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Sub Swara @ Love - This Friday

Anyone in the New York area this Friday would do well to check out the last Sub Swara of the year over at Love on 179 MacDougal Street @ 8th Street. Fort Knox 5 will be there to celebrate the release of their new funked up and bashy album Radio Free DC As will the whole Sub Swara massive - Dhruva, Sunder, Haj, Sharmaji and Juakali.

(YSI) Fort Knox 5 - Killa Sound Boy (Sub Swara Remix)

Also we just noticed this message on the Sub Swara Myspace blog... Buy it first thing tomorrow!

'The first volume of Coup d'Yah Remixes drops this Tuesday Dec. 2! Grab it from the Sub Swara online store and at all fine digital (this is a digital only release) retail stores like iTunes, Beatsource, Boomkat, Addictech and more.

This is one of 3 (potentially 4) volumes of Sub Swara remixes that are being released on Low Motion, and features Fort Knox 5 (Booty Funk DC stunnaz), Ghislain Poirier (Ragga Don of Montreal Bounce le Gros), Heyoka (SF glitch dubber) and DJ C (the Mashit Boston Bounce by way of Chicago kingpin) on remix detail.'

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Raffettie's Rouge Element

Think some bastard might have stolen Wednesday. Or one of those mid-week days that could quite easily be slipped into time's pocket and stowed away to create longer weeks for workers. This might be a good thing for those who already count down the days til the weekend, maybe you already noticed but just weren't willing to say anything. Either way I hope you're happy cos the week's been cut short and once again it's Friday. We didn't even tell you about last Friday's Radioclit gig in Birmingham.yet. Well that's probably blown it, there's far too much to look forwards to in a weekend to start reminiscing about what's already happened on previous ones so in brief.

(YSI) Bonde Do Role - Gasolina (Radioclit Remix)

To be honest, didn't actually manage to catch Radioclit. Who cares though whenRaffertie was taking care of the back room with a jump around, wave your hands in the air and spill your drinks every where like you just don't care type set. Sonically surfing from: Old Skool Rave; to Garage pitched up around the 146bpm mark; to the kind of Dubstep that makes you nod your head so hard you look like a constipated turkey; and into some jump up Jungle. Anybody who's heard his fantastic productions might already have some insight into his teeth clenchingly good blend of bonkers, basslines and bad man. For those who don't (and well okay for those who do still) here's his brand new remix of 'The Hive' by Rogue Element. Watch out though, this is like an attack by Cyborg Killer Bees with Chainsaws, in the best possible way.

(YSI) The Rogue Element - The Hive (Raffertie's S.W.A.R.M. Remix)

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Set Lazers on Bass

Glitchy & Scratchy just reposted their classic Glitch-hop mix 'Lazerbass' with Dewey db -on their MySpace so a perfect opportunity to share it here...

(Direct Link) Glitchy & Scratchy Vs Dewey dB - Lazerbass


01) Ike & Tina Turner - Proud Mary (Liberty)
02) Subvert - Size Does Matter (Dub)
03) Vibesquad - GroundScore (Addictech)
04) Nosaj Thing - 1685 (Dub)
05) Flying Lotus - Tea Leaf Dancers (Low Limit Dark Alleyway No Escape Plan Remix) (dub)
06) Mr. Oizo - $tunts (Flying Lotus Remix) (dub)
07) Tenor Fly & Top Cat - Informa (Dave Seied & Jantsen Remix) (dub)
08) Glitchy & Scratchy - 8 bit Glitch (Integrated Grime Unit dub)
09) JmeJ - Squat Remix (Integrated Grime Unit dub)
10) Glitchy & Scratchy Feat. The Random Henchmen - Anyways (Integrated Grime Unit dub)
11) 50 cent - I get money (Lazer Sword Neon Hot Pockets Remix) (dub)
12) JmeJ - Unknown (Integrated Grime Unit Dub)
13) Glitchy & Scratchy - Embedit (Intgrated Grime Unit dub)
14) Glitchy & Scratchy Feat. Superisk - Dale Duro (Integrated Grime Unit dub)
15) Steve Nalepa - Monday (The Glitch Mob Remix) (Forthcoming Native State)
16) Tipper - Off Kilter (Tippermusic)
17) Vibesquad - Memberz Only (Addictech)
18) NSE - Milkshake (Celestial Dragon Records)
19) Ludacris - Get Back (Glitchy & Scratchy Remix) (Integrated Grime Unit dub)
20) Vibesquad - Janitor (Addictech)
21) Zomby - Splif Dub (Rustie Remix) (Hyperdub)
22) Dj G - Shadow Skanking (Narco Hz)
23) The Antiserum - Top Shottas (Full Melt Recordings)
24) Marlow Feat Bongo Chily - Everyday (Contagious Recordings)
25) Sukh Knight - Born Invincible (True Tiger)
26) Trill Bass - Bring it to you live (Rotton Recordings)
27) Glitchy & Scratchy - What Frank Said (Integrated Grime Unit dub)
28) Ooah - Tubstomper (Addictech)
29) Various Productions - Bun (Various Production)
30) Glitchy & Scratchy - Suicidal Thoughts (Integrated Grime Unit dub)
31) Quarta 330 - Sunset Dub (Hyperdub)
32) Clouds Feat. Tiiu - Under the dancing feet (Argon)

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Gone Money Mad

Those Old Money lot are getting ever more prolific, here's their latest offering...

(ZShare) Santogold - L.E.S. Artistes(Konrad Remix)

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Egads It's Egadz

Couple of videos here from San Francisco-based producer Egadz. First is for his tune 'What We Are Destined To Do'. Whilst in the second 'Music Made With Buttons' he uses elements from the previous track loaded up in his MPD 24 for a little freestyle session.

Egadz - What We Are Destined To Do

Egadz - Music Made With Buttons

Egadz is currently working on a new album and expects to do a few weeks tour in February 2009 to Oakland, Portland, Seattle, Boise, Denver, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Santa Fe and San Diego. If you're in San Fran however you can catch him on December 3 with Lazer Sword and Mochipet at the Puma 60th Anniversary Party.

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Men At Work

We’re not generally in the habit of doing this kind of post, lazy as it may seem it is born from sheer hard graft as we have our nose to the grindstone with various projects. Not to leave you lonely though we thought we’d share some our favourite tracks that have been popping up on Hype Machine, which is at this point in time playing randomly in the background as we knuckle down to it. All the links are direct to the original blogs so make sure you go support them and follow the links for more information on the individual tracks.

(YSI) Don Rimini (ft. Verb) – Pussy Stay On Mind

(Direct Link) Petter (ft. Kihlen) - Min Click (Phatzoo Remix)

Both courtesy of Discobelle

(Direct Link) Santogold - Say Aha (TEPR Remix)

Courtesy of The Docking Station

(Direct Link) Bangladesh - How Do You Feel ? (Drop) feat Muffy

Courtesy of Fluokids

(Direct Link) OCDJ - Woopash

Courtesy of The Heart Attack Club

(Direct Link) Kid Cudi - Day ‘N’ Nite (Juri Hulkkonnen Remix)

(Direct Link) Kid Sister - Pro Nails (Rusko Remix)

Both courtesy of Neonized

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Call Him Mr Curtamos

It pleases us greatly that our favourite Dubstep to grace the Chrome Kids mailbox recently comes from right on our very doorstep here in Cardiff, Wales. These tunes are so big I’m surprised they don’t crash the server at YouSendIt and they’ve been the cause of much complaint from the neighbours at Chrome Mansions, who themselves have to admit they’re more than worthy of such wall wobbling volumes.

Mr Curtamos has already had some killer releases on Abducted and Stupid Fly making his way into the upper reaches of the Juno Download charts. And if the selection he sent through are anything to go by he has many more to go. We’ve included a few of his tracks on the remix tip so you can see what we’re barking on about.

(YSI) Santogold – Creator (Mr Curtamos Refix)

Santogold’s ‘Creator’ pretty much lends itself to Dubstep anyway but Mr Curtamos just adds some final masterful touches for this killer refix.

(YSI) Mr Curtamos – Walk N Skank

On this track he juggles up the Jah Screechy track of the same name that you might recognise from SL2’s seminal ‘On A Ragga Tip’.

(YSI) Mr Curtamos – Heartbroken (link removed, out soon so go buy it!)

Heartbroken takes T2’s original Bassline House bubbler and mutates it into a rip snorting monstrous beast that is guaranteed to ravage any dancefloor.

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Chrome Kids Classics # 1


Think it’s time we started reliving some inspirations and aspirations on this blog. Some of the tracks that have helped to shape the Chrome Kids musical outlook over the years. We move so fast now that some may take issue at how quickly we call classic on some of them, but those people will simply have to keep up.

Now Roots Manuva’s first album was a classic slice of Hip-hop, his second defined him and stands as a milestone in modern music. But it is actually the accompaniment to this album, the remixed package that we dig in for our first taste of history. The SFA remix of ‘Dreamy Days’ was the first track we heard off what is arguably a superior offering to ‘Run Come...’ and although it would be unfair to the rest to say it was our favourite, it does have a special settlement between our memory banks and earlobes.

We have nothing but respect for the fellas from Super Furry Animals. It was Gruff Rhys’ wanderings into the favelas of Brazil that first brought Baille Funk to our attention some years ago, and they have been constant supporters of the Welsh hip-hop scene over the years. Not to mention the fact that they constantly push the accepted boundaries within their own music, not scared to do as they please.

Over recent times they’ve shown more than a passing interest in the Dubstep scene, and it’s not really surprising when you listen to this slice of digital dub that came out back in 2002, just as the term Dubstep was gaining wider useage as the genre’s accepted label. Nowadays it would definitely settle comfortably under that umbrella, as would many of the other tracks off the ‘Dub Come Save Me’ album.

(YSI) Roots Manuva - Dreamy Days (SFA Dub)

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How To 'Be Cool'

The mighty Tomb Crew just hit up their blog with a new track from DZ, the San Franciscan based Canadian Dubstep maestro who has a load of heavy new tracks and remixes forthcoming that you should definitely be keeping your eyes out for. ‘Be Cool’ could well be the tracks warning message to itself as it tries (unsuccessfully) to contain the aggravated electromagnetic waves seething out of it in a serious bout of robo-rage.

(YSI) DZ - Be Cool

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Keep Zeno In Your Sights

Today is Dubstep day I think. Gonna hit you up with a few different dubz throughout the day starting with these two from Zeno out of Denver, Colorado which have just had a free release through his hometown label 5u8.dub , an offspring of the Sub.Mission family.

The first re-thinks Ganja Kru’s ‘Super Sharp Shooter’ in a jump up tech-step style that comes out with all gun’s blazin’.

(YSI) Zeno - Blazin'

The second is a more mellowistic affair, and maybe it’s my subconscious Santa wondering where the damn presents are he’s supposed to be delivering soon, or possibly just the freezing cold weather, but this tune reminds me of a twisted Christmas Eve, bit like in the film Gremlins... except I don’t think Gizmo and co get the upper hand in this version.

(YSI) Zeno - Boxed In

To download both tracks together (either MP3 or FLAC) with artwork in a zip file, or to join the Sub.Mission mailing list go visit them here.

Zeno also hit us up with a new mix which "starts off light but finishes with a solid crash." and features 'digital dubplates' from the likes of HxdB, Widdler, Joint Forces, illumined phonetiks, Yong, & Jaybird. Check the tracklisting here.

(ZShare) Zeno - Water [Studio Mix November 2008]

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Chrome Kids Meet... Playdoe

With their Grime like, glitch ridden, ‘neolectro afrobotic’, party rhyme rockin’ take on Hip-hop, Playdoe are definitely one of the most important groups in the Chrome Kids universe, so it’s only right that our first official interview up on the blog should be with them.

Listening to their music is probably the best way to find out where they’re at now but we wanted to find out more about where they come from. So we dig into the past and politics of their home, South Africa. Although we cut it down some it’s still a fair read for the attentionaly challenged so we suggest picking up a copy of their EP ‘Sibot & Spoek Are Playdoe’ which is out now on Try Harder Records (from iTunes or similar) and have a listen while you read.

Alternatively you can download this incredible mix from The Real Estate Agents, another of Sibot’s projects alongside Markus Wormstorm. It’s a beautifully tripped out glitch fest from a live show they recorded in Paris.

(YSI) The Real Estate Agents Live In Paris

Chrome Kids - There’s one or two artists sneaking through out of SA at the moment such as Mujava and Ben Sharpa, Do you feel you fit into the other stuff coming out of there or are you on a different flex?

Sibot -I would have to say we’re kinda different. Mujava comes from a background of like Afro-house, the Kwaito scene from the township. He wrote a beat that got the attention of the internationals and there’s alot of that music happening, we’re not really a part of that scene, we’re doing more like Electro rap kinda influenced by local rhythms from all over the world, stuff like baille and grime stuff from the UK. And obviously coming from a Hip-hop background, we mash it all together and get this kinda hybrid stuff that we’re working on now.

Chrome Kids - You mentioned about Kwaito, many of the articles about Kwaito say that it is angry music, the name itself being derived from the Afrikaans word Kwaai, meaning ‘angry’.

Spoek – No I don’t think Kwaito means angry

Sibot - for me Kwaito’s very specific, you can tell it a mile away just by the tempo and the tone of it – it’s like Anthem based lyrics on top of really slow house. What I was told about how the Kwaito rhythm came about was from early DJs bringing Garage music from the UK on 45s and playing them at 33, really pitched down and slow and then guys started emceeing over it.

Spoek - I think more than Garage from the UK it was a lot of Chicago House coming out in the 80s, but it’s not even such a tempo slowed down thing anymore. Kwaito’s been going for a good 18 years, and anything which has kind of a house beat with Sutu or Zulu lyrics on it, that is Kwaito. A lot of even the rapping stuff, if it’s straight 16 bar stuff it’s still called like Kwai-hop or something cos it’s related to Kwaito it’s just our style of rapping, But it’s very much not an angry or sad music, it’s block party music, like our version of Baile Funk. Just chant based party stuff. With South Africa being such a crazy fucked up country people can have street bashes and have the best time you know, so it’s not angry at all I don’t think (starts singing some Kwaito lyrics) it’s all about dance crazes, it’s a really happy culture.

Chrome Kids - So how does your music relate? Would you say that’s party music too?

Sibot – Yeah I like to think we can make people party. I love Kwaito, I’m really influenced by it and I make some stuff with other producers in South Africa just cos I love the rhythm but I don’t really come from that background and so I don’t really think I can call what we do Kwaito, cos it’s not the same tempo, it’s not the same background or not the same anything really. The stuff we make is a lot more upbeat, a lot more broken stuff. I’m crazy about rhythms, I like testing different types of rhythms so our music’s all over the place, different triplets and 16 bar shuffle stuff.

Spoek – That was a big thing when I started working with Sibot. I was coming up as an emcee and I thought I could bend my head around stuff, but his rhythms and his sense of rhythm would always fuck me up, and this is years and years of trying to sit on beats and not falling on them properly you know, and then eventually getting it better.

Chrome Kids -So he helped to push you as an artist as well, just riding those different rhythms?

Spoek – Yeah, it got heavy and tricky at a point when I was like 17. But I was young and I think I got better at it definitely.

Chrome Kids - You explained there that Kwaito isn’t really your background, but what are your backgrounds musically? Where does your sound come from do you think?

Sibot – Well as far back as like the beginning of High School, I was into Pearl Jam and Nirvana and had a luminous yellow electric guitar, and I’d learn all the licks, and from there I got into Hip-hop and deejaying cos I was interested in what all the hype was about. And then I got big time into scratch deejaying and Hip-hop producing. I was strictly Hip-hop, going into battles and that kind of stuff but then eventually I found a way to just laugh at myself and not take it so seriously, and that’s when I started not giving a fuck about what I make and just made whatever I felt like on that day. Take a rhythm from some crazy West African 6/8 type of influence and turn it into electronic music in my own way. It’s like, whatever’s out there I’m open to now.

Spoek – Sibot and I come from different parts of Johannesburg and totally different backgrounds and what not. So for me, being Black South African, I grew up on Kwaito, all the early tunes. It’s the most commercial music for young people standard. And then there was also church music, going to church and other kinds of African music from my family in Polokwane. I grew up around that naturally and so it’s definitely an influence, but my brother put me on to Hip-hop when I was like 4 or 5. He was 10 years older than me and it was all NWA, Ice T, Father MC, KRS One, and I was young so I grew up on it pretty hard. After that though I discovered there was a lot more in the world which kinda added to my angles. Then the last couple of years I discovered that Rock music isn’t just a white boy thing and that I can get into whatever I want. But a big influence was actually avante-garde Jazz and abstract jazz stuff, just breaking pattern and not having to be so strict and formulaic with what you do. And then on the flip side of that, understanding patterns and respecting them and the funk that can come out of just a straight loop.

Chrome Kids - Going back to Hip-hop, I remember South African artists like Prophets Of Da City breaking through over here, but were you getting to hear local Hip-hop there too?

Sibot - Before my Nirvana faze I was big into early Hip-hop like Big Daddy Kane, and POC was out then. They had their videos on TV with all the international stuff. I don’t think I particularly liked it, just because I could pick the accent out and I was kind of into the American stuff, but what they were doing was amazing.

Spoek – I once did a show with their Beatboxer and for me it was a huge milestone, to bridge my kinda young spasticness with an old school established beatboxer, and hanging out meeting Shaheen. So yeah they were a huge influence, but also they were from Capetown and the Cape Flats and Sibot and I are from Johannesburg. At that point Capetown was a world apart.

Sibot – Johannesburg had nothing, the Grafitti and everything was in Capetown and I used to see it on TV and kinda just be like ‘what the fuck is that?’ Really intrigued by what was going on there.

Chrome Kids - Was there ever a rivalry?

Sibot – Later on, Jo’burg was way behind I think. Jo’burg’s such a spread out place, there’s no central cluster or unity between artists. You can’t just ride your bike to the guy’s house cos everybody is from so many different places.

Spoek – He’s totally wrong about that, totally wrong. Soweto’s like the biggest ‘community’ community, Diepkloof guys and Dobsonville guys will have like benches and parties. I think things flip, Capetown understood Hip-hop first but once it translated to Johannesburg, like right now if you go to Johannesburg, there’s Sunday sessions every week and there’s strong new artists, young artists, old artists, really killing it.

Sibot – We would have to go into central Jo’burg to get a Hip-hop party and that was cool, really centralized. There’d be emcee battles, but there was nothing between Capetown and Jo’burg at the time from what I saw. Maybe like POC guys would come to Jo’burg for a couple of years and they would do some mic sessions and there’d be the occasional battles, but I think only later on there was competition between Jo’burg and Capetown.

Chrome Kids - A lot of people I know say that South Africa’s a very political place. Would you say that goes for you guys as well or are you trying to move away from that and concentrate on trying to bring the party?

Spoek – No, I want to make music, I want to talk about stuff but a while ago I kinda got bored and disgusted by heavy handedness and getting force fed people’s issues and ideologies so I like to make smart and digestible messages not heavy political, I know that might sound kinda wanky. We come from a really really charged environment where every single thing is political and it’s a spore to the music.

Sibot – We’re forced to be political in a country like that, you have to have a point of view. Growing up in a country like that you’ve been made aware of what kind of country you come from and its history. You’re ingrained in it whether you like it or not. But something which I always believe in is that I don’t like to go up to a party and then force feed people political stuff and try and give them a message, because I don’t like to think of music as being that kind of thing. People like to come out here and forget about their problems and not be force fed other people’s problems.

Chrome Kids - So what’s your vibe on the political situation at the moment with Mbeki stepping down. How do you see the future with Motlanthe and Zuma? Do you think it’s going to get better at all? Or is it just going to get crazy?

Spoek – Kind of a pessimistic view is that it will go crazy and that Zuma’s gonna mean the end of our country and there’ll be civil war but I don’t know, all we can do from this point of view is hope that it’ll be cool. That Motlanthe will hold it down, that Zuma will get prosecuted, cos I think he’s a crook and he should not run our country.

Sibot – No he should not but I think that everything will be fine, and the reason why I say that is cos there’s so many hands in the pot at the moment from all the biggest companies all over the world, and all the big countries. There’s so much invested in our country that it’ll be hard for it to speed wobble out of control at this stage.

Spoek – Yeah but the point is that we might think that big countries are like these benefactor figures but the UK government in a weird sort of way are supportive of Zuma and invited him to their house of Government. He’s a dodgy character but they had a beef with Mbeki so they were playing them off against each other even before anyone won. If you look at civil wars around the world they have been supported by these big European supposed…

Sibot – I don’t mean that what’s happening isn’t being supported, it’s just that the country’s got so much invested in it, as one of the fastest growing economies, that those businesses are gonna make sure that shit doesn’t fall apart. And that’s my belief is that when you’ve got so many people involved and they can threaten to pull and push stuff to influence the country then they’re gonna do that.

Spoek – But I think that’s a bit na├»ve. Look at the Congo, look at Nigeria, look at the big corporations that have their hand there, look at the minerals. When certain people get into power there’s no way of shaking it. I mean diamonds are worth a lot, oil is worth a lot to a lot of people but still things go haywire, because of power, because of maniacs and dictators.

Playdoe have a bunch of new tracks ready to drop so keep checking back on their MySpace. Here’s a little exclusive we got from Sibot, something a bit different from him as he drops on a Dubstep tip with an intense but bouncy jump up track.

(YSI) DJ Sibot – Badman Juice

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Time For The Marvelous Mos Def

Finally picked up a copy of Mos Def's 'marvelous' new single, taken from the muchly anticipated forthcoming album 'The Ecstatic'. Then of course today RCRD LBL offer it up for free download. Grab it now!

Mos Def - Live In Marvelous Times on RCRD LBL

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Nu Soul Old Money

As well as the fantastic mix we put up the other day, the guys at Attorney Street have put us onto another project fromOld Money (Cambridge, Scheme and Konrad), with New York soul crooner Lance Drummonds. It’s called Scareapeutic and it should drop in the next couple of weeks.

They hit us up with a quick preview, a funkified electro swing fest called – The Willies

(ZShare) Old Money - The Willies

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Enter The Dragon

Last night we showed off our roots a little bit and did a Welsh Hip-hop Mix for Rob Da Bank & Friends on BBC Radio 1. The mix is probably the most definitive yet for the Welsh Hip-hop scene and incorporates a wide variety of styles. It also shows that far from being an isolated and backwards country as many people in the rest of the UK, and even some in Wales itself would believe, we have emcees from all over the country, from all over the world infact who have congregated here and helped to add to that rich diversity. There are also some great collaborations by Welsh artists with emcees from California, Philadelphia and London on the mix too. Take a listen, we have also included many of the tracks for download via YouSendIt here as well.

Any questions about the artists or the scene in general then hit me up on

Listen Now: Chrome Kids: Enter The Dragon - Welsh Hip-hop Mix on BBC iPlayer

Tracklisting (and Downloads)

Metabeats / Ralph Rips S**t / Ruffstylz / Mudmowth /CervantisF**k With Me (Radio Edit) (Associated Minds)
Metabeats ft Cesto – ‘Meta’s Cypher’ (Associated Minds)
Qred ft Opus One – ‘Dungeon Siege’ (White Label)
Qred / Joe Blow / 4Dee / Skamma – ‘Lunar Burn’ (White Label)
The Incredible Torture Show – ‘God Told Me To’ (White Label)
Secondson & Humurak D Gritty – ‘Rags’ (SFDB)
Beatbox Fozzy ft Willo Wispa – ‘Tuna Fish’ (Associated Minds)
Metabeats ft Pergyl & Cervantis – ‘Live & Let Live’ (Associated Minds)
Diverse Concepts ft Mind Kontrol – ‘Any Means Necessary’ (White Label)
Y Diwygiad ft Daedelus – ‘W.E.N.G.L.I.S.H.’ (Dockrad)
Ralph Rips S**t ft Dubbledge – ‘Kiss The Guns’ (Associated Minds)
Me One ft Durrty Goodz – ‘Pay Me No Mind’ (Frenemy)
Sweet & Tender Hooligans – ‘I Have Seen’ (White)
Flow Of Thought – ‘I Got My Boyz’ (Flow Of Thought)
Blaktrix ft Vocal Recall – ‘Trouble Trouble’ (Dial Up)
Brigzy – ‘One For The Money’ (White Label)
Hoax Emcee –‘Rhymin’ Son’ (White Label)
Lews Tunes & Nobsta Nutts (Headcase Ladz) – ‘Get What You See’ (Wonky Wax)
Parker & Conrad Watts – ‘Western Soul’ (Good Groove)
Ninjah – ‘Woman In Control’ (White Label)
Ming Dy Nasty & Redeye Knight (Shadow Law) ft Ruffstylz – ‘Damage Done ’ (White Label)
Dead Residents – ‘Smash Robot Vs Pacman Ghost’ (Cuthulu Nation)

If you want a quick idea on what the mix is about then here’s a quick interview between Rob Da Bank and Kaptin that precedes the mix.

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Catch Saturday Night Fever

Not doing well at motivating myself to head out, resigned to listening to some more Mixtapes and having a Saturday afternoon 'Dance & Snack Attack' round the kitchen. Would highly recommend it, download them now and join in.

First up there's this new Old Money mix courtesy of Attorney Street if this doesn't get you moving while you munch then you might well need to check you're still with us.

(Z Share) Old Money - The NYC Tee Promo Mix

They've put this out to promote their new T Shirts which have been designed to help push some of the exciting new artists to emrge from New York for which all profits goes to the youth poetry organisation Urban Word NYC. For more information, to pick up a T shirt or grab a tracklisting for this mix go pay the folks at Attorney St a visit.

(YSI) Skyzoo feat. Wale - Lyrically Inclined (Konrad Gullybuck Remix)

Next up is something of a guilty pleasure i'm afraid but sometimes after checking so much good music you need a little Saturday trash to sing along to whilst rinsing the last of your cupboards remnants into a couple of suspect sandwiches. Now I'm ready to join my fellow Chrome Kids in some futuristic Saturday Night Fever business down at Swn for the next foorseable few hours.

(Send Space) Clinton Sparks & KO The Legend - I'm Not You Rapper (zip)

(YSI) Ting Tings feat. KO The Legend - Shut Up & Let Me Go (Remix)

I do feel kinda dirty after this though, apologies for infecting you.

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Quick T_! Break

Still recovering from last nights Swn adventures, recharging with the help of this brand new T_! Dubstep mix before heading out for round 2.



1. Kulture ft Alys- Ravers Delight (Unknown Dub)
2. Quest- Eden (Deep Medi)
3. Heny G- Delayed Style (Gangsta Boogie Dub)
4. Mala- In Luv (White)
5. Headhunter- Your Say (Tempa)
6. Luke Envoy- So (Tempa)
7. Kulture- Tonite (Ghetto Knowledge Dub)
8. >>Joker & Rustie- Play Doe (Kapsize)
9. Silkie- Sky's The Limit (Deep Medi)
10. OctaPush- Ai Nadia (Unknown Dub)
11. Luke Envoy- M.U.G.E.N (Wonderland)
12. Slaughter Mob- Evergreen (Unknown Dub)
13. Benga- Benga's Off His Head (Tempa)
14. Jah Cure- Deep Within [Macabre Unit Remix] (Ghetto Knowledge Dub)
15. Seven- Siren (Tempa)
16. 16Bit- Texaco (Veri-Lo Dub)
17. 16Bit- PCP (Urban Essentials)
18. Fused Forces- Nail Gun [Suspect Remix] (Unknown Dub)
19. Coki- Bloodthirst (Sub-Freq)
20. Macabre Unit- Whispers (6F.B.S.3 Dub)
21. Skream- Fick (Tempa)
22. Macabre Unit- Pussy (6F.B.S.3 Dub)
23. >>Skream- Filth (Tempa)
24. Caspa- Floor Dem (Digital Soundboy)
25. Macabre Unit- State of Shock (6F.B.S.3 Dub)
26. Chase & Status- Eastern Jam (Ram)
27. Afterdark- Jacobs Ladder (Unknown Dub)
28. Distance- Victim Support (Chestplate)
29. Stenchman- Pull The Trigger (Unknown Dub)
30. Joker- Snake Eater (Soul Motive)
31. Babysham- Black Widow To Spider (Whiteboi Audio Dub)
32. Joker- Tempered (Kapsize)

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The Man Who Would Be King

Chrome Kids favourite Ben Sharpa has just released this re-touch of a track he originally recorded in 2002 with King Pinn, just before the Zimbabwean MC’s untimely passing in May 2003.

One of Zimbabwe’s heaviest and more conscious rappers, King Pinn was born in the UK, where his father was studying at the time. The family moved back to Zimbabwe after Independence, shortly after King Pinn’s birth, so his father could take up the post of Deputy Minister of Agriculture there.

This track was recorded whilst King Pinn was studying at University in Cape Town, where he was active in the local Hip-hop scene, filming a few short documentaries on South African Hip-hop and recording with local crews: The Others; Dungeon Keepers; and Groundworks (Sharpa’s crew).

Although this track is officially unreleased a version did find its way onto the bootleg version of Ben Sharpa’s album B Sharpa which was floating about last year before its official release (without the track) on the Pioneer Unit label recently . Sharpa has added some extra drums, bass and synths for this remix however and it certainly bangs heavy. For more information on King Pinn visit here

(YSI) King Pinn & Ben Sharpa – Live A Little Remix

Here’s a few more original King Pinn tracks including one with his older brother Rassie Ai.

(YSI) King Pinn & Rassie Ai – The King & I

(YSI) King Pinn – King Concepts

(YSI) King Pinn – Centimetre

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Coming Very Swn

As you should know by now we shall be making our debut DJ outing as Chrome Kids at the Swn Festival here in Cardiff, Wales. I've posted about a couple of the artists playing but thought I'd give a special mention to some of the others. They might not all fit into our usual style but this is such a good little festival and these are all such great acts that frankly we had to run a little something. We hope you enjoy them still and if you happen to be in the area, pop in and catch them live.

We have basically included the acts that we shall be going to check out this weekend... other than Skinnyman, Durrty Goodz, Dead Residents, King Cannibal, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Y Diwygiad and Metabeats who we've covered already.

First act I personally want to go check out on Saturday is actually Rhys Ifans rock band The Peth, a band which also features producer / DJ / percussionist extraordinaire Kris Jenkins, the man behind laid back lo fi lunatics Bench and also the lesser spotted but no less incredible Black Music Workshop. Think the singer on their featured track below is also one of The Peth’s backing singers Dionne Morgan formerly of Shubeen, wouldn’t swear to it but certainly carries her diva like stamp of soulful quality.

(YSI) Black Music Workshop – Bones

On Saturday it was supposed to be Chipmunk but unfortunately he had to pull out so the space has justly been filled by Baby J who will be bringing 3 emcees with him apparently but not sure who just yet. With such a heavy line up on his recent Baby Food album such as Fallacy, Alex Blood, Farma G, Million Dan and Low Key though I’m sure heads won’t be disappointed

(YSI) Baby J feat Alex Blood – Wake Up

(YSI) Chipmunk – Who Are You

Also at The Point that same night will be everybody’s favourite one mouth band, Beatbox Fozzy – who has recently been on tour with Dizzee Rascal and is a valuable member of the Associated Minds family who are helping to take care of the first half of the night.

(YSI) Beatbox Fozzy feat Willo The Wisp – Tuna Fish

The second half of the night will be looked after by Drum & Bass night Aperture who have some of their best residents throwing down – Dan Marshall, Ransom & Magenta and of course the mighty mighty High Contrast.

(YSI) Kanye West – Goldigger (High Contrast Remix)

Sunday we shall be checking out Evils courtesy of Kruger Magazine (for whom we recorded our recent Halloween Podcast). Evils first made his name via bootlegs that got picked up by Radio 1 who also gave play to the lead track from his first official EP release ‘The Pig Fucker’ which sampled the male rape scene from Deliverance but still made number 12 in their Radio 1 Festive 50. They have continued to support as have BBC6 and XFM. We look forward to seeing the Wendy house bound beat junkie.

(YSI) Evils - Clean Yourself Up

(YSI) Evils - Micron Funk 2

Then we shall be finishing the night over at The Point again for the Swn closing party being organized in conjunction with Secret Garden Sound System and Sunday Best and featuring: Rob Da Bank, who you might have noticed has invited us onto his Rob Da Bank and Friends Radio 1 show later on in the night to do a Welsh Hip-hop mix; Goldie Lookin Chain; Matt The Hat & The Balkan Bandits; Sportsday Megaphone; and the last ever gig by Genod Droog, a great live band whose members include Y Diwygiad who we featured a couple of days back.

(YSI) Genod Droog - Breuddwyd Oer (feat. Gwyneth Glyn)

(Direct Link) Goldie Lookin' Chains - GLC Parental Warning

(Direct Link) Goldie Lookin' Chains - Draw

There’s plenty of other bands to discover who we’ve never heard of too, all in all should be a great weekend. If you’re interested you can check details on their website –

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Prepare for The Reformation

One of the other groups to perform at Swn is North Waleian rappers Y Diwygiad (The Reformation). One of my favourite groups out of the Welsh speaking crew, although they also flip it and rap in English too. They’ve just sent over a copy of their new album but I’m currently kicking myself cos it arrived the day I moved house and now I can’t find the damned thing. Still I have heard a few tracks off it and I’m pretty confident it’s a killer. Below is a link to a programme that went out the other night on S4C (co-hosted by BBC Radio 1 presenter and Swn curator Huw Stephens) which follows them on a recent trip to LA where they recorded with Daedelus, who seems to have something of a Welsh fetish (and who can blame him). The new album drops this month so make sure you check that out.

They also performed at Daedalus’ album launch party alongside the likes of Flying Lotus and Gaslamp Killer. You can catch them at Swn Festival here in the Welsh capital alongside Metabeats, Chipmunk, Beatbox Fozzy and High Contrast on Saturday night at The Point in Cardiff Bay. Free to Swn wristband holders or £10 without.

Y Diwygiad in LA on Bandit TV (S4C) November 2008

The programme is all in Welsh but if you don’t speak the language, click on the owl symbol and it brings up English subtitles.

(YSI) Y Diwygiad feat. Daedelus – Wenglish

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Electric Waves and Sunshine Memories

Last year I happened to be in Ibiza on the morning of my birthday: standing in the sea at Bora Bora with the July sun beating down; surrounded by some of the most beautiful people in the world; balancing a spliff in the corner of my mouth; wondering what substances I’d ingested the night before that had given everything an electrical technicolour tint; whilst also trying to figure out how I was going to survive there for the next few days without my money and cards, which had all disappeared completely (along with my trousers) sometime during the previous night.

This tune by Kerogen kind of reminds me of that in many ways. Except that if I had some Barrington Levy on hand back then it might have sorted everything out just that little bit quicker. Have a listen and see if you can see where I’m coming from.

(YSI) Kerogen – Like The Sun

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It's Minus 30 Inside

Loving this brand new mix that Brixton Dubstep bad boy Cotti put together whilst on tour in Australia. It features some new and exclusives courtesy of himself and partner in crime Cluekid from their - 30 label (Minus 30) as well as classic favourites of ours such as 'I Don't Give A Dub' ...



(YSI) Cotti - 30 Mix 2008

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Something Pretty Dark

One of the tracks from Florida Hip-hop crew CYNE's latest album Pretty Dark Things just got, well 'pretty dark', as their fellow Floridian Michael Johnson former multi-instumentalist for indie melancholics Holopaw gives the track an almost Grimey, Tech-Step feel. Lovin' it...

(YSI) CYNE - Escape (Michael Johnson Remix)

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Put Your Trust In Chesus & Rodski

Only a week til the Swn festival and our official DJ premiere as the Chrome Kids. Still have a bit more info to post about the weekend but one of the nights I’m looking forwards to most is High Contrast, Y Diwygiad, Beatbox Fozzy, Metabeats and Chipmunk at The Point on Saturday night (15th).

For those who aren’t aware of Metabeats, he produced one of the stand out hip-hop albums last year with Metaphysical on the Associated Minds label. Here though he shall be doing a DJ set and I’m not sure what kind of set he’ll be playing but he’s currently smashing up clubs round our way under the name Chesus playing a mix of Baltimore, Garage, House, Juke, Fidget and Baile. Not only this, but he has collaborated with Rodski out of the Skinny White Boys to put together a phat selection of dancefloor fillers to suit the vibe of their DJ sets. Check some of their more Baltimore outings below and go visit them at their Chesus & Rodski Myspace.

(YSI) Chesus & Rodski – Inner Good Mood

(YSI) Benga – 26 Basslines (Chesus & Rodski Waistline Mix)

(YSI) Chesus & Rodski – Doobiemore

And their remix of a classic baile funk track…
(YSI) Edu K – Sexomatic (Chesus & Rodski Refix)

and for good measure, he's one of their new mixes as well.

(Z Share) Chesus & Rodski Vote Eli Mixtape

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You Should All Bmore Kool

Bit tricky to post regularly at the moment as have just moved house and so I'm still hijacking my new neighbour's wireless (thank you Richard, whoever you may be) on my girlfriend's lap top. Should be back up and running properly in the next week or so though. For the moment here's the latest goodie to drop in our inbox (I have a few more stacked up don't worry) and it's a Baltimore re-rub of 'Let Me Clear My Throat' courtesy of Austin based dj / turntablist / producer - Prepmode.

(Direct Link) Prepmode - Bmore Kool

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Who The Ras?

Blazing and bumping fresh mix here courtesy of Ras G from the Brainfeeder family...

(YSI)Ras G - Dj Ba-Ras Smoke-Baaaama Mix

If you haven't yet picked up the Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program album 'Ghetto Sci Fi' then you can do so here. And if you happen to be in California this weekend then you can catch the whole of the Brainfeeder crew as Flying Lotus takes the party home with Ras G and Samiyam alongside himself and specal guests Daedelus, Switch, Kode 9, Martyn, Hudson Mohawke, and The Gaslamp Killer.

Friday 7th November

Echoplex, 1154 Glendale Blvd., Los Angeles
Doors open at 10 p.m., $14 advance, $16 at the door, 18+

Saturday 8th November

103 Harriet, San Francisco
Doors open at 9 p.m., $15 advance, 21+

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