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Lorn - Nothing Else (Video)

LORN : NOTHING ELSE from StrangeLoop on Vimeo.

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Keep It On The DL

Our boy Mikee Woo has been putting in work on the Cardiff club scene for time now and has just set up a new Tuesday night at Buffalo called Signature that is set to make us very happy. This Tuesday coming (1st June) he's got New York Future Garage master Falty DL in the place so we've been busting out his tracks full volume here at Chrome Mansions to get us over hyped. Plus there's support from Don Leisure, Mr Healan and Paul B so looks like the Bank Holiday weekend has just been extended to Wednesday.


Download: The xx - Islands (Falty DL Remix) / alt link

Don Leisure x Mr Healan - You got more v1 by Don Leisure

Download: Don Leisure - May 2010 Mixtape

Mikee's mash up crew Astrosnooze have also just dropped a new selection of hybrid floor fillers. We gave you their fantastic Martyn / Empire Of The Sun blend a while back but here's a couple of our favourites, or you can grab the whole album here.

Download: Astrosnooze - Sunshower Focus (MIA V Sub Focus) / alt link

Download: Astrosnooze - Beethoven Flex (Dizze Rascal V Soulwax) / alt link

Download: Astrosnooze - Cuzzy Warp (Sub Focus V Vampire Weekend) / alt link

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Chrome Kids, Daly City & Man Bites Unite to Form: MAGICAL BASS

Courtesy of Daly City Records, Chrome Kids and Man Bites Blog, DJ 0.000001 (AKA Th' Mole) presents Magical Bass, on Brooklyn Radio, where the hardest-hitting, most futuristic, most bass-blurpingest beats in the universe wrangle with psychedelically tweaked vocals and freaked-out alien synths, all of which is compressed and fast-forwarded into a furious explosion of robo-rap lazer-blap glitch-core heaven! Featuring exclusive remixes and edits by grandblaster DJ 0.000001, and mini-mixes by special guests, Magical Bass is not just a radio show, but an original 45-minute long musical composition, scientifically designed to make you smarter, healthier and happier, and guaranteed to make even your mother move!

Always one to go the extra mile, DJ 0.000001 has set up a SoundCloud page ( where listeners can download high quality MP3's of each episode (minus the voiceovers) as well as many of the individual tracks featured in each show!

Episode 1 is a special one-time-only hour-long episode chock-full of exclusives, featuring Das Racist, Mochipet, EPROM, The Flying Skulls, Spankrock, Ddamage, ill.gates, and many more. You can stream or download right now, along with a number of other cool shows, at, or if you prefer, you can access and subscribe to the show via RSS (podcast) or iTunes. (Links below.)

Episode #1 Tracklist:

01. Das Racist "Who's That? Broooown! (DJ 0.000001 Remix)"

02. Deceptikon ft. Mochipet "Master P On Chords & Coffee (DJ 0.000001 Remix)"

03. Yo! Majesty "Night Riders (DJ 0.000001 Edit)"

04. "Angel Claw (DJ 0.000001 Edit)"

05. EPROM "Shoplifter (DJ 0.000001 Edit)"

06. DJ 0.000001 ft. R. Kelly & Jeremih "Earth Day Sex"

07. Larry Tee "Clap That Ass (DJ 0.000001 Edit)"

08. DJ 0.000001 "We All Fall Down (Instrumental)"

09. MC Cullah "Rocket Into The Future (DJ 0.000001 Remaster & Edit)"

10. The Flying Skulls vs. Spankrock "Club Killer (DJ 0.000001 Remix)"

11. Rokhausen "Chickenhed Dub (DJ 0.000001 Remix)"

12. Rokhausen "Cafeteria Sex (DJ 0.000001 Remix)"

13. Ddamage "Sign My Name ft. Tes (DJ 0.000001 Edit)"

14. DJ 0.000001 "Start Rapping Here"

15. Tech N9ne "Show Me A God (DJ 0.000001 Edit)"

16. Noah 23 "This A Way That A Way (DJ 0.000001 Extended Mix)"

17. Filastine "Hungry Ghosts (DJ 0.000001 Remix)"

18. Jamie Foxx "Straight To The Dance Floor (DJ 0.000001 Chipped Up Remix)"

19. ill.gates ft. Mochipet "Robot Dunk Juice (DJ 0.000001 Edit)"

20. Rainbow Arabia "Harlem Sunrise (DJ 0.0000001 Extended Edit)"

21. DJ Steve Porter ft. Kat Williams "Weed Remix (DJ 0.000001 Remaster & Edit)"

22. DJ 0.000001 ft. Oskar Ohlson "Magical Bass Theme"

Magical Bass on Brooklyn Radio:

Magical Bass on SoundCloud:

Magical Bass/Daly City RSS feed (Blog + Podcasts):

Magical Bass/Daly City iTunes feed: pcast://

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Another One Bites....

How many times have we heard the story? Just before a festival is due to start, the police come in like early mafiosi and demand double the 'protection money' or the festival doesn't go ahead. If it's not that (which is the most common tactic) it's some kind of bullshit new restrictions which they've uncovered or rushed through that means the festival can't happen. I've been hearing these stories since Tribal Gathering a few years back, we were just on our way down to play a day or so early when we got told it was shutting down. It's bad enough that Festivals have to deal with mud and flood damage but to be sent, often into bankruptcy by the powers that be in such a cold calculated manner is beyond despicable. The latest in this line of casualties is Glade Festival. Hopefully it shall return next year but there's no doubt it would have been a hefty blow being essentially blackmailed out of this year's event.

We were supposed to be helping host a Glade Launch Party at Cardiff Arts Institute this Friday but instead we shall be having a Glade Memorial party with DJ sets from Doc Daneeka, Pirate Soundsystem and Clowncore King - Ed Cox.

Speaking of our hard working, hard drinking Welsh amigo, Doc Daneeka. He's provided the latest podcast from XLR8R, who have been a strong supporter so far. Strong Tropical, House, Techno, Dubstep and Future Garage flavours throughout and a fine warm up to both our event on Friday and his first US Appearance in Brooklyn, New York on June 4th.

Download / Listen: Doc Daneeka - XLR8R Podcast

And actually, speaking of Glade, we've been after a remix of Sabotage ever since somebody at the Arcadia stage played it last year. This Sunday just gone, someone else who happened to be at Arcadia at the same time told us it was an Alex Metric remix and then today, this copy of it was magically tweeted by the good guys at Ohh! Crapp. We love it when a plan comes together, especially when we haven't planned anything.

Download: Beastie Boys - Sabotage (Alex Metric Re-Edit) / alt link

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Jahcoozi - Barefoot Dub (Video)

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Alot More Than Just Football In Cape Town

Only 2 more weeks to the World Cup and already football fans are bravely sporting their Engish Football tops here in the Welsh Capital. Whilst on the other side of the world where kick off is due to take place.... this is happening!

Jam Jar - Sync into the Sun by baka

and this...

Download: Liver - Lethargy / alt link

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Go Kill Yourself

Always taking things one step further, High Rankin uses rather ungentlemanly tactics in his latest beatdown by kicking you in the face whilst your down on the floor laughing. Bastard. The punches come thick and fast too but to perhaps soften the blow or maybe as the coup de grace on his UFC style mix, he is giving away the first track here as a free download. It's not quite a consolatory pint but it does make the big man come off as a fairly decent chap. Kinda like Nino Brown giving away free turkeys at Christmas in New Jack City... oh yeah he's also re-launching his label Suicide Dub with a compilation of his dodgy mates. The music's amazing but you wouldn't want them round your nan's house.

High Rankin presents Soapy Tit Rank (May 2010 mix) by High Rankin


The News At 10 with Hugh Rankin
1. High Rankin - Suicide Dub 2.0 (Available for free 320 download here>>>
2. Flux Pavilion - Got To Know
3. Gramaphonedzie - Why Don't You (High Rankin & Evolve Or Die Remix)
4. 501 - Echo In My Head
5. Dreadzone - Gangsters (Trolly Snatcher Remix)
6. Laid Blak - Red (Chasing Shadows Remix)
7. Nero - Innocence
8. Delerium - Silence (High Rankin & Evolve Or Die Remix)
9. Alexis K - Violetta (Forthcoming on Suicide Dub)
10. Boy 8-Bit - The Keep
11. Lil Silva - Seasons
12. Evolve Or Die - Wheel And Come (Forthcoming on Suicide Dub)
13. Roby Howler - Basement
14. Mindflow - Switched (Cutline remix)
15. Cliffhanga (Megilano) - Landmines (Forthcoming on Suicide Dub)

High Rankin - Suicide 2 Point Oh by Underdogs

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Thank F**k It's (Nearly) Friday

As we mentioned before, we're involved in this great venue here in Wales called the Cardiff Arts Institute. So far the weekend nights we've been booking in have been major fun and really successful. Fingers crossed this weekend should be another big one. Not only do we have the new signing to Rob Da Bank's Sunday Best label Sound Of Rum, headed up by super slam poet Kate Tempest on Saturday. But Friday we have some friends, family and f**king fantastic DJs who should be only too familiar to you lot.

Pangaea is one the most exciting producers in Dubstep right now and is part of the new guard really pushing the sound forwards. His releases on Hessle Audio (as well as others), a label he runs alongside Untold incorporate a soulful infusion of UK Funky, Garage and Techno and have helped make it one of today’s most progressive Dubstep labels. He is also a highly acclaimed DJ, with Mary Anne Hobbs calling his BBC Radio 1 mix "texturally one of the most exquisite mixes of the year … breathtakingly beautiful in every way".

Listen / Download: Pangaea - BBC Radio 1 Mix

Central Spillz are a lively Dubstep crew from Bristol who have helped to show that the MC can remain just as important as the producer in the scene. Working with some of the city’s top names such as Joker and Ginz, as well as their own inhouse producers Superisk and Sam Interface they switch up from party flows to thought provoking lyrics with an engaging energy between them that seems to be missing amongst many of todays MCs.

Central Spillz - How We Roll (Joker Production) by Central Spillz

Our boy Monky has been an integral part of Cardiff’s music scene for many years since his days with top turntablist crew Optimas Prime. Along with long time partner in crime Stagga he has helped to project the city’s Dubstep scene into the wider world and his forward thinking productions have found favour with the likes of N Type, Starkey and Jamie Vex’d.

May 21st: Monky - Hypa Nova (clip) by cardiffartsinstitute

Drokkr has been flying the flag high (sometimes it seems even solo) for the Irish Dubstep fraternity with some of the gnarliest, gut ripping tunes going. Recently signed up to DZ’s Badman Press label, he has been stepping away from strictly 140bpm filth into Bass heavy Glitch hop territory and will be rinsing out all his productions for us here.

Days Like These - clip by DROKKR

Adam Corner is one of those increasingly rare DJs who plays completely in the moment so you never quite know what’s going to come out of the bag, but you are guaranteed it’s always going to be just the right tune. From his time shifting vinyl behind the Catapult Records counter to his articles in Kruger Magazine (RIP) and nights such as Wonky Disco, he has always had his finger on the pulse and been an influential figure in the Welsh music scene.

Opening times 10pm - 4am
£2 before 11pm (Free With Regulars Card) // £4 After

More listening...

Friday May 21st by cardiffartsinstitute

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Orange Mountain Gorillas

The man on so many peoples lips at the moment brings his first
album to the table on Mad Decent the label run by Diplo. I know
that some internet forum warriors opinion on his recent releases
have be coming in from all angles but who listens to those guys
anyway, eh?

If you know Rusko and his music you should know at this stage that
recently he is not afraid to take risks and OMG is no exception.
He seems to want to show listeners that is still having fun with
his production, while still trying to have something for the
people that are not full on electronic purists. He also manages
to find a way to a show some of the sounds that influence him.

The production, as to be expected from him is spot on. This can't
even be brought in question to be honest. There are moments on OMG
that make you think "what's going on here?" but they still manage
to gel with the album. As an album, this works very well but I'm
not so sure how some tracks would have stood up for Rusko to
release as individual tracks. One thing this album shows us is
versatility as a producer of both underground bass music and of
modern pop music. Love him or hate him, you can't deny what Rusko
does is being done very well.

Download: Rusko feat. Gucci Mane - Got Da Groove / alt link

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As We Tempah

As Tinie Tempah enters down a dodgy but possibly lucrative path, trying to pass out an inferior doppelganger of his massive hit as the next single, we can be thankful for small mercies such as this little flex over the absolutly monsterous new Nas & Damian Marley single... plus he's got his other voice back too.

Download: Nas & Damian Marley - As We Enter (Tinie Tempah Remix - 128kbps) / alt link

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Time To Fling A Little Mud Up In This Mutha F**a

Just had some good news that we shall be rocking the massive Bassline Circus dome again at Glastonbury Festival (in the Shangri La area). We loved it last year we had stage invasions the lot it was sheer mentalism, however Stagga couldn't make it and was sorely missed. This time around we shall be rocking with full crew plus a few special guests at 1am on Friday night / Saturday morning so if you happen to be in a Somerset field nearby drop in and see us. Also Stagga will be rocking a solo set a few hours later so expect to be out all night / weekend.

Speaking of our prodigal bredren, here's a video he put together for his new tune. Plus this week you can finally pick up a copy of Timewarp thanks to the forward thinjing fellas at Robox Neotech (digital only but Vinyl coming throgh Sonic Lodge soon).

Stagga - The Dragon by Chrome Kids

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Bassnectar On Seek & Destroy Mission

Funny how some bands get properly arsey about sampling still. If it wasn't for Hip-hop it would probably have taken me a whole lot longer to venture into my father's jazz collection, and many a great band has been discovered due to seeking out a sneaky sample. Part of it is translating the material into a language the new listener can understand. Once that barrier has been broken down it makes the next conversation, that could be alot more intense, a hell of a lot easier to digest. For example, I've never been a Metallica fan. It's not that I don't like or respect them, they just weren't in my radar growing up and so my tastes were defined by different cultural markers. However I have been a massive Bassnectar fan for a while now (essentially the music represents the combination of a number of my youthful music loves) and with his latest bootleg he has translated Metallica's Seek & Destroy just perfectly into a headbanging, foot stomping slice of pure unadulterated Crunk Rock.

Download: Metallica - Seek & Destroy (Bassnectar Remix) / alt link

You can share this track with your peoples directly from the Bassnectar Website and also join up to the email list so you can be even more on it with new releases than we are.

We've also been sent this rather epic gift in the shape of Glitch Mob's new remix for French Electro producer Krazy Baldhead. Rolling in at 9 minutes long, this is probably where Funkadelic would be now if George Clinton had discovered computers instead of crack, only without the rainbow headed genius on vocal duty.

Download: Krazy Baldhead - The 4th Movement (The Glitch Mob Remix) / alt link

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Something In The Way

I think far too many people are overlooking the fact that South African duo Biscope are producing some of the most enjoyable Dubstep bootlegs out there. They've got some great chilled ones in their Lovestep range, some dancefloor fillers and now something a touch more dark and broody as they take on a classic Nirvana track in a marmite style move that will make you love it or hate it. Not hard to know what side of the jar we're sitting on though.

Something In The Way (Biscope Boot) by biscope

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Feel Like A Numan

We've been absolutely loving the latest Numan release Skull Crusher, especially the remix from Capricorn One aka Elucid and El Carnicero. They've taken the original Dubstep track and flipped it into the kind of pimped out space age sounds for your lowriding hover car that almost feels like hearing Kool Keith's Dr Octagon album for the first time. You can pick up a copy of the EP over at Juno but those nice fellas at Seclusiasis have dropped us an exclusive remix for you all from SDUK (whose Clunge EP also dropped on the label last week).

Download: Numan - Skull Crusher (SDUK Remix)

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