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The Justice League of 2009

Before we kick off our Top 20 of the year, let us first state that such a task as to dilute a year in this way is actually impossible. However, we stayed away from the tune round up, that would have been a headache more painful than a New Year hangover and stuck with 20 or so artists that have in some way touched our ears and hearts this year. This should in no way be viewed as the definitive 20, well ok maybe it should seeing as we've said it is but before you go shouting and screaming about those we left behind, know one thing... we don't really give a shit. Nobody knows better than us the wealth of talent that should have made it's way into the chart type post but that's just the way the cookie has crumbled this time and these are the chocolate chips that fell out. It's also a great excuse to get up some tracks we never got round to and revisit some classics. So in no particular order let us begin...

Hudson Mohawke

Following up excellent definitive 2008 album releases from Harmonic 313 and Flying Lotus, Warp continued to invite post Hip-hop producers into their indie electronic world this year. But perhaps surprisingly it wasn't the album from the greater established Prefuse 73, good as it was, that got us most excited but rather the first offical solo album from HudMo, half of the Heralds Of Change with the equally as endearing Mike Slott, who would have joined his LuckyMe bredren with perhaps Rustie and Dema also if they had been just a touch more prolific this year or we could be bothered to do a top 30 instead.

Download: Crookers Feat. Kardinal Offishall And Carla Marie - Put Your Hands On Me (Hudson Mohawke Remix) / alt link

Foreign Beggars

After a good few years trying to drag the dying UK Hip-hop scene into the now, looks like Foreign Beggars became one of the few to finally make it to the other side, and we're so glad they did. With rhyme skills galore, a VIP guest list that includes the likes of Dubbledge, Kyza, Badness, Ben Sharpa and Guilty Simpson, plus a perfecty tuned ear for a quality beat their United Colours of Beggatron album was truly, in the words of Dead Prez, 'bigger than...'

Video: Foreign Beggars & Noisia - Contact

Stagga & Monkey

Yes we realise that we're highly biased in this what with them being family but we aren't giving them undue props, they've both earned more than enough stripes this year with some truly killer releases. Both have developed different styles and sounds with equal power in neighbouring arenas but we still can't seperate the two in our heads, even with them now residing in completely different countries. Luckily they have been working on new material together so watch out for that in the new year.



Whilst there are now artists adding Dubstep elements to Hip-hop, Bassnectar kinda got it arse backwards, or perhaps visionarily forwards, he was making stomping bass heavy digital Hip-hop beats first then realised that his style was equally suited to making dirty jump up dubz. When we half jokingly refer to Hulk Hop, it's primarily his bulky, mean and bouncing beats that we have in mind.

Download: Groove Armada - Superstylin (Bassnectar's Superstylin Smashup) / alt link


When gypsy punk Gogol Bordello sang Start Wearing Purple, he was reffering to a certain crazy woman's choice of clothing, Prince is perhaps the most famous purple fanatic and as well as being a touch eccentric himself he does make some incredible funk, or did at least. So it seems only right that the crazy deep digital funk of Joker's dubz is reffered to as the 'purple sound' right? We're pretty sure that's not the reason, we're just rambling lyrical but either way, already with a heavy artillery of tunes under his belt, this year saw the young Bristollian step up yet another gear to become one of the scene's most wanted artists, and rightly so too.

Download: Sean Paul - So Fine (Joker Remix) / alt link


Not so much an emcee as a beat seeking missile, Mr Mathambo has been on a round the world trip of dope producers sampling every bass heavy flavour out there. Already in our high esteems due to his groundbreaking work with Sibot as Playdoe, 'the post-apartheid, post-hip hop, poster boy' has truly helped to push forwards the African scene this year and has also been as prolific on his blog as he has on the mic.

Download: Ed Orable feat Spoek - Dance No More (Monkey Safari Remix) / alt link


After catching our ear with his B'more style Evil 9 remix, Jack Adams proceeded to kill it on every level. With a slew of remixes that largely featured Jammer and / or Badness on extra vocals he went on to become the collaboration king sharing the boards with Brodinski, AC Slater, Toy Selectah and Drums Of Death amongst others, adding a touch of Grime soaked South East UK Tropical flavour to everything in his reach.

High Rankin

Known to us for his big, dark and brutal remixes that not so much rocked dancefloors as picked them up and shook the living shit out of them, yet his No Money For Guns EP on Hervé's Cheap Thrills label showed a refreshing diversity that we believe is set to spread out even further. Although everything he does is still pretty huge, mind you he is a big lad.

Download: Daedelus - For Withered Friends (Mumdance & High Rankin Remix) / alt link


Arguably the king of crunked up digitally mutated music, yet shockingly overlooked on MAH's West Coast Rocks programme, the Godzilla suited don of Daly City has also helped to pave the way for such Chrome Kids favourites as Flying Skulls and...

Th' Mole

Made up the bulk of the year's Fre-Releases along with his alter ego DJ 0.000001 (one millionth) and produced some monstrous beats in the process. His DIY ethos, nursery rhyme style delivery and madcap musical adventures make him difficult to fit into the accepted boxes but that's just why we love him so much.

Download: Narch - Chained Up (Mochipet Remix feat Eazy E) / alt link

Download: Th' Mole feat Warrior Queen - Jump Jack / alt link

Robot Koch

The chirpy Berlin based beat freak has always been light years ahead of his time it seems, his crew Jahcoozi were making 'now' music a good few years back and his work with RQM and Cerebral Vortex helped to prove that at least some emcees weren't being left behind. With a fantastic full length release in the shape of Death Star Droid and large selection of singles, mixtapes, remixes and exclusives all assaulting our eardrums from every direction in such an enlightening way, it has most definitely been good to have Robot Koch firmly on our radar this year.

Download: Robot Koch - Gotom Sen (Shlomo Remix) via XLR8R / alt link


Another big lad who doesn't exactly make small and subtle music, infact his tracks are possibly as large as it gets with skull ripping basslines, the kind of drops that would give an acrophobiac a heart attack and enough dirt to keep an allotment going for a year. We've had a taste of his leanings towards the Hip-hop side too with his Foamo remix and we are eager beavers gnawing at our nutsacks waiting for more.

Download: Foamo - Wardance (Raffertie Remix feat Shiftee Moova) / alt link

Mix N Blend

South Africa and Cape Town in particular has given us some of our favourite music of the year and Mix N Blend are a shining example of how their scene have got it so right. Dubstep without a hint of pretension that still manages to drop as heavy as anything else, plus their album on African Dope showcased a variety of styles that certainly do the name justice yet never gets lost amongst the madness.

Download: Mix n Blend feat. EJ Von Lyrik & SFR - Tantrum / alt link

George Lenton

It kind of feels like Mr Lenton has came out of nowhere and with a noticeably low number of 'official' releases to his name his inclusion here might seem a tad premature but regardless he has still managed to unleash some of the best tracks of the year. Although Troll carried the same Network sample as a few other tunes his version seeme to be the definitive summing up of the mood of the nation and kicked off our Pimp My Tour Bus mix perfectly. His blurring of boundaries between Dubstep and 'Hulk Hop' or even pop and underground sits perfectly with our point of view also.

Download: Erik Hassle - Hurtful (George Lenton Remix) / alt link


One of those artists who manages to keep a big profile whilst remaining just under the radar. Some might say this is a perfect position for an artist but we can't help but feel the whole world needs to recognise the skills of Hollyrock's finest. Tracks ranging from 130bpm Dubstep style tracks (why aren't even more artists doing this?) to big and beefy Hip-hop via the occasional Electro Pop tune. His diversity might be confusing to some but it's certainly endearing to us here.

Download: Big B - Sinner (Troublemaker Remix)

Akira Kiteshi

Originally a duo of Steven Hyslop and Tommy Forrest (still alive under the name AK Kids) Akira Kiteshi stomped many a speaker with their no holds barred beats, and as a solo warrior Forrest has in no way lost any of the projects power, infact he goes from strength to strength. With so much hype surrounding Glasgow it's good to see somebody holding the corner for the Scottish capital of Edinburgh hard and with a number of releases on labels such as Black Acre and Muti Music cementing credibility there's no sign of this ronin needing to commit seppuku anytime soon. For more information check out his interview over at BwompBeats.

Download: DZ - Just Rollin' (Akira Kiteshi Remix) via BwompBeats


When we first caught him rhyming over a Kode 9 beat it was so refreshing to hear a New York rapper approaching Dubstep in a different way, and then we discovered his Police and Thieves album. What one of the best albums of the year was doing just sitting there as a free download on his MySpace is anybody's guess but we're so glad it was. The follow up Sub Bass Diet gave Elucid a firm spot on this Top 20 and a VIP pass card to the Chrome Mansions stereo. The fact that he included our good friend Metabeats (don't worry he'll certainly be in next years chart!) on the album was extra icing for a hella tasty cake indeed.

Download: Elucid - By The Block (Child Of The Sun) / alt link

The xx

Undoubtedly an inclusion on many a blog round up this year and not without reason. There were many pretenders to the coolest band crown this year but none quite got the level of straight up sonic sexual healing that oozed out of their self produced debut album. Inspired some fantastic remixes from the likes of Lunice and Nosaj Thing as well.

Renaissance Man

We have to thank Pelski above all other blogs for properly introducing us to the new wave of minimal tech artists that have a decidedly tropical leaning. We could have picked any one of the Sound Pellegrino roster to represent but as Renaissance Man was our first proper hit, we'll include them as the definitive door to our new addiction.

Download: Florence & The Machine - You've Got The Love (The xx Remix / Renaissance Man Edit) / alt link

Don Diablo / Chew Fu

It may be cheating to have a joint place but we honestly can't choose between these two Saturday night dancefloor favourites. Don Diablo not only makes the best all out new skool Disco about but has managed to help turn Example from a Hip-hop try hard to a rallying voice for the party generation. Chew Fu on the other hand has been relentlessly adding his golden touch to a number of bootleg hits this year that have gradually seen him move further into the official arena and up in the size of dancefloors he fills. They've perhaps got a little too big for our tastes lately but there's no doubting his latest hit with Wiley is a beast that isn't just tearing up the charts but ripping it a new hole that Chew Fu will be more than capable of filling.

Download: Don Diablo feat Example - Pussycat / alt link

Download: Chew Fu & Steve Clisby - Purple Rain / alt link

And to help us round up the year completely, here's the MP3 of that Mystro track we posted as a video yesterday.

Download: Mystro - 2009 UK Rap Up / alt link

That's it for us this year, we shall be out and about New Years Eve so hopefully catch you then, otherwise see you in 2010 mofos.

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Flying Double

Should anybody decide to enforce a narrative on the post Hip-hop music era then one character in particular will loom larger than life and help to propel the story just a he has helped to push the music itself forwards. To celebrate a decade's worth of service to sound from Flying Lotus, his compadre Gaslamp Killer has crafted together an enchanting collection of new and exclusive with previous gems. Just in time to get you all sparkling with anticipation for the forthcoming Cosmogramma abum that is due to drop on Warp Records in April.

Download: A Decade of Flying Lotus (mixed by GLK) via Brainfeeder

Another group of West Coast sound warriors of similar airborne moniker the Flying Skulls have also hit us up with their latest live mix. Long serving readers will remember that much as we love their studio material it's in the freestyle arena that this band of crunk wielding grime and glitch Gladiators truly flex their muscles.

Download: The Flying Skulls, Recorded Live at The Arcata Theater

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2009 Rap Up

We've been bumping his F.D.T. hard here at Chrome Mansions (review soon come) but the mighty Mystro gives us the best run down of 2009's goings on yet, rhyme style.

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Have A Brazillian

A new Fre-Release blog-label called Scattermusic have just dropped an exceptional offering from Brazillian baille-tech producer Edu K. As well as the original big but minimal (ah we love a good contradiction in our tunes) cheeky double header of Ja, Mann! and Jumpin n Pumpin there's a bunch of remixes in various flavours from: Mom & Dad; Slap & Dash; Dubbel Dutch; WILDLIFE!; and Femme En Fourrure not to mention this excellent bashy riddim from Aussie based producer Lewis CanCut with the choice of two vocalists riding on top.

Download: Edu K – Jumpin n Pumpin (Lewis CanCut Remix feat. Dizzy Dee) / alt link

Download: Edu K – Jumpin n Pumpin (Lewis CanCut Remix feat. Mars E Pan) / alt link

Grab the whole release for free from Scattermusic.

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Rhythm Monks Live at Berghain/Panorama Bar in Berlin

This is a clip from their first live show, expect some big things from these indeed.

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Welsh Round Up

Props to Adam Walton who had us in for a mix a couple of months back. His end of year round up on BBC Radio Wales included some of our favourite tracks from our beloved homeland too, including zwolf's Room For Doom which we gave you on a Fre-Release EP earlier in the year, Metabeat's future soul freebie Fruit Salad, Pete Lawrie's Black and Blue mix with Speech Debelle and Junglebiz from Mr Curtamos. For the full 3 hour Welsh round up you can listen again on the BBC iPlayer for the next week.

Listen: Adam Walton - My 3hr Welsh Music 2009 Mixtape via BBC iPlayer

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Nearly Missed The Monday Mixtape

Whoops the Christmas situation has thrown our days into even more confusion then usual, we only just figured out it was Monday in time to hit you with these. No tracklistings unfortunately but the first is forged from beats entirely of San Fran 'Blap' pioneer Dnae Beat's making, whilst the second is more of a straight up Hip-hop offering from the Associated Minds' catalogue, past present and still to drop including Metabeats, Ruffstylz, Mudmowth, Dubbledge and Elucid.

There's a Wormhole in My Bathroom by DNAEBEATS

Download: DJ Jaffa - Associated Minds Xmas Mixtape

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New B Boy Document

With a new generation of poppers starting to embrace Dubstep and Glitch hop there's something of a revival that has seen the art form progress somewhat, we're sure the same could be said of B-boying although we've seem little impressive work in recent times. Here's a subtle hint for practitioners of either discipline, if you're still only poppin or breakin' to music from between '73 to '93 and reject anything new, please kill yourself. You're killing the culture you claim to love and represent and we can't be f**ked with you... Just a small piece of Bill Hicksian advice.

Although both of these tracks have nods to the past they are representing the present and should be embraced by those who are finding it difficult to make the switch, call it Chrome Time Therapy. First up is from Tate La Rock who originally put his track together for a B-boy battle scene in a feature length movie and the second is from a new EP on Sweat It Out by recent Mad Decent remix competition winner Wax Motif.

Download: Tate La Rock - B Boy Avengers / alt link

Download: Wax Motif - Bounce n Pop / alt link

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Vote for DJ Cable in the Next Generation DJ Comp!

DJ Cable " The Mash Down: Vol. 2" from djcable at

Thought I’d do a quick spot of online self promo, and ask for your help in order for me to win this nice little DJ competition!

Those kinds folks at Pioneer, Beatport, DJ Magazine and Let’s Mix have come together to launch ‘Next Generation DJ’ (NGDJ), a talent competition designed to unearth the next superstar DJ and to give him or her the chance to win a life changing prize!

For my entry, I’ve submitted “The Mash Down: Vol. 2" which you may have stumbled across on this blog, and all good blogs/sites. The way the competition works is by getting you lovely people to vote for my mix to win.

All you need to do is to click HERE, and vote at the top. I only need 200 votes to qualify for the 2nd stage of the competition, so if you're feeling the mix, please get voting! :)

Thanks for the support!

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Moving Off Square One

There have a been a few artists by the name of Square 1 over the years. There was a great Soca band from Barbados who had the beautiful Alison Hinds as their lead singer and my old group once played in Stuttgart with a Munich based Hip-hop crew of the same name who had a few underground hits once upon a while ago. So it is probably a wise move that a similarly monikered producer from the West Coast should revert to what we assume is his legal name of Stephan Jacobs, perhaps after 8 years in the game it was time to step up to square 2. This should certainly be no problem at all if the phat selection of Glitch hop and Dubstep remixes and originals we've been sent from those fine fellas over at Muti Music is anything to go by, infact there's no reason he can't go the whole way round the board, which actually if we're fair rather than relying on cheap word association gimmicks he's already gone some way around, along with Ruff Hauser and their Kether collaborations.

Download: Stephan Jacobs & Jupit3r - You Know Dey Love Dat (More Subs Edit) / alt link

Download: Smoke City - UnderWater Love (Stephan Jacobs Remix) / alt link

Download: Bone Thugs & Biggie - Notorious Thugs Remix (Stephan Jacobs Remix) / alt link

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Don't Waste Your Leftovers

Just came across this album / (un)mixed tape from ex Slum Village spitter Elzhi. It's a compilation of 'unreleased' material, usually meaning, shit that was too poor to be included on any album and should be buried. However for the most part this is all of a quality good enough for the shops and although it largely passes us by here and joins the rather high pile of good but ultimately forgettable Hip-hop we keep in the corner of our collective consciousness, there are actually a few stand out cuts that have had us clicking the rewind key, particularly these Jake One and DJ Spinna produced tracks.

Download / Listen: Elzhi - The Leftovers Unmixedtape

Download: Elzhi - Glow (prod. Jake One) / alt link

Download: Elzhi - Colors Remix (Prod. DJ Spinna) / alt link

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Christmas On The Moon

Just had this warm and fun little festive EP to help ease the ever decreasing temperature around Chrome Mansions. It's from the Black Power Arrangers, what appears to be a collaboration between THEE Satisfaction and erm, other people. It's essentially a beats snippets album of the Madlib kind with a lush blend of jazz, Hip-hop and electronic beats but using Christmas classics for the large part and the spirit of Christmas for the rest. You can download / listen at Bandcamp and we've included a couple of choice cuts below.

Download: Black Power Arrangers - Christmas On The Moon (Album) via Bandcamp

Download: Black Power Arrangers - Christmas On The Moon (Track) / alt link

Download: Black Power Arrangers - World Peace
/ alt link

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It's An Islands Thing

What a perfect combination, one of the leaders in the new school of West Coast digital beatsmiths reworks one of our favourite new bands of the year. This has got excess amounts of hyper cool dripping from every orifice.

Download: The xx - Islands (Nosaj Thing Remix) / alt link

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Flying Weezy

We've been pretty much locked in our own zome lately and paying far too little attention to the world around us, which means we missed these Flying Lotus remixes til just now, but it would be wrong not to blog just incase there's any of you guys in the same boat. Robo Tussin', FlyLo's overhaul of Lil Wayne's A Milli has been round since the summer but here it's also accompanied with the excellent instrumental for all those Weezy haters out there. The same is true of the other track, a remix of I Feel like Dying also from Mr Carter, although the vocal version itself is pretty subtle as it is.

Download: Flying Lotus - Weezy (zip)

Download: Flying Lotus - Robo Tussin (Instrumental)

Download: Flying Lotus V Lil Wayne - I Feel like Dying

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Merry Monday Mixtapes

First up this week is a special Christmas mix from our boy DJ Cable and on the Dubstep tip, Jenai from Ego Thieves mixes up an all guns blazing big stomping selection and DJ Kev Fresh drops a bunch of our favourites from this year in his Kevstep 2 mix.

Download: DJ Cable’s Weekly Mix #51 (Christmas Edition)


01. Frank Sinatra - Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!
02. Eazy-E - Merry Muthaf---in' Xmas
03. Run-DMC - Christmas in Hollis
04. Jim Jones - Ballin' On Xmas
05. The New 2 Live Crew - 2 Live Christmas
06. Poison Clan - Christmas Spliff
07. Kurtis Blow - Christmas Rappin'
08. Disco 4 - He's Santa Claus
09. Treacherous Three - Xmas Rap
10. 69 Boyz, K-Nock & Quad City DJs - What You Want For Christmas
11. James Brown - Santa Claus Go Straight To The Ghetto
12. Brenda Lee - Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree (Cable's Quick Bmore Edit)
13. Dirty Boyz - All I Want For Christmas Is To Get Crunk
14. Ludacris - Ludacrismas

Bonus Download: DJ Cable V Eartha Kitt - Santa Baby (Bishy Bashy Re-edit)

Download: Ego Thieves - Dubflencial 8 (A Planet Explorer)


01 – Hex – Riskotheque & Atman
02 – You Stupid Cunt – Ollie (Bare Noize Remix)
03 – Ransom – Zero G
04 – Kick In The Floor – Slack
05 – Air Raid – Flux Pavilion & Doctor P
06 – Hard – Breakage ft Newham Generals – Hard (Caspa & The Others Takeover Mix)
07 – Incognito – 501
08 – R0807 D06 – Cookie Monsta [EXCLUSIVE]
09 – Jewel Thief – Sukh Knight
10 – 20 Red – Taz Buckfaster
11 – Only One – Toast
12 – Insanity – 501
13 – The Bitter Orchestra Girl – Borgore (EXCLUSIVE)
14 – Painkillers – Brown And Gammon Feat Flux Pavilion
15 – Ruffneck 09 – Navigator – Excision & Datsik Remix
16 – Seven Figure Swagger – Foreign Beggars (Bar9 Remix)
17 – FroggyStyle – The Widdler
18 – Kaliyuga – Engine Earz
19 – Badman Sound – Doctor P
20 – Higher -Mindelixir Feat. Bree Sharp
21 - Seconds – Butter Fingers
22 – Stop What Youre Doing – Untold (James Blake Remix)

Dj Kev Fresh - KEVSTEP 2 MIXTAPE by Kev Fresh


1. Many Voices - GANJA WHITE NIGHT
2. Do It Big (Feat. Busta Rhymes, Icewater & Raekwon) [Baobinga & I'd Remix] - Wu-Tang Clan
3. Night By Night (Skream Remix) - Chromeo
4. Zumpi Hunter - Swindle Remix - Terror Danjah
5. Township Funk Remix (VIP) - JAYOU
6. Might Like You Better (Rusko Remix) - Amanda Blank
7. Kid Sister - Right Hand Hi (Caspa Remix)
7. Apocalypse Theme (12th Planet & Flinch remix) - NADA, Dave
8. Riverside (Let's Go!) (Breakage Remix) - Sidney Samson Feat. Wizard Sleeve
9. Jekal (The Widdler remix) - HD4000
10. Capleton ft Method Man - Wings of the Morning (DZ Remix)
11. Don’t Mess About - Original Mix Crissy Criss
12. No Security - Tomb Crew RMX
13. Lions feat. New Kidz - Douster Remix Malente, Dex
14. Jamtech Foundation - Park The 9 ft. Voltage
15. Neighbourhood 09 (Zed Bias club mix) -ZED BIAS feat MC RUMPUS & NICKY PRINCE
16. Jumpin - Original Mix Kromestar
17. Stand By Me (Biscope Boot) - Ben E KIng
18. Stealth Mode - Original Mix Terror Danjah
19. The Coconut Kestrel - Original Mix - Neil Landstrumm
20. Joker vs Rick Ross (Kev Fresh Edit)
21. No Money For Guns - High Rankin
22. Bounce (Doorly Remix) - MSTRKRFT

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Beware Of Sharks In The Watered

Sway just 'leaked' this track he's done with Toddla T, Benga and JLS. Sitting close to the wrong side of the 1Xtra tracks at times still but it sounds like Mr Dasafo is finally getting back to a form we know and love. Just wish he'd take his eye of the chart, he works so much better underground.

Download: Toddla T x Sway x Benga x JLS - Chart Attack / alt link

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Christmas Rave Up

Parker returns in full festive mode, taking on Bing Crosby's version of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and flipping it Drum & Bass style to turn your Christmas party into a proper seasonal rave up. Now all you need is someone to season the mulled wine with some extra spices and Black Friday won't seem quite so darkside.

Download: Parker V Bing - Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer / alt link

But the Christmas chrome cheer doesn't stop there, iamxl give's us a B'more remix of a Hawaiian Christmas classic and our favourite twisted techno freaks Sicknote have chosen the seasonal sentiments in the Frog Song to spread their own brand of XXXmas loving. More of a cover than a remix, we're not so sure Macca would stand together with them on this DnB style flex, but then who really gives a f**k.

Download: Don Ho - Mele Kalikimaka (iamxl Holiday remix) / alt link

Download: Sicknote - The Frogs Bollocks / alt link / video

and incase you missed this one a week or so ago, here's another Cardiff / McCartney Christmas collabo for good measure...

Download: Underpass V Macca - A Wonderfully Twisted Christmas / alt link

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Back In The Dayz

For those who want to catch up on some history, the Bristol museum is hosting an interesting exhibition called Wild Dayz which features photography from Andrew "Beezer``Beese who captured the best elements of 80s Bristol through his lens. Scenes which include the Wild Bunch (who later became Massive Attack), St Pauls Carnival and the early Grafitti movement.

There's also a video compilation by Steve Haley which features amongst others, this classic track from our childhood from the Fresh Four, two of whom became big players in the Drum & Bass scene, DJ Krust and DJ Suv. The track was also produced by Smith and Mighty, legendary pioneers of the 'Bristol sound' (Rob Smith also has his hand in Dubstep circles under the name RSD). Learn something new every day.

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Our main man Monkey is on fire at the moment and thanks to those forward thinking folks at Pesky Plates the flames are about to spread further. Their new single features a double bill of Monkey magic, with Cygnas X 1 offering up an urgent alarm call for the dancefloor to wake up and smell the tropical flavour. Switching up from Dubstep to Bashment to Funky this energetic double time delight is bound to tear up any club with an ounce of taste.

Bubblin' on the flip is a more spaced out affair but still rhythmically fast paced. Imagine attending an old skool rave in the middle of the Amazonian jungle and getting heavily blazed with a bunch of Bobo Dreads and you come some way to the whole experience. Don't take our word for it however, we have a couple of clips from both tracks right here.

PESKY 003 - MONKEY - Cygnas x 1 feat DREAD MC by PeskyPlates

Pesky 003 - MONKEY - Bubblin' by PeskyPlates

These are already recieving play from the likes of Tes La Rok, Starkey, Dexplicit, BunZero, Ramadanman, L-viz 1990, and Will Blaze and you can pick up a copy now from Juno and all other worthy outlets.

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Mean Green Bass Thumping Machines

Couple of Hulk Hop heavyweights pile in with all guns blazing today. First up is the mighty Bassnectar who fixes up the Pixies' Where Is My Mind? into a killer slice of Crunk Rock. George Lenton meanwhile is on similar grounds with his Phar Phar Dec wobbling, bumping and grinding more than a fat hooker on horse tranquilizer. Loving the Big Pun breakdown in the middle too, massive!

Download: Pixies - Where Is My Mind (Bassnectar Remix) / alt link

You can also pick up the instrumental to this here.

Download: George Lenton - Phar Phar Dec (sorry we were a bit eager on this one, soon come though!)

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Still Haven't Got My Bloody Money

We've had some great re-edit's of this recently from Moneyshot (110bpm Hip-hop style) and Parker (Where's My Monkey) and now it's time for Elite Force to flip it into a Breakstep monster to warm the winter dancefloors.

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DJ Wool feat Subtitle - Strobelight

Dj Wool - Strobelight feat Subtitle from Ryan Justin on Vimeo.

Download: DJ Wool feat Subtitle - Strobelight (Fantastadon Remix) / alt link

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Shady Undertow's

Undertow from outta New Zealand just hit us with this laid back Dubstep refix of a Lateef and DJ Shadow track from the Bay Area Hip-hop legends' Solesides days. Dope!

Solesides - The Quickening (Undertow Remix) by undertow

Look out for his new single backed with a track from fellow countryman Optmas Gryme, which you can pre-order here.

Download: Solesides - The Quickening (Undertow Remix)

We think this is what they mean by tough love. Death To The Throne takes a liquid lovin' future funk synth and brutalises it with a beatdown. So wrong but then also so right at the same time.

Download: Death To The Throne - I Only Have Eyes For You / alt link

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Monday Mixtapes

Back to where it belongs...

Download: Benjamin One – Digital Summary via Rhythm Incursions


Intro – Weather Report
Benjamin One – Realise – CDR
Stepchild – Back – CDR
John Kennedy – Space o Matic (benjamin one remix) – Organik records
Btol and Benjamin One – Four Twelve – CDR
Dobie – New Madness (benjamin one remix) – CDR
Beastie Boys – Too Many Rappers (accapella)
Benjamin One – We Can Try (26 letters) – CDR
Juice Aleem – Rock my Hologram – Ninja Tune
E.a.r.l – Gymps – CDR
Benjamin One – Bison Beat – CDR
Ernesto Gonzales – Self Awakening (Take remix) – Friends of Friends
Freestyle Fellowship – Tolerate (Awkward remix) – CDR
Dj Rogue – Dreams (benjamin one remix) – CDR
Unison – Brothers and Sisters (Awkward remix) – CDR
Harmonic 313 – Cyclotron c16 – Warp
Abacus – On Meeting – CDR

Download: DJ Pound - From The Pound Mix


1 - (intro)Too $hort - Keep Bouncin
2 - Mono / Poly - Punch the Troll In the Neck
3 - Saadiq - Vienna
4 - Herrmutt Lobby - Rock the Bell
5 - KenLo Craqnuques - Boiling light
6 - Tayreeb - Da Punk RMX
7 - Herrmutt Lobby - Fat Manual
8 - Akira Kiteshi - Boom n Pow
9 - Simo - World
10 - Devon - Mystery Box
11 - Robot Koch - Death Star Droid
12 - edIT - The Game Is Not Over
13 - Mono / Poly - The Beatles
14 - Boreta - Bubblin the Cut
15 - KenLo Craqnuques - Grasmaigre
16 - Cupp Cave - Frozen Beet
17 - The Clonius - Fogged Spacesuit
18 - Slugabed - 1ofus
19 - Fine Cut Bodies - Beaver Blink
20 - Hudson Mowhak - Unknown
21 - Mono / Poly - MS-14
22 - Hudson Mowhak - Unknown
23 - Mono / Poly - Ground Beef
24 - Gritboys - Freesh!!! ( Radio Edit )
25 - Slugabed - Help I've Fallen Down A Well
26 - Herrmutt Lobby - Lessevicesavielsalm
27 - Leigon Of Two - And Now We Wait
28 - Appleblim - Within
29 - 16Bit - Swine Flu
30 - Propa Tingz ft Dakini - Babylons Scared 16Bit Rmx
31 - Mono / Poly - Sping Crossings

Download: Hudson Mohawke - Essential Mix


Loops Haunt – Dusk Mechanics
Machine Drum – Sakatak
Red – I should tell ya momma on you
Hudson Mohawke – Bopgunn V1 Instrumental
Dorian Concept & Lil Filip – I’m A Balla [Patchwork Pirates Edit]
Hudson Mohawke – Fuse
Tiago – Babelfish
Rustie – Nekoo
Starkey – Ok Luv
Hudson Mohawke – Ice Viper
Hudson Mohawke – Overnight Celebrity
Hudson Mohawke – Start of A Story
Hudson Mohawke – Are You Feeling Hot
Hudson Mohawke – Take my hand
Hudson Mohawke – Still on it
Hudson Mohawke – Pipes
Hudson Mohawke – Chorduroy
Hudson Mohawke – Photo 2
Hudson Mohawke – Waldo’s Gift
Harmonic 313 – Scar (ft. Wiley)
Princess – Say Im your number one
Markis Sage – Creature of Lagoon
Redinho – Mo Brap
Krystal Klear – Boogie Wan
Midnight Star & Usher – Touch that midas Girl
Becoming Real – Get Hype
Free School – Grey Goose (ft. Kelis)
Ludacris – How low can you go
Redhino – Banger
Hudson Mohawke – Stay Fresh
Lazersword – Trapperkeeper
Lil Wayne – I Feel like dying [Flying Lotus remix]
KGB Man – Africa
Ply Firls – I Could Give You Reasons
James Pants – Lickin”Stick
Hudson Mohawke – Twistclip Loop
Carl Cox – Let’s do it
Apple – Die Siegalizer
DJ Seduction – Imp002
Becoming Real – New Kids
Manix – Heads in the clouds
Jjak Hogan – Frequency
Machindrum – Carry the Weight
Fatima Yamaha – What’s a girl to do
Nacho Patrol – Futuriscic Abeba [Hudson Mohawke Remix)
Slum Villega - Dirty [ft. ODB)
The Pharcyde - Passin Me By [FlyAsPie Remix]
Cloud One & Madlib – Unknown Interlude Track
SciFi Stu – The Will (ft. Vast Aire)
Terror Danjah – Bipolar
Joy Orbison – J.Doe
Lone – Sharpest View of the sun
Mwëslee – Eurocame Snips Track 4
Hudson Mohawke – Monde
Mike SLott – Snow Birds
Dimilite – Cotdam [ft. Pharrell]
American Men – AM System

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Acid Crunk Anyone?

We mentioned it before but it's finally dropped and it is indeed as weighty as we'd expected. One of our favourite genre descriptions for the crunked up bass tearing, digitally mutated Hip-hop sound has to be San Francisco all round champion of it An-ten-nae's offering of Acid Crunk, especially with us all being fans of the twisted 303 dirt that Acid House gave us and which definitely has its shadows in the Hip-hop hybrid.

Now for their 50th release, Muti Music drops part two in An-ten-nae's Acid Crunk compilation series. Already hitting number one in no less than 3 of the Beatport charts (Dubstep, Electronica and Chillout, although which crazy bastard has been chilling out to these sounds we have no idea) this is a big compilation indeed and features such chrome favourites as Ooah, Gemmy, Robot Koch and Akira Kiteshi, whose Ulysses track from the compilation made it onto our Knowledge Me mix and thanks to those kind fellas at Muti is included for you here. If that's your flavour then make sure you pick up the whole thing here.

Download: Akira Kiteshi - Ulysses / alt link

Also from our mix and a late contendor for tune of the year (or maybe an early one for tune of next year) is Starkey's new single on Planet Mu featuring Brummie emcee Badness who manages to make what is ultimately a gal tune sound credible and not cheesy despite some rather suspect lyrics (apparently he 'shows luv better than he says' let's hope so for the lady's sake). Helped of course in no small way by the fluid futuristic funk of the Philly Dubstep don. You can pick it up now here along with a few dope remixes including one from our very own Chrome compadre Stagga.

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Dirty South, Dirty All About

The guys over at Adult Swim who always have an ear for great music have teamed up with the Timbaland co-prduced beatmaking game Beaterator to bring some incredible remixes of Atlanta Hip-hop artists by such global leaders of the new school as Flying Lotus, Hudson Mohawke, Starkey and Dabrye. Here's a player with all the tracks and a few of our choice cuts but you can download the whole lot here.

(player removed for being really annoying)


B.o.B. - Satellite (Hudson Mohawke Remix) / alt link

Gorilla Zoe - Lost (Starkey Remix) / alt link

Goodie Mob - Is That You God (Dabrye Remix) / alt link

Those folks at Mad Decent also leaked this remix of the recently incarcerated ATL rapper Gucci Mayne. The track is taken from the forthcoming Diplo mixtape using tracks from Gucci's own Cold War mixtape, switched up by himself and a few friends.

Download: Gucci Mayne - Dangers Not a Stranger (Diplo Remix) / alt link

And whilst we're in remix mood here's a bunch of our favourite remixes we've recieved this week. Most of whom should need little introduction.


Aesop Rock - None Shall Pass (Bossasaurus Remix) / alt link

Pink Floyd - Welcome To The Machine (Psymbionic Remix) / alt link

Bassnectar - Boombox (DJ Vadim remix feat Pugs Atomz) / alt link

Anti Pop Consortium - Get Lite (Tobacco Remix) / alt link

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