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Back After The Break




Chrome Kids take on Glo Bar's Big City Beats to bring you a massive first party with some of our favourite deejays. Two rooms of Dubstep, Reggae, Hip-Hop, Electro, Baltimore, Fidget and anything else we can throw in to make the walls at Glo shake. Many of these artists will be familiar to regular visitors to the blog...


Currently number one in the Chrome Kids chart with his killer remix of Peter Bjorn & John's 'Nothing to Worry About'. The Hollyrock hotstepper has been tearing up the LA party scene of late and has been getting bookings off the likes of Shepard Fairey and Arnold Schwarzenegger! He has provided remixes for everyone from Bonde Do Role to Justice and even popped up on both Linkin Park and Johnny Cash's remix albums. He recieved the award for best mixtape of the year from URB Magazine & Scion and his latest (simply entitled '4') should give you an idea why.

(Direct link) Troublemaker - 4 (zip)

And here's a few of his killer remixes.

(YSI) Silversun Pickups - Panic Switch (Chin & Troublmaker Refix) / alt link

(YSI) Peter Bjorn and John - Nothing to Worry About (Troublemaker Remix feat. Adam Tensta, U-N-I and The 87 Stick Up Kids) / alt link

(YSI) Bonde Do Role Gasolina (SK87 Remix Troublemaker Edit) / alt link

(YSI) Camp Lo - Luchini (Tatelarock and Troublemaker Remix) / alt link


This Edinburgh crew Seem to have popped up on nearly every mix / show we've done and with good reason. Their wobble heavy tracks are possibly some of the best Dubstep and experimental Hip-hop we've ever heard. Check out their recent mix for the seminal Rob Booth podcast Electronic Explorations.

(Direct link) Electronic Explorations w/ Akira Kiteshi Mix


This date also coincides with our Fre-Release of Zwolf's EP which features some incredible tracks with vocals by the likes of Martin Carr (Boo Radleys) and Junior Disprol (Dead Residents) .

(YSI) Zwolf - Keep In Touch / alt link

(YSI) Zwolf - Peltone Kudos Device / alt link


Part of the family, we couldn't have a party without em, even though Stagga is now based in Berlin. Between them the boys have had their Dubz played by the likes of Mary Anne Hobbs, Starkey, N Type (who rewound one of Monkey's tracks twice in one show), Rossi B & Luca, Raffertie, T Minus, Hatcha, Chef, RSD, Jamie Vexed Rob Da Bank, Huw Stephens, Bethan Elfyn, Crises (Rinse FM), Komonazmuk (HENCH) and plenty more. /


Radio 1 DJ and Bestival head honcho Rob Da Bank put these fellas as 'ones to watch' in iDJ magazine and not without good reason. They tear up the dancefloor with their mix of Baltimore, Fidget, Electro, Garage and anything inbetween. Their new release will be dropping via On The Brink shortly and this appearance will see them warming up for their residency at Bigger Than Barry's parties in Ibiza alongside Toddla T & Tomb Crew. Check out their recent Radio 1 Mini Mix.

(MF) Chesus & Rodski - BBC Radio 1 Mini Mix

Chesus & Rodski - Luchinimore / alt link


Providing some of the sickest bootlegs on the circuit, that had him at one time riding high in the Juno chart with no less than 3 tunes in one week. His Walk N Skank remix has never failed to make a club go ape shit. Check his latwat mix.

(MU) Mr Curtamos - May Mix


Another name on every Dubstep aficiendo in the city, not olny does he make some killer D&B but his Dubz are on some next level business.

Magenta – Agogi / alt link

SILENT ILL (Diverse Concepts)

The DJ side to Diverse Concepts, an apt name as this man has no barriers with his music, the one thing that ties them together is they're all damn good. We played one of his Hip-hop tracks on Rob Da Bank & Friends and then a Dubstep track on Bethan Elfyn's show, no barriers and no hold barred either.


Not only does he throw some damn fine parties himself with his Tommy B presents events but he knows how to turn a dancefloor into a sweat pit armed only with a big bag of phat Electro and party tracks. Check out his 'Let's Party' mix:

(ZShare) Tommy B - Let's Party


The Dub In The Pub nights are fast gaining a reputation as the best reggae night in the city and always has a great atmosphere, helped in no small part by this here organiser and resident DJ (not to mention graf artist and b-boy - check his website for some great work)


Will be playing something or other to make sure people party lots.

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Elucid Dreams

Told you we'd post up some more Elucid after he sent us a killer Kode 9 remix of his forthcoming EP. This album is from last year but as we missed it then and it's still fresh to death, infact in hindsight it's one of the best albums of 2008. Grounded in Hip-hop but never staying grounded for long as it takes technological trips all over the place with the help of guest production spots from the likes of Hudson Mohawke on the Psy-Crunk of Mannequin (Dead Fresh), Aeon with a driving off kilter Jazzed out beat on Automatic Writing, and Suhburb who adds a Dubstep flavour to his remix of Code For The Streets. Here's a few choice Chrome cuts but it's definitely worth grabbing the whole thing and giving it a proper listen.

(YSI) Elucid - We Carry On / alt link

(YSI) Elucid - Would Be Killer / alt link

(YSI) Elucid - Starstruck / alt link

(Direct Link) Elucid - Police & Thieves (zip)

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Random Heaviness

Heavy mix here of 'Bass heavy electronic Hip hop, Glitchy House and some Ravey Dubstep.' The link was left as a comment on the page so we don't really know much about it unfortunately, except that it's either by Nic or Moar Moar, or they might well be the same person, and they're possibily Australian. Oh dear, we haven't done too great on this one have we. Still bugger the details it's a great mix of tuneage nonetheless so enjoy.

Download Mix


Fulgeance – Tita Lima Esquizofrevo (Luv n Hate remix)
Frank n Dank – All seasons
Oliverdaysoul - Brain
Heralds of Change – Be out there ft Oddisee & Trek Life
Lukid – Fall apart
Neil Landstrumm – Godfathers 560
Dorian Concept – The fucking formula
Busy P – To protect and entertain (Mr. Oizo remix)
Diplo – Smash a Kangaroo (instrumental)
Kelis – Bossy (Two Fingers remix)
Zion and I – Lift me up (Traxamillion remix)
Mochipet – Tangle ft. Epcot
Ghislain Poirier – No more blood (Megasoid edit)
Ben Mono – Don't stop
Tolcha & Soom T – Send dem kids to war (Eva B remix)
Milanese – Caramel Cognac
Jahcoozi – Who (Kraddy remix)
Hint - At the dance
Sway – What you know (instrumental)
Jahcoozi – Jah C DC
Chaim - Africomania
Little Nobody – We call it crack house (Si Begg remix)
Modeselektor – Dancing Box ft TTC
Meat Katie – Stop the revolution ft Odissi (Bassbin Twins remix)
Joker – Digidesign
Spank Rock – Bump (Liver remix)
Tipper – Swipe Dub
Akira Kiteshi – Pinball
Reso – Smash yer face in


Can't Shake This Virus

Okay so this is probably the third time we've posted this video since last year but we've only just got a copy of the Mosquito EP through which is finally going to drop later this month so figured it was a perfect time to re-post. Plus we just can't get sick of this tune, though we're most definitely infected... (okay that's enough now I promise).

(YSI) Virus Syndicate - For The Music (Instrumental) / alt link

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Mini The Mix

Been after this Mini Mix from Caspa since we heard it in the Chrome Mobile a couple of weeks back. Thanks to Fried My Little Brain and the guys at Fabric who have a Dub Police take over happening on 17th April (see flyer), here it is.

(YSI) Caspa Mini Mix for Annie Mac (BBC Radio 1) / alt link

For the full tracklisting and an exclusive new Caspa track, head on over to Fried My Little Brain.

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We Salute Two Fingers

Two Fingers (Amon Tobin & Doubleclick) have been smashing it on the bootleg front recently here's their last few...

(Direct Link) Two Fingers vs Joell Ortiz - Block Royal / YSI

(Direct Link) Two Fingers vs Ciara ft Chamillionaire - Get Up / YSI

(Direct Link) Two Fingers vs Busta Rhymes - Don't Touch Me (Throw Da Water On 'Em) / YSI

Been watching out for their album on Big Dada, which features (amongst others) Sway, Ce'Cile and Durrty Goodz for some time and it seems to have snuck past us somehow, not too clear if it's out yet or not but if so... grab it now!

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What's Inside A Mind?

Great experimental Hip-hop set here from INSIDEaMIND. Which was first broadcast on Toronto's Student Radio, CIUT as part of the city's Nuit Blanche Art Festival. The majority of the records used came from the station's basement collection and were sourced only the day before. Out of these INSIDEaMIND have created a fantastically tripped out soundscape where epic distorted Rock guitar journeys meet firing drum shots and scratched up jazz horns. Thanks to ProF for schooling us on these guys.

(Direct Link) INSIDEaMIND - Nuit Blanche Mix for CIUT

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Error Message

Not sure quite when it dropped, but just been made aware of this free album from Error Broadcast Collective, an Experimental Hip-hop label who have sourced some great glitchy, minimal beats from every corner of the globe for this release and also plan a limited edition of vinyl 7''s to correspond.

You can download the whole album in high quality MP3 or FLAC files here, which we highly recommend but there's also a few of our choice cuts below.

(YSI) Lambent - Biscuits / alt link

(YSI) B-Ju - Philly Run / alt link

(YSI) Himuro - Diefaultiere / alt link

(YSI) Comfort Fit - Bag Of Nothingness / alt link

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Music From Some Friends Of Friends

Our favourite dubiously adopted Welshman Daedelus has just dropped a great disco-esque mini album on the new Friends Of Friends label. The album is split with fellow muso pal Jogger, who on the next edition will then invite somebody else, and so on and so forth.

Buy the album

He has also recorded a video for one of the tracks from the album which has just been premiered on and here tis.

If you happen to be cruising by it's also worth checking out their latest Podcast from Meanest Man Contest, one for the grown ups on a summer evening.

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Too Hot To Phunk

South African crew P.H. Fat have always lived up to their name so far and this big bad and bass heavy thumper doesn't disappoint, definitely underlining our assertion that Cape Town is just about running things in the Bass scene right about now .

(YSI) P.H.Fat feat Fuzzy Slipperz - The Big Five / alt link

Think I might remember hearing a story about Tom Waits getting really wankered in Fabric when all of a sudden one of the Deejays, dragged him onstage to sing a little something over his set and this is the result... okay it's not, and that situation never did happen... but it could have and this could be.

(YSI) The Watkins Screamers - She Said / alt link

iamxl takes the Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five original, cooks it up with some baking soda and returns with Crack House.

(YSI) iamxl - White Lines (Back In Vancouver Remix) / alt link

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Take The Moon Sniper

One of our firm favourites of the West Coast downtempo Glitch-hop brigade Take (aka Sweatson Klank) has just dropped a new mixtape on The New Worck to wet our appetites for his new mix CD Sweatson's Trajectory that should be dropping in early May.

This mix keeps away from the digital Hip-hop sound that Take is known for and digs a little deeper into his (crates and) influences within the world of 'Avant-garde, Electronic Jazz Psych'. It includes artists such as: Soft Machine, Mort Garson; Moggie; Van Dyke Parks; Fred Miller; Pauline Oliveros; Ruth Anderson; Bobby Hutcherson; and Secret Oyster.

(Direct Link) Take - Shooting At The Moon

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Nemesis & Arrogance - Live From The Capital Feat. Jelluzz & Starry Dayz

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Weather Or Not

With the weather here in Wales being as unpredictable as always, not sure whether to put up a a bright and sunny track or a more melancholic rainy one... so here's both.

First up is from George Lenton, who some might recognise from the dope MGMT and The King Blues remixes we included on our Hulk Hop Vs Crunk Rock mixtape. This is rather different to those. Although it's not necessarily happy, there's definitely a spring chirpiness to it. Vocals here are from Liz Lawrence whose solo acoustic tracks are definitely worth checking out too.

(YSI) George Lenton ft Liz Lawrence - Refresh / alt link

pic by Gem Vs Gem

Next is actually from a Hungarian Indie / Dance band we've been listening to called Mizantrop. Some great stuff but this moody instrumental track in particular caught our Chrome plated ear drums.

(YSI) Mizantrop - Jenny / alt link

Can pick up their whole album Down-Loud for free here.

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Saturday Night Stomping

Mumdance flips this track by The Whip completely into a full on 'hands in the air' Carnival Rave Up. Whistle Massive!!

(YSI) The Whip - Divebomb (Mumdance Carnival Rmx) / alt link

And best to keep your hands up, cos this new stomping Electro track from Decibels demands a bit of floor action too.

(YSI) Decibels - Fully Paid / alt link

Look out for their official remix of Rico Tubbs - Work This Out dropping on Menu Music on May 4th.

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Today We Is Mostly Listening To.,..

The latest podcast from seminal Bass, Glitch and Beats show Electronic Explorations has one of our current favourite crews in for a guest mix and it is HUGE. With all the (deserved) hype surrounding Glasgow - Akira Kiteshi are holding it down for the Scottish capital of Edinburgh with some of the phattest and most phucked up tracks around. Their mix includes some of their own exclusives plus sounds from the likes of Rustie, Starkey and Bassnectar... Get the full track listing and live stream here.

(Direct Link) Electronic Exlorations: 071 - Akira Kiteshi

New York rapper Elucid just leaked us a dangerous Kode 9 remix from his forthcoming Sub Bass Diet E.P. Just picked up some killer tracks off his Myspace page too so gonna post some choice cuts up once we've given them a proper rinsing.

(YSI) Elucid - Laser Days (Kode 9 Remix) / alt link

Also out of New York, Sub Swara set the scene for their forthcoming Sub City Sessions at Le Poisson Rouge on April 24th (w/ The Glitch Mob, Lazer Sword, Sub Swara & Ana Sia) with the latest edition of the Sub Swara Podcast on iTunes. Definitely worth subscribing if you haven't already.

(iTunes) Sub Swara Podcast: 5th Edition

You might have noticed this track near the top of our recent chart, The Last Skeptic has smashed it once again with this Dubstep meets Hip-hop remix of leftfield pop starlet Marina And The Diamonds. Look out for more Skeptic remixes from Daniel Merriweather, Get Cape Wear Cape Fly, Mongrel (which we featured recently), The Game, Eslam Jawaad, Joe Budden and Lowkey which will be included in a remix album later in the year.

(YSI) Marina and the Diamonds - Mowglis Road (The Last Skeptik Remix) / alt link

Loving the new Gouseion EP on Run Riot but nobody does their releases verbal justice more than the label themselves...

"Gouseion back on the missile-test range with More Friends For The Fire, a razors-open titanium jigsaw puzzle EP. Applying more pressure to the squared off rhythms of RRR avantclub, MFFTF takes the compressions of modern electro saws and the dizzy, sweeping drops of hyphy into physically treacherous arenas."


(YSI) Gouseion - We're In High School / alt link

Mary Anne Hobbs didn't make it in to do her show this week as she got stuck on a broken down train, but it did give a great opportunity to catch up on some of the mixes we've missed in the past from: Nosaj Thing, Mono/Poly; Hyetal; Ras G; Ben Klock and Appleblim @ Bloc. Can still listen again on the BBC iPlayer for the next few days.

Regular readers to the blog should know about Troublemaker by now, but the first time we caught him was on a remix of Camp Lo's Luchini alongside fellow Hollyrock co-hort Tatelarock, know they bring double trouble once more to De La Soul's classic Oooh, a timewarping fusion of Hip-hop eras that takes the focus off the floor and turns it into a subtle Electro stepper.

(YSI) De La Soul - Oooh (Tatelarock and Troublemaker Remix) / alt link

Also taking it back whilst keeping that future flavour is this track from JDP, which has a similar feel to fellow Chi-Townites The Cool Kids. Guest vocals come from Swedish rapper Adam Tensta, who also featured on the Troublemaker remix of Nothing To Worry About which we posted up the other day (see the linkage working here).

JDP feat. Adam Tensta - Circa 1987 / alt link

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Our First Official Fre-Release

Hello, Good Evening and Welcome to our very first official Fre-Release (no not a Pre-Release, not a Re-Release... a Fre(e)-Release). We've linked up with the fantastic Daly City Records (Mochipet, Th' Mole, Flying Skulls, Preshish Moments) for two single releases from DJ 0.000001 (below) and Th' Mole (on May 4th) that we're bringing to you in the spirit of the blog, absolutely free. We also have EP releases lined up for Zwolf and Stagga, with plenty more waiting to be confirmed. So without further ado...

You should all by now be familiar with the good old DJ friendly Mash-Up. They’ve long been a staple of many a party set, in fact, so long now that it’s about time they were taken to the next level… well thank f**k for DJ 0.000001 [one-millionth] then that’s what we say. Following on from his widely acclaimed releases on Mochipet’s Daly City Records label: Ooh Baby I Like It Hard (an infectious Ol' Dirty Bastard / Matty G / Glitch Mob remix single); and the Whirled Fusion Mix Tape (featuring Th' Mole), comes this brand new big, bad and banging ‘Thrash Up'. 10 tracks that would happily fit into a killer 40 minute set are fused together into one mighty morphing power stomper of a track in the shape of We All Fall Down.

Squeezing the essence of such Chrome Kids favourites as Milanese, Kraddy, Nasty Ways and K-The-I??? into 3 minutes of phat future funk totality, We All Fall Down moves fluidly between the beats and melodies but hits harder than an iceberg being dropped on your cranium. We couldn’t think of a better track for our first official Chrome Kids Fre-Release, plus it comes with an even DJ friendlier acappella and instrumental (which is also handy for the radio) so you can ‘thrash it up’ even further yourselves.


Milanese "The Plague" +
Pharoahe Monch "Simon Says (Acapella)" +
Lil Wayne "Lollipop (Nasty Ways Remix)" +
K-The-I??? "400 On The BPM" +
The Cool Kids "88" +
Too $hort "Burn It (Instrumental)" +
Art Of Noise "Moments In Love" +
Noreaga "Super Thug (Instrumental)" +
Benga "26 Basslines" +
Glitch Mob "Crush Mode" (Kraddy "Android Porn") +
additional electronic percussion by DJ 0.000001

(YSI) DJ 0.000001 [one millionth] - We All Fall Down / alt link

(YSI) DJ 0.000001 [one millionth] - We All Fall Down (Instrumental) / alt link

(YSI) DJ 0.000001 [one millionth] - We All Fall Down (Acapella) / alt link

Download a complete zip file with the 320s and cover...

(Direct Link) DJ 0.000001 [one millionth] - We All Fall Down (zip)

Or just check a Snippet here.

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