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Steppin' Down & Dirty

Scuse the lack of posts over the last few days... although the Chrome Kids family is growing, at the moment the blog side of things is down to me and this week has been the get ready for uni time. Should be back on it after Wednesday.

Speaking of Uni, last term after a documentary I was working on with somebody else about Dubstep in Wales was wiped off the computer (I know, I know - back that shit up), we quickly had to come up with a plan B and ended up doing a 'mockumentary' on Thugstep - which we described as being a cross between Dirty South and Dubstep (kind of). Well it doesn't suprise me that there are actually people out there calling the tracks their making Thugstep already and it's similar to what we described. I shall be covering a couple of them over the weeks but first I have to give mention to a similar (if not exactly the same) branch of Dubstep - Dirtystep (or Crunkstep maybe). Here represented by New York producers DJ Nebulla and DJ Dore in their 2nd installment of the Dirtystep Mixtape, featuring their own bootleg remixes of artists such as 3:6 Mafia, T.I. and Soulja Boy in a way that elevates the originals greatly and actually gives the 'Dirty' in Dirty South some credence.

(Direct Link) Dirtystep Mixtape Volume 2

and here's a few Direct Links to the individual tracks...

Nebulla & DJ Dore - Crank Dat

DJ Dore & CONstruct - Ay Ay Bay

DJ Dore - Slap

Nebulla & DJ Dore - Stay Fly

Nebulla & DJ Dore - Big Thing Poppin' (Do It)

You can keep up to date by checking the Dirtystep website.

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More Gaslamps Killed

If the Mary Anne Hobbs mix I posted earlier in the week left you craving more from The Mother F**king Gaslamp Killer then have no fear as he has just delivered a damn fine selection of 'weird world psych, hip hop and grunge chopped up seamlessly and perfectly adhesed to a tough as nails skeleton of chest thumping kick drums, machine gun snares, and deafening bass drops' for number 5 of, (Emmy Awrd winning) creative production company, Shilo's 'We Make It Good' mixtape series. Download it right here, right now.

Shilo Presents: The Gaslamp Killer - We Make It Good Mix Series Volume 5 (Direct Link)

You can get a full tracklisting at the We Make It Good website

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Forget Dad Dancing let's Mumdance

Definitely one of our favourite tunes over the summer (and still now in fact) is the Caspa remix of TC's 'Where's My Money' - dirtier than a crack den full of delinquent street fighting leper whores. Can't give you that unfortunately, you're just gonna have to go buy it. but what I can offer is a brand new mix from Mumdance who kicks off with that very same track before heading of into a fine selection of 2 Step, Grime and Dubstep, including another of our favourite dubz Eastern Jam by Chase & Status...BIG

(ZShare) Mumdance Big Shot Mix

Mumdance himself has been doing some massive remixes recently, if you haven't picked them up already then make sure you look out for his versions of Santogold 'Creator' and Evil Nine 'All The Cash' currently doing the rounds - both which unbelievably top the originals.

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Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Pop Like This!

Couple of fresh videos for your viewing and listening pleasure...

First up is a track from San Jose native Megabusive called Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo...

bigUP to Trailer Trasher from T.I.T.S. for putting me on to that one.

Next is South African party crew Playdoe's new track Pop Like This...

Incidentally I shall be supporting Playdoe next Friday alongside the mighty Tomb Crew (who I posted a couple of mixes up from last week). If you happen to be in the vicinity then reach down...

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Spot The Leoparden

Don’t know much about Leoparden except that: he’s from Stockholm; makes exceptionally good Glitch ridden beats that range from atmospheric to optimistic; and has two other fantastically named music projects called :ö: and soonmoonsoon (with fellow Swede Suzywan).

He is also giving away his new album oneone absolutely free – download it here...

Leoparden – oneone

Or check out a couple of choice cuts first...

(YSI) Leoparden – Matsi

(YSI) Leoparden – La Romance Quoi!

(YSI) Leoparden - I Can’t Wait (feat Hiyoko Mame and Infinite Livez)

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Time for T

Toddla T is one of the brightest and certainly bashiest of new digital beat bringers in the UK at the moment. Having provided 3 tracks for the latest Roots Manuva’s album Slime & Reason, and remixing the likes of Hot Chip, Jack Penate, Tricky and Roisin Murphy, not to mention working alongside Sinden, Detboi, Fake Blood, Drop The Lime and Herve on the Machines Don't Care project, it is not without a certain amount of excitement that we await his first album, currently under way in a secret laboratory somewhere in Sheffield. First signs are good with a hot new single just dropped called Manabadman which features Brum born bashment emcee Serocee on the vocals, firing off like Lieutenant Stitchie in his prime, whilst Trigganom (not to be confused with South West UK rapper Triggadon as I did briefly) bounces round the flipside riddim 1965 Dubplate like Tigger’s tail on a Space Hopper, grab it now.

(YSI) Toddla T feat. Trigganom - 65 Dubplate

Sign up to the mailing list on his website for news of the album and other updates and make sure you grab his fantastic free mixtape Ghettoblaster below hosted by Mr Versatile (tracklisting on his MySpace).

(Megaupload) Toddla T's Ghettoblaster #1

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Ya Mamma Got a High Top Fade with a Chin Strap

For anyone attempting to revive the High Top Fade... don't. They might be big, but they're not clever. Nevertheless I can't help but crack a smile at DJ Doc Rok's 90s bootleg video to Oh Snap!!'s dedication to the mighty chisel head...Jheri curl next?

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Re-live the LA Riots' Choice Moments

LA Riots have been pumping out some BIG electro remixes of late and have decided to compile them all n a new mix series. Here's the first installment.

(ZShare) La Riots Remixes Volume 1

and our favourite track...

(YSI) N.A.S.A. ft. Method Man, E40, DJ Swamp - N.A.S.A. Music (LA Riots Remix)

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A Photo Finish, Let's Check That Again...

For those of you who missed the fantastic mixes from The MF Gaslamp Killer (Brainfeeder / Art Don't Sleep) and Mike Slott (Heralds Of Change / Lucky Me) a couple of weeks back on Mary Anne Hobbs' show then here's another chance to decide who comes out on top... personally I think it's a waste of time trying to see it like that though, just listen, appreciate and enjoy two master craftsmen.

Mike Slott mix:

Mike Slott - '23 halfs' (unreleased)
Mike Slott - 'Black Keys' (unreleased)
Mike Slott - 'Musics Fun' (unreleased)
Mike Slott - 'Flunky' (All City Records)
Rustie - 'Quick Tunnels' (unreleased)
Mike Slott - 'Knock Knock' (All City Records)
Yann Kesz - 'Like a Purple Shade'
Mike Slott - 'Bamhouse' (unreleased)
Nicole willis - 'Soul Investigators Theme Mike Slott Reflunk' (ATC Recordings)
Heralds of Change (Hudson Mo+Mike Slott) 'Future' (All City Records)
Mike Slott - 'Cadet' (unreleased)
Mike Slott - 'My Lightbridge' (All City Records)
Mike Slott - 'Home' (unreleased)
Flying Lotus - 'Roberta Flack' Mike Slott Reflunk (Warp Records)

Download: Direct Link / YSI

The Gaslamp Killer mix:

The Gaslamp Killer - 'Intro'
Lorn - 'Unreleased'
Kode 9 Ft. The Space Ape - 'Nine Samurai'
Bar 9 - 'Untitled Symphony'
Bar 9 - 'Murda Sound'
Caspa - 'Oh R Ya?'
Mike Jones - 'Still Tippin'
Trick Daddy - 'Shut Up'
Portishead - 'Over'
Mr.Chop Featuring Malcolm Catto - 'Metropolis Del Ferro'
Ghostface Killah - 'Nutmeg'
Samiyam - 'The Return'
Flying Lotus - 'Ab-Original'
Mrr - 'Mikepsych'
Fando Y Lis' Outro

Download: Direct Link / YSI

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Chrome Kids Get Lean Up

Whilst we're on a bit of a soulful tip I have to give a mention and a huge bigUP to the London soulstress that is Rookwood.

Stepping out of the Spitkingdom family (Killa Kela, MC Trip, etc) Rookwood has all the right trappings to make up an R'n'B star - Good looks, great songs, beautiful voice.

Thankfully though there's a bit more to Rookwood then that and her tracks display far more integrity then your average wash and go R'n'B muppets out there.

This is reflected in her choice of producers for the album Pinky Ring - Dynamite MC, Does It Offend You Yeah? and Scratch Perverts to name a few. All of which add just the right touch of digital dirt to the mix.

Although there's no UK release date for this yet, it is currently 'big in Japan', recently hitting Number 15 on the Japanese ITunes chart.

(YSI) Rookwood - Lean (produced by Dynamite MC)

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This is a Job for Forensics

My head is currently being ripped apart by dissertation research, so I am extremely grateful for the deep and thoughtful Dubstep served up in a new mix by Forensics which has been keeping me focused for the last 40 minutes of study.

Forensics' own productions start the journey perfectly as they feel their way around the dark dub caves, drifting deeper into sweet melancholy before toughening up somewhat and getting kinda angry and tribal as it heads guns blazing into mystical territory like an Amazonian redevelopment programme. Finishing a few thousand leagues under the sea in a final battle with the Titan Terror Fish armed only with a set of submarine speakers. .. or something like that... okay maybe the mix hasn't kept me that focused on work after all.

Look out for Forensics' Exile EP coming soon which features Indi Kaur, Phaeleh & Not In My Name and a third album which is in the pipeline. Plus you can still pick up his last two albums (Zero Billion and The Singularity) on Digital Sin.



01 : Forensics – Daylight
02 : Forensics – In Tunnels
03 : Forensics – Missing Persons
04 : Shackleton – In the Void
05 : Cyrus – Crying Game
06 : Cyrus – Dark Future
07 : Scuba – Subaqueous
08 : Scuba – Respirator
09 : Dakimh – Done
10 : DZ – Shenaniganz
11 : Headhunter & Ekelon – Timewarp
12 : Stagga – Tesslerr
13 : Darqwan - Universal Wan-Ting
14 : Ekaj – Foster Monkey
15 : Ekaj – Shattered VIP
16 : Ital Tek - Archaic
17 : Grim Feast - On the road to Hakkari
18 : Cyrus – The Watcher

Download Via Media Fire

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Going Up and Up and Up

Brighton big beat bad boy Kidda whose album Going Up dropped on Skint last month has just posted up a short but firing mix he originally did for the BBC 6 Mix back in June. Don’t play if you fancy a nice quiet night in, this is one for the pre-club warm up. Here's the tracklisting...

Kidda - Doo Whot? (Parker Remix)
Sonny J - Handsfree (J-Star Remix)
Kidda - Under The Sun
Ghostface Killah - Charlie Brown (Yuksek Remix)
Does It Offend You, Yeah? - Epic Last Song (Jack Beats remix)
ESTAW - Break It Down (Detboi Remix)
Aaron La Crate and Debonair Samir (Jeep Ass Gutter remix)
Count of Monte Cristal - Streetplayer
K.W. Griff - Respect
Kidda - Smile (Detboi Luvs Me Remix)
ESTAW - Break It Down (Herve Remix)
Snoop Dogg vs Marvin Gaye - Sensual Seduction

Kidda BBC 6 Mix Showcase (Direct Link)

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Tomorrow night for the Londonites


East Village
89 Great Eastern Street

Contact: 0207 739 5173

9 till 2am

£5 bf 11/£7 after
£4 bf 11 with a bowtie / corsage

Email - to get added to the £5 all night list

The 'prom' at our school sucked. The punch had no alcohol in it and our dates didn't know how to dance. To add insult to injury, the house band played nothing but R.E.M covers...Badly.

This monthly party: SPRAY is here to make up for every sucky excuse for a prom that you've had to endure. There's some great acts like:

Donaeo (Live PA)

Tempa T (Live PA)

Tomb Crew (DJ Set)


Ordio Kid (DJ Set)

Tick Choong Ting (DJ Set)

If you wear a corsage or a bow tie you get in on the cheap. Then you can sign the 'Class of '08' sig-wall, then go and pull a goofy face while your posing for your styleslut yearbook picture. There's even balloons!

You know when you go to a party and everybody's dancing, getting phone numbers and basically having the time of their f*cking lives? Probably not, because that sh*t doesn't really happen anymore. Well, that's what 'SPRAY' is all about..


Email your name to '' for concs list. (Please note places are limited)

And here's a couple of mixes from Tomb Crew to get you in the mood...

(ZShare) Tomb Crew Grime Mix

(ZShare) Tomb Crew NLLR Mixtape

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Dew Process

Here's the new Cool Kids video Delivery Man. Not sure how long it will last though as it seems to be fast disappearing off sites so let me know if the link isn't there.

(YSI) Cool Kids - The Delivery Man

The tune itself was given out for free on the Green Label site, which I can't seem to work out. All I know is it's attached heavily to Mountain Dew and is giving away free tunes. Is this simply a subtle advertising scheme or just general corporate sponsorship to some kind of music support programme. I reckon if Mountain Dew wanted to get into music support they should have taken Daniel Johnston up on his offer to make them a song...

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William, Harry, Nasim, Caspian, Fresh

Have a remix here but unfortunately can't tell you who the original's by or what it's called. It's not that I don't know and I shall give you some clues but the last time it went up online it was quickly spotted by the artist's legal time and ordered to be removed.

What I can tell you is the remixer is LoveGadgetsHateGizmos who I've met a couple of times whilst hosting Surf events in Porthcawl.

LGHG basically takes great tracks apart and puts them back together again using filthy electro superglue, an Apple Mac and Ableton live. This is less Electro and more faithful to the funk of the original. Have a listen and if you're not sure I'll give you a hint or two.

(YSI) That Bloke – That Song (LoveGadgetsHateGizmos Refix)

Well if you haven't guessed the pint sized purple wearing, Paisley Park starting artist by now, I just had another clue drop into my lap with perfect timing whilst in the middle of writing this post.

The above is from an obscure B Side but below is a crazy new cover version of the artist formerly known as a symbol's classic track 1999 courtesy of Big Dada signings Infinite Livez & Stade, who's criminally underrated album 'Morgan Freeman's Psychedelic Semen' dropped earlier this year (buy a copy on CD or mP3 now).

(YSI) Infinite Livez & Stade - 1999

Let's see how long they both last...

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Kanye on Lockdown

I have one big issue with Kanye’s new track ‘Love Lockdown’. It’s not the fact that he’s decided it’s time to croon, it’s the fact that he’s felt it necessary to use a Vocoder to do so. I’m sure he didn’t use one at the MTV awards, so it’s not like he can’t sing the song, so why use this evil machine at all? There are only 2 types of music that can get away with using the Vocoder (Ragga and R’n’B are not them… it hurts me deeply when I hear a fine singer like Yami Bolo using one) – P Funk and Electro. Don’t ask me why these get special privileges, I’m actually not too sure, but somehow they both manage to retain general credibility even when relentlessly electrocuting the voicebox. So it is probably of some small mercy that up out of the Brooklyn Zoo clique jumps Chew Fu with this beautifully bubbling little electro refix… might just have saved it for me.

(YSI)Kanye West – Love Lockdown (Chew Fu Small Room Fix)

And for those of you previously unaware of the Chew Fu goodness, here’s a few gems which he cooked up for the ‘Remix Sunday’ selection over at the Palms Out blog…

(ZShare) Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams(Chew fu fix, feat J-Cast & Substantial)

(ZShare) Chris IsaaK - Wicked games (Chew Fu Refix feat J-Cast & Lee Majors)

(ZShare) Steppenwolf - Born To Be Wild (Chew Fu Fix feat A-Clay & Lee Majors)

(ZShare) Chew Fu w/ J-Cast, A-Clay & PVH - Sunglasses At Night

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Where's the Jungle?

A few posts ago I put up some tracks from a producer called Stagga. Well he also has a project alongside UK Hip-hop stalwart Junior Disprol and partner in rhyme Chud Jackson by the name of Dead Residents.

They have a new album dropping called Triple Crown and this is their first video from it Scumbongo in which they team back up with Ryan Andrews, the director of their last zombie fest video Boogaloo. This time a gang of twisted Super Heroes hold court at their secret Bingo hall Headquarters. It's rare to find such good club busting digital beats under the kind of flows that Dead Residents deliver on this one and it's a breath of fresh fire indeed. Take a set of speakers down to your local zoo, slap this on and watch 'the parrots get rago' and the 'rhinos get rago.'

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Cash Rules Everything Around Me

Johnny Cash might not be the first person you would expect on this blog, but seems that just as the Man in Black had an ear for a great song, at least one of his offspring has a finely tuned beat seeking lughole. John Carter Cash has enlisted LA beat basher extraordinaire and Chrome Kid favourite Troublemaker as one of his chosen few to remix a selection of original Johnny Cash Sun Records recordings alongside the likes of Pete Rock, Alabama 3 and Snoop Dogg’s (also one of the Executive producers) new super trio QDT (Snoop, Teddy Riley and QJ Quik.)

The album Johnny Cash Remixed drops on October 14th via Compadre Records but you can check the Troublemaker mix of Straight A’s in Love right here, right now.

(YSI) Johnny Cash - Straight A's in Love (Troublemaker Remix)

And if you haven't caught Troublemaker's wicked Your Face mix then get it here...

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The immaculately monikered trio of: Subbass- Commandante Graf von Stierenfroed; Bass-King T; and DJ King Augenring, join forces to make up Schlachthofbronx. Fine purveyors of what they call Munich Bass. In other words they don’t limit themselves to one form of Bass music and can be found ripping it up in Bavaria and beyond as both DJs and Producers in Ghettotek, Kuduro, Baltimore, Electro, Dubstep or Miami Bass style… sometimes all together. Here’s a little taster we’re sure you’ll enjoy.

(YSI) Schlachthofbronx – Poppin

Lil Wayne splattered Baltimore, infected with a filthy rolling bassline.

(YSI) Schlachthofbronx. - Guata

What the fellas describe as ‘hypnotic afrobeat.’ Think Praga Khan meets Switch in a Lisbon Warehouse Party

(YSI) Schlachthofbronx. - We Nah Fraid

A disgustingly lovely slice of big and bashie Dubstep

(YSI) Schlachthofbronx. - Fatthing Dubstep Remix

Takes the Sleng Teng riddim into the future, and it ain’t pretty.

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Bass - How Far Can You Go?

Montreal DJ / Producer Ghislain Poirier’s productions, in particular those on his latest release for Ninja Tunes ‘No Ground Under’ betray a keen ear for big dutty tunes from all over the world. Anyone who has been to his club night Bounce Le Gros, where he drops a mix of global Hip hop, Grime, Bali beats, Booty bass, Crunk, Baltimore and more, may lay testament to that, but for those who haven’t comes his brand new mix Cosmopolitan Bass. A journey round the world from the comfort of your own private dance floor taking in artists from Montréal, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Jamaïca, Sweden, France, Burkina Faso, South Africa, Haïti, Barbados, Trinidad, UK, Senegal, etc.

It’s not always easy to get heads to open up enough to take in the sights and sounds of Global goodness but Ghislain has the right kinda bass to bind it all and also the right attitude to see it through.

“it's not easy playing that music. But, fuck, I like it ! So I just imposed it to the people and it's working pretty good”

(Z Share)Ghislain Poirier - Cosmopolitan Bass

For a full tracklisting check his blog.

(YSI) Ghislain Poirier - Blazin feat. Face-T (Modeselektor Remix)

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New from Aaron Kraten

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Prepare for Judgement Day

The Thunderclaps have put together a heavy new mash up video for their track Judgement Day. If you haven’t heard this biblically big tune yet featuring a well selected guest list of Orifice Vulagtron (Foreign Beggars), Ghetto, Shameless and Hunta, then be prepared for some brimstone and fire.

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Electric Picnic Vs Bestival (Part 2)

One of the things I liked about both festivals was the travel. Electric Picnic by plane and Bestival by Ferry gave them a real sense that I was ‘getting away’. However it also means that if things go wrong it’s bloomin hard to correct it without a good blag.

Luckily I had one available as I turned up at Bestival to discover my name wasn’t on the list. Now I don’t necessarily condone blagging for the sake of it, festivals struggle as it is to reclaim revenue, but when I’d been offered a few ways in and the one I took was a shambles, coupled with the fact I was supposed to be deejaying at a couple of places anyway, I had no guilt in pulling one out the bag this time. That wasn’t the end of my problems however.

Now I wouldn’t normally trust anyone with my tunes but traveling by train meant I was limited to what I could carry and so it seemed like a good idea to leave them with somebody else to bring… it wasn’t. My tunes didn’t arrive! Neither did my tent or the majority of my clothes. Not the greatest start you might say but that wasn’t going to spoil my fun by any stretch. I had brought some clothes with me, enough to see me through but not enough to get creative. The good fellows at Tangerine Fields hooked me up a tent once I’d explained my situation and much as I was looking forwards to playing, it was nice to have the freedom to see what I want when I want and not have to worry about leaving them some place safe.

There were only two other obstacles to overcome. Due to losing my cash card I was relying on meal tickets to keep my body fueled up for the fun. Unfortunately with the lack of list came lack of tickets, I wasn’t exactly penniless but by this point the insane mud situation was becoming an issue and I wanted to keep some cash back for emergency bailing out if necessary. Have to give my great respects to the fellas up at Solace with their free tea and cake (and pot noodle) for keeping me going for most of the time. Sometimes food isn’t top priority at festivals but after such a major mash up weekend before I’d decided to stay straight and sober for this one… and I pretty much did  I have to say, it’s so nice to wake up on the morning after a fantastic weekend without any hint of regret or self loathing in tow.

Anyway, to the mud. I’ve been to every Bestival so far and have never know it to be muddy at all, this year it made up for all 5, with a quagmire to rival Glastonbury at its worst, although not quite as bad as some of the mud pits from last year. There were literally floods of mud. It flooded tents, teepees, stages, the Pie Minister truck, took out electrics for the BBC Introducing stage so that many of the acts were either pulled or had to find slots on other stages, and generally reeked sludgy havock on the site.

A complete nightmare you might say and I’m sure many at home who didn’t manage to sort tickets were consoling themselves smugly with the news reports, but did it ruin the festival? Not a chance. Certainly it made every journey an effort and the vain had no chance to retain their vanity, but everybody was still smiling, still partying and still made a fantastic effort with their costumes for the fancy dress parade (my favourite being a half Transformer, half cephalopod – Octopus Prime). Infact there was the sort of ‘we’re in this together’ camaraderie one might expect in a war zone (only with less crying and no dead people thankfully) and the fixed friendliness that seems to define the Bestival crowd. Actually this is probably one of the main factors of the Bestival’s superior status, there is no topping the Irish for natural charm and hospitality and this was made very clear at Electric Picnic, infact they’re practically spoilt with happiness. The Bestival crowd tend to be those who don’t have such a privilege, they might long to smile and chat at the person next to them on the tube, or school their landlord /boss on the notion that ‘it’s not all about the money man’ but unfortunately many have one leg trapped in the rat race, which has them running round in circles for 360 days of the year. So for these 4 days in a field, when they finally get a chance to shake off their shackles, they positively brim with goodness and are literally happy to be happy. You can see it in their smiles and their cheery morning greetings, they can’t quite believe that everyone else is smiling and saying hello back, but they love the fact they are. It is this subtle difference that pushes the atmosphere at Bestival just slightly over the top of the warm Irish reception at Electric Picnic.

But what about the music I hear you cry. Well yes I actually saw some of the people I wanted to see, had a few nice surprises and very few disappointments. It’s probably a good idea to go through the relevant ones I remember step by step from Friday night.

First band I caught were Ebony Bones in the Big Top who were lively and interactive enough but not quite what I was after at that time, what I wanted was some dirty beats to lift me up out the dirty surroundings. I found them on the BBC Introducing stage courtesy of two DJS who I believe go by the joint name of Good Books. They were dropping such booty shakin’ Hip-hop remix gems as ‘Still Dre’ (by Tenzin I believe) and DMX ‘Up In Here’ (by Mightyfools – see below), and even though their crowd weren’t quite as lively as the music demanded I was determined not to be a ‘stick in the mud’ (boom boom) and bubbled there til it was time to bimble off again and find some friends to play with before going to catch Santogold.

It is tempting to include some of the adventures and encounters over the weekend that would probably fuel a tabloid gossip column for a week… but this isn’t that type of blog I’m afraid and so aside from my personal revelations, what happens in Bestival, stays in Bestival… on with the music.

I’ve mentioned my toddler’s attention span at Festivals a few times and Bestival is not necessarily any exception. I saw Grace Jones play ‘Pull Up To My Bumper’ and that was good enough for me, the other surprise set from The Specials kept me entertained for a tune or two but believe it or not Santogold kept me there for the whole set. Not that it was a spectacular stage show, or it included wild diversions from the expected set. There was no glammer and glitz here, just straight up heavy beats, good songs, the occasional rhyme and relentlessly tight Paula Abdul style dance routines. There is something about Santogold and crew though that makes it easy to underestimate the stage presence and charisma at hand, an effortless cool leads to a powerful understated performance indeed. Plus after experiencing Creator blasting out of the monstrous Big Top system I doubt I’ll ever be satisfied with hearing it on any other speakers again.

Saturday was definitely DJ day for me, after missing A Trak at Electric Picnic I was determined to catch him here, but before him in the Bollywood Bar was supposed to be South Rakkas Crew. Now I’m pretty sure it was Alex G from the Florida based digi-dancehall kings, but Dow Jones was certainly nowhere to be seen. Still, whoever it was absolutely tore down the roof of the marquee. Definitely my favourite set of the Festival with sheer dirty and disgusting beats and basslines that dared you not to dance, I had to literally drag myself away to go check Roots Manuva in the Red Bull tent. That turned out to be a waste of time. The tent was wall to wall revelers and was spilling out the doors. It was far to ram up to even attempt to have a good time in there so I headed back to catch some more of the Rukkus (probably).

Eventually A Trak came with a selection of the phattest, nastiest house tracks, which was actually something of a surprise but far more favourable then the follow up set of classic Hip-hop intros, juggled faster then a Jamaican sound system and to be honest, slightly worn by now, especially with DJs like Yoda doing exactly the same thing. The crowd were happy enough but I decided to wander off to find more inspiring pastures anew. They appeared in the shape of Radio One DJ duo Bobby Friction & Nihal. After following the Pied Piper of Dubstep into the Klub Dada tent the pair proceeded to slam a set of the heaviest D&B from the criminally under represented (and possibly unfairly pigeon holed) ‘British Asian’ scene followed by a few timely classics to top things off.

Next up came Natty who had been forced off the BBC Introducing stage earlier and reappeared at Klub Dada. A shame really as earlier on I might have been well up for some of his sunshine brand of gentleman reggaeness but unfortunately by this time of night it was starting to lullaby me and so I had to move on. I didn’t quite move to the right place however. Found myself heading to the main stage to catch a bit of Amy Whinehouse but was forced to leave after two and a half tunes before I caught the full brunt of her butchering ‘Tears Dry On Their Own’. I have to say I like Amy and was generally gutted for her, but even though when I returned a while later to meet some peeps she had perked up slightly, half the crowd had already decided to leave her to it.

By the night we had picked up a fair posse of friends and followers so it was quite hard to maneuver effectively, but we did mange to catch the end of Hercules Love Affair and the beginning of Aphex Twin. Being right at the back meant we couldn’t feel the full force of the Warped one and a splinter group of us decide to jump ship for the Bollywood Bar which had been pretty consistent so far. It didn’t let us down this time either. We arrived just in time to hear Annie Mac drop a plethora of party tunes from Baltimore Mash Ups to D&B Bangers and every other form of ‘get the f**k up’ in between. Once again I found myself staying the course.

The rest of the night saw us trying to squeeze into the remaining tents and catching the last few tunes of 808 State and the last few of Babyhead but after that the party was sadly lacking. The only place we could all find to fit was the Cinema tent who praised our perkiness but politely asked if we could refrain from dancing round the whole tent and keep to the sides… time to move on but we slowly wilted to one and so I decided it was time for bed.

Sunday saw something of an early exodus as the mud finally started to break down the wall of fun for many… but not all. The rest looked spaced and slightly battle scarred but still had those winning smiles. If the party at the end of the world looks anything like this, we’ll all be okay as long as there’s enough fluorescent wigs to go round. For me though it was time to go and so, forsaking most of the Dubstep and another chance to see Roots Manuva, I headed out early with a bag full of muddy clothes, a smile and a bunch of good memories (that I was thankful and somewhat surprised to still remember) from the weekend, and waved goodbye to the summer festival season for another year or so.

(YSI) DMX – Up In Here (Mightyfools Remix)

(YSI) Santogold – Creator ((Mumdance Mix ft Jammer, Badness, Chronik Rage, Slikman & Tempz)

(YSI) South Rakkas Crew - Mad Again (Boy 8-Bit Remix)

(YSI) Kanye West – Stronger (A Trak Remix)

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Electric Picnic Vs Bestival (Part 1)

I didn’t have time to write about Electric Picnic before heading to Bestival and I was so impressed with it that I thought I might have found my favourite of the year (an accolade usually bestowed upon Bestival), so decided to do an Electric Picnic Vs Bestival write up of the two. I have to say though, now that I’m back from Bestie, at the risk of being like one of those annoying people who tells you the football scores before you get a chance to watch the game… I was foolish to ever doubt its standing.

Electric Picnic

As I can’t actually remember a large chunk of Electric Picnic and saw few bands or DJs, it is possibly unfair to pass any kind of judgment, but then I don’t really have anything bad to say so I shall carry on regardless.

The Festival is in County Laois, a couple of hours outside Dublin, and has been going since 2004. This was the first time I’d been but had heard great things beforehand so had quite high expectations. They certainly weren’t dashed by first impressions.

The site, especially the Body & Soul area contained some beautifully crafted stages and general artwork, my favourites being the Lucent Dossier circus stage and one that was built around a big tree. A fine selection of Festival favourites including Chai Wallah, Lost Vagueness and the Inflatable Church were present, as was the Arcadia DJ Booth from Trash City in Glastonbury, which I am determined to DJ on at some point – for those who haven’t seen it this is a fire spurting metallic beast of a booth that looks as if it was stolen from the Thunderdome straight under Tina Turners nose.

Now I hardly ever plan to see acts at festivals and remain content in bimbling around discovering new and exciting things but there were a few unmissables artists playing at Electric Picnic such as Diplo, The Roots and Modeselektor. Unfortunately I missed all of them and some how managed to watch uninspiring performances from Gomez and New Young Pony Club. I did manage to go and see Toddla T on the first night but with only 4 other people in the tent I couldn’t muster the enthusiasm to stay long.

There were a few others: Spearhead still remain one of my favourite live bands; The Congos niced up the place beforehand and I was slightly gutted to have missed most of their set; Funkadelic / Parliament were great but with a lack of George Clinton to bring them focus for a good 20 minutes I kinda lost interest. Bootsy provided some quality bitching entertainment by bringin out a ‘F**k George’ banner on stage but I was disappointingly informed he was just a lookalike; and aside from my sets on the Time Machine and The Asylum (Lost Vagueness) that was pretty much all I caught. For much of the time I fell victim (if you can really call it that) to the infamous Irish hospitality and got royally wankered in a small karaoke bar run by a true party prince called Duncan (McGuire I believe). Didn’t actually see any Karaoke but there was a lot of bar.

So you see, even though Electric Picnic had the potential for greatness and was certainly a good craic, I didn’t quite get the most out of its attractions. Still I think it would have been hard pushed to top Bestival, even with all the problems I had there.

This post is going on longer then I expected however so like a bad soap opera you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out what happened next.

(YSI) The Roots - Get Busy (Featuring Dice Raw, Peedi Crakk & DJ Jazzy Jeff)

(YSI) Diplo - Brew Barrymore

(YSI) Modeselektor feat. Puppetmastaz - The Dark Side Of The Sun

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Raffertie & Toast

Well I left a few goodies for you as I’m off to Bestival for the weekend but I can’t leave without a little something for the Dubstep fiends. Last week I mentioned the Philly DJ called Starkey, well if anyone tuned into his show on Sub FM a couple of days ago they would have heard a sick (‘and getting sicker by the day’) new tune by Raffertie called Wobble Horror which comes like a hardcore rave on the Starship Enterprise and is one of my favourite dubz of the year so far. It will be out soon as part of the Antisocial EP on Slit Jockey so make sure you keep your ears to the ground for that one.

To catch a listen now you can head over to Raffertie’s Myspace or check the Starkey show from the beginning of the week here.

First I heard of Raffertie was the Toast remix of his track ‘Antisocial’ which starts like it should be a garage tune than drops off the Richter scale with a sound that isn’t too far removed from an emcee battle between mutant space frogs…what you’ve not heard that? Well it’s down below so you can see what I mean. Also included another Toast track which is a more paced out and thoughtful affair.

(YSI) Raffertie – Antisocial (Toast Refix)

(YSI) Toast - Bag

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Queenz Bitch

Rappers Belizean Bombshell and Kween G, collectively known as Killa Queenz hail from Belize and Uganda respectively but are now settled in Sydney, Australia where they met whilst performing separately at the Olympic games and now are regularly ripping up stages alongside the likes of Bone Thugs & Harmony, The Alkaholics and Lucky Dube.

They’re just about to drop their new single (out September 9th) on Grindin (also home to Mystro, Foreign Beggars, P Money and Jehst) called ‘Bitches’, an M Phazes produced hyped up Hyphy style dedication to all ‘…the bitches out in the world (both female and male) who have hate in their hearts for no particular reason’. I’m guessing from the girls’ positive stance that this isn’t a track in favour of such people.

(YSI) KillaQueenz - Bitches

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is a great DJ, producer, and graphic designer from Oklahoma who has done some wicked remixes for the likes of Crookers, CSS, Chromeo, Ratatat and Justice… albeit unofficial of course. He manages to tailor his style to best suit each particular song rather than simply doing vocal edits and adding a ton of distortion and his remixes range from Miami Bass & funk carioca to party electro but it’s this crunked up refix of Wine O’s 'Pop My Trunk' with Busy P that caught our Chrome ears.

(YSI) Dr Tron - Pop My Computer (Wino O Vs Busy P)

Also, if you fancy dancing round the room for half an hour with your hands making jabs in the air then check his latest mixtape Mr Flamboyant with Crookers, Wiley, Drop the Lime, Herve and Kardinal Offishall

(SS) Dr Tron - Mr Flamboyant Mixtape

Or you can visit his MySpace for some of his more electro-fied club tunes.

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GoldieLocks and Free Bare Tunes

Here’s a mini mix from Croydon Bass queen GoldieLocks courtesy of the site Media Contender who also have an interview up from her (read here). This lady’s worked with Tinchy Strider, Cerebral Vortex and Kate Nash amongst others and is a true all rounder as Emcee, DJ, Producer and promoter of the night Hardknock Wife so take some time and check her out.

GoldieLocks Media Contender Mini Mix (direct link)

Plus here’s her alternative version of N.E.R.D’s Provider

(YSI) GoldieLocks – NERD Provider (Goldie Refix)

Look out for the video and 7" to her recent track Kids (out on the revived Locked On label) coming soon...

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Slightly Electrified

Just got back from Electric Picnic, everything's still a little fuzzy so I'm not ready to give the full run down, think I might have to wait til I get back from Bestival and have some kind of 'festival-off' between the two as Bestival has been my favourite for a few years now but Electric Picnic certainly put up a good challenge, so we'll see how this weekend pans out.

In the meantime I just had this track through from the forthcoming Madlib album 'WLIB AM: King Of The Wigflip' which is the latest and apparently final addition to BBE's 'Beat Generation' series (Dilla, DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Spinna, Pete Rock are some of the previous contributors) and will be released on September 30th.

The album features Talib Kweli, Guilty Simpson, Prince Po, Murs, Oh No, Frank N Dank, MED and Stacy Epps amongst others and with complete musical freedom for Madlib promises to be a true banger... my only issue I still have with Madlib is the same as Flying Lotus and a few others, even with my short attention span I generally want tunes longer than a minute and a half... maybe 2 minutes at least, it would make it easier to drop them in clubs without having to have some idea what you're gonna play beforehand.

(YSI) Madlib The Beat Konducta - The Ox (805) ft. MED and Poke

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