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This fortnight's show has a bunch of great remixes: Exeter fiddles with Sizarr, ARP101 touches up Slugabed, Face & Heel tweak Py's buttons a litle and our very own Bodhi gets full on Shades of Grey with The xx. Plus some new artists on the radar such as Julien Mier, Alis and Tere$jenee, some new faves in Two Inch Punch, Ango, Rain Dog and Rudi Zygadlo, topped off with some rapping from Childish Gambino, Ruffest (alongside LV) and Ty + Akua Naru on Shuko's superb soulful tribute to Amy Winehouse.

Also, here's a few of those tunes from the show that you can grab for free download.

Plus as a bonus have this free download of Gweno from our friends Them&Us (aka Killa Kela and Amy Carmine) that was a little too hype for this show this time but worth checking still. You can also check a Stanton Warriors remix of one of their own tracks here.

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So with a week to go until the next show again, here's the latest one from last week.

Plus as with last week there's a few tunes we couldn't quite fit in. We've also put up a tune from Monky's excellent forthcoming album for free download up on our Soundcloud (link below).  Make sure you check out the whole thing when it's out next month.  It's called 'Hotel Infinity' and will be dropping on Robox Neotech.

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With another week to go til our next show, just thought we'd post up the last one in case you missed it.  Plus there were so many tunes that we wanted to play but just didn't have the time so thought we'd post a few of those below too.  Plus there's a free download on our Soundcloud from Slymoove.

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