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Keep It Surreal

Paul White has kindly hit us up with this track from his superb new album The Strange Dreams of Paul White, it's a funked up fest of haunting ethereal vocal samples, twisted synths and driving Dillafied beats.

Check out and pick up a copy of the album (inc the handmade pillowcase CD version) over at his website you can also get copies of his first two singles for free.

(YSI) Paul White - Alien Nature (Extended Version) / alt link

You might have already caught the track on Paul's Mix for Mary Anne Hobbs back in January (which you can grab here) or on this fantastic mix from Take aka Sweatson Klank which was posted up on the Brainfeeder website recently. An expertly navigated journey through the worlds of dubbed out 2Step, off-key digitally mutated Hip-hop and rather surreal Jazz Psyche.


Whole Earth Rainbow Band- My Lady
Floating Points- KGBeat
Martyn - Feel Me
Kalbata feat. Clapper Preist- Solution
Paul White- Hustle (Bullion rmx)
2tall- Ritual
Mr. Beatnick- Fill me Jesus
Wally- Nolan
Jack Wilkins- Red Clay
Mort Garson- 3500
Horace Silver- Open up your Senses
Ramp Recordings - Maintain (Mike Slott Reewerk)
2tall- Ether
Profisee x Eprom - What it seems
Griffi - Obsceno
Jack Dejohnette - Picture 4 (SWEATSON KLANK MIX)
Solar Plexus- Lace
Giorgio Gardini - Plagal
Jan Hammer- Earth
Flying Lotus- Galactagon
Starkey- Miracles (Jamie Vex’d Rmx)
Flying Lotus - Riot ( TAKE aka SWEATSON KLANK Rmx )
Architeq- Oddessy
Fulgeance - Sour Soca ( SWEATSON KLANK Snake Charmer mix)
Paul White- Alien Nature
Little Dragon- After (Floating Points Rmx)
Teebs -My Whole Life
Eddie Kendricks - Intimate Friends
TAKE aka SWEATSON KLANK - Soul Particles

And if you're likin' this then be sure to check out some other mixes from one of the other memebers of the Brainfeeder family, Martyn. There's 3 mixes that he's crafted for various radio shows up on his 3024 World blog at the moment, which anyone who loves the blissfully intense beats on his Great Lengths album as much as we do will most definitely appreciate and anyone who hasn't yet gone out and bought a copy will no doubt be inspired to do so. Below is his mix for Gilles Peterson but you can pick all 3 up here.

(Direct Link) Martyn - Gilles Peterson Guest Mix (Broadcast 7 May 2009)


Cooly G – ‘Love Dub Refix’ (Hyperdub)
Roy Davis Jr. – ‘About Love’ (Classic)
Actress – ‘Hazyville’ (Prime Numbers)
Roska – ‘Gone To A Better Place’ (Roska Kicks & Snares)
Erobique – ‘Arf Patzo’ (Mirau Music)
Martyn – ‘For Lost Relatives’ (Aus Music)
Martyn – ‘Phone Lines’ (3024)
Flying Lotus – ‘Disco Balls’ (Hyperdub)
Slum Village – ‘Disco’ (Capitol Records)
Waajeed – ‘Tron’ (Bling47)
Martyn – ‘Natural Selection’ (Flying Lotus’ Cleanse Mix) (3024)

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June's Already Here

Fresh tune here from South Bronx native June as he joins forces once again with The Soundmen to drop Pop The Glock, a reworking of Uffie's slick Electro pop track with the same name. The track's taken from June's upcoming Mix EP F.A.M.E. Vol. 1 - All Mixed Up released on June 2nd.

(YSI) June - Pop The Glock / alt link

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Caught Red Handed

Those who can remember as far back as our third ever post might recall a heavyweight track from Munich producer Sepalot featuring Brooklyn bad boy rapper Saigon. Did It Again was off Sepalot's Red Handed album, a twisted blend of Electro Breakbeats and Hip-hop that came out late last summer and a couple of months back he released Part 1 of his Red Handed Remixes from the likes of AC Slater, Rob Threezy and Hanzolo. Now it's time for Part 2 as LAZRtag, Barletta, Zed Bias, and Migumatix Electrofunk amongst others step to the boards to give their own interpretations. The EP will be out on June via those fine purveyors of Nu Jazz and Electronic music Compost Records.

Here's one of the tracks off the compilation and a short mix featuring a selection from both Parts 1 and 2.


1. Jump Too ft. Olivier Day Soul & Hanzsolo (Sepalot Remix)
2. Go Get It ft Lady6 (AC Slater Remix)
3. Surrender ft. Blu (Barletta Remix)
4. She Likes Me ft. Frank Nitty (Rob Threezy Remix)
5. Did It Again ft. Saigon (Zed Bias Remix)
6. Go Get It ft. Lady6 (LAZRtag Remix)
7. Jump Too ft Olivier Day Soul & Hanzsolo

And a couple of cheeky bootleg remixes also...

(YSI) Rye Rye ft MIA - Bang Bang (Sepalot Remix) / alt link

(YSI) Iconz - Get Crunked Up (Sepalot Remix) / alt link

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Stinking Gutf**ker Of A Mix

Big and brutal with a sideline in bounce is the general order of the day with this Dubstep mix from Stenchman although there is moments of depth and reflection which stop it from being too relentless.... still damn stinkin'though.

(MF) Stenchman - The Stink Mix 3: Salirophilia


1. stenchintro 2. stenchman - gutfucker (vip) 3. lil wayne - a milli (stenchman rmx) 4. cardopusher - gibold 5. skream - aggyface 6. stenchman - licking the envelope 7. benny page - step out (vip) 8. eskmo - harmony 9. outkast - bombs over bagdad (stenchman rmx) 10. marchmellow - real simple 11. justice timberlake - wheres my starship 12. stenchman - cow story 13. emalkay - when i look at you 14. bar 9 - malicious tactics (vip) 15. suspect + switchdubs - rotary 16. flux pavillion - bad dj 17. the streets - blinded by the lights (nero remix) 18. skream - metalick 19. prodigy - breathe (numbernin6 rmx) 20. stenchman - vagitarian meal 21. unitz - the drop (vip) 22. burial - archangel (bootyleg) 23. mrk1 - talk to frank 24. stenchman - coceck 25. mia - galang (dz rmx) 26. stenchman - so beatnik 27. benny page + zero g - ruffneck 28. stenchman - sick bay 29. reso - beasts in the bassment 30. riz mc - radar (sukh knight rmx) 31. nas - made you look (stenchy rmx) 32. j@kes - justice 33. stenchman - distress signal (vip) 34. mark omen ft lupen crook - eyes wide shut 35. stenchman - everything

(YSI) Stenchman - Gutfucker / alt link

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Passion Pit - Sleepyhead (JazZstePpa Remix)

Good to have an excuse for us to include a bit of Passion Pit up on here, thanks Jazzsteppa.

(YSI) Passion Pit- Sleepyhead (JazZstePpa Remix) / alt link

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Enlightened Non-Billionaires Club

Alot of rappers are now starting to get over there fear of Dubstep, only takes a few bootlegs before they realise you don't have to go double time or Grime style to make it work. Elucid is one rapper that has no fear whatsoever in stepping to any type of riddim and this time he's murking a Joker track, who's moody frustrated production is a perfect bed for Elucid to lay down some of his own economic frustrations. My Mayor is a Billionaire is taken from the Brooklyn bass fiend's forthcoming Sub Bass Diet project.

(YSI) Elucid - My Mayor Is A Billionaire / alt link

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Mini Mixing It Up

A mini mix of sub bass heavy, glitchy Hip-hop grinders here for you courtesy of Chip Chop, a live production and percussion duo made up of Graintable from Portland (OR) and AD/AM out of Lake Tahoe (CA). 10 tracks of filthiness that does kind of feel like one long and rather intense 20 minute tune, but not necessarily in a tedious way.

(YSI) Chip Chop Mini Mix / alt link


00:00 - The Edinburgh
03:00 - Untitled & Unfinished
04:08 - Untitled & Unfinished
05:58 - Puking Rainbows
08:20 - Untitled & Unfinished
09:10 - Los Gorditos
13:03 - Solid Gold Nunchucks
16:00 - FPFTF
18:27 - Untitled & Unfinished
19:27 - Launch Blank

The duo are set to be featured on this summer's Motion Sickness compilation from the fantastic Run Riot Records. So if you're feeling this keep an ear out for that one.

Also on a similar tip, we have been absolutely killing a track called Beba, which is the new single from PANTyRAID (aka Glitch Mob's Ooah and West Coast compadre Marty Party) dropping on Marine Parade at the end of next month, it's B Side Get The Money is also fastly growing on us. Both of them are a touch more Dubstep then the Glitch Mob material but Beba still retains those Crunk-ish overtones, helped even further on this mini mix that featured on Mary Anne Hobbs' show a couple of weeks back by fusing it with a Lil Jon accapella.

(MF) PANTyRAID Mini Mix on Mary Anne Hobbs (via ASOTHTSY)


Upset / Beba Mashup (with Lil John Acapella)
Worship the Sun’
Headcase (with Ray Cash ‘Sex Appeal’ Acapella)
Enter The Machine

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Bank Holiday Bangers & Mash Ups

The Bank Holiday Weekend has got off to a blazin' start here in Cardiff, both weather and night wise. Kicked off Friday with French Mash-up pioneers Loo Placido who've been literally mashing up the scene since back in '99 including making a bunch of tracks for the MTV Mash show, one of which Madonna performed live at one of her concerts. It's a scandal they're not better known over here but luckily Glo Bar was rammed to the rim and were more than impressed by the sounds emanating from two sets of mysterious shining red eyes bobbing around behind the decks.

They also hit us up with a copy of their latest mixtape, here tis...

(Direct Link) Loo & Placido Electronic Popstar Killers (zip)

(YSI) Loo Placido - Rainbow Warrior / alt link

(YSI) Loo Placido - Beat The Bass / alt link

Last night played a bit of back to back with Matt The Hat at his Small Weekend micro festival alongside Dead Residents, Dubious and Derwyddon Dr Gonzo. Think the funniest part was watching a few rugby lads who must have wandered in by accident and got extremely offended at The Doctor from Dubious shouting out 'I f**king hate you, you Welsh c**ts' during his performance (all just part of the act fellas). Derwyddon Dr Gonzo responded later with 'twll tyn cob sais' (basically 'up yours to the English' in Welsh).

(YSI) Dead Residents - Dibby Dibby Deejay / alt link

(YSI) Dubious - You Bitch / alt link

Was a great night but slightly gutted about missing Rico Tubbs Vs Mickey Slim which was over in Glo again but managed to catch them both at an after party and I'm pretty certain there'll be plenty future face offs to come. If you haven't got a copy of Rico's Remix album yet then make sure you pick up a copy, here's a mix of tracks from it by the man himself that should let you know why. The album is part one in a series of 4 apparently so can't wait to hear the rest. Did have a mix due from Mickey as well but he's been locked away working on his own album that should be finished pretty soon. Sure we'll get one off him for you before too long though.

(MF) Rico Tubbs: Knuckle Sandwich Remixed - Mix


1.Rico Tubbs : Work This (The Teks Remix)
2.Rico Tubbs : The Party (Breakdown Remix)
3.Rico Tubbs : Born 2Bounce (Supra 1 Remix)
4.Rico Tubbs : Ghetto Funk Baby (Jaksaw Remix)
5.Rico Tubbs : Slap The Bass (Audio Stalkers Remix)
6.Rico Tubbs : It Gets No Better (Udachi Remix)
7.Rico Tubbs : Hot Girls Dope Boys (B.Rich Remix)
8.Rico Tubbs : Ghetto Funk Baby (High Rankin Remix)
9.Rico Tubbs : Gangsters (Tes La Rok Remix)
10.Rico Tubbs :Gangsters (Muffler Remix)

Tonight it's off to an open mic jam hosted by Shadow Law (aka Ming Dynasty and Redeye Knight). Ming's gonna be flinging down some of his deadly beats for whoever wishes to jump on the mic and ride them. The fellas will be up there doing their thing also. If anyone has a plan for tomorrow though let us know.

(YSI) Redyeye Knight (Shadow Law) - Walk Da Walk / alt link

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Bass To Splat Your Face

We're just finalising the artwork and sending out the preview copies of Stagga's new Fre-Relase EP due to drop on July 4th (after zwolf's on June 5th), we also have an exclusive remix of an EP track (or rather prequel) for bloggers to put up before hand... however this track isn't it! It's not on the EP either but it should certainly wet your appetites, it's down right monstrous.

(YSI) Stagga ft Y Dot, Tzer and JB - Face Get Splat / alt link

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Soldiering On

Contender for album of the year has to be DJ Vadim's U Can't Lurn Imaginashun out on BBE. With an already impressive back catalogue of beefed up digital beats featuring a wide range of worldwide talent, and in the face of a whole string of adversities including his recent battle with eye cancer, this album is most definitely a case of lion going from strength to strength. For us one of the stand out tracks is the mix of acoustic reggae vibes and tongue trippin' rhymes that make up the track Soldier, a refix of the track Soldat by Ukrainian duo 5Nizza, with added phat beats and additional vocals from Big Red (not to be confused with the British rapper of the same name) out of seminal French Ragga Hip-hop crew Raggasonic.

(YSI) DJ Vadim ft. Wretch 32, Kyza and Orifice Vulgatron - Soldier (The Last Skeptic Re Re Remix) / alt link

We're not sure exactly how much has changed from the original remix (are you confused yet?) but it seems that the UK version keeps hardly anything from the original, which is a shame but then with emcees such as: new Grime golden boy, Wretch 32; Kyza, who seems to have made it his mission to out do the rest of his former Terra Firma family (and is doing a good job at it too); and of course the mighty Orifice Vulgatron from Foreign Beggars, it stands up as a strong seperate track in it's own right. As the name suggests this is a remix of the remix (of the refix) in a UK Garage meets UK Funky (meets UK Hip-hop) style from The Last Skeptic, who has graced us with some incredible versions of various tracks lately (Marina & The Diamonds, Mongrel) and is just finishing off an album of them at the moment.

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Those Belgian Bass monsters Herrmutt Lobby have put together a digitally dubbed out Mega-hop beat bashing mash down of marvelousness, with this new mix to launch their album alongside worthy LA wordsmith Non (aka Non Diagetic from Shadow Huntaz) with whom they've previously collaborated on Vampires, the stand out track from their Bassfudge Powerscones EP on Eat Concrete.

(Direct Link) Herrmutt Lobby Album Launch Mix


00.00 splash screen
00.13 kiiroi kon'bou
02.13 bruised bonus
03.50 im lost
05.25 miamiga (cupp cave)
07.33 im in
09.00 magic men
10.55 welcom to hell
13.12 fresh bruises
15.30 saved (cupp cave)
16.58 save that shitfresh bretzel mix
19.59 quincy jones & bill cosby - hikky burr (mix master mike remix
)20.41 goto80_-_cia iming
22.09 kaspar vs jakzen - whydeny (toga-party-mweslee-remix)
23.08 1000names - never remix + sample from michael jakson - moonwalker.sega genesis
24.37 cupp cave - palmtree panic
26.40 gajah & herrmutt lobby - death wich
28.20 cupp cave - golden Axe
29.15 d-frost beats - data-bwoy - t pt 5 fat
30.53 container - turkish draught
32.51 squeaky lobster - flying rupies
35.14 bullion - get familiar
37.16 venus gang - love to fly
38.21 the prototype! - where you from
42.57 dr vector - auto rock /samples from gostbusters.sega genesis
45.06 fresh 3 mc's - fresh
45.25 harmonic 313 - call to arm + samples from ghouls n ghost tim follin.sega genesis
48.09 m.o.p - samiyam remix
50.10 cupp cave - zombeat06peace

The album is out now on Japanese Label Catune (grab it here)

But the Lobbyists aren't stopping there, they've also just recorded another new EP for Eat Concrete alongside fellow Belgian tech-phunksters Cupp Cave, Dalcym and Dr. Vaen under the name Bretzel Zoo. All we really have from the release so far is this rather fetching cover from the wierd and wonderful brain of Elzo, but on individual merits, expectancy is pretty high for this one.

If you haven't caught the first EP yet (and we strongly suggest you do) then there's a couple of sampler tracks, alongside a Bretzel Zoo track and a few other choice cuts from the Eat Concrete catalogue (including one of our favourite Take tracks Sugar Flowers) on a free compilation over at

(YSI) Herrmutt Lobby - Fat Manual / alt link

(YSI) Take - Sugar Flowers / alt link

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Do Wah Diddy

It might be too easy to question some of Chew Fu's recent remix choices but like it or not for a Saturday night dancefloor there's no better bootlegger.

(YSI) P.Diddy - Diddy Bop (Chew Fu GhettoHouse Fix) / alt link

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Layin' It Down

Indianapolis DJ / Producer Cool Hand Lex just hit us up with his version of fellow Indie artist Grey Granite's Lay You Down. Flipping his rather rude uptempo Electrofied number, in which he insists he's 'not trying to f**k her' (or 'touch her' depending on the version) but has his sights on laying 'you' down, into a filthier Dubstepish affair which makes Granite's intentions seem even less honourable... maybe 'you' should be worried.

(Direct Link) Grey Granite - Lay U Down (Cool Hand Lex Remix) / YSI

You can also pick up a Clean Radio friendly version here or full RAR with both of the versions plus Instrumental and Acapellas here.

If your in the Indianapolis area you can catch Cool Hand Lex Friday Nights on Radio Now 100.9, WNOU

A couple of us recently headed down to rip up the Dark Side Of London night at Herbal and our hosts the Dropfellas passed us this killer Dubstep mix they put together. Some dutty skankin' business indeed, including their own Italian style take on For The Music by Virus Syndicate.

(Zshare) Dropfellas - Dubstep Mix Vol 2



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Harmonic 313 feat. Phat Kat and Elzhi - Battlestar (Remix)

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Slab Of Raw Meat

The guys at Noise Porn just posted a killer Breakbeat bootleg from Stanton Warriors, with their track Raw Meat over the Oakland pimp daddy Too $hort's Blow The Whistle. It's originally from their Sessions Volume 3 Mix CD.

(YSI) Stanton Warriors/Too Short - Raw Meat/Blow The Whistle / alt link

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XLR8R Magazine have an incredible mix from Kid 606 currently up on their website. Over an hours worth of funked up filthy bass heavy Electronic beats ranging from DJ Nasty to Drop the Lime and Rustie to Dexplicit with a few of his own freakishly phat productions thrown into the 47 track deep mix for good measure.

Kid 606 - Megachurch Meltdown @ XLR8R

(YSI) Kid 606 - Mr Wobbles Nightmare / alt link

Also up on the site is a Top 20 of their most popular April MP3 downloads with the Robot Koch mix of Th' Mole's How 2 B Cool from our latest Fre-Release single holding the top spot! We've included a few of our other choicest cuts below, but for a full phat selection including Ras G, Mochipet and Mr Lif head over to now.

(YSI) Nosaj Thing - Coat Of Arms / alt link

(YSI) Flylo & Blu - GNG BNG (MeMix) / alt link

(YSI) Serengeti & Polyphonic - My Patriotism / alt link

(YSI) Daedelus - Off to the Races (Meanest Man Contest Remix Feat. Cuzzo) / alt link

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Our favourite Berlin Bass-Raider Robot Koch is currently riding high at the top of the Juno Download Dubstep charts with his new Aftershocks EP which once again sees him in a mighty combo with rapper Cerebral Vortex after their Vortex Cookies EP proved that the the wordsmith wires up perfectly to Koch's wobblesome and wonked up heavyweight stompers.

With some stunning guest remix spots from Flako and Stagga, the EP is the first release on Robot Koch's very own Robots Don't Sleep label, which he describes as 'like Motown with lazers'. Although he will still be releasing music on other labels, now he also has a homebase for his overflowing electronic pot of ideas. Pick up a copy of the EP now here.

There's also a video to go with the EP's title track, with illustration and animation from Laura Weider (aka Misu2020)

And as a special treat, here's a copy of Robot Koch's Major Lazer remix using the beat from How You Want It off the Aftershocks EP.

(MF) Major Lazer ft. Santigold & Mr Lexxx - Hold The Line (Robot Koch Remix) / YSI

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Bringin' The Heat

We've had plenty of boomin' murkiness in our output recently but the sun's blazin' hard so we figured it was time to turn the heat up a touch and let the tunes reflect the light for a while.

Definitely in keeping with this vibe is a new track from A-ux entitled Less Hate, More Love. Created as a warming antidote to the world's current economic and social climate, it's 80's Electro optimism certainly does make your 'soul-glo' a little.

(YSI) A-ux - Less Hate, More Love / alt link

Currently back in South Korea getting ready for obligatory military service, we hope A-ux manages to push further his mission to bring people together through music and avoids too much craziness over those 2 years.

The production on this new track from Mos Def's album The Ecstatic is part jazz loungin', part 70s cop show but all sunshine as he sings 'bright light from a distant star'. And just like our closest gaseous guardian, he 'most definitely' spits fire on this one.

(YSI) Mos Def - Casa Bey / alt link

If you still can't shake the darkness then our advice is to dance your clart off and Sweat It Out with a little help from the audio assaulting Aussie label who bring you 30 tracks of 'Baile, Bassline, House and Hoover stabs' from the likes of: Armand Van Helden; South Rakkas Crew; and Oliver $ as well as members of the Sweat shop such as KillaQueenz, Edu K, Oh Snap!!, Yolanda Be Cool and Act Yo Age who also mixed the CD. CD 2 is a bunch of label remixes which are unmixed for all the DJs out there.

As enticement to the main event, here's a sampler Mini Mix from Act Yo Age. the release of this

(MF) Act Yo Age - Sweat It Out Mini Mix

(YSI) Act Yo Age - Lucky 13 (Cut Off & John Ohms Remix) / alt link

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1901 To The Future

There's something beautifully addictive about this remix of the French Pop rockers Phoenix from Troublemaker & Tatelarock. It's got that warm rain shower feel to it, kind of comfortingly melancholy if that makes sense. Can imagine it at the end of the night as a last tune to drunkenly sway to.

Phoenix - 1901 (Troublemaker & Tatelarock Remix) / alt link

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Videos Roll On Hard Grimes

We might not be the biggest Bashy fans here but with Toddla T on production this track is killing it hard, even if he has forgotten there's a recession on.

Okay so maybe the recession hasn't hit the streets hard enough yet, Choong Family don't seem to have noticed it either, feeling this beat though.

Now this track's more like it. The best things in life are most definitely FR3E. Course I'm sure he'd also appreciate you buying the single when it drops on 1st June through We Make Ent.

(YSI) Choong Family - Spray (Clean) / alt link

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Anyone For Tennis?

ellesse is celebrating its 50th anniversary with the design competition CREATE TENNIS ART. Uber cool illustrator and typographer Si Scott designed the flyer and will be part of the jury; the iconic Italian sportswear brand has also collaborated with textile print superstar Kate Gibb and Greek animation genius Babis Alexiadis (check his animation here). Two great inspirations to enter the competition!

ellesse is now unveiling the results of a competition organised in collaboration with the London College of Fashion. The brand commissioned students from BA (Hons) Fashion Contour and BA (Hons) Active Sportswear to design a garment that reflects the brand’s heritage in tennis – and the results are rather impressive! The winner of the first prize is Eva Lai who is studying BA (Hons) Fashion Contour. Go Her! The winning designs will feature on the ellesse 50th Anniversary site and will be showed during the ellesse 50th anniversary party in Rome in July 2009. Eva will attend the event in Rome as part of her prize and also receive £1,500 and a fully paid 3 month design-based work placement.

You too could be part of the ellesse 50th anniversary celebrations, win €4,500 and be sent to the ellesse 50th anniversary event where your work will be on display. An opportunity you shouldn’t miss...

All you have to do is create a piece of art or design to commemorate the ellesse 50th anniversary inspired by the brand’s Italian heritage and sporting roots in tennis. The categories for the competition range from fashion and textiles, right through to fine art, sculpture, street art, graphics and digital. Deadline is May 10th and all the details and application form can be found on the ellesse site.

(YSI) George Lenton - Beware / alt link

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Free Package On How 2 B Cool

That's right people curb your anticipation we are finally ready to drop our second official Chrome Kids' Fre-Release. Once again we've teamed up with Daly City for a bumper pack of remixes of Th' Mole track How 2 B Cool.

There were two main types of kids at my school, those who were seen as being cool but grew up to be wife beaters and smack addicts, and those for whom cool was an uphill struggle until they finally left education and blossomed in later life. Th’ Mole might seem at first glance to be neither of these. He’s still very much the kid on the outside looking... well not quite in, but elsewhere… which of course is what makes him hyper cool. Not in a Mark Ronson ‘oh look I’m a little bit nerdy, aren’t I cool’ type way, Th’ Mole is the real deal. But have no fear, you don’t have to rock superhero style spandex outfits or make phat crunked out (and slightly tripped out) music to be cool ‘it’s really not hard there isn’t a trick’. To help you out, Th’ Mole has put together this handy 10 Point program.

10 Ways To Be Cool

1. When you're shopping don't just leave your groceries on the checkout counter while you shop. There are other people in the world besides yourself.

2. When driving, try to stay out of the fast/passing lanes unless you need to be there. You have the ability to reduce a lot of traffic, simply by letting faster cars pass you. When passing do it quickly and then get into a slower lane as soon as possible. (Even if you're at or above the speed limit, let people pass you if they want - you're not the freaking boss of the road!)

3. Tell your parental figures all of the things that you've ever been afraid to tell them, or as many of them as you can stand. Because it will help both you and them to grow.

4. Exercise every day. It keeps you healthy and makes you strong! Also, it will make you feel happier, and then you will be nicer!

5. Don't try to talk to someone while they're performing on-stage. Even if they're just staring at a computer, your intrusion may disrupt their performance. Also, just because someone is rapping on-stage, it doesn't mean that it's an open mic or a battle, so if you aren't scheduled to perform, don't try to.

6. Let your friends, relatives, co-workers, employees, employers, etc. know that you appreciate and/or respect them, whether it is with words, eye contact, hugs, or otherwise.

7. Babies are great, but if you decide to have one then you also have a responsibility. When you're in a restaurant or theatre or something, and that thing starts crying, take it outside. You should have known what you were getting into when you made it.

8. Also about babies, change your child's diaper as soon as it needs it. Don't try to pretend that you don't notice the poop smell, especially when you're in a public place. It's gross and inconsiderate. The same goes for letting your snot-nosed kids run around in public dripping snot all over stuff. We don't want your kid's disease.

9. One final parental note: don't yell at your kids in public. I don't think you should yell at them at home either, but unfortunately that's not my jurisdiction. But when your verbal abuse becomes a public nuisance then you definitely should shut up.

10. Say no to drugs!

Simple really, of course you could just download these remixes of How 2 B Cool by the kind of producers who make Fonzy look like Gordon Brown's brief case:

Ladyscraper who takes a break from his Gabbafied Breakcore excursions to drop a Breaky Dubstep-esque version; and Robot Koch (Jahcoozi / The Tape) who adds a slightly wobblesome bass in an Acid Crunk style - both of which give just the slightest hint of menace to Th’ Mole’s simple message of ‘don’t be mean and never tell lies’, kinda like, be cool, or else!


(YSI) Th' Mole - How 2 B Cool (Ladyscraper Rmx) / alt link

(YSI) Th' Mole - How 2 B Cool (Robot Koch Rmx) / alt link

There’s also a remix from Th’ Mole himself who takes the chill factor down to around Blue Rasberry Slush Puppie plus Album Version Acapella & Instrumental. Don’t forget you can still pick up the original on Th’ Mole’s wonderfully colourful Greatest Hits (Ha Ha Ha) Vol. 1 album out now on Daly City Records.

(YSI) Th' Mole - How 2 B Cool (Th' Mole Rmx) / alt link

and the full package...

(Direct Link) Th' Mole - How 2 B Cool Remix EP (Zip)

Bonus Downloads

Couple of bonuses here too. A special track from Th' Mole as he wanders the plains of Europe in search of some parties to rock.

(YSI) Th' Mole - Dear Europe / alt link

Next up is a fantastic version of the Cher / Nancy Sinatra classic Bang Bang from Blondtron out of Canada, who have taken the instrumental from of our DJ 0.000001 Fre-Release as their base. A practice we wholly support, especially when done as well as this so get working on your own versions of How 2 B Cool people!

(YSI) Blondtron - Bang Bang / alt link

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West Coast Still Rockin'

If the recent Bassnectar remix we posted wasn't proof enough that the West Coast is still runnin' tings on the filthy bass ridden digitally mutated Hip-hop tip then we have two more remixes from the region to firmly hit the point home for you.

First up we have a Hollyrock handling of a Tru-skool classic as LA beatmeister Tatelarock takes on Channel Live & KRS One's Mad Izm, sparking it up to date with a little less bounce than the original but plenty of neck snapping punch that puts it safely at the top of our playlist at the moment.

(YSI) Channel Live ft KRS One - Mad Izm (Tatelarock Remix) / alt link

Next up San Fran's an-ten-nae flips the 'surf rock ragga' of the first official leak from the new Major Lazer album (featuring Mr Lexx and Santigold on vocals) into the kind of grimey nastiness that Cyborg Yardies of the future will be doing drive bys to.

(YSI) Major Lazer ft Mr Lexx & Santigold - Hold The Line (an-ten-nae Remix) / alt link

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Oh Snapp!! & Ed Orable - Bill Cosby Sweater

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Badman Place In LA

Killer track off the Skream 'Watch The Ride' mix from LA Dubstep duo Smut (aka Tech Itch + Sam XL) which they've decided to drop for free after somebody bootlegged it. This takes the original roughneck as hell track from Movado and Busy Signal (see video) and manages to make it even nastier still.

(YSI) Smut - Badman Place / alt link

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Future's Bright for George Lenton

Once again, George Lenton proves himself to be a bad man of the highest order as he gives us the perfect British Summertime anthem. Sunshine samples (courtesy of Harry Belafonte) with big stanking beats and basslines, frickin' love it.

(YSI) George Lenton - Island In The Sun / alt link

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Bassnectar's Superstylin It

Arguably one of the filthiest producers alive takes on one of our all time favourite dancefloor mutilators. How could we not post this.

(YSI) Groove Armada - Superstylin (Bassnectar's Art of Revolution Mash Up) / alt link

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Down South For Dancing

The next installment of Spoek Mathambo (Playdoe) and Big Space's (aka DJ Snyman) H.I.V.I.P excursions that aim to bring South Africa's finest mixes of 'Afrotech, Zulucore Space Disco, Tribal, UK Funky and Pretoria House' to the masses comes from their fellow Cape Townite DJ Mastercash. Spoek says he wants people to come visit South Africa and dance, well this is certainly some quality enticement.

(ZShare) DJ Mastercash H.I.V.I.P Mix (m4a)

Also out of South Africa, check these stunning slices of Electro-pop from Spoek collaborator (on the Moleke Mbembe project)Richard the Third from his album Third World From the Sun.

(YSI) Richard the Third - Dancing with the DJs Girl / alt link

(YSI) Richard the Third - Flux Capacitor / alt link

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Feeling Headshot

Chrome Kids back in effect, had a short break whilst I went off to try and introduce Dubstep to the trance infested Indian Himalayas. Maybe this sick little Electrofied Bollywood bubbler from Hungary's Headshotboyz would have been better suited.

(Direct Link) Headshotboyz - Kubera / YSI

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