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New video from our favourite Hip-hop album at the moment. This track is produced by Tall Black Guy and features Georgia Anne Muldrow.

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Look out for the debut album from Ibeyi, released 16th February 2015 on XL Recordings

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I am torn right now, do I head out and go see Lapalux and Illumsphere or do I stay in and listen to this brand new Micachu + Brother May FACT mix? I know it sounds obvious but I'm seriously drawn to this mix and not sure when I'll get a chance past right now.

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We're well used to being excited about artists never to see them again, so I'm glad that Hawk House have come back round for another visit. Easily one of the most exciting Hip-hop crews from the UK a couple of years back, and just as exciting now it seems. Their new EP is dropping later this month, catch a pre-order here.

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Once was a time that nearly every exciting electronic release would find it's way to our inboxes weeks, months or sometimes even years in advance. Seems we haven't been quite as in favour of late though, as now we're impatiently waiting like kids at Christmas for 3 albums that will be dropping on 2nd June.

Taylor McFerrin - Early Riser

We already have the 3 tasty morsels already been offered up but we are very much looking forwards to the rest of this debut from the latest member of Flying Lotus' esteemed Brainfeeder family. Guests on the album include Robert Glasper, Thundercat, RYAT and Taylor's poppa, Bobby McFerrin.

Throwing Snow - Mosaic

After a string of EPs that have all found a solid place on our players, this is another stunning debut album. Ross Tones seems to be making himself right at home over at Fabric offshoot label, Houndstooth and what a great place to live.

Moody Good - Moody Good

As gash as you might think something on both OWSLA and MTA Records might be, this sounds like it's actually going to be brilliant. Moody Good used to be in 16bit but now seems to be making... well, it's on our blog so you should probably be able to figure it out. If not then listen to a couple of choice cuts below.

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Fusing Indian vibes with soulful electronic excursions, this is the first we've heard from Melbourne based producer and Indian classical musician Shūnya (aka Bal Singh). By their own definition of the Buddhist concept, Shunya refers to. "the void. The opposite of existence, the ground where all life springs from. The heart of the physical world. The source, the end, the eternal self. The I am-ness of reality. The space of which love is the door and illusion cannot enter."

lovereignonus by Shūnya

Life is (feat. Aarti Jadu) by Shūnya

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Long hailed as the king of Glitch by many, the elusive wonder that is Tipper returns with a beautifully crafted downtempo electronic landscape. There are no bangers here but the tracks are both tougher and more delicate than many of his contemporaries. A stunning album that deserves space to soak up.

Incidentally Tipper will be making an appearance at BoomTown Fair this year, definitely a set not to be missed.

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H.R. Giger

Rest in peace to one of the greatest artists of our generation. We might not delve into the darkness like he did but we are definitely a product of the biomechanical universe.

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Pre-orders. In the days of Vinyl and CDs, they could ensure that your copy was secure, now in the digital age, they're just there to taunt us until the actual release comes. Such is the case with the new Sisyphus album, which we were already excited about anyway. For those of you who haven't already been waiting with baited breath, this is the new album from Sufjan Stevens, Son Lux and Serengeti. If anyone could even doubt how amazing this combo could be then check out their debut 2012 EP 'Beak & Claw' under the name s/s/s. Or just listen to the first titbits from the new album below.

Rhythm of Devotion by SisyphusMusic

Calm It Down by SisyphusMusic

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Our homies Face & Heel have a brand new video plus a free download of the tune to boot. Just need to sign up to their mailing list here.

Black Eyes - sign up to mailing list for FREE DOWNLOAD by Face+Heel

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Not sure if we mentioned before but Son Lux's 'Lanterns' was one of the best albums of last year, and it seems like it's magnificence is shining well into 2014 with this incredible video.

We're also waiting patiently to catch the new Son Lux, Serengeti and Sufjan Stevens, 'Sisyphus' - also the new name for the project, previous just called s/s/s - it's out on March 18th. You can hear / download a track from the album here.

If you still haven't picked up a copy of 'Lanterns' yet then grab it below.

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Segilola - Somewhere Along The Line from silent tapes on Vimeo.

Another beautiful excursion into Segilola's new EP on King Deluxe. Once again this is produced by Bambooman and proves that their first collaborative single wasn't just a fluke.

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None of us have fully recovered from the launch party of Snowskull's new online enriched arts project (and our first official release in a long time). Ridiculous fun was had in Cardiff that night, and for some nights afterwards, not to mention the incredible sets from Jauge, Blured, Dubs, Owls and Daniel Avery.

The release is the soundtrack to Snowskull's exhibition and was created by some of the above alongside Snowskull himself. There's a link to the music below but you'd be foolish not to experience the whole exhibition 'All Great Thoughts Are Conceived By Walking'.

Also XLR8R are giving away a free instrumental copy of the Snowskull & Jauge track.

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Very much excited at the prospect of a Mo Kolours album. His tracks are little slices of sunshine that keep pulling me in. Just pre-ordered a digital copy, though love the artwork (by Miju Lee) so sorely tempted to go back for the vinyl / tshirt option. Order yourself a copy here, it drops on 24th March.

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Sweet Dreamz Folks

New video from soulful electronic duo, K.Raydio and Psymun, whose beautiful debut album, LucidDreamingSkylines was a late entry for one of last year's best releases. Still fresh so if you haven't caught it yet then peep the video and head over to their Bandcamp.

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Moduloktopus was quite possibly our favourite Bass music producer of last year with more killer bootlegs then we could keep up with, mixing up Grime, Trap, Dubstep, Drum N Bass, Jungle and Juke influences but managing to make it sound more soulful and exciting than many of the others in those fields. Now he's offering his whole back catalogue of work for free download, so we suggest you grab it quick from the link below before he changes his mind.

Download: Moduloktopus - Alltopus (Full Collection via Mediafire)

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Channel Swimming

Okay, so I said I would post some more releases from the end of last year, but actually going back over them, they don't stand up to yesterdays, so I'm no longer going to. However here is an album that we overlooked in the summer from the man like Channel Swimmer. Met this dude at Swn Festival in Cardiff as he was Djing just before me. I kept asking him who the tunes were by and each time they were his own productions (I kind of got the idea after a few and stopped bugging him). I've had a couple of these from him since but here's a quality concise (okay so 26 tracks maybe isn't that concise) introduction to an oft overlooked Welsh producer with a keen ear for a sample.

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Welcome Back To The Future

Well 2014 and we're still here. I'm not sure if there's any of our original readers left but we massively salute you if you've grown along with us. Certainly we've lost a few along the way: after we no longer became inspired by what was happening in Dubstep; after we no longer saw the progression in many of the Glitch hop artists, after we craved soul over aggression, quality over quantity and being fresh over being first. After we nearly lost hope, but realised we could never lose our passion for this music that breathes so much heart, humanity and feeling into the machines that even a Blade Runner would have to admit they were very much alive.

To be honest, we don't care if there are fewer of you out there paying attention over here, so long as there's beautiful electronic music that needs better exposure, we'll be here. We've no doubt this year's going to be great for music and we hope to se you all in 2015.

Here's a few releases from the end of last year that we feel you should hear. We'll post a few more tomorrow.

Pugs Atomz - Bama Pi

Perhaps this Chicago rapper's most accomplished release yet. As smooth, intelligent and thoughtful as ever with the rhymes, whilst the production is first rate with names such as Bobby Tank, Mr Dibiase, SoulParlor and long time sparring partner DJ Vadim. It also credits Moodyman though I think this might be a mistake as one track has Pugs and Cerebral Vortex rhyming over Oliver $'s 'Doing Ya Thang' which samples Moodyman's butter like vocals. If there is a genuine Moodyman production on there though I'd love to know which one it is. As well as that particular foray into the much missed world of Hip-House, the production leans heavily on the Future Funk, as you might expect coming from the Tokyo Dawn label.

K.Raydio & Psymun - LucidDreaming Skylines

Great album for this time of year, complimenting both sunset and sunrise, with lush lullaby vocals, as full of Jazz and dreamlike Soul as the crisp production. Just beautiful.

Goofy Foot - Goofy Foot EP

In my other life I often dip into the world of Electro Blues and this wouldn't be out of place there, though with fantastic forward thinking production, it definitely has a place by the fire here also.

Evan Geesman - Lengua

There's also something of a Blues edge to these decidedly more Indie vocals which never the less massage the beats into soulful submission, after they seem to desire breaking free into a Juke frenzy at times (but never quite do).

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Slow Dance Into 2014

Slow Dance from Martinus Klemet on Vimeo.

First mail of the year comes from King Deluxe who sent us this lovely Rome & Juliet / West Side Story style animation by Martinus Klemet. The track used is Calvin Cardioid's 'Slow Dance', a King Deluxe release from 2011.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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