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Diff Vids

Couple of vids from some of our younger Cardiff based rhyme compadres as they jump on two different popular riddims. Astroid Boys ride Mike Lowry and Kitty Cowell goes back for a Pass Out drop of her own.

Download: Astroid Boys - Mike Lowery

Download: Kitty Cowell - Pass Out / alt link

Plus if these aren't quite deep or heavy enough for you, it might be worth avoiding the next video but we got much love for Kitty here, it's a catchy tune if not a bit too far on the pop sides for our taste and I'm DJing in the video (Kaptin that is). Fair enough?

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Demokracy - Double Star

Featured on this blog three weeks ago, Russia’s Demokracy return on Robox Neotech with the upcoming Double Star EP. It’s a wildly assorted partypack of bass flavours, kicking off with the out-and-out bombast of the opening title track, which has a distinct whiff of heavy metal about it. Elsewhere influences from Zomby to Drexciya rear their heads, meshed into spangled dubstep/hiphop beat stylings, cold, blippy synthlines and the occasional (if I’m honest) slightly iffy vocal sample. Messy but well worth checking – as are the two freebies below, which showcase the duo's restless sound.

Demokracy - Starhaven (320)

Demokracy’s Damscray has also been busying himself with some solo action and has an EP dropping soon. His excellent refix of P-Fang’s “Graveyard” slings some jukey drum patterns into the pot for good measure.

p-fang - graveyard (damscray remix) by Damscray

While we’re on the subject, Robox are giving a big push to the rest of their roster with material in the pipeline. Pick of these is probably Nasty Nasty, whose “No Names VIP” sets a yearning vocal snippet riding over an oily b-line, and is available for download via Soundcloud.

No Names VIP by NastyNasty

And an honourable mention goes out to Darkhouse Family, now also hooked up with the label. The nutso, skittering “Snaggle Tooth” is a strong recent addition to their Soundcloud page.

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DJ Cable – Wretch 32 x Annie Nightingale Radio 1 Guest Mix

Easy all,

Whilst I'm working on a new installment of my Podcast for 2011 (along with some other mixtapes), here's a mix that I was asked to do last week for Wretch 32, for Annie Nightingale's show BBC Radio 1, which aired on 20th January 2011.

25 mins of Grime (and Garage) for your ears, featuring new music from Lethal B, Kozzie, Yasmin and of course, Wretch 32.



01. Lethal Bizzle - Pow 2011
02. Musical Mob - Pulse X
03. Kozzie - Destruction
04. Royal T - Orangeade
05. OGz - Hot Ones (Royal T Remix)
06. Swindle - Airmiles
07. D Double E - Bad To The Bone (Woooo Freestyle)
08. Dream McLean - Woooo Freestyle
09. The Thunderclaps - Grindin
10. Rude Kid - Electric
11. Tempa T - Next Hype (Acapella)
12. Yasmin - On My Own (Royal T Remix)
13. Kano - Get Wild (Redlight Remix)
14. Littlefoot - Sell My Soul
15. Wretch 32 - Traktor (Mike Delinquent Remix)

Make sure you leave feedback on either the Mixcloud or Soundcloud pages!


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Ra-Ra-Radio Time


Astroid Boys – Mike?Lowry

The Glitch Mob – Starve The Ego Feed The Soul (Sub Swara Remix)
Professor Green + Maverick Sabre – Jungle (High Rankin Remix)
Magnetic Man + John Legend – Getting Nowhere (Skream Remix)
George Lenton – Believe
Diverse Concept - Being
Kotchy – Sometimes I Get Down (Mike Slott Remix)
Alex Clare - Relax My Beloved
FaithSFX + Voltage – Under The Influence
Memory9 + Juakali – Mission
Sharps - Bam
DJ Jazzy Jeff feat Raheem DeVaughn, V’s & Ero - For Da Love Of Da Game
Lunice & The Jealous Guys – Bus Stop Jazz
Rusko – Feel So Real (Dubbel Dutch Remix)
Ratcatcher – Journey To Stone Island

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Video Killed the Video Star

We got a few new vids (and downloads) come our way recently, so here they are in alphabetical order...

Astroid Boys + Beatbox Major - Free?Style

Blaktrix & Ralph Rips Shit - No Drama

No Drama ft Ralph Rip Shit by blaktrix

Elucid - Together

Download: Elucid - Together / alt link

Junior Disprol - Associated Minds Spittin Pt 11

Korbin Pheenix feat Omega - Art Of The 2

Memory9 feat. Juakali - Mission

Ninjah - Zulu Hip Hop

Download: Ninjah - Zulu Hip Hop / alt link

Skream & Example - Shot Yourself In The Foot Again

Shot Yourself In The Foot Again - Radio Edit by Ministry of Sound

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DJ 0.000001: Devastatingly Nerdy

Our pal DJ 0.000001's impressive new video puts to shame just about any other drum-pad player and also proves that he is an enormous computer geek. A minute and a half of booming percussion trickery, the audio version is also available.

DJ 0.000001 - Robot Hands (Live Drum Solo) by magicalbass

Incidentally, DJ 0.000001 (AKA Th' Mole) is currently prepping for a European tour for March.  Contact for booking.

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Blowing Up Your Muthaf**king Radio Biyaaatch


Blueprint – Radio-Inactive
RJD2 – The Glow (Paulo Remix)
Demokracy – Wintermute (Bass Science Remix)
Stagga – Annihalating Rhythm
Mr Phormula & Dr Syntax – Onwards & Upwards
iLL Esha Vs Kitsch Palace – Mata Hari
Falty DL – Hip Love (Jamie xx Remix)
Funkystepz – Hurricane Riddim
Tomb Crew – King Of The Tweets
Toddla T & Roska – Cowboi
Heavyfeet feat Mad Rush – V’s Up
Elucid – Together
Central Spillz – Find Your Way
Chali 2Na – Gadget Go Go

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Emalkay - Crusader (Video)

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Look At ThemNow

Just in case you also overlooked the new Chris Brown single, here's a link to go grab it. It is like a mini Murder On The Orient Express with everyone taking turns to kill it. Diplo and Afrojack murder the beat, Busta and Weezy murder the rhymes and Chris Brown gives it a back slap, but that's to be expected.

Download: Chris Brown eat. Busta Rhymes & Lil Wayne - Look At Me Now (via The Fader)

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Cold Soul, Warm Heart

Although we may be slightly biased due to their support of our family members, the RoboxNeotech label never fails to satisfy, and they’ve smashed it once again with the new EP from Russian/Siberian crew, Demokracy. Like all RoboxNeotech releases there’s the feeling of little machine babies being born and slowly opening their eyes into a strange world of humans. As the track’s name might suggest, it’s cold, like Narnia under the Snow Queen but with a warm sub that heats up your insides from the bottom of the soul to the tip of your strings. This can also be said of the Bass Science remix except he brings elements of mutant rave to the proceedings whilst Monty Clunk come with some drunken cyber-step, puking out circuits like it’s just downed 20 pints of battery acid. All are definitely worth picking up, but the fellas are offering out this moody little low-riding Glitch hop number from Dies Irae as a freebie taster.

Download: Demokracy - Wintermute (Dies Irae Remix)

Still on a winter vibe, this garage-esque track from Hackman has everything right for the season: Warmth; chills; reflection; depth; stillness; but with a driving pulse that beats a path, full steam to spring. First caught him on Fabric’s (should bloody well be) seminal Elevator compilation and it is they whom are offering this out, along with the information that you may catch him in the club’s Room 3 on Fri Jan 14th alongside such luminaries as Horsepower Productions, El-B, Oris Jay and Seiji.

Download: Hackman - Fists Of Ham

And finally, as vocalists finally catch onto the fact that producers have been steaming ahead of them on the underground circuit, the latest in a line of ones to watch (and rightly so), Alex Clare is offering up his latest track 'Relax My Beloved', for free download from his Myspace page. This is incredibly heart warming / breaking electronic encased blues and soul stuff and we’re definitely interested to hear the Diplo & Switch produced long player that’s due out on Island this year.

Relax My Beloved - ALEX CLARE by IslandRecordsA&RUK

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Free The Robots - Jupiter (Video)

FREE THE ROBOTS - JUPITER (Official Video) from Phil Nisco on Vimeo.

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The 'Non' Radio Show Selection

The Radio show's had a bit of a break over Christmas and New Year but was due to start back up tonight. However there's a problem down at the studio so we won't be back til next week. By then there will probably be a whole new set of tunes to play so here's what we would have played tonight!

The opening to the Bossasaurus album, which we figured would have also been a good first tune for the show, definitely feels like the introduction to something epic.

1. Bossasaurus-Space Renaissance by Bossasaurus

Next up was supposed to be a couple of DVA tunes: 'Still Born' from the 'Afro Cuban EP', a B Side for Manchester artist GuGu’s release on DVA Records due out on 10th January; and his remix of Bad Autopsy's ‘Ginmixer’ which is out now on red and gold vinyl via RAMP, limited to just 200 copies. Get yours here.

Bad Autopsy - GINMIXER (Scratcha DVA Remix) by RAMP Recordings / PTN

Next up a deep rolling sea of synths on this Dubstep / Glitch hop track from Ooah’s PANTyRAID partner in crime, MartyParty’s excellent 'Skukuza' album.

This stunning track is from a new free release that Blue Daisy passed us from his amigos ▽nknown ShΔpes. Apparently the ‘If I Should Die EP’ was recorded in just 2 days, but it’s certainly no rush job. If they have this kind of solid output in such a short time we can’t wait to see what they pull out of the bag next, definitely ones to watch for the future!

Download: ▽nknown ShΔpes – The World Keeps Turning / alt link

After their reworking of 'Genik Riddim', HavocNDeed have hooked up with Skamma & Joe Blow from the Squid Ninjaz crew once again for this strictly VIP track. Not sure if this is going to get a proper release or not but it’s killer for sure. Of course the version we were going to play would have been radio friendly, this isn’t!

Game Over (HavocNdeeD ViP ReWorK ft. Skamma & Joe Blow) by squidninjaz

We were then going to play a new Stagga track called 'Annihilating Riddim', but you’ll just have to wait until next week for that one, but trust us it’s another huge one.

On a more mellow tip, it’s tricky to pick just one track off James Blake’s debut album but we were going to go with this beauty.

James Blake - To Care (Like You) by Vicente P

Another deep, mellow, male vocal track, this time from Westernsynthetics. Not sure when it came out but someone passed us a copy of the May Day Radio album recently and this track struck us instantly. Actually gives us a chance to post the video now too which is also stunning.

Was going to drop the Monkey & Stagga produced track Chillski from the forthcoming Juakali EP but not got a clean version so opted for this Tes La Rok Remix of Freak You Back from the same release.

We still haven’t got round to playing this Skinnz track and we might not get the chance now but it’s definitely something you should all hear if you haven’t already. Quite a juxtaposition of the title and it’s corresponding sample with the sunshine soaked synths which would probably lift the most destitute dude up out the ‘gutta’.

Skinnz - Keep It Gutta [BOKA033] *Forthcoming* by boka

Only just caught the free AC (aka AC Slater) & Dell album 'Right Now' that Мишка released but it’s got some great tracks on there. Picked this one cos it didn’t have swearing in and we love the Dubstep / Future Garage vibe on it.

Still not 100% sure about this track which came out today., we love Maverick Sabre and Prof. Green makes some decent tracks from time to time but there’s something about the two together that grates slightly. Maybe it’s because they both sound like they recorded the track with pegs on their noses. We reckon it might be a grower still though..

Actually went to the launch of the ‘Scientist Launches Dubstep Into Outer Space' in Fabric but got there late and missed everyone’s set except Mala (who absolutely tore the place down). Not played anything off the album on the show before though so figured we’d drop this.

RSD ft Prince Jamo 'After All' Scientist Dub (Tectonic) by punchdrunkmusicdotcom

And that would have been the show. Hopefully you would have enjoyed it as well. We shall return to Radio Cardiff next Monday at 9pm as usual. 98.7fm if you’re in the Cardiff area or if not.

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Mikill Pane - Fairlytale (Video)

If you haven't got a copy of Mikill Pane's 'The Return of Mister Pane' EP yet, head over to The London Grind for a free copy. Here's a couple of our choice cuts.

Download: Mikill Pane - The Return Of Mister Pane (Direct Link)

Download: Mikill Pane - Blag It (Direct Link)

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Happy New Year

Right lets jump straight into the New Year. We got some big tunes for you all from some friends and family, so here's to a big 2011 for you all.

Astroid Boys spent the last day of 2010 in the Studio so that they can start the year with a fresh tune for you all. Over some 'dutty stinkin' beat from Curtamos, the boys bring some 'rawdiness' to the proceedings with this one.


Mochipet invokes the spirit of the now deceased caffeine heavy US energy drink Four Loko with this hyper crunked up remix of Oakland's Hottub.


Download: Hottub - (Four) Lokos Only (Mochipet Purple Drank Remix) (Direct Link)

The Glitch Mob have had a great year and so as a thank you to all the people who supported them through it they're giving away the version of Drive It Like You Stole It that could be found on their Drink The Sea Part 2: Mixtape

Download: The Glitch Mob - Drive It Like You Stole It (The Mixtape Version) (Direct Link)

We've also had a great year, albeit something of a blur now. If you need a little recap on what's been going on in the wider world in 2010 (or at least in the UK), here's our amigo Mystro with his UK 2010 Rap Up.

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