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Doing Things Boperly

I know this won't be popular amongst producers but I'm getting to the stage where I don't have the patience for most laid back instrumentals. Few break particularly new ground so I tend to need a vocal to bring me in a bit further so I can really feel it. Even great beats frustrate me as I can hear vocals for them in my mind generally. However, there are a few that still manage to take me by the eardrums and lead me off somewhere special. This Boperly (pronounced Bah-per-lee) is one of those tracks… although truth be told, in the back of my mind I'd still love to hear a nice jazzy female vocal on it.

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To Be Frank This Is Nothing

Some beautiful heartfelt pop with a lovely crisp static glitch ridden beat from singer / multi instrumentalist To Be Frank from Suffolk, who comes from a long line of musicians (his great grandfather was taught to play piano by Chopin) and has been getting a fair amount of well deserved props from all over since his first track 'If You Love Her'. If you missed out on that (as we did admittedly) then it's definitely worth a play too.

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RÜFÜS - Desert Night

You may well have noticed but things have changed around here some what, so despite being one of my favourite dance music labels, it's been a while since we posted anything from Sweat It Out on the blog. This new single from RÜFÜS feels like something of a change for them too however. Early morning / late night vocal House that's making me pine for an Ibiza sunrise and a nice villa veranda from which to watch it.

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Starkey In Space

When it comes to the heavier end of Bass Music, very few can touch Starkey in my opinion. He's made consistently huge tunes for a while now, some truly defying all boundaries and pushing things to the limit. This is definitely one of his more accessible tunes and truth be told as a Starkey tune for me it doesn't quite make the grade, however as a great pop tune then it's head and shoulders above most of this kind so definitely deserves props. Plus the video's great, always love Starkey's explorations in Space, can someone please give hi ma Sci-Fi film to score.

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Shigeto Glow

It's always a gamble going to see electronic music artists, even more so than rappers (I've walked out of the last 4 Hip-hop shows due to poor quality, Young Fathers excluded as they were awesome and their music goes beyond the traditional boundaries... way beyond), for every FlyLo or Daedelus there's... well let's not name names, everyone's allowed their off days and don't want to start calling people out, though you'd have probably caught a few if you follow me on Twitter.

With that in mind I just caught some of Shigeto's show at Start The Bus and thankfully he's the right side of engaging. It's not just the beautifully produced music, or the fact he jumps on the drums and jams along, both these help, but the main factor I've noticed that makes for a watchable show along that ilk, is simply the energy that the artists give out. Even though the gremlins reared their ugly heads, causing a few technical difficulties, Shigeto glowed positivity, a lot of grumbling diva-esque artists could certainly take note.

I think the first tune we played of his was this sublime remix for Sufjan Stevens, though there have been a number of releases of note, mostly on the Ghostly label, who have just dropped the first 2 singles from his 3rd long player for them, 'No Better Time Than Now' which is due out in August. I haven't even given them enough time to comment, but his show tonight has pushed me to give them a proper airing. So let's have a listen together shall we.

We also have to mention the incredible artwork from Michael Cina! Props to Ghostly International for always having incredible covers.

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Ribbon's In The Cloud

Until The Ribbon Breaks will be no stranger to regular readers of the blog in some shape or form, we've seen him in a few incarnations but every metamorphosis brings an even stronger identity. Since 'Pressure' popped up a little while back there have been some great remixes for the likes of Laura Mvula, Tegan & Sara and of course The Weeknd, and now recently there have been a couple of killer refixes for 'Pressure' from Ta-ku and Burns (which features one of our favourite NY rappers of the moment Mr MF Exquire) and now this new tune just popped up a few minutes ago. This has got us excited that maybe an album may follow - we had a sneaky peek at what it might sound like a little while back and have been eagerly waiting since.

and in case you missed some of the others...

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Chrome Kids Radio Show - June 2013

Chrome Kids Radio Show - June 2013 by Chrome Kids on Mixcloud

"I still find it hard to understand that anyone could argue that you can't have machines that exhibit consciousness." Iain Banks

Originally broadcast on Radio Cardiff 98.7fm


Inga Copeland - A World In Danger III (via Gorilla Vs Bear)

When Saints Go Machine - Love And Respect ft. Killer Mike from When Saints Go Machine on Vimeo.

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