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Chrome Kids Chart - April 2009

01. Peter Bjorn and John - Nothing to Worry About (Troublemaker Remix feat. Adam Tensta, U-N-I and The 87 Stick Up Kids) (White) (YSI)
02. Little Boots - Meddle (Old Money Edit) (White) (YSI)
03. Spank Rock - Bump (Liv£r Remix) (White) (YSI)
04. Marina and the Diamonds - Mowgli's Road (The Last Skeptik Remix) (White)
05. Kyza – Dirty (Dented)
06. Rye Rye feat. M.I.A. - Bang (White) (YSI)
07. Horace Andy & Ashley Beedle - Rasta Don't (Toddla T Remix)
08. Xrabit + DMG$ - Follow The Leader (MWG Remix) (Big Dada)
09. Th' Mole - How 2 B Cool (Robot Koch Rmx) (Daly City / Chrome Kids)
10. La Roux - In For The Kill (Skream's Let's Get Ravey Mix) (White) (YSI)
11. DJ 0.000001 - We All Fall Down (Daly City / Chrome Kids)
12. George Lenton – Jungle Whomp (White)
13. EVS - Let It Go (Studio Rockers)
14. Ghosttown ft Smasha - What Goes Around (Senseless)
15. Blackout Sands - Blackout (Clocktower Collective)
16. Stagga – Bad Dance (White)
17. Gouseion - We're In High School (Run Riot)
18. Monkey and Don Leisure – Shit 4 Brains (White)
19. Mr. Scruff feat. Roots Manuva - Nice Up The Function (Remix) (Ninja Tune)
20. King Cannibal feat Face A Face – Virgo (Ninja Tune)

Image is from Paris Photographer JR's latest project in Nairobi.

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Toddla T & Herve ft Serocee - Shake It

Toddla T & Herve 'Shake It'

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Even Bigger Than Barry

We're so excited about this new mix from our good friend Raffertie that we haven't even had a chance to listen to it yet. One look at the tracklisting let's us know it's going to be monumental... and possibly rather mentalist too. If after listening we find this isn't the case, we'll pack up our Chrome cases and go join a holistic monastery or something.

(ZShare) Raffertie - Bigger Than Barry Mixtape


1. Raffertie - Intro (ft. Shiftee Moova)
2. Kid 606 - Dancehall of the Dead (Kanj Kinetic Remix)
3. Gallops - Crutches (Raffertie Remix)
4. Mr Oizo - Flat Beat (16 Bit Remix)
5. TC - Where's My Money (Jack Beats Remix)
6. DeVille - Quente Demais (Kanji Kinetic Remix)
7. Kill The Noise & Foamo - Work It
8. Lee Mortimer & Foamo - It's Going Down
9. Jack Beats ff. Dynamite MC - What (Foamo Remix)
10. Livin' Joy - Dreamer
11. Montel Jordan - This Is How We Do It
12. High Rankin & Gyto vs. Dizzee Rascle - Bubble & Squeak (Raffertie Mashup)
13. AC Slater - Night Shift
14. Paul Johnson vs. D.I.M. - You Get Get Down (Raffertie Mashup)
15. High Rankin - No Money For Guns
16. Kanji Kinetic - Drive You Crazy VIP
17. Paul Johnson - Get Get Down
18. D-Ream - Things Can Only Get Better
19. Adam Freeland - Bring It (Kanji Kinetic Remix)
20. The Squire Of Gothos - Sandpaper Riddim
21. Raffertie - Stomping Grounds VIP
22. Whitney Houston - I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Raffertie Remix)
23. Toast - Daft Step
22. Justin Timberlake vs. Flukes - Love Your Wifey (Raffertie Mashup)
23. Stakey - Gutter Music VIP
24. Bruce Stallion - Black Rims (Ebola Remix)
25. Raffertie - Wobble Horror!
26. Raffertie - Antisocial
27. The Scarlet Harlots - Backlash (Raffertie's Bigger Bass Remake ft. Shiftee Moova)
28. Smoke City - Underwater Love (Raffertie Re-Edit)
29. The Prodigy - Breathe (NumberNin6 Remix)
30. Reso - Octacon
31. The Rogue Element - The Hive (Raffertie's S.W.A.R.M. Remix)
32. Paleface - Do You Mind (Crazy Cousins Remix)
33. Akira Tikeshi - Boom N Pow
34. Stagga - Timewarp Dub
35. Franz Ferdinand - No You Girls (Raffertie Remix)

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Ultra-Magnetic Show

The fellas over at Sonic Router have just kicked off a brand new radio show on Radio Magnetic showcasing the kind of music they cover on their blog. With artists such as Flying Lotus, Slugabed, Rustie, King Cannibal and Martyn on there, you know we're going to be tuning in. Check them out here.

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Twice As Nice

Mr Nice and co horts CJ and Darggy Darg from outta Luton drop a huge Bashment meets Hip-hop track, taking Pharoahe Monch's chorus (also used by Styles P on a track of the same name) and flipping it to good effect.

(YSI) Mr Nice ft CJ & Dargy Darg - My Life / alt link

Also, look out for a stunning Don Leisure remix of DEFine's 48Hrs, which features the other Mr Nice himself Howard Marks. It's due to drop on the Subconscious label later in the year.

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HENCH Head Honcho (try saying that 10 times fast) J@kes has just dropped this tense and brooding Dubstep mix, with a fire that definitely burns darkly. For all those who are stuck in tonight whilst the world is off partying, this is for you.

(SS) J@kes - March 09 Mix

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Journey Out There

“Hey man, remember that time when we were trekking up in the Himalayas during the 60s and we ended up hitching a ride on the Yellow Submarine to that other galaxy?”

“erm, come again?”

“Yeah man you remember, we hooked up with Captain Kirk and he took us to that crazy seedy little bar where were smoking pipes with Jabba The Hut, and that stripper had tentacles coming out of her...”

“Say what? Nah man I don’t remember that, you must have been like tripping out, or maybe you were listening to the new Enemy Earth Album.”

“Shit no man you’re right, I was listening to that album. Still, pretty groovy though.”

(YSI) Enemy Earth - Stay Shining (clip)

(YSI) Enemy Earth - Toaster (clip)

(YSI) Enemy Earth - Moonwlk (clip)

(YSI) Enemy Earth - Motto Sh_t (clip)

More info and previews of Enemy Earth's Interstellar Commute album here.

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607 Drops On Drop

Luminfire from Ants In My Trance might be spreading his flames, cos his boy 607 is most definitely on fire right now. Polow Da Don's Milli-fied production serves as the perfect bed for 607 to do his thing, whilst Rich Boy, well I suppose it is his tune originally so it might seem kinda rude to kick him off it but...

Rich Boy ft. 607 - Drop (Remix) / alt link

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Mixtape Podcast Get Destiny's Child For Their Birthday

Have to say Happy Birthday to the Mixtape Podcast who celebrate their first year of being with some exclusive remixs from the likes of Something Wrong, Dirty Disco Youth and Death To The Throne. It's this remix of the Destiny's Child track Say My Name from Robot Koch that caught our ear mind. It's like entering the warped mind of Beyonce's Psychotic Stalker (metaphorically speaking of course, we make no such insinuations about Mr Koch). Grab the rest of their Birthday remixes at the Mixtape Podcast blog.

(YSI) Destiny's Child - Say My Name (Robot Koch's Birthday Remix) / alt link

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Stagga - Sick As Sin

Directed by Ryan Andrews, prizes for guessing how it was made.

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Who's The Boss

Egon Brainparts and Negatron Johnson from Oakland production duo Bossasaurus seem to be having a laugh. Now I say this in the sense of, they appear to enjoy what they do to the maximum (as they should) and approach pretty much everything with a tongue planted firmly in their cheek, not the “oi mate you’re having a laugh” irate cockney type sense, but it might be easy to confuse the two at first. How serious can you take a pair who wear hoodies featuring dinosaur teeth, eyes, and ‘anatomically accurate plates running down the back’? One listen to their music sorts that question out immediately, these guys are most definitely serious, albeit serious fun.

(YSI) Bossasaurus - Dino Riders Megamix (zip)

This Dino Raider Megamix might not work quite so well as a mix, but it’s a handy little introduction to the Bossasaurus sound. From epic Electro Disco, including a remix which makes Kate Perry properly filthy rather than cheap insinuation, to beefed up Crunk Rock, through more thoughtful jazzed out Hip-hopish affairs, all with one foot far in the prehistoric past and the other firmly in the future. They might be slightly overdoing the whole dinosaur thing with straplines such as, ‘good music isn’t extinct’, but they most certainly prove their point.

(YSI) Bossasaurus - Homage / alt link

(YSI) Bossasaurus - Special Deal 4 U / alt link

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Pop Goes The Bass Bins

What's going on? We've got Ciara, Justin Timberlake and Black Eyed Peas up on Chrome Kids? There's not many people could make that happen but seems that Mr Chew Fu is the man that can.

Black Eyed Peas - Boom Boom Pow(Chew Fu Ghettohouse Fix) / alt link

Ciara feat Justin Timberlake - Love Sex Magic (Chew Fu Small Room fix) / alt link

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Major Problem

We're extremely excited here at Chrome Kids HQ to catch the new Major Lazer album when it finally drops. As big respectors of both Diplo and Switch, and all life long Reggae fans this should be one of our albums of the year... however. I have to say that personally I'm disappointed in the latest leak from the project.

It's not the weak lyric writing that bothers me. Dancehall generally has a long history of questionable lyrics that would make most songwriters recoil at their childish simplicity, but it has never stopped me from loving the tunes. Bashment is all about the fire, the passion and the delivery so we can forgive it's lack of poetic intricacy.

It's not even that I hate the way the vocoder / auto tune effect had been dominating the scene. I've long given up that rant and come to simply accept it as a given these days.

What bothers me is that in 2009, artists with such a following in the Dance music scene as Diplo and Switch, infact no the fact that any artists whatsoever, are putting out such blatantly homophobic hate tunes. This is coming from a man who at my own admission had copies of Buju Banton's Boom Bye Bye on both 12" when it came out and 7" as a remix some few years later. I was a regular at Ragga jams as a teenager, where artists would get the biggest cheer for cursing out 'Batty men', and I was one of those cheering. I'm not proud of these facts, but they are the facts no less and I won't try and make excuses for it either. However it is not just me that has grown up and seen the foolishness in such actions, society in general has grown up too, at least I thought it had. Reggae artists have been put under so much pressure not to preach such hatred by having their records banned or dropped from their label or not being allowed entry to countries on tour, that the level of homophobia within Reggae generally has been reduced dramatically. Pressure has also been put on the media as a whole to show homosexuality in a more favourable light and the stigma is just not as great any more. Even the younger hardcore Christian fundamentalists tend to be seen saying, "we think it's wrong but like whatever".

So why with all this in mind does the new Major Lazer track have lines such as "me a zombie and me don't eat gays / cos me don't like the HIV" (which is even more offensive in it's appaling rhyme flow, "cos me don't like AIDS" would have been a far more effective follow up line I would have thought), and make many an un-complimentary reference to "Batty Men"..

Actually, all Andy Milokanis does seem to do is eat brains, smoke cocaine and jack up heroin all day, so maybe we can forgive him his rather misguided outlook on life then, but the other two should know better. As this is just a leak hopefully they will address the point in question and this track won't actually make it onto the album after all.

I deliberated about actually putting the tune up, but as many readers come through various blog aggregators that pick up the music specifically it's been included.

**** late edition to the post ****

having just seen the video of these guys in the studio and realising that Andy Milokanis is in fact Andy Milonakis (and also finding out who he is) I realise that Diplo and Switch might have been so caught up in the darkly humorous fact that this crazy chubby Greek American with a congenital growth-hormone condition is dropping these kind of lyrics that they didn't give the actual content much thought, or consider it to be anything but funny, but unfortunately any humour is lost in the translation to many of us fellas and the track still needs to be scrapped.

This is the guy doing the vocals...

Actually on watching this I have the sneaking suspicion that he is actually gay, in which case the ironic humour isn't lost on me, but like I said, the whole reason for this post was because I took it on face value, I had no idea who this guy was so I think there needs to be some context to it all. I still maintain that it shouldn't be an album track but maybe a video that makes the humour more obvious.
(YSI) Major Lazer (Diplo & Switch) - Zumbi (Feat. Andy Milokanis)

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Thou Shalt Resurrect

The winner of Sunday Best's competition to remix dan le sac Vs Scroobius Pip's now classic Thou Shalt Not was Rory Hoy. Congratualtions to him but to be honest we were feeling these two runner ups just that bit more. You can grab all three of them here.

(YSI) dan le sac Vs Scroobius Pip - Thou Shalt Always Kill (Luton Falls Remix) / alt link

(YSI) dan le sac Vs Scroobius Pip - Thou Shalt Always Kill (Vaccine Remix)/ alt link

Don't forget you can still get the De La Edit reworking of Thou Shalt Always Kill.

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Keep Watching

Mishka keep the big mixes rolling with the next installment of their Keep Watch series. Brooklyn's party starting producer crew Trouble & Bass take us on a journey through some of their favourite Dubstep, Bassline, B'more and Electro tunes.

(MF) Mishka presents Keep Watch Vol. 7: Trouble & Bass (zip)

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Some More Not To Worry About

See we told you that new Peter Bjorn & John tune lends itself well to Hip-hop. Just had another version come in courtesy of Canadian rapper / producer Don Cash

(YSI) Don Cash - Nothing 2 Worry About / alt link

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Submerse Yourself In This

Here's a floaty little 2 Step number from Submerse to ease you nicely into Monday...

(YSI) Submerse - Smitten / alt link

You can catch Submerse on Sub.FM every Thursday from 4pm - 6pm.

And actually whilst we're getting our chill on here's a downtempo delight from ProF out of Canada

(Direct Link) ProF - A Life Force / YSI

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Stagga Drops Sick As Sin

As you might well be aware by now, Stagga drops his Sick As Sin EP on Rag & Bone next week (30th March). Gonna be gigantic, here's the press release for it:

"For their 21st release, Rag & Bone have pulled out all the stops. Welsh producer Stagga bursts onto the dubstep scene with a refreshingly new take on things. With a history in hip-hop and coming fresh from a debut release on Rossi B & Luca’s Rudeez imprint of ‘Jacqueline/Policeman Get Hype’, Stagga serves up 3 indisputable slabs of wonkiness.

Sick As Sin’ is the big hitter with it’s centrepiece phrase “Dropping you out like a bong of smack and waking you up like a bong of crack” courtesy of the vocal talents of Skamma: it’s got big tune written all over it.

On the flip ‘Predatory Control Freeks’ is a different matter altogether. Wise utterings on the sinister intentions of the new world architects drift in and out of an eerie soundtrack. Meanwhile ‘Freight Dub’ gets deep on a smokers vibe. It’s swathes of spooky synths blend perfectly with some hypnotic banter.

These tracks have already seen early support from the likes of Mary Anne Hobbs (Radio 1), Starkey (Planet Mu) and Sub FM DJs with more to follow."

Check Stagga's Myspace to hear these tracks, plus here's a little non EP special for you all too.

(YSI) Stagga - Can't Win The War / alt link

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Some Mixed Bizness

We have to give a mention and a big shout out to Glasgow promotions company Mixed Bizness whose blog is definitely one of our favourites at the moment. Here's a couple of their recent goodies repping the Cape Town scene that we've had on heavy rotation.

(Direct Link) Spank Rock - Bump (Liver Remix) / YSI

(Direct Link) Fletcher - Cape Town Is Dope Mix

For a full tracklisting on this killer mix of South African Dubstep and Bass heavy Beats, and for more information on both Liver and Fletcher check the Mixed Bizness blog .

The Wizard behind the Mixed Bizness curtain is Boom Monk Ben who has also just put together an hour of phat funked up beats from the bumpin' to the bashie to the down right dirty, all in the shape of his brand new mixtape.

(Direct Link) Boom Monk Ben - Here’s Ben, Ain’t He Swell…?


1. Mooquee - Polar Crunk (Good Groove)
2. Leisure Allstars - How We Roll feat The Good People (Substatic Remix) (Leisure)
3. South Rakkas Crew - Mad Again (Mad Decent)
4. Santogold - Say A-Ha (Tepr Remix) (Atlantic)
5. Heatwave - Things Change feat Warrior Queen (DJ C Remix) (Soul Jazz)
6. Jokers Of The Scene - Juggle It (Fools Gold)
7. CLP - Party Hardy feat Yo! Majesty (Shitkatapult)
8. A-Skillz & Krafty Kuts - Happiness (Finger Lickin)
9. Jon Ohms - King Of The Boots (Unreleased)
10. James Brown - Give It Up Or Turn It Loose (DJ Ayers Remix) (Unreleased)
11. DJ TaMeiL - Bump Like This (Unruly)
12. Boy 8 Bit - The Cricket Scores
Midfield General - Disco Sirens (Acapella) (Skint)
13. Tittsworth - Broke Ass N*gga (DJ Assault Remix) (Plant Music)
14. Rob 3 - The Chase (Mad Decent)
15. Thunderheist - Jerk It (Big Dada)
16. The Qemists - Dem Na Like Me (Subscape Dub) (Ninja Tune)
17. Mix n Blend - Tantrum feat Sfr & Ej Von Lyrik (Unreleased)
18. Magnetic Man - The Cyberman (Unreleased)
19. SFR - Kwaito Mandla (Unreleased)
20. Schlachthofbronx - Good To Go (Unreleased)
21. 6Blocc - Never Scared (Unreleased)

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Suck On This Whompsticle

Not only did he provide us with the fantastic Busta Step for Hulk Hop Vs Crunk Rock, but Sugarpill has created one of the Mixtape's of the year in the shape of Whompsticle. Bass heavy glitched up Hip-hop of the highest order from artists such as: Mochipet; Rustie; Eprom; Glitch Mob; Daddy Kev; and Lazer Sword. check his blog for a full tracklisting.

(Direct Link) Sugarpill - Whompsticle Mixtape

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Marching On

Our inbox is over flowing at the moment so it's time to play quick fire round catch up with a few of our favourites...

P.B. & J - N T W A from PoL.L on Vimeo.

First up the fantastic new tune from those those swinging Swedes Peter, Bjorn & John gets the Troublemaker golden re-touch with rhymes courtesy of Adam Tensta, U-N-I and The 87 Stick Up Kids. The original track lends itself to Hip-hop so well that after a few listens you'd swear it was always like this.

(YSI) Peter Bjorn & John – Nothing to Worry About (Troublemaker Remix feat. Adam Tensta, U-N-I and The 87 Stick Up Kids) / alt link

There's some heavyweight Little Boots remixes about at the moment but think this one from Old Money might be our favourite so far. It's fairly faithful to the uptempo swing of the original but is less Bashie and more Hip-hop Jive-stepper. We've been playing the Ebola Dubstepish remix of this a fair bit too. Not sure if we've put it up already but here it is again just in case.

(YSI) Little Boots - Meddle (Old Money Edit) / alt link

(YSI) Little Boots - Meddle (Ebola Remix) / alt link

Grime Forum just dropped their first in a series of free Grime / Dubstep EPs. Here's the tracks but for plenty more info visit them here.

(YSI) Taz Buckfaster - Negative / alt link

(YSI) Prov - Arctic Company / alt link

(YSI) Joker - Zariak / alt link

(YSI) Rude Kid - Its About Time / alt link

That 'devilishly' good Dutch producer Don Diablo utilises the same Funkadelic sample as the suggested classic De La Soul track for this dirtified Discofest.

(YSI) Don Diablo - Stand Up For Me, Myself and I

Happy that Arkansas rapper 607 just gave us a good excuse to include the sublime avant-garde Folkish troop Animal Collective up on the blog.

(YSI) Animal Collective ft 607 - Taste (Remix) / alt link

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Hulk Hop Vs Crunk Rock

Hopefully we haven't over loaded you with all the dope mixtapes this month because now we have our very own Hulk Hop Vs Crunk Rock mix for you to blast out. Stacked full of some of our favourite recent Dubstep tracks including: Stagga's killer track that's currently smashing dancefloors, Sick As Sin and his exclusive refix of Busta Rhymes' I Got Bass ; Monkey's version of the Velvet Underground track Venus In Furs, a grimeish version of Living On A Prayer by Swedish Hip-hop crew Looptroop; George Lenton's fantastic remixes of MGMT and The King Blues, and a couple of our favourite Raffertie remixes for The Scarlet Harlots and Food For Animals; there's also plenty more Bass heavy Future Hip-hop and erm Black Sabbath and the Rolling Stones too. Please feel free to circulate this wherever you choose.

(ZShare) Chrome Kids - Hulk Hop Vs Crunk Rock

Alice Russell – Crazy
Sugarpill – Busta Step
DJ 0.000001 - Ooh Baby I Like It Hard
Killa Queenz – Bitches (South Rakkas Remix)
The Hood Internet - Animals Collecting Money / alt link
The King Blues - Come Fi Di Youth (George Lenton Remix) / alt link
FreQ Nasty vs Propa Tingz - Peacemaker (Dub)
Andy H – Serious
Akira Kiteshi – Pinball
Evil 9 - All the Cash (Glitch Mob Remix)
Virus Syndicate – Hit Em High
Stagga ft Skamma – Sick As Sin
Chase & Status - Eastern Jam (High Rankin 100% Unofficial Remix) / alt link
Zeno – Blazin / alt link
Ghislain Poirier ft Face-T - Blazin' (Starkey Remix)
Mix n Blend ft Sfr & Ej von Lyric - Tantrum / alt link
Food For Animals - Mutumbo (Raffertie's Bigger Bass Remake) / alt link
The Scarlet Harlots ft Shiftee Moova - Backlash (Raffertie's Bigger Bass Remake) / alt link
George Lenton Vs MGMT - Weekend Wars Remix / alt link
Lowkey ft Jon McClure & Faith SFX – Revolution
Stagga Vs Busta Rhymes – I Got Bass / alt link
Looptroop Rockers - Praying On A Liver (Living On A Prayer Remix)
Spank Rock - Competition
Monkey Vs Velvet Underground – Venus In Furs Remix / alt link
Black Sabbath – Iron Man
Bassnectar – Heads Up (California Style)
The Motherboard – Motherload / alt link
Herrmutt Lobby –Vampire Remix
Lorn – Juggernaught
Soulwax Vs Rolling Stones - You Can't Always Get What You Want
Xrabit & DMG$ - Follow The Leader / alt link
Dorian Concept – Yorktown Recreation
Kraddy – Android Porn
The Qemists - Dem Na Like Me (King Cannibal Remix)
Flying Lotus – Tea Leaf Dancers (Low Limit Remix) / alt link

Bonus Download:

(YSI) Black Sabbath - Iron Man (An-Ten-Nae Remix)/ alt link

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Sharply Re-Drest

Love the classic Electro sound on the original of this Mochipet track which features rhymes from oonceoonce & Eriksolo of Meanest Man Contest, but here it gets a full on Electro Breaks re-working from New York producer A-ux

(YSI) Mochipet vs A-ux feat Meanest Man Contest - Sharp Drest (Remix) via Voules Random

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Get Out

Few forthcoming nights here worth a quick mention.

French purveyor of fine quality 'Low-Club' Hip-hop, Fulgeance and Canadian 'Turbo Crunk' legend Hovatron from Mofomatronix at Thugs N Hugs in London.

(Direct Link) Fulgeance - Thugs & Hugs Special Low-Club Mix

(Direct Link) Hovatron – Turbo Crunk Mixtape (zip)

Electro Golden Boy Hervé, Beatbox supremo Beardyman, Breaks bandit Midfield General and Simian Mobile Disco's Official Tour DJ, Tom Maddicott touch down at The Big C-Y-N-T at Club Seven in Cardiff.

(Direct Link) Herve Essential Mix - February 09

(Direct Link) Midfield General BlahBlahBlah Mix (November 08)

(YSI) Beardyman - Simon Says Shop / alt link

Dubstep don Kulture, Soma / LuckyMe Techno youngsters Mr Copy and Simon Stokes and the LuckyMe residents are playing at Ballers Social Club in Glasgow.

(SS) Kulture - Autumn & Winter Promo Mix

And finally the man who brings the Bump in big chunks to Nu Soul and Funk will be performing at...

The Doctor’s Orders 29
9pm-3am Friday 1st May 2009
@ Herbal 10-14 Kingsland Rd, London E1

Waajeed (PPP / Bling 47)
Spin Doctor
Benji B (1xtra)
Mr Thing (Extended Playerz)
Morgan Spacek
Bruce Wayne

£5 in advance or £10 on the door

(DivShare) Waajeed – PPP Abundance Mixtape

(YSI) PPP ft Coultrain - Angel (Waajeed Remix)

(YSI) Pete Philly & Perquisite - Mellow (Morgan Spacek Remix)

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Bass Therapy

Some more heavyweight mixes we've been feeling recently...

We received this bumpin' mix of Dubstep and Bass Heavy Hip-hop from Canadian Bass Junkie Subvert as a Temporal Fusion Podcast. They drop the occasional megaton bomb from the likes of Glitch Mob and Gaslamp Killer, definitely worth signing up to.

(SS) Subvert - Dubstep Mix for da Fusion (Denver, CO)

New York clothing company Mishka dropped this mix from Skream as part of their Keep Watch series a couple of weeks back. It highlights why he is still one of the best Dubstep producer / DJs in the business, and incase you hadn't noticed, that La Roux Remix is going to be absolutely huge, infact I'd say it is already. He dropped it to sing along effect at Bedlam last week and Caspa included it as the first tune in his Mini Mix on Annie Mac last night. Infact, none of us have heard the rather inferior original played anywhere.

(MF) Mishka presents Keep Watch Vol. 6: Skream

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Bleeding Glasvegas

Always rather a contentious issue when artists put 'featuring' artists they've just simply sampled, but then is it really all that bad? The initial feeling is that it is a collaboration that both are aware of and have put effort into. However alot of the time 'legitimite' collaborations are simply cooked up by record companies and artists are blissfully unaware of the other's previous existence. It has also been common practice for artists to demand 'featured' status for the use of a sample - i.e. Joni Mitchell on Janet Jackson's Got Til It's Gone, Junior Reid on The Game's One Blood and Dido on Eminem's Stan are a few bigger ones off the top of the head. This is of course because it is beneficial to them, but why should cash be the deciding factor on it? If a Bronx rapper wants to say his tune features a Glaswegian Indie Rock band then, and essentially it does, who are we to argue. And saying that, who really gives a flying f**k if Glasvegas are aware of this fact anyway, certainly not June.

(YSI) June feat Glasvegas - Stabbed / alt link

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Lennon In Baltimore

Hardcore fans might not want to imagine the idea of a John Lennon B'more remix and this track might not be for hardcore B'more fans either but iamxl's version of Woman is obviously done out of love for the original, and although this is something a little different for iamxl, we think it's a fair translation.

John Lennon - Woman (iamxl B'more Remix) / alt link

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DJ Vadim ft Sabira Jade - Hidden Treasure

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Get Ready To Blackout

Watch out for a new album on San Francisco's Clocktower Collective label called Who Killed Jiminy Cricket from Midwest / West Coast Hip hop crew Blackout Sands.

Dusty melancholic, Blues ridden production def-juxtaposed with razor sharp rhyming that thankfully comes off poetic without being pretentious. For us the stand out tracks are its less moody affairs such as the relentlessly pile-driving Blackout or the dubbed out Blues bounce of Rhythm In Your Soul, but the album works as a whole (which is rare these days) and is definitely worth a listen in its entirety.

Check the opium funk and inner city aggression of this track from the album.

(YSI) Blackout Sands - Cement Flowers / alt link

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DJ Cable Mashes It Up With The Mash Down

Think it must be dope as f**k Mixtape month cos here comes another fire blazin' bad boy courtesy of UK DMC and ITF Finalist DJ Cable who mixes up Bass-heavy Electro, B'more, UK Funky, UK Garage, Grime, Bassline and Dubstep into The Mash Down Vol 2, showcasing both superior skills and selection. Cable has previously provided mixes for BBC 1Xtra and Kiss FM and was marked out as a DJ to 'watch out for' in iDJ Magazine, a sentiment we strongly second.

(ZShare) DJ Cable - The Mash Down Vol 2


01. Intro
02. Boy Better Know - Too Many Man
03. DJ Class - I'm The Ish
04. The Count of Monte Cristal - B-More Forward
05. DJ Tameil - I Get Money
06. Diplo Feat. Rye Rye - Wassup Wassup (DJ Sega Remix)
07. Kazey & Bulldog - Big Truck
08. Dave Nada - Where Brooklyn At?
09. Roundtable Knights - Freak From Desire
10. Dillinja - Twist 'Em Out (Proper Villains Remix)
11. AC Slater - Jack Got Jacked (Jack Beats Remix)
12. Cypress Hill - Insane In The Brain (2 Bit Thugs Remix)
13. Fake Blood - Mars
14. DJ Mujava - Township Funk (Radioclit Remix)
15. K.I.G. Family - Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes
16. Dizzee Rascal - Stand Up Tall
17. More Fire Crew - Oi!
18. Jammin - Go DJ + DJ Cable "Scratch Attack"
19. Skepta - Duppy
20. Benga - 26 Basslines
21. Kid Sister - Pro Nails (Rusko Remix)
22. Caspa - My Pet Monster
23. TC - Where's My Money? (Caspa Remix - Jack Beats Re-edit)
24. Kid Cudi - Day N Nite (Agent X Remix)
25. Lethal Bizzle - Bizzle Bizzle

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This Is How They Do

Funny but if you'd told us a few years back that Hip House would return, and what's more we'd love it, we might not have held your preminition in high regards. But now it seems like it might be the only way to really save artists like The Game and 50 Cent. Anyone who was feeling the DJ Wool remix we posted up a couple of days back will no doubt bug off this little Electro House rub of How We Do from Bronx crew The Conquistadors ... We did.

(YSI) The Game - How We Do (Conquistadors Remix) / alt link

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Bright Future For Dismal Futures

We still haven't stopped rinsin' the last Dubstep bootleg of Super Sharp Shooter (Zeno's Blazin, it's on our latest Mix which you can pick up from here on Monday) that Sub.Mission sent us, when they hit us with these absolutely gargantuan versions of Prodigy's Voodoo People and Bone Crusher's Never Scared from another member of the Denver Dubstep fraternity, Dismal Futures that come stomping over the soundsystem like Godzilla on a Crystal Meth come down.

(YSI) Dismal Futures - Witchdoctor Massif / alt link

(YSI) Dismal Futures - Songs Without Fucks / alt link

And seeing as we're on this tip, here's a heavy slow grinding, kind of industrial Dubstep track we just got off Subsonik Records too.

(SS) Biome Vs Subliminal - Welcome To The Asylum

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Don't Sleep On This

We've been waiting for this mixtape even before we knew it existed and our high pre-destined expectations have not fallen short by a millimeter, this is bangin'! Fully stacked up with digi Dubbed out Glitched up Phat beats of the highest order, anyone who knows and loves Robot Koch's own productions, some of which show up here will not be disappointed, and those who don't, it's time to get your learn on.

(SS) Robot Koch - Robots Don't Sleep Mixtape

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Time 4 Troublemaker

After already dropping some of our most heavily rotated mixtapes in the shape of No Wine, Just Women and Your Face, Hollyrock hot stepper Troublemaker shows off his party startin' skills once again on his latest installment, simply titled 4. Classics meet crazy underground dance floor destroyers as Hip-hop, Electro and House get worked into a whole Troublesome mélange that let you know why he's been rockin' spots from the Manifest Hope party at Barack Obama's inauguration celebrations to Governor Schwarzenegger’s birthday party. If you're on the West Coast you can catch Troublemaker at his residencies: Wasted Space in the Hard Rock Hotel (Las Vegas); and Benders (Denver, CO and San Diego).

(Direct Link) Troublemaker - 4 (zip)

(YSI) Troublemaker - I'm Famous (feat. Baby Cashtrid) / alt link

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We Cry Zwolf

Big shout to Zwolf for schooling us on the pathmusick free MP3 label for crazy glitched up technoish experimental music. Have to say though, for us his stuff stands headbutt and shoulder charge above the rest. Have a few tracks which we're sitting tight on for the moment, including killer collaborations with Welsh Hip-hop legend Junior Disprol from Dead Residents and Martin Carr from the Boo Radleys (aka Brave Captain). But for now, check these absolute gems from the Forgotten Mnemonics EP...

Zwolf was once signed to Sound-Ink who released the Viktor Vaughn LP, and MF Doom would indeed sound dope riding on this one. Unfortunately there's been no collaborations just yet.

(YSI) Zwolf - Room for Doom / alt link

This next one features Cardiff Cabaret duo Mr & Mrs Clark who one reviewer once likened to 'Terry and June on crack'.

(YSI) Zwolf ft Mr & Mrs Clark - Red / alt link

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A Big Hello From DJ Wool

Love the Timbaland produced original of this from the Kizzaland Mixtape (mixed by Nick Catchdubs). This refix from Berlin's DJ Wool changes the vibe up, turning it into a somewhat brooding Electro House track. More feet to the floor than hands in the air but dope none the less.

(YSI) Izza Kizza - Hello (DJ Wool Remix - Euro Edit) / alt link

If you want to check out Izza Kizza's mixtape can download it for free over here.

Also pick up a copy of DJ Wool's 'The Star of East Berlin' at the following: beatport / iTunes / juno

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Skeptikal Mongrel

The Last Skeptic just sent us this exclusive new version of a track from the super group Mongrel. It's part of a remix album he's currently putting together that will hopefully be dropping later on in the year.

Skeptic's also re-scheduled his Cardiff show with Kashmere and Verb T that fell victim to last months snow chaos. They will now be playing at The Globe on Saturday 25th April.

(YSI) Mongrel - Hit From The Morning Sun (Skeptik Remix) / alt link

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The Welsh / French Connection

Couple of fresh mixes for the Electro heads amongst you here.

First is from those 'Whacky French Fu**ers' StereoHeroes who smash a bunch of twisted floor fillers into your face, bouncing between Breaks led bangers, full on jump up Jackers and Fidgety fun monsters.

(ZShare) StereoHeroes - Project Wideawake (Mixtape) / alt link


What Planet Is This - Jesus Theme
Aniki - Evil Nugget (Original Mix)
Bass Weazal - Twisted Weazal (Original mix)
Calvertron, Benga - Whoop (Rudder's There It Isn't Remix)
Bulimiatron - Stab Attack (Dskotek's Woooo!!! remix)
AC Slater - Jack Got Jacked (Udachi Remix)
Gigi Barocco - Pumpin Up The Meter
DJ Manaia - Pull Up
Modeselektor - Kill Bill Vol.4
StereoHeroes - Fukt (Radio Edit)
Djedjotronic - Gum Attack
Fil OK - Wink Wink (Blende Remix)
Imo B feat K. Sams - 2 Time to Play (1080p Remix)
Joey Beltram - Game Form
FutureFlashs - Get Down The Funk (Charlie Fanclub Remix)
His Majesty Andre - Roxxx
D-Bag - Up To The Boy (The Toxic Avenger Remix)
Hot Pink Delorean & Fantastadon - Party Favour
Metallica - Ride Lightning Vs Enter Sandman (IKKI Remix)
StrAAAtch - Offend The Silence (Vocal Edit VS Missill)
Utku Sonnez - Heart Attack (Pro7 Kiss My Ass Edit)

They've also dropped us a copy of their next remix for Mendel's Beatburger EP, which is released today on Place Blanche Records.

(SS) Mendel - Beatburger ft. Tunde Olaniran (StereoHeroes Remix) / alt link

Next up is from Hagar, whose details are scarce except that he's from Haverfordwest and has put a dope mix together that's kept us bubbling hard for the last 21 minutes, so here it is.

(ZShare) Hagar - Lazer Blazers Mixtape


AC Slater - Party Like Us
Kanye West - Homecoming (Discotech Mix)
Mikix The Cat - Wuz
The Kills - Cheap And Cheerful (Fake Blood mix)
Hostage - Snake Charmer
Armand Van Helden - Shake That Ass (Drop The Lime Mix)
Mowgli - Blow Up (Hijack Mix)
Dynamite MC - What (Jack Beats Mix)
Boyz Noize - Oh! (A-Trak Mix)
Defunct! - Flashy Fidget Fame
Sany Pitbull - Tribos
Boy 8-bit - Frog Bank (Jack Beats Mix)
Unkle - ? (Fake Blood Edit)
Midfield General - Disco Sirens (Boy 8-bit Remix)
Clark Able - Lemonhead (Hijack Mix)
Lykke Li - Little Bit (Eke Whaaa Edit)
Unicorn Kid - 80900000

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Just Let Your Soul Eglo

Quite a jazzy, soulful affair for us Kids but lovin' the swing on this dreamy little slice of North London Street Funk from Eglo Records' new signing Shuanise Odunaiya, who says her music "is a fusion of everything I love: synth sounds, heavy bass, high frequencies, African choirs, crackling vinyl & talking drums". That could be why we love it too.

(YSI) Shuanise - Masudasante Naima / alt link

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Lucky For Some

Besides my obvious woefulness at the loss of my girlfriend to the Himalayan peaks for 6 weeks (hey, our Chrome plating isn’t immune to feelings you know), there is an apparent bonus of not being sucked into 2 of Australia’s most caustic exports, Neighbours and Home & Away, for a valuable chunk of my life (I know just leave the room, but the devious little suckers just keep pulling you back in). Instead I shall concentrate on 2 of its finest exports, whom feed off each other in a wonderfully Electro-symbiotic relationship that brings danger to the dancefloor in the most wonderful of ways.

Act Yo Age release their new single Lucky 13 on the Sweat It Out label next week, just in time for Friday the 13th, although the track's more malevolent trickster than straight up evil slasher.

(YSI) Act Yo Age - Lucky 13 / alt link

If you haven't picked up KillaQueenz single Bitches on Sweat It Out yet then sort it out. We’ve been rinsing the South Rakkas remix of hard but we’re as equally in love with this Ooh Ee re-rub which is just a touch more fun but no less filthy.

(YSI) Killaqueenz - Bitches (Ooh Ee Remix) / alt link

Buy the single here.

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Patchwork Dubz

Here's a touch more Dubstep from the residents of Bristol Bi-monthly night Patchwork.

(SS) NME and Edz - Patchwork Dubstep Promo Mix


Caspa - Noise Disorganiser
Richie August - Cloverfield
DZ - End Dub Remix
G man - Dont Be Afraid
The Bug - Skeng
Mungos Hifi - Dubplate Fi Dem
Unknown - Big Up A Bun Her
Bazzle - Kisses
Unkown - Praise Jah
Intent & Rare Dynamic - Dont Need No One
Caspa - My Pet Monster
Richie August - Hardstep
Synkro - Music Makers (Bar 9 Remix)

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Big Tunes To Knock You Senseless

Senseless Records just kicked in the door of Chrome Mansions waving a Four-Four in the shape of their first CD project Vocals and Versions Volumes 1 & 2. The Leeds bass junkies have gathered together some of their favourite artists (and ours come to that) such as: Warrior Queen ; Foreign Beggars; Starkey; MRK1; King Cannibal; Crunc Tesla; and Rekordah to add a bit of extra spice to their already flavoursome in-house vocal productions from Sarantis, DeVille, Sasquatch and Ghosttown, that are camped mainly within the Dubstep region but spread out into the surrounding UK Bass music areas too.

(SS) Sarantis ft Warrior Queen - More than Money (Starkey RMX) (clip)

(SS) Sasquatch ft Foreign Beggars – Stay Seated (clip)

The album will be released on two separate CDs, two vinyl EPs and digital download. Disc One gets Grimey with vocals from Sick Sense Cru and the Senseless residents, Asher Don and Dialect whilst they also show off their roots in the rich Leeds Soundsystem culture (which spawned such notables as Nightmares on Wax, LFO and Iration Steppas) with guest vocal slots from YT, Oova and Iration Steppas vocalist Bunnington Judah, whilst the ladies represent superbly with Warrior Queen, Honey Brown and Portuguese emcee Violet. There’s also Brazillian Dancehall artist Jimmy Luv, and Foreign Beggars who spit fire as always on Stay Seated, which obviously works on some reverse psychology tip cos I certainly found it hard to keep my arse in the chair whilst it was playing.

Remix duties are taken up by Starkey, Kanji Kinetic, fellow Leeds Dubstep don Jack Sparrow and a Dubbed out offering from Techno legend Billy Nasty which certainly come as a pleasant suprise. .

(SS) Sarantis ft Bunnington Judah - Warzone (Billy Nasty RMX) (clip)

Warrior Queen, Jimmy Luv, Oova, Smasha from Sick Sense Cru, Asher Don and Dialect all make an appearance on CD 2 as well, joined by Sunkilla out of Martinique, Leed-ite Dancehall emcees Bongo Chilli and Urban Vox, plus Boxcar, Optimus and M.J. Zilla who pop up on the Sasquatch remix of Who’s The Leader by Brooklyn Avant-Grime proponent Crunk Tesla.

(SS) Ghosttown ft Smasha - What Goes Around Comes Around (clip)

(SS) Sasquatch - Lifes Changin (Rekordah Remix) (clip)

This time remixes arrive courtesy of King Cannibal, MRK1, Bombaman from Canadian Dubstep duo Loetech, Hip-hop experi-mentalist Rekordah and Octa Push who joins his fellow Lisbon native Violet. This is probably my favourite Dubstep albums to drop in a long time, definitely worth grabbing if you like what you've heard so far. Here's a few full tunes from the collection to wet your appetite some more.

(YSI) Sarantis ft Sick Sense Crew - Focus / alt link

(YSI) Sarantis ft Bunnington Judah - One Day / alt link

(YSI) Os Crunc Tesla ft Boxcar, Optimus & M.J.Zilla - Who's The Leader of The Club (Sasquatch Remix) / alt link

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Broadcast Yourself?

Big Up to Robot Koch for schooling us on this guy. Kutiman does incredible YouTube Mash Ups. Merging a sea of amatures into one funky as hell professional band. It's worth checking his website for a proper selection.

This Is What It Became

Babylon Band

We didn't even realise til now either that our boy UK Little Guy has been splicing, dicing and uniting a bunch of YouTube vids in these Mash Up mixes on a similar tip. Check these out.


Vid-hop II

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