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Th' Mole: Do Not Be Afraid

Our longtime mate, Th' Mole, has a new album out.  Do Not Be Afraid is a high-energy trip into a fantastical electro-rap world of magical unicorns, explosive bass, and psychedelic hilarity.


Magical Bass - Episode #10

Magical Bass smacks us with a powerful episode, dedicated to the Occupy movement.

Rage Against The Machine - Killing In The Name (DJ 0.000001 Remix) by magicalbass

Th' Mole - We Control Everything (DJ 0.000001 Remix) by magicalbass

01. Corvus Corax "Miser (DJ 0.000001 Remix)"
02. sole "Dumb This Down (DJ 0.000001 Remix)"
03. Saul Williams "Penny For A Thought"
04. Mike Ladd "Awful Raw"
05. Bleubird "A Millie Joel"
06. Dead Prez "Malcolm Garvey Huey"
07. Big Juss "Illustrations Of Hieronymous Bosch (DJ 0.000001 Remix)"
08. dDamage ft. Big Juss "Verdi Rough"
09. Nephilim Modulation Systems "Brave New World (DJ 0.000001 Remix)"
10. Bizzy Bone "Stonehenge"
11. Amp Live "Hot Right Now (Bassnectar Remix)
12. The Bug ft. Wayne Lonesome "Buckleup"
13. Asian Dub Foundation "Witness (DJ Scud Remix)"
14. Th' Mole "We Control Everything (DJ 0.000001 Remix)"
15. Karyzma "Work (DJ 0.000001 Remix)"
16. Ed Cox "Attack Of The Werewolf Clowns"
17. Bucovina Club Vs. Taraf De Haiduks "Carolina (DJ 0.000001 Remix)"
18. Infernal Noise Brigade "Nanafushi (Live)"
19. Byrds "Turn Turn Turn (DJ 1 Billionth Remix)"
20. Street Sweepers Social Club "Promenade (DJ 0.000001 Remix)"
21. Rage Against The Machine "Killing In The Name (Th' Mole Remix)"
22. Drumcorps "Down (DJ 0.000001 Remix)"
23. DJ Scud "V.I.P. Pressure Pt. 1"
24. Alex Tune "Message"
25. Fischerspooner "Infidels Of The World Unite (Th' Mole Remix)"
26. DJ 0.000001 "What The F* Do I Think I'm Doing? (We All Fall Down Version)"

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Magical Bass - Mental Illness

We hear a lot of "mental" and "ill" tracks here, but the recent Magical Bass releases have led us to worrying a bit about the psychological well-being of the artists.  From DJ 0.000001's 19-minute long remix of Freebird to Th' Mole's On The Couch podcast (documenting an actual meeting with a psychiatrist), to this latest release, a troubled albeit entertaining picture is being pieced together.  

The free maxi-single for DJ 0.000001's cover of the classic Suicidal Tendencies track "Institutionalized" seems to be in response to recent accusations of mental instability within the Magical Bass camp, and it makes a powerful statement.  DJ 0.000001's breathtakingly honest vocal delivery adds new depth to the brilliant lyrics, while the driving and catchy instrumental keeps you locked in from start to finish, making for a completely different and arguably harder-hitting song than the original itself.  The 7-track single also includes another exclusive track, featuring sampled Saul Williams vocals, as well as several stellar remixes by DJ 0.000001 and GDS (AKA Goddamn Sam of Vankmen).

DJ 0.000001 - Institutionalized (Suicidal Tendencies Cover) by magicalbass

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A New Horizon

It's all change up on here, we'll be back in a couple of months but we're still active on our Facebook Groups, If you haven't joined any of them then this is the kind of thing you've been missing recently.

Chrome Kids (Facebook Group)

Kreayshawn - Gucci Gucci (Brey's The Swagger Is Emosh Refuck) by Brey


Brain Juice (Facebook Group)

Wonderwall (Figure Drumstep Edit) - Free DL by Figure

Jace Everett - Bad Things (TRUE BLOOD THEME) (Mister Gray Dubstep Remix) by Mister Gray

We also dropped the first single on Brain Juice Records from Astroid Boys.

Astroid Boys - Welcome To The Zoo (Boson Remix) by Brain Juice

Higher Learning (Facebook Group)

M.E.D. feat. Hodgy Beats - Outta Control (Prod. by Madlib) by stonesthrow

Falling feat James Blake by GenesisElijah

The Chrome Kids Mixcloud also has a Higher Learning Mixtape from Kaptin of great new Hip-hop releases.

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Undoubtedly the leading force of Bass music in Wales and a killer combo since their Optimas Prime days. Also both card carrying members of the Chrome Kids family.

Friday 12th August: Stagga + Monky - The Chillski by cardiffartsinstitute

Been a little quiet for a while but now based here in Cardiff, the original Fwd>> Resident is back with a stunning new soulful, bass heavy album called ‘Peak’ which drops very soon.

Friday 12th August: Landslide - World Keeps Spining by cardiffartsinstitute

One of the founding fathers of the dance music scene in Cardiff especially for the Dubstep / 2Step generation. Ever evolving and ever progressing, he’s still one of the best in the city.

Friday 12th August: Ital Lion - Free Africa by cardiffartsinstitute

Since riding solo from the CRST crew, the artist formerly known as Rodski has pursued his premier love of House to great achievement, with some of the best sets / tunes we’ve heard.

Friday 12th August: Ratcatcher - Music Maker by cardiffartsinstitute

Not necessarily a newcomer to the scene but definitely making a lot of noise right now after reinventing himself using updated, forward thinking Electronic parts, like a Cyber(bad)man.

Friday 12th August: Mr Healan - Youngstar's by cardiffartsinstitute

10pm - 4am
£2 before 11pm

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DJ Cable - BBC 1Xtra Guest Mix for CJ Beatz (1st August 2011)

Massive shout out to my boy CJ Beatz, who recently gave the chance to put together a guest mix for his R&B Mix show on BBC 1Xtra.

For those not in the know, he does a weekly feature called "Last Night A DJ Saved My Life", which showcases some of the best DJ-ing talent around the UK.

My mix comprises of recent Hip Hop, along with some R&B classics, Grime, and some remixes from the likes of Rustie & Hudson Mohawke. It was recorded in one take using 1200s and Serato Scratch Live.

BBC 1Xtra Guest Mix for CJ Beatz (8th Aug 2011) by djcable


01. Big Boi Feat. Yelawolf - You Ain't No DJ
02. Tweet - Call Me
03. Rustie - Keesha Resmak
04. Hudson Mohawke - Ooops
05. Usher - U Make Me Wanna
06. Tyler The Creator - Yonkers
07. Juelz Santana - Dipset (Santana's Town)
08. Chris Brown Feat. Busta Rhymes & Lil Wayne - Look At Me Now
09. Fused Forces & DJ Cable - Flocka Riddim
10. YC Feat. Future - Racks
11. Redlight Feat. Ms. Dynamite - What You Talking About!? (Acapella)

Hope you enjoy the mix.

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Diamonds Are A Bitch's Best Demand

The guys over at Mallabel Music just hit us with this beastly exclusive, a big chunk-stomping Glitch-hop remix of NOX's 'Gimme My Focken Diamonds' by Oregon beat muncher Konekta. Grab it now and head over to their site for a more indepth excursion into the Konekta sound.

Download: NOX - Give Me My F**king Diamonds (Konekta Remix)

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Astroid Boys Do Glastonbury (Video)

Atroid Boys Do Glasto 2011 from michael snooze on Vimeo.

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Chrome Kids Radio Show (25th July 2011 / Radio Cardiff 98.7fm)

01. Hudson Mohawke – All Your Love
02. Ifan Dafydd – No Good
03. iO – You/Me (Listen)
04. The Phantom - Arctic (Buy)
05. Dev79 + Thrills + Skamma – Off In A Minute (Buy)
06. D33J – Reever’s Edge (Download)
07. Venice Calypso – Tunguska (Buy)
08. Falcon Lake – Fortune & Game
09. Son Of A Glitch ft. Adam Rowdyman - Together (Buy)
10. Landslide & Kate Tempest – Parables
11. Josh Osho - Redemption Days (Mensah Remix)
12. Lotek - Rebel Hi Fi (Buy)
13. Paul White feat. Danny Brown - One Of Life's Pleasures
14. Benito – New Planets (Listen)

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Chrome Kids & rockthedub Present: Disc Jockey Nappy - Vulgar

Here's a proper THUGSTEP mix from the architect, Disc Jockey Nappy - not just a grip of Hip-Hop acapellas over Dubstep tracks, but the mindset that comes across when you hear "Tupac Back" mixed into some Eddie K, or the debauchery that commences when UFO! refixes some haunting Tyler the Creator tracks.

Disc Jockey Nappy - VULGAR (Mix) by djnappy

Loads of anthems thrown in here, with dubstep refixers/producers including Spinstyles, Dioxin and DJ Fusion bringing these tracks to new heights, alongside bits from DJ Drama, Young Jeezy, Curly Castro and more.


01 - Meek Mill - Tupac Back ft. Rick Ross
02 - Ed Solo - Lo Rider ft. Deekline, Kidd Money, Yo Majesty (Eddie K Remix)
03 - Niki Minaj - Girls Fall Like Dominos (Distance Remix)
04 - Starkey - Holodeck ft. Curly Castro, Zilla Rocca (Three Dollar Pistol Remix)
05 - Total Recall - Get Off Your Knees ft. Ludacris
06 - Youngman - I Warned Ya (Produced by Benga)
07 - Tyler, The Creator vs. Adroa - 666 For Bastard ft. Adroa (UFO! Refix)
08 - DJ Drama - Oh My Watch Out (Doctor P vs. DJ Fusion Refix)
09 - Stylust Beats - Wanna Ride
10 - Young Jeezy - Ballin' (Spinstyles Remix)
11 - Pill - Big Bank ft. Meek Mill, Torch, Rick Ross, French Montana
12 - Loud G - Tryna Make A Special Request
13 - Dead Prez - It's Bigger Than Hip Hop UK (WTF? Edit)
14 - Mike Jones - My 64 ft. Bun B, Snoop Dogg (Dioxin Thugstep Remix)
15 - Curly Castro - Nu Guinea ft. Zilla Rocca
16 - Dream McLean - Coke and Vodka ft. Siris (Produced by S-X)

P.S. Nappy has even set up a THUGSTEP Facebook page. Go check it out now.

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Tropics - Mouves (Video)

Tropics - Mouves (Official Music Video) from Yasuyuki Kubota 久保田恭之 on Vimeo.


Skriblah Dangogh - Belly Of The East (Video)

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Frank Ocean "Acura Integurl" (DJ Cable Rework)

I recently made this Frank Ocean remix, and upon gaining 2,000 followers on Twitter, I decided to give it away for free. The original version was awesome, but I felt it could have been beefed up a little bit, you know?

Oh, it's a .wav file too, so all you DJs/audiophiles will be happy :)

I hope you enjoy it. Big up.

Acura Integurl (DJ Cable Rework) by djcable

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Magical Bass #9, At Last

After a long hiatus, DJ 0.000001, Th' Mole and new cast member DJ 1 Billionth (the DJ'ing cat) are back with another blast of the devastating beats and daft antics we've grown to love.

1. Th' Mole - Magical Bass Theme #7
2. BBC - Ngyuta Dance (DJ 0.000001 Remix)
3. Th' Mole - Bouncy Ball
4. Th' Mole - Easter Boy Theme Song
5. Hi-C - Leave My Curl Alone (DJ 0.000001 Remix)
6. Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine - Conga (DJ 0.000001 Remix)
7. Th' Mole - Jump Jack ft. Warrior Queen (Barely Legal Beats Remix)
8. Kenny Loggins - This Is It (DJ 0.000001 Remix)
9. Th' Mole - Sansa Song
10. Kenny Loggins - Danger Zone (DJ 0.000001 Remix)
11. Johnny Cage - Down In A Hole (DJ 0.000001 Remix) (Instrumental)
12. Slick Rick - Venus (Remaster)
13. Biz Markie - Check It Out (Remaster)
14. Young Stroke AKA Young Muscle - Surf & Turf
15. Themselves - Guess Who's Back
16. Fischerspooner - Infidels Of The World Unite (Th' Mole Remix)

Magical Bass - Episode #9 by magicalbass

Also available on iTunes and Brooklyn Radio.

Meanwhile, DJ 0.000001 also has a new video and maxi-single out this week, fittingly titled "What The F* Do I Think I'm Doing?"

DJ 0.000001 - What The F* Do I Think I'm Doing? by magicalbass

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Chrome Kids Radio Show // 13th June 2011


Sugarpill - Terrible People
Starkey + Curly Castro – Bricks (The Elements Remix)
Demokracy – ZerothLaw (STD Remix)
Exotope – Dagga
Swizz Beatz - Everyday (Coolin Codes Remix)
Balam Acab – Oh Why (Download)
Tropics - Mouves (Keep Shelly In Athens Remix)
Belle – Open Your Eyes (Quest’s ‘Flyby’ Remix) (Download)
Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Trouble (Lapalux Remix)
Gappy Ranks Ft. Lady Chann - English Money (Robot Koch remix)
Jehst - Camberwell Carrots
Nightwave – Bit Pony
Hyetal – Phoenix (Fantastic Mr Fox Remix) (Download)
LV + Joshua Idehen – Primary Colours
Guido & Baobinga – Ballin’
Blaktrix - Sour Grapes (First Aid Remix) (Download)

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All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace

I've always been intrigued by the relationship between man and computer technology, infact I'd say on one base level, Chrome Kids is largely about that interaction and the constant shift in control one has over the other, particularly in relationship to music. So it's no suprise I've been loving 'All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace' on BBC2 so far, which argues that we have been' colonised by the machines we have built.' Definitely worth a watch whilst it's still on iPlayer (click on the name to watch it, not sure how well iPlayer works outside of the UK but sure it can be found elsewhere if you're unable to watch it on there).

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Nightwave - Feel (Video)

Nightwave - Feel from Svetlana Industries on Vimeo.

The artist formerly known as 8Bitch from her forthcoming EP on Svetlana Industries. Before this drops they also have a release from BNJMN which is out tomorrow, if you can't wait til then however you can pre-ordr a copy from here now and recieve 2 of the tracks straight away. We also have a track that was bumped from the EP due to the master recording getting lost but which still stands alone as a great track.

Download: BNJMN - Flash Flood

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The Lock Tavern Takeover

BBC Radio 1 linchpin and fellow Welshman, Huw Stephens has teamed up with our current headquaters, Cardiff Arts Institute, to bring a fantastic selection of Bass friendly DJs and producers over the Severn Bridge to The Lock Tavern in Camden. Alongside two of Northern England’s rising stars, is a heavy representation of our native city’s talent. The event runs from 3pm to 11pm on Sunday 19th June and it's completely free, so come and say hello if you're in the area.

Fantastic Mr Fox (Live)
With James Blake and Pariah hailing him as the next big thing, The XX taking him away on tour with them and all the hype backed up by some stunning releases on seminal labels Black Acre and Hemlock, it’s suprising we’ve heard little from Manchester producer Fantastic Mr Fox recently, but seems like he’s been hard at work in the den working on his live sets, which he shall be heading up proceedings with for you here.

Hyetal - Phoenix (Fantastic Mr Fox Remix) by Black Acre Records

Jamie Grind
Leeds rising don of skittering electronic riddims has made a big impression on the scene with his first 2 fantastic EPs on respected labels: Infrasonics (Spatial, XXXY, Hot City) and Fortified Audio (Submerse, XXXY, KingThing) and his forthcoming releases on Wicked Bass and Chicago Juke label Ghettophiles prove he is definitely one to keep watching.

Hackman - More Than Ever (Jamie Grind Remix) FREE 320 by Jamie Grind

After cutting his teeth on the Cardiff clubland as part of Skinny White Boys and C.R.S.T. – Ratcatcher (formerly Rodski) is now riding solo and has returned to his first love, House Music! His residencies at Cardiff Arts Institute and Dalston’s popular underground Rhythm Talk parties have shown him to be one of the most astute DJs on the scene and remixes for the likes of Crystal Fighters, Lokiboi have shown him as a more than worthy producer on the rise.

Rain (Unmastered) by Ratcatcher

Didz + Chico
Despite their early Grime background, Didz (aka Diddy aka Ill Diddy) + Chico have always hinted at deeper more uplifting side in their DJ Sets and productions. Stalwarts of Cardiff’s music scene, Chico was better known as an MC and Diddy remained largely in the shadows until their anthemic garage track ‘Something New’ on Doc Daneeka’s ‘Ten Thousand Yen’ label, which was rinsed by the likes of Marcus Nasty, Seb Chew, Julio Bashmore, TRG, and Mosca.


Holding it down for the Welsh massive for years as a DJ, MC and Promoter, Kaptin heads up the Chrome Kids family alongside Stagga and Monky, recording mixes for the likes of BBC Radio 1, 1Xtra, Radio Wales and Knowledge Magazine and playing firing sets at Glastonbury, Bestival and Swn amongst others. He is also part of the Big Swing Soundsystem (alongside DJ Moneyshot + Matt The Hat) and is in charge of bookings at Cardiff Arts Institute.

Mr Healan
Definitely showcasing a more Hip-hop approach to future music, Mr Healan has been making a strong name for himself on the Welsh scene supporting acts such as Daedelus, Bullion and James Blake, whilst his productions have received play on BBC Radio 1, Radio Wales and 1Xtra and being picked up by the likes of Distance, Starkey and Darkhouse Family.

Ifan Dafydd
After handing some of his own productions to BBC Wales’ presenter Adam Walton, the keyboard player to Wales’ fantastic festival band Derwyddon Dr Gonzo bounced round some of the Beeb big dogs until his unofficial (and unfinished) Amy Winehouse remix ‘No Good’ aired on Gilles Peterson’s show and he caused an instant blog / forum blast. With an obvious ear for great music, we look forwards to hearing what Sunday afternoon delights arise from this exclusive DJ set.

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Treasure Hunt Clue: Win Exit Festival Tickets

Right people, hopefully you've been following the trail of clues on our bredren blogs and are now ready for the final clincher to win yo asses some tickets to Exit Festival in Serbia along with flight from London and accommodation... here it is:

'Their latest album won the 2011 Grammy Award for ‘Album Of the Year’

We've just been sent some more finalised line ups for the Festival (which runs from 7th - 10th July) and for us it's all about the Happy Novi Sad Stage, which is worth going for by itself: Pleasurekraft, KiNK, Cosmin TRG, Loefah, Boddika, Oneman, MC Chunky, Ben UFO, Bok Bok, Jam City, Nosaj Thing (AV Live Show), Photek and Scanone.. phew!

for details on how to enter, head over to and let them know the answer!

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Badman Riddim: Jump The Game

Hours of fun... or perhaps frustration, courtesy of Vato Gonzalez and Foreign Beggars, whose 'Badman Riddim' tune I heard on Chris Moyles' show the other day! Thought I'd woken up in an alternative universe... maybe i did, but I'm definitely staying put.


Chrome Kids Radio Show // 6th June 2011

No Mixcloud link again this week unfortunately but have managed to find (nearly) all the tracks played, online to listen to.

MartyParty - Come With Me

Hudson Mohawke - Thunder Bay

Hudson Mohawke - Thunder Bay by hudsonmohawke

Hail Mary Mallon – Garfield

Hail Mary Mallon - Garfield by rhymesayers

AlgoRythmiK feat Ben Sharpa & Wapi Wap – Circus World

Circus World (Feat. Ben Sharpa & Wapi Wap) Free DL by AlgoRythmiK

Krownwall - Y Gwir [Plyci Mix]

Kronwall - Y Gwir [Plyci Mix] by Plyci

Samiyam – Bricks

Starkey feat. Curly Castro – Bricks

"Bricks ft. Curly Castro" - from Space Traitor Vol. 2 (Starkey Daily Dose of Dubstep on BBC 1Xtra mix rip) by starkey

Kastle feat. Armanni Reign + Domonique - Walking Away

Walking Away ft. Armanni Reign & Domonique by Kastle

Foreign Beggars feat Skrillex – Still Getting It

Monolithium - Swag Equity

Belle – Open My Eyes

Dead Geoff and Misterthumbs – BST

01 big. skinny. thick. (BST) by misterthumbs

DJ Shadow - I Gotta Rokk

Jam Jarr – Neck Low (Process Rebel Remix)

Jam Jarr - Neck Low (Process Rebel Remix) by Jam Jarr

Tech N9ne feat. Busta Rhymes, Yellawolf and Twista - Worldwide Choppers

Last Japan feat. Trim - Blood Diamond

Last Japan 'Blood Diamond' ft Trim by Bullet Train Records

Faith SFX feat. Lowkey & Jon McClure - Revolution Music

Kendrick Lamar - Hiii Power

Jamie XX – Far Nearer

Jamie xx - Far Nearer (limited vinyl & download out now - by Numbers

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DJ 0.000001 Gets Buck Wild

Always busy and inventive, DJ 0.000001 drops a weird new banger on us.

DJ 0.000001 - Buck Wilding by magicalbass

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Mr Shadow feat Ghetts - Get Stronger (Video)

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Time Of Kastle

Kastle is fast becoming one of our favourite producers and Seclusiasis have proven themselves once again to be the perfect link between the street, the club and the chin stroking anorak massive with their latest release, strutting around 6 tracks deep, with a completeness that is commendable considering it's contrasts. We have excess love for the title track which is classic UKG 2-Step stretched between a modern Glitch coating and stabs of rave influence and also 'Bring Me Back', which marches around powerfully around the Grime, Broken Beat, Dubstep and Garage territories. I think a favourite though may possibly be found in 'Walking Away', which ventures confidently into the realms of daytime radio, with a sweetly sung hook and rapper Armanni Reign effortlessly and skillfully tripping rhymes over a Summertime sanctioned crisp half-step beat.

The fellas have given us a copy of 'I Know' to give out from the EP, it's a clean purple tinted rave outing that sways around with it's hands in the air before jumping into a 2-step demon that is guaranteed to decimate a dancefloor.

Download: Kastle - I Know / alt link

you can grab the EP everywhere on Vinyl and Digital from June 6th or over on Juno Download now.

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Gotta Have Faith

Although the Faith SFX mixtape 'All From The Mouth' promised much, it never quite felt like it delivered properly. With the album 'Man Or Machine' though it seems that the talented Beatboxer's finally struck gold. With even more of an all star line up that includes a cross section of rappers such as Skibadee, Stig Of The Dump, Mystro, Wretch 32, P-Money, Ghetts and Lowkey (who features alongside John McClure on the excellent 'Revolution' that's been floating round a while and was on our 'Hulk hop Vs Crunk Rock Mixtape') , this would be a fantastic selection of Hip-hop/ Grime tracks without having to rely on novelty factors, but of course the fact that SFX has laid down some tight beats and basslines using (possibly just) his mouth certainly is an added bonus.

Download: Faith SFX feat Wretch 32 - Play Hard / alt link

Buy: Faith SFX - Man Or Machine

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Been a while since we heard from Dead Geoff and MisterThumbs from the Purple Bird family but Geoff just sent over a couple of their new 'Post-Thug' Glitch hop style excursions which we're now banging hard. They sound a little like something their West Coast cousin's might cook up but this doesn't prove a bad thing, these are certainly killer cuts indeed.

BST by purplebirdmusic

THUGWAVE by purplebirdmusic

No download on these as yet but Geoff also sent us a remix he did for Kuxxan SUUM, a tough Glitchy take on the rest of the EP, which is a mellow slice of downbeat electronica that "deals with Language and foreign voices as its primary melodic, textural & conceptual source."


You can download the whole 'Language/Barrier' EP here.

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Ghettozoid - Boy Toy (Video)

Ghettozoid Boy Toy from Dual on Vimeo.

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The Electric - Toot Toot (Video)

DJ VADIM presents THE ELECTRIC - Toot Toot (Video Edit) feat. SABIRA JADE / PUGS ATOMZ / YARAH BRAVO from jah fish on Vimeo.

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Hail Mary Mother Of All Hip-hop Albums

Loving the Hail Mary Mallon album right now (Aesop Rock, Rob Sonic and Big Whiz for those that don't know). Props to Rhymesayers, such a strong label at the moment. Also been jamming the Face Candy album, a fantastic freestyle experiment between rappers Micheal 'Eyedea' Larsen and Kristoff Krane, bassist Casey O’Brien and drummer JT Bates. This was sadly the final record Eyedea was able to complete before his tragic passing in October of 2010, but a strong testament to his talent nevertheless.

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Kendrick Lamar - HiiPower (Video)

Kendrick Lamar - HiiiPower from on Vimeo.

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(Mostly) London Launch Parties This Week

The rest of the week sees some fantastic artists launching various releases down there in London. Starting at Alphabet Bar (61- 63 Beak Street in Soho) tonight (Wednesday 1st June) with The Harder They Fall EP Launch Party from Foreign Beggars. The EP itself which drops on Never Say Die Records on 6th June 2011 is the first instalment from a three part series and features; Alix Perez, Black Sun Empire, Lazer Sword, Skrillex, Mensah, Medison and Ruckspin.

Foreign Beggars ft Medison, Ruckspin & Durrty Goodz - Bank Job by ForeignBeggars

Next up is Starkey's 'Space Traitor 2' Launch Party over at Old Blue Last on Thursday (2nd June). Joining the man himself is a fine host of guests: Monky, Starlings (Live + DJ Set), Om Unit and The Elementz, all for absolutely free. You may well catch me down there for that one so holler if you're heading over.

Starkey - Space Traitor Vol. 2 (Preview) by starkey

Also on Thursday is an album listening party at Soho's LAVA gallery for Jehsts new album 'The Dragon Of An Ordinary Family'. Contact if you want to go (from 6pm-11pm). Space is limited so names will be taken on a first come first served basis.

Download: Jehst - England / alt link

On Friday our bredren Baobinga will be dropping an album of collaborations called 'Joint Ventures' on his own BUILD label. The release features such fellow luminaries as Hyetal, Scratcha DVA, Geiom and I.D. all of whom shall be joining him for the big launch party in Room 3 of Fabric. The other rooms are also taken up with the kind of big bill line up one might expect from the super club (see flyer).

Back in Cardiff we shall be having a launch of our own as Crack Magazine join us to take over the Cardiff Arts Institute on Friday to welcome the city's own edition of the Bristolian paper. They shall be bringing one of the new leading lights of UK Garage, XXXY as well as fellow Brizzle resident Kowton who has fast been gaining a strong reputation for his off key, genre hopping productions.

Ordinary things by xxxy

False Dawn (unsigned) by Kowton


Untold Songs

The guys over at Jus Like Music gave us the heads up on a great compilation called 'Untold Songs: Volume One' which they've put together with London based singer, Belle, who has curated a selection of talented female artists from across the globe to raise awareness and money for Amnesty International's 'Stop Violence Against Women' campaign.

Amongst the 23-tracks are many artists to have graced our pages such as Ursula Rucker, Vula, Shuanise, Ahu, Eva Lazarus and Yarah Bravo and from first listen it sounds like the rest are well suited to such esteemed company.

Untold Songs: Volume One (PROMO CLIPS) by juslikemusic

There will also be a free remix EP dropping beforehand on 6 June 2011, which will feature remixes courtesy of BUG, Quest, Silkie and Jett Letts. Keep an eye out for more info on that.

The launch party for 'Untold Songs: Volume One' is happening at Rich Mix in the heart of Shoreditch on 11 June 2011, featuring live art from Sri McKinnon and cup cakes by Esme Bakes. Purchase tickets for just £5 from the Rich Mix website. Check full details for the amazing event on Facebook. Launches in Bristol and Leeds are to follow.

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Chrome Kids Radio Show // 30th May 2011

No recording for this weeks show people but here's some of the tracks that were played along with links for free downloads and streaming. Don't forget you can tune in live every Monday from 9pm - 10pm (GMT) on Radio Cardiff 98.7fm or online plus you can listen to some previous shows up on Mixcloud.


DOK feat Terror Danjah - West Coast (forthcoming on Hyperdub)
The Weeknd - What You Need (Lemi Vice's Let's Make Luv Remix) (Download)
Hovatron - Gypsy Trader (Listen)
Mr Phormula - No Wonder (Exclusive)
Didz and Chico – Unknown Title (Ratcatcher Remix) (Exclusive)
Magnum - Juracan (Randomer Remix) (Listen)
Malente & Jay Robinson feat Yo! Majesty - Cherry Pop (Raffertie Remix) (Download)
Graphics - OK Rainbow (Listen)
Semtek -TBC (Download)
Buck UK – Once (Download)
The Widdler - Flexstar (Porkchop Remix) (Out Today on MalLabel Music)
SDUK - YouNyt (Listen)
Rob Zombie - Sick Bubblegum (Riot 87 Dubstep Remix) (Download)
Kid606 & Jesse Quattro - Outside (Kid606 Fuzzstep Mix) (Listen)
Vaetxh - List Of Lists (Listen)

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Exit Festival Competition

Just a heads up to you all on a competition we're involved with to win 2 tickets to EXIT Festival including Flights (from London) + Accommodation. As avid festival goers it's been on our radar for a while but never managed to make it over, so don't you lot make the same mistake. The setting looks amazing in a Serbian Fortress and the line up ain't half bad with the likes of Loefah, Boddika, Oneman, Girl Unit, Bok Bok, Jam City, Nosaj Thing and Photek up there with headliners MIA, Santigold, Groove Armada, Portishead and Magnetic Man.

The competition is simple between May 30th & June 8th a collection of blogs (including us) will give out daily clues to reveal info about a certain artist set to appear at EXIT 2011 , then all you need to do is work out the answer– Once you think you’ve got it, enter your personal details and answer in the competition entry form. Our clue will be coming up on Wednesday!

The winner will be drawn at random on Thursday 9th June and notified via email

To fin out more info and which other blogs are involved visit and keep up to date with EXIT on Facebook & Twitter.

Good luck!

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Buggsy - I'm Waiting (Video)


Chrome Kids Radio Show // 23rd May 2011

Shaodow ft. Ghetts - Get Stronger
Manni Dee - Antidote
NDV – Night + Day
Hail Mary Mallon – Mailbox Baseball
STD – Monsanto
Monky - Shirley Temples
Maxx Roach - Halt
Didz - I Think It's 4am M8
Mr Healan – Youngstar’s
Dai Verse - L.E.D. Home
Crystal Fighters - At Home (Ratcatcher Repercussion)
Discord - Sunday Dub
O Children - Fault Line (Canblaster remix)
Jakwob feat Smiler - Right Beside You ( V.I.P. Mix)
Chrissy Murderbot - Heavy Butt
Ms Dynamite - Neva Sofft

Here's the Canblaster remix for free download too.

O.Children- Fault Line (Canblaster remix) by Deadly People

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Do Androids Attend Electric Sheep?

Good Monday people, hopefully you will have recovered from this Weekend's festivities in tine for the coming Bank Holdiay weekend, as we are programming an event at Cardiff Arts Institute from Friday to Sunday. Many of the acts playing will be recognisable to our regular readers and if you are anywhere near the vicinity would be great to see you all. Here's the info...

Friday 27th - Sunday 29th May 2011 (Bank Holiday Weekend)
Cardiff Arts Institute, 29 Park Place. CF10 3BA
£4 per day (limited £6 passes for all 3 days)


The Welsh Electronic scene has truly coming into it’s own over the past few years. As musical genres overlap and intertwine, particularly after the Bass music scene in general’s mass migration from formulaic Dubstep, so Wales’ tight knit community of producers and DJs become ever closer, more open and undoubtedly stronger. As celebration of this fact we have brought some of the top artists from the scene together for a long Bank Holiday weekend of showcases, secret sets and a whole lot of drinking and dancing.

We have 3 Secret headliners, all well established acts at the top of their game, plus: Modeselektor’s label signings Doc Daneeka and Ben Damage showcase their new live set ahead of their Melt! Festival debut in Berlin; one of the city’s most forward thinking producers, Monky gets set to show why his future blend of bass heavy beats have been getting so much love across the electronic music world; Cardiff 2 Step tearaways Didz & Chico bring a little ‘something new’ to the table; Chrome Kids drop a rare appearance ahead of shows in Glastonbury and Bestival over the summer; experimental circuit benders Zwolf, STD and Mr Healan step out of the Hip-hop shadows into something altogether more interesting; former CRST member Ratcatcher (Rodski) and Owain K hold it down for the current generation of House producers; whilst Juvenile Scum head honchos and Dirty Sanchez DJs Telegram From The Queen, to quote Redman, ‘come to throw a little mud in this mother**ker’ and make sure proceedings don’t get too serious. With many more up and coming DJs and producers, just starting to cement their reputations as ones to watch also on the bill, this is undoubtedly going to be a great marker on where the scene is now and where it’s heading. There’s plenty more information on each act, as well as free downloads, streaming tracks and videos over at the Cardiff Arts Institute blog

More info can be found on the Cardiff Arts Institute Website.


Monky - Hypa Nova (via Robox Neotech)


Crystal Fighters - At Home (Ratcatcher Repercussion) by Ratcatcher

Electric Sheep: Friday 27th May: STD - Nobody Tells Ron Swanson What To Do by cardiffartsinstitute

Electric Sheep: Sunday 29th May: Discord - Sunday Dub by cardiffartsinstitute

Electric Sheep: Saturday 28th May: The Gentle Good - Dawel Disgyn (Zwolf Remix) by cardiffartsinstitute

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