toddla T & Serocee, Mumdance, A1 Bassline, Squire Of Gothos (whose mix we brought you yesterday), Baobinga, Oneman and Detoboi so you know that's some serious throw ya drinks in the air, dancefloor destroying freakiness of the highest order.

Micky Slim - Shout Out Loud Halloween Mix by Chrome Kids

There's no tracklisting for the mix unfortunately but it includes the new Chew Fu and Wiley, Major Lazer, Jack Beats, Count & Sinden, Enigma & Shorterz' Dubstep remix of RIP Groove and the MRK 1 remix of Micky's new track Skank Out with Virus Syndicate which is huuuuge!

Incidentally if you're creative pulses are twitching and you want to have a go at remixing Skank Out yourself then there's a competition in which you could get your prize effort released on Micky's Bomb Squad label.

Simply download the parts here and email your entry to before the end of November.

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Chauffeur Loafer

Now a collaborative project between Mark Ronson, Sam Sparro and Theophilus London is in itself vaguely intriguing however it could easily go so wrong. The fact that at first signs it has all gone stupendously right is most definitely interesting. We are less impressed that this is essentially an advert for a new sneaker design by Ronson to be made available through the Gucci Icon-Temporary pop-up stores, but we will humbly accept a few pairs as payment for this advertising. Still just as Run DMC's My Adidas was far more than a marketing concept, this blend of falsetto soul, liquid crunk production and Brooklyn rhyme fodder should not be judged soley on it's rather shallow inspirational process.

Download: Chauffeur - Soles of Fire (via Fader) / alt link

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Just Another Manic Monday Mixtape Session

Right, there's no easing you into the week this time, we're simply carrying on from the Weekend. Sunday was the new Friday so therefore it's only right to bring you sounds to kickstart the new Saturday. No more Monday blues, no stressing about work today, take the party to the office. Dance on the desk, photocopy your backside and bring out the secret stash from your bottom draw.

First up, if you missed out on the Krafty Kuts Mix CD launch party with us in Cardiff, then no worries as you can celebrate right now with his promo mix of Breaks, Electro and Disco. Fairly meaty but with more than a sprinkling of cheese on top, all to add extra flavour though you understand. The next time we shall be partying with the Shout Out Loud fellas will be on Halloween. The line up is ridiculous and we'll be telling you more later but for now be afraid, be very frickin' afraid of Squire Of Gothos (who shall be playing on the night) as they're taking no prisoners with their Bassline bouncing rave up. Finally by the power of Dre Skull, and a little help from we have a full on tropically minded bouncement carnival all perfectly packaged for you, just add whistles, rum and a few thousand people.

Download: Krafty Kuts - DJ Mix (via Fenchurch)


01. Krafty Kuts - Intro
02. Riton & Primary 1 - Who's That (Acapella)
03. The Dozens - Fake Blood (Krafty Kuts Re-Rub)
04. Tim Healey - Bring It Party (Krafty Kuts Re-Rub)
05. DJ Gant Man - Juke Dat Girl - Nadastrom Remix (Krafty Kuts Re-Rub)
06. Ou Est Le Swimming Pool - Dance The Way I Feel - Armand Van Helden Remix
(Krafty Kuts Re-rub)
07. Dizzie Rascal - Bonkers (Acapella)
08. Will Bailey - Hit The Club (Krafty Kuts Re-Rub)
09. Major Lazor - Pon De Floor
10. Don Diablo - Blow (Acapella)
11. Black Noise - Rocking It (Krafty Kuts Re-Rub)
12. Starkillers - Bitch Ass Tricks (Adsorb Edit)
13. Deekline Feat Tim Healey - Don't Smoke (Krafty Kuts Re-Rub)
14. Krafty Kuts - Children Of The Night
15. DJ Blaqstarr Feat feat Rye Rye - Shake It To The Ground (Acapella)
16. Proxy - Raven - Kazey & Bulldog Remix
17. Autodidkat - Ghetto Nonsense (Acapella)
18. Tim Healey & Tomcraft Feat DJ Assault - Electro On The Floor (KraftyKuts Re-Rub)
19. Jack Beats - Get Down VIP Mix (Krafty Kuts Re-Rub)

Download: Squire Of Gothos - Crocodile Pumdee / Listen on Mixcloud


1 S.O.G - Pleasant Tings / 0:00
2 S.O.G - Chewing Minnows / 3:44
3 Little Jinder - Youth Blood ( S.O.G Remix) / 7:24
4 S.O.G - Lypo / 11:16
5 Bruce Stallion - Drugs = Bad (S.O.G Remix) / 13:48
6 S.O.G - Old Skool Shit (V.I.P mix) / 16:59
7 S.O.G - Piss Takers / 21:06
8 S.O.G - Phonin' 4 Shinez / 25:23
9 S.O.G - Big Yellow Smiley Faces / 27:17

Download: Dre Skull - XLR8R Podcast


01 Sticky feat. Natalie Storm "Look Pon Me" (Mixpak)
02 Maxwell D + Lil Silva "Blackberry Hype"
03 N.B Funky "The Leak Remix" (UK Funky)
04 French Fries "Predator"
05 Dre Skull feat. Gotty Boi Chris "Drop Get Down Low (Brodinski Remix)" (Mixpak)
06 Juiceboxxx and Dre Skull "Hype (Dre Skull Remix)" (Vicious Pop)
07 SonicC "Stickin"
08 Zinc "Nu Sound" (Bingo Bass)
09 Laidback Luke & Lee Mortimer "Blau" (Fool's Gold)
10 DJ Manaia "King Kong"
11 Drop The Lime "Set Me Free" (Trouble & Bass)
12 Udachi & Jubilee "Smoke Rings (Dre Skull Remix)" (Nightshifters)
13 Sissy Nobby "Lay Me Down (Kanji Kanetic Remix)" (Mixpak)
14 Buraka Som Sistema "Kurum (DJ Manaia Remix)"
15 Timberlee "Gunny Gunny (Schlachthofbronx Remix)"
16 Sticky feat. Natalie Storm "Look Pon Me (Dexplicit Remix)" (Mixpak)

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Animated Adventures

Free Grime mixtape here from Manga out of the Roll Deep crew which we intercepted from that most prolific of twitterers Lady Chann, who also lends her bashment flex to one of the tracks we've included below..

Download: Manga (Roll Deep) - The Advenutres Of... (zip)

Download: Manga (Roll Deep) - Rampage (Prod. Scratchy) / alt link

Download: Manga (Roll Deep) feat Lady Chann - Me Nar Like You / alt link

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This One Time At Bandcamp

This one time at Bandcamp I was listening to one of the guys playing some music. You know, the kind of music which reaches inside your soul and takes you on a journey through your past lives and present memories, the kind that like the 3 ghosts of Christmas demands reflection as well as assessment and even a promise to the future. It was the type of company needed to guide you through the low moments, to help calm the rough waves and so ride them to the edge rather than trying to escape and have them crashing down on you later. It was a semi-meditative state without sacrificing consciousness and it was clarity without regimented conformity. It was pianos and strings, synths and glitched up beats, it was decidely beautiful and it was also being played by the same Josh Mayer sometimes known as Ooah from The Glitch Mob and PANTyRAID. It was Of Porcelain and you can pick up the album at Bandcamp now for whichever price you choose, we think it's worth a fair amount mind.

Download: Of Porcelain - Signal The Captain / alt link

Download: Of Porcelain - Bleeding Mirrors Remix / alt link

One band I'm almost always guaranteed to catch at Festivals, and they seem to always be there, is Babyhead. Not something I would complain about mind, their high energy mix of Ska, Funk and Hip-hop is highly infectious and never fails to get even the most beaten of bodies bouncing. Something happened this year however, things have changed somewhat in the Babyhead camp. They are no less infectious and no less hypnotising in both music and performance but there's a deeper, darker depth to their music. A maturity of experience and perhaps frustration that might alienate some of the strictly jump up funsters but that for those who have matured alongside has perhaps even more resonance than before and is reflective of the times within which they are a changing in. You can pick up their new 3 track EP for free also on Bandcamp.

Download: Babyhead - Phantom Power Reworked / alt link

Download: Babyhead - Swan Song / alt link

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Re remixes

Nowt has divided a nation more than Florence & The Machine's version of You've Got The Love.

Okay that's perhaps not true but there was certainly heated arguments in our car over whether all the soul had been sucked out of Candi Staton's original or if there was a certain irony in the beautifully bittersweet melancholic version that bordered on genius. Whichever side of the fence you sit this Dubstep version from Graphics is a winner indeed.

Download: Florence and The Machine-You've Got The Love (Graphics Remix) / alt link

Many people may have some prolific memory of a really significant tune they heard in the first few minutes of the new millenium. I only have the Artful Dodger and that cheeky big chinned chappy Craaaaaig Daavid (actually is it only the UK that get Bo Selecta, in which case it is simply Craig David) in my ill gotten memories. Still for this if no other reason I have both a touch of sentiment and a just a touch of malice for this Dubstep re-working from HavocNdeed. It won't need a significant moment for it to get stuck in your head either so apologies if you've only just exorcised it from the first time.

Download: Artful Dodger ft. Craig David - ReRewind (HavocNdeeD RemiX) / alt link

If these remixes have given you the remix bug then you are in luck as those fine fellas over at Valeo Productions have hooked up with Ninja Tune to bring you this competition where by you can twist, turn, tweak and taser the Poirier and Face T track Enemies.

The winner will be included in the digital package of the forthcoming Poirier album Running High, being released early 2010 on Ninja Tune.

Download the accapella here or here and send your remixes to before November 15th!

Bonus Download: J. Rabbit - Ninja Gaiden / alt link

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Stagga - Face Get Splat

Make sure you pick up a copy of the latest Stagga single Face Get Splat on Rag & Bone now b/w Sick As Sin (Ultra VIP) and The Crisis Gurge Supply. Plus here's an exclusive new Glitch Hop track fresh of the press.

Download: Stagga - Beeps Get Down / alt link

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Rebel Sonix - Ankle Grinder

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Munch A Monday Mixtape For Super Powers

First up is a new mix from the fellas over at the Rub A Dub Dub site who were kind enough to host pur mix earlier in the week. Far from being a simple scratchy back situation though this is a full phat selection from a truly dope blog blended with love from Decibel, one of the residents over there and deserves to be pumped at the highest available volume. If you're car only has a shitty system, this is the one time when it is morally right to go steal another one. Second is an excellent mini mix that current Bass blog golden boy George Lenton recorded for Bobby Friction's show on the BBC Asian Network which also has a real short snippet from his new remix for our boy Pete Lawrie which is rather huge too. Catch Mr Lenton live on 28th October in Original Mash @ The Lab, Bristol or 18th November & 16th December in SOME @ The Den, London; lastly is a slice of low-fi riding bleep stomping future funk and Hip-hop from Alex B which he recorded for the Brainfeeder crew. Full of his own productions and snuggles in nicely next to the rest of the family over there.

Download: Rub A Dub Dub - Rambo Duck Mixtape


Stagga - Sick As Sin (Ultra VIP)
Eddie K - Who's The Hardest
Jakes - Rock Tha Bells
Passive Aggressive - I Am High Definition
Caspa & Rusko - Power Shower
16Bit - Tale Of Exploding Fist
Commodo - Querky
Olive - Not Alone (Synamatix Remix)
Caspa & Rusko - Rock Bottom
Emalkay - When I Look At You (SDUK Remix)
Rob Sparx - Attack Of The Wobble
Datsik - Quantization Error
Passion Pit - Little Secrets (Jack Beats Remix)
Skream - Meta Lick
Fuzz2k - The Cost
Pond Life - Obsidian
Daft Punk - One More Time (George Lenton Remix)
L.A Boxers - Bass Warface
DZ - Machinery
Mark Instinct - Badman
Kid Sister - Right Hand Hi (Caspa Remix)
Stagga - Rub On Ya Bass Binz
Steve Aoki - Im In The House (Herve's Burning Down Your House Remix)
Artic Monkeys - Crying Lightning (Aems Remix)
M83 - We Own The Sky (Datsik Remix)
Giant - Rocker
Vaski - Terror Dome VIP
Rob Sparx - What You Gonna Do (Numbernin6 Remix)
Caspa - Louder VIP
Rod Azlan - Riot Powder Intro

Download: George Lenton - Reproduced Oct 09


George Lenton - Intro
Daft Punk - One more time (George Lenton Remix )
George Lenton - Untitled
George Lenton - Price w Cold Rocker
Pete Lawrie - Panic (George Lenton Remix)
George Lenton feat Perkie - Action
George Lenton - Beware
George Lenton - Jungle whomp
George Lenton feat Alex Mercer - Someshine
MGMT - Weekend Wars (George Lenton Remix)
George Lenton - Troll
George Lenton - Cold Rocker 808 mix
George Lenton - Slow Rocker vs Shook ones vs No Diggity vs Dub Be Good To Me
Dead Prez - Hip Hop
Dead Prez - Hip Hop ( Diplo Remix )
Stagga - Sick as sin vs Still Bigger Than Hip Hop vs Bird Flu
Sub Focus - World of hurt
Clipz & Die - Work It Out Dub vs Jungle Brother
Shockone - The Sun vs Jungle Brother
Chase & Status - Music Club vs Jungle Brother
Culture Shock - Imax
High Contrast - Racing green
The Qemists - Stomp Box

Download: Alex B - Brain Food


1. 0:00 Introducing
2. 1:25 Alex B- At Channel One (Unreleased)
3. 4:25 Ziploc- Sushi Caps (Unreleased)
4. 5:40 Knxwledge- Petaluma (Unreleased)
5. 6:45 Count Bass D- Aurul S(ECT)s (Dwight Spitz)
6. 8:04 Devonwho- Zelda (Unreleased)
7. 9:00 Alex B- Wallin (Unreleased)
8. 12:40 Alex B- Metameme STS9 REMIX (Make it Right)
9. 15:21 AFTA 1- Believe (Aftathoughts)
10. 16:16 Alex B- Show Me (Unreleased)
11. 18:10 Get Nice Interlude
12. 18:40 Viktor Vaughn- GMC W/ Eucalyptus (Super Villian)
13. 21:25 Devonwho- Shut it down Remix (WAVES)
14. 24:30 Alex B- You and I Both Know (Unreleased)
15. 27:00 Alex B- Players J Dilla REMAKE (
16. 29:35 Alex B- Frankenstein (Unreleased)
17. 32:40 Alex B- Nothing is Always something (Unreleased)
18. 35:10 Heralds Of Change- Asswank (Puzzles EP)
19. 36:15 Alex B- SB (Unreleased)
20. 38:20 Alex B- Hide Extension (Unreleased)
21. 41:35 Alex B- Spain (Unreleased)
22. 44:45 Dibia$e- Be fly (Unreleased)
23. 46:10 OUTRO

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When Irish Ears Are Smiling

We may not have much to write from our recent trip to Ireland except idle gossip and a couple of amusing anecdotes which would be better placed elsewhere to these pages, but it does give us a tenuous enough excuse to present these tracks from Drokkr, an Irish Dubstep producer we've had our eye on for a while. Always wondered if there might be something rather dark and pent up underneath the easy going Irish exterior and these tracks certainly go some way to answering that. Drokkr shall be playing at the Black Swan in Bristol tonight if you happen to be in the area.

Download: Drokkr - Calculator Yawn / alt link

Download: Drokkr - Flesh Of A Pig / alt link

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Our Monday Mix

As promised, bit of a Monday Mixtape special this week as we bring you... Us.

We did this mix for Adam Walton's Mystery Tour show on BBC Radio Wales. Adam's been a strong supporter of many Welsh Dubstep and Hip-hop crew over time, infact he's been a strong supporter of pretty much every good Welsh band out there full stop. He let us run rampant for half an hour and this is the result. We kept it in Dubstep territory this time but with strong Hip-hop and Grime overtones. Starting with the big bass monsters, smoothing out a touch then getting twisted before leaving you on a high note. With a couple of original productions from crew members Monkey & Stagga.

Have a listen, let us know what you think. If you want to book us for a DJ set email Adam at - we'd love to come rock your party.

Chrome Kids - Pimp My Tour Bus Mix by Chrome Kids


George Lenton – Troll
Bassnectar - Cozza Frenzy (Z-Trip Hellrazor Remix)
Caspa feat. MC Dynamite – The Takeover (Fabric)
Don Leisure – Bronx Dub V1
Inja – Hats Low
Mistabishi – Printer Jam (Barbarix Remix)
Eskmo – San Francisco (The Rhythm) (Ancestor)
Central Spillz + TIME – Aim High
Hudson Mohawke – Overnight (Warp)
Hovatron – Let’s Get Wet
Monkey & Stagga – Original Misty
Dema – Oobla
Donkey Kong (DK) - Yuah (Dema Refixxx)
Doshy – Space Attack (
Monkey & Stagga – Moog Lighting
Elucid – Yum Yum (N Type Dub)
Unknown - Lounge
Simian Mobile Disco feat Beth Ditto - Cruel Intentions (Joker Remix)
Humanleft – Got Beatz

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Cool Keith?

Chrome Mansions has something of a sofa rotation for lost and limbo chilling souls. Our latest resident is Keith, who happens to be the creator of our main blog logo. As he's having something of a s**t few days a couple of the fellas threw together a little tribute in a Grime style to cheer him up.

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Mixing It Up From France To The Philippines

Couple of dope mixes for you...

First up is the latest FACT Mix, this time courtesy of our favourite French future funkster dÉbruit.

Download: dÉbruit - Fact Mix 90


Kurtis Blow - Tough
Rani Moudham - Sonia
dEbruit - Echtah
Yoruba Grupo Afrocuba De Matanzas - Chango (Bata')
Mike Ladd - Field work (The Ethnographers Daughter)
Dabrye feat. Big Tone - get live
Dorian Concept - fort teen
D3CCPT - Pressure beat
J Dilla - Brazilian groove
Sa-Ra - Bitch Baby
Os Carrascos- Piqué Ta
Daedelus - impending Doom
Yo La Tengo - nuclear war (version 2)
dEbruit - K.O. Debout
Red - I should Tell Ya Mamma on You (Dam Funk rmx)
unknown - My Pony Dubstep
dEbruit - I'm goin wit you (LIVE)
Kaspar vs Jakzen Why Deny - (Toga-Party-Mweslee-Remix)
Shafiq Huseyn feat Fatima - Lil Girl
Jeru the Damaja - Come Clean
Wu Tang Clan - Protect Ya Neck
Kurtis Blow - Tough
Ranking Dread - Fattie Boom Boom
dEbruit - Pouls
Wayne Wonder-Police and Bad Boy
dEbruit - Congo Woomp
Konono n°1 - Paradiso

Download: dÉbruit feat Om'Mas Keith- I'm Goin With You / alt link

Next up comes another stunning selection from our main South East Asian sensation.

Download: Soulflower - Step It Out


1. Pantyraid - beba
2. Teksteppa - Scrambled Egg
3. Uzul - Rumble Inna Station (Skream remix)
4. 501 - Dangerous
5. Rustie - Bad Science
6. 501 - Special Request
7. 6blocc - Never Scared
8. The Bassist - Lockdown
9. The Bug - Poison Dart (Skream remix)
10. Tek-one - Hate You
11. Dj Phase - Ganja Friend
12. Caspa - Bring The Lights Down
13. 6blocc - Murderah
14. 16bit - Jump
16. Gemmy - Rainbow Road
17. Hellfire Machina - Stick N Move
18. Tes La Rok - Gunshot (Juju remix)
19. Pantyraid - Crunkalicious
20. 6blocc - 4 Tha Lovers
21. Mochipet - Godzilla New Year (Vibesquad remix)
22. Pantyraid - One Mo!

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Skream Night By Night

I remember playing an impromptu Reggae set at the very first Bestival a few years back. I'd exhausted all my 7" singles that I just happened to have with me and the next DJ was still nowhere in sight. It was a case of go back through them or throw on a track from the Chromeo promo CD I had in my pocket. I went for the second option, dropped Needy Girl and they loved it. The track finished and still no sign of the next DJ so I thought bugger it and threw on another track from the album. I got through 5 tracks before the next DJ did eventually surface and nobody semmed to mind at all... anyway, I don't have a similar Skream story but his tunes have dropped just right on many other occasions. Not sure how we missed this from Green Label Sounds, it's already done the rounds a fair bit by the looks of things but if we did maybe you did too, so here you go.

Download: Chromeo - Night By Night (Skream Remix) / alt link

Bonus Download: Waajeed - Tetris / alt link (via XLR8R)

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Scion Radio 17: Loefah & MC Sgt. Pokes Interview

Scion Radio 17: Loefah & MC Sgt. Pokes Interview from Scion A/V on Vimeo.

DJ Skeet Skeet of Roach Coach Radio interviews Loefah and Sgt. Pokes for Scion A/V.

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Now They Are 10

If you happen to have passed through a few blogs recently you will no doubt be aware that next week is Fabric's 10th Birthday Weekend. Even if you are, this is most definitely something to hammer home, so here's the flyer for Friday which we're pretty certain will make even our most snobbiest of readers just a touch moist.

Plus here's some proper horns out hands in the air Carnival style mixes from DJ Zinc and Smutlee for extra pulling power

DJ Zinc - Fabric 10th Birthday Crack House Mix by fabric

Smutlee FABRICLIVE 10th Birthday Promo Mix by fabric

And the Carnival vibe don't stop as Baobinga hits us with some Soca meets Ghetto Tech hyper-energy madness.

Baobinga - Miami2Trini - Fabric 10th Birthday Exclusive by bassmusic

alt link

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Yummy Yummy Cookie

The guys over at Take Flight Club just posted this scrumptiously filthy mix from bass munching dirt flinger Cookie Monsta, all his own productions from the dark back alleys of Sesame Street where Big Bird makes a sideline in Amsterdam animal freak porn, the Count is running numbers and Oscar's so strung out he's gone from grouchy to damn near homicidal. You can stream it here via Mixcloud or download it below.

Download: Cookie Monsta - TFC Mix Series Volume 2

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Reverse Engineering Moving Forwards

Avante-garde French Hip-hop stable Jarring Effects are to release the next album from Swiss beatstrumentalists Reverse Engineering early next year. Highly Complex Machinery, the follow up to their 2006 debut Duck & Cover will feature vocal contributions from Anti Pop Consortium's M.Sayyid, Croatian rapper Diyala and DJ Vadim favourite Blu Rum 13, their primary rhyme collaborator so far. As a taster to their sound they've just uploaded a promo package of goodies onto their Soundcloud page, with an unofficial Mochipet remix, and a few other unreleased gems. There's also a taster of their new material with Socially Acceptable, a savagely broody Glitch hop head nodder.

HCM_Promo_Octobre_2009 by Reverse Engineering

Here's some alternative download links for our choice cuts:

Reverse Engineering feat. Blu Rum 13 - DTTR (from DTTR EP - 2008)

Mochipet feat Salva & Epcot Vs Reverse Engineering - Tangle (Unoffical REmix)

Reverse Engineering - Socially Acceptable

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Something For The Twisted Kids

Seems wrong to give out presents on your own birthday but that's just what 4 year old Scottish What's On Oracle The Skinny and the sprightly 1 year old Ten Tracks (website bringing you 10 tracks for a pound... bargain) are doing. They've got a big bag of bass from the fellas over at LuckyMe that they're giving away. Download the full selection here and if you're in the area make sure you reach their Twisted Birthday Party this Saturday (see flyer for details). Here's a few of our choice cuts from 2 of the LuckyMe members and Lunice from Montreal.


Dema - 10000000 / alt link

Mike Slott - 23 Halfs / alt link

Lunice - One Of Me / alt link

Speaking of Lunice, we hooked up with him alongside fellow Turbo Crunker Hovatron in Berlin and shamefully didn't get an interview. To make up for this hangover induced oversight, here's a whole bunch of Lunice remixes, plus you can check an exclusive new Hovatron track on our next mixtape dropping Monday.

Pick up the whole package here or check out a couple of our choice cuts below.


Clipse - Fast Life (Lunice Remix) / alt link

Daedelus - Assembly Lines (Lunice Remix) / alt link

And another remix not on this compilation of hyper cool new blog darlings The xx

The xx - Basic Space (Lunice Remix) / alt link

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Chrome Flesh

For the rest of the week we shall mostly be playing at...

Tomorrow night Monkey will be launching both his new Volume VIP / Emmanuel I 12" and new Sonic Lodge label at Neuropol in Cardiff with our good friends Magenta; Mr Curtamos; Ill Diddy; Ital Lion; M.A.S.K.; Don Leisure / Jamal; and Chesus & Rodski.


Monkey - Emmanuel I (160kbps) / alt link

Magenta - Infection / alt link

Ital Lion - Trust Me (It's The Joint) / alt link

Don Leisure - Hello I'm Don / alt link

Facebook Events Page

Then Thursday night Kaptin will be battling it out in a Silent Rave at Bath Student Union for Shout Out Loud whilst in the main room Krafty Kuts, A Skillz and The Nextmen will be funking up the dancefloor.

On Friday we shall be hitting the Urban Nerds room at Chew The Fat's 12th Birthday Party at The Arches, London Bridge. We shall be spinning alongside Marcus Nasty; Spyro (Rinse.FM); Flirta D Rattus Rattus, Klose One; and Ordio Kid whilst in the main room shall be the likes of Speaker Junk (Hervé & Trevor Loveys); Riva Starr; Doorly; and Aquasky.


KRS 1 - Sound Of Da Pecan (Riva Starr Rechunk) / alt link

Riton and Primary One Whos There(Doorly Remix) / alt link

Ordio Kid - Cut & Paste Mix (zip)

On Saturday Kaptin will be with Krafty Kuts, A Skillz and The Nextmen again, this time as host (and pre-party Silent Disco DJ) at Cardiff Students Union. There shall be added fun from Rico Tubbs, Tomb Crew, Loo & Placido, Heavyfeet, Jungle Drummer V DJ Fu and DJ Die as well.

Download: Tomb Crew - How’s My Raving? Mix

On Sunday we shall be providing some beats at Toucan Club in Cardiff for our boy Ruffstylz as he attempts to beat his World Record Freestyle of 10 and a half hours before Kaptin heads over to his residency at Buffalo Bar. More info on the freestyle record shortly.

To book the full Chrome Kids crew, Kaptin or Monkey contact

To book Stagga contact

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Something For The Twisted Kids

Seems wrong to give out presents on your own birthday but that's just what 4 year old Scottish What's On Oracle The Skinny and the sprightly 1 year old Ten Tracks (website bringing you 10 tracks for a pound... bargain) are doing. They've got a big bag of bass from the fellas over at LuckyMe that they're giving away. Download the full selection here and if you're in the area make sure you reach their Twisted Birthday Party this Saturday (see flyer for details). Here's a few of our choice cuts from 2 of the LuckyMe memebrs and Lunice from Montreal.

Dema - 10000000 / alt link

Mike Slott - 23 Halfs / alt link

Lunice - One Of Me / alt link

Speaking of Lunice, we hooked up with him alongside fellow Turbo Crunker Hovatron in Berlin and shamefully didn't get an interview. To make up for this hangover induced oversight, here's a whole bunch of Lunice remixes, plus you can check an exclusive new Hovatron track on our next mixtape dropping Monday.

Pick up the whole package here or check out a couple of our choice cuts below.



Clipse - Fast Life (Lunice Remix) / alt link

Daedelus - Assembly Lines (Lunice Remix) / alt link

And another remix not on this compilation of hyper cool new blog darlings The xx

The xx - Basic Space (Lunice Remix) / alt link

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Which Way West

As the rain kicks in here at Chrome Mansions let's look to sunnier climates and head over to the West Coast, USA for a sonic holiday.

Flying Skulls hit us up with two of their new releases, which comprise of remixes from their Take Flight remix by artists such as Mochipet, Ribotto and their own BBQ Chicken Dub alter egos. Abducted Vol 1 is out on Addictech now or on iTunes as of tomorrow. Abducted Vol 2 is out as an exclusive release on Daly City Records and includes this remix of Skeleton Talk. With it's machine gun drum patterns, some of the squelchiest bass alive and twisted G funk synths, it's kinda like listening to classic Dr Dre in a K hole.

Download: Skeleton Talk (BBQ Chicken Dub Remix) / alt link

Meanest Man Contest just dropped us this superbly spaced out remix of their track Day Off Theme from the excellent new Leaders compilation on Subtitle's Briefcase Rockers label (also featuring Lazer Sword, Small Is Beautiful, Debruit, Crunc Telsa and a whole heap more). On this version their pal Calamalka from Vancouver gives it a beautifully liquid sounding Rolf Harris wobble.

Download: Meanest Man Contest - Day Off Theme (Calamalka Remix) / alt link

Not many Emcees can touch Gift Of Gab for straight up free firing flow and liquid lyricism. A master of his art that at times is mind blowing and at others has you waving bananas in the air in a funk fuelled frenzy, so of course we await the new album eagerly. If you're also a fan of the gifted one then you can pre-order his sophomore solo album here. If not then maybe this track can convince you, a latin tinted funk nodder with a lovely dubbed out breakdown at the end.

Download: Gift Of Gab - El Gifto Magnifico / alt link

Muti Music just uploaded this sinister low fi creeper from the Glitch Mob and PantYRaid don Ooah onto their Soundcloud account. We're not certain but it's probably a teaser for the next Acid Crunk compilation from An-ten-nae due out on Muti in November.

The label also have a compilation out now that they've put together for the Symbiosis Gathering festival that is most definitely worth copping (out on Addictech at the moment and full release in the next couple of weeks). It features the original of the Skeleton Talk track posted above and some of our other favourites from the likes of An-ten-nae and Eskmo.

Ooah - Foolish Science by Muti

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Monster Munching Monday Mixtapes

We're coming at you BIG for this Monday Mixtape session, no hiding out in the VIP section or in the Basement this is strictly main room madness. Still that's not to say we're munching on cheese sandwiches, there's more than a fair flood of filth in each mix and what really shines through is the marriage, or at least firm f**k buddying, of Dubstep and Hip-hop that is getting more and more incestuous by the minute. It's also good to see Stagga cropping up in each of these. We kick off with two of our solid favourite phat track flingers and end with some new blood. Look out for a Monday Mixtape special next week from.... us.

Firstly Troublemaker shows off his finely tuned party startin' skills with some neck snapping favourites mixed up with exclusive acapellas and guest appearances from a slew of emcees, such as Adam Tensta, Hollywood Holt, Micah James, Naptron and The 87 Stick Up Kids; secondly, not only has George Lenton proved to be one of our favourite producers of the past few months but he could well prove to be one of our favourite DJs to, with an excellent new journey through the dirty world of bass. Lastly we have a relative newcomer to the blog, LDFD kicks off with relentlessly big productions before easing your eardrums and opening your braincells ready for the week ahead. Not quite as slick as the other two but some fine selections nonethless.

Download: DJ Troublemaker - Murder Beats Not People (zip)


01. Phonat - Set Me Free (High Rankin Remix)
02. Nero - Act Like You Know feat. Naptron
03. The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition (Doorly Remix)
04. Jay-Z - D.O.A. (Chase and Status Remix)
05. Joker - Digidesign feat. Micah James
06. Calvin Harris - Not Alone (Doorly Remix) feat. Hollywood Holt
07. Si Begg - Pete Fucking Tong
08. Major Lazer - Pon de Floor feat. Vybz Kartel and The 87 Stick Up Kids
09. Basement Jaxx - Raindrops (Joker and Ginz Remix)
10. Lil Wayne - Lollipop (Nasty Ways Remix)
11. T.I. - Whatever You Like (DiscoTech Remix) feat. Adam Tensta and Eboi
12. Stagga - Sick As Sin
13. HavocNdeeD - Bass Fo Ya Face feat. Phoenix Orion
14. Bassnectar - Cozza Frenzy (Bassnectar Remix)
15. Mastodon - Oblivion (Troublemaker Remix)
16. Mujava - Township Funk (Diplo Remix)
17. Bat for Lashes - Daniel (Duke Dumont Remix)
18. La Roux - In for the Kill (Skream Remix)

George Lenton - Green Tea's Nice Mix


01 Intro
02 George Lenton - Troll
03 Daft Punk - One More Time (George Lenton Remix )
04 Boy Crisis - Dressed To Digress (Nero Remix )
05 Stagga - Sick As Sin
06 16 Bit - Can You Show Me What Head Is
07 Little Boots - Remedy (Rusko Remix)
08 Diplo & Blaqstarr - Get off (Jack Beats Remix)
09 Diplo & Blaqstarr - Hey (Foamo Remix)
10 Boy 8 Bit - Bulbs Burn Out
11 Evil Nine - They Live
12 udachi - Jellyroll
13 Evol Intent - 8 Bit Bitch (Spor Remix )
14 Jay Z - D.O.A (Chase & Status Remix)
15 VENT - Crystalite
16 Spor - Aztec
17 All blue ; Sigma
18 Commix - Be True
19 Sub Focus - Rock It
20 Dirtyphonics - Vandals
21 Patrick Wolf - Hard times (Jack Beats Remix)
22 Joker - Snake Eater
23 Reso - Beasts In The Basement
24 The Qemists - Dem Na Like Me (Subscape Dub )
25 George Lenton - Cold Rocker
26 George Lenton - Beware

Download: LDFD - Wobblez Mix


01 Tim & Eric - One For Pep Pep (Flying Lotus Remix)
02 Jaybird - Work Dat Box
03 Tom Piper & Nic Corelli - Indisco (Bar 9 Remix)
04 Crookers - Businessman (DZ Remix)
05 Excision & Datsik - Swagga
06 Amanda Blank - Might Like You Better (Rusko Remix)
07 6blocc - Jeep Music
08 JFB - Duck Jam
09 Nero - Act Like You Know (Dubstep Mix)
10 Rusko - Moaners
11 Deadmau5 - I Remember (Caspa Remix)
12 F-one & Kromestar - Grinding
13 Stagga - Lopside
14 A1 - Cunt Trax
15 Noah D - seeerious
16 Mistabishi - Printer Jam (Barbarix Remix)
17 Caspa - Power Shower
18 Cookie Monsta - Optimus Prime
19 Caspa - Louder VIP
20 LDFD - Fuck
21 B. Rich - We Ball Harder
22 Mark Pritchard - Wind It Up
23 Busta Rhymes - I Got Bass (Stagga Remix)
24 Martyn - Hear Me
25 Flying Lotus - Spin Cycles -
26 Phaseone - Hate Week

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Been Misbehavin'?

Fats Waller - Ain't Misbehavin (Mix n Blend's Phats Wilder Bootleg) by mixnblend

Something to make you smile this Sunday from one of our favourite crews out of South African Mix N Blend.

Download: Fats Waller - I'm Saving My Love for You (Mix N Blend's Phats Wilder Bootleg) / alt link.

Whilst our ears are in Africa, DJ Edu is doing an Electro special on his 1Xtra show tonight. He's got a mix from Black Coffee and also Buraka Som Sistema's guide to Kuduro. show goes out 4am Monday (BST) or is available to listen to online for 7 days afterwards.

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Catch DJ Vadim Live @ Jazz Cafe

Anyone in the London area on this date should definitely check out DJ Vadim's show. We've been big fans since USSR: Life From The Other Side back in 1999 and he has consistently brought out incredible material since before then til now. In fact here's one of our favourites from 2003.

Download: DJ Vadim & Demolition Man - Till Sun's In Your Eyes (Version) / alt link

And his remix for the stunning soul power of Alice Russell.

Alice Russell - 'Got The Hunger' (DJ Vadim Remix) by Ask Me

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Debilorithmicos feat. CYNE - I'm Out

Debilorithmicos "I'm Out" feat. CYNE from El Chavo on Vimeo.

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