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Suiting video for this track as it would provide the perfect soundtrack for a night time drive through the city. Why not try it out, and if you don't drive or live in the city then just sit in a friends car, play the video on an iPad and place it on the dashboard. Definitely intend to keep an eye on Tyson McVey (Neneh Cherry's daughter) and Shaun Savage aka PANES.

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For various (often unexplainable) reasons, there are very few people that have gotten up my nose more than Jehst in the last 10 years and I'm surprised to be posting a video of his, but I'm feeling this tune and Project Mooncircle remain one of the best labels of the year. Besides, it's all love here and minor irritations should never get in the way of spreading good music.

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Bambooman has been a fringes favourite of ours for a while now but London based Segilola is a new artist for us, one we're more than grateful to King Deluxe for introducing us to and releasing this stunning single, due out in the new year.

Hoping that the rest of her tracks and production choices stand up to this, certainly look forwards to hearing more.

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Been listening to a stunning new album from Débruit, a long time favourite of this blog, and Sudanese-born singer Alsarah. This is a perfect little taster to the kind of delights you might find inside.

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Paul White has been on fire recently, working with rappers such as Danny Brown, Homeboy Sandman, and Sean Price. Bit slow on this video by the looks of it but it's from his collaboration with one of our favourite Grime emcees.

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Super Tropic Tramp from Koji Aramaki on Vimeo.

Great animation from Koji Aramaki and Hiroki Kato for the Julien Mier track we dropped on our latest show.

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Chrome Kids Radio Show - October 2013 by Chrome Kids on Mixcloud

Few technical hitches but I think we managed to keep it together. Just a note as we're not very good at asking people to share things but the only reason for doing the show is for these artists to get heard by as many people as possible so if you do dig it then please pass it along for somebody else to appreciate. Once again for those commitment-phobes, here's a little taster of what you'll find in the show.

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The news that Om Unit has a new LP dropping on the ever excellent Civil Music label at the end of the month, is made even more exciting with this taster from it, which features Jinadu on vocals.

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Relative new kids on the block, BLDG5 have just released a mighty fine compilation called 'Ground Floor', which includes long time Chrome Kids favourites such as Sun Glitters and Free The Robots as well as a bunch of new guys on our radar who have contributed the best selection of tracks we've heard in a long time. Below are some of our favourites but you can grab the whole album here.

We shall definitely be keeping an eye on this label in the future.

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We've been waiting a while for the new EP from our boy Until The Ribbon Breaks and although the UK might have to wait a little longer for an official release, his new home in the States has finally seen the release of 'A Taste Of Silver'. This is the latest video from the EP, a collage of Baz Luhrmann's 'Romeo & Juliet'. Of course if you're in the UK and don't want to wait, you can always head to his Soundcloud and pick up the tracks for free..

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Frederic Robinson follows up 'Theme Park' with another beautiful beast of a release for Blu Mar Ten. This collaboration with Stray is like racing music for Mermaids and has totally whet our appetite for the full album which is due soon.

In fact a quick check has revealed you can listen to (and pre-order) the whole album, so here it is. We shall be greedily tucking into this later.

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Simple Things 2014

This Saturday we shall be touching down at Simple Things in Bristol for one of the best Electronic Music line ups we've seen in the country since... last Simple Things.

Last year we played in Lakota and spent most of the time there listening to the likes of Jackmaster, Throwing Snow, Lunice, Hudson Mohawke and Rustie. Although we were more than happy with that, this year the festival is much more focussed around the centre of the city so it's easier to manoeuvre. Sadly Apparat has been involved in a motorcycle accident (but is apparently recovering well) so has had to cancel the planned Moderat shows but Modeselektor will still be representing hard along with 50 Weapons signings Doc Daneeka and Benjamin Damage.

Although there's far too many artists we want to see there, as well as the above we shall definitely be making an effort to catch Nicolas Jaar, Jon Hopkins, Mykki Blanco, Darkstar, King Midas Sound, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Evian Christ, John Wizards, Ital Tek, Typesun, DJRum, Dam Mantle Jazzy Jeff and our fellow Cardiffians Islet and Face & Heel.

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Love the way Machinedrum allows my inner Junglist out, but just enough for him to peek out from a newly laid viewing platform. The video seems to had a fair bit of flack, and true it does come across like a futuristic, homoerotic West Side Story but to be honest, it's not actually that bad.

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Future Classic release a sinister video for this beautiful but brooding tune from fellow Sydney dwellers, Seekae.

To further prove their impeccable taste, on October 7th, Future Classic are also releasing an EP from our boys Bodhi. You can preorder the vinyl here.

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Downright creepy remix of Claire Maguire's already haunting track, 'Paper Thin' from Strange U producer Dr Zygote. Although it hasn't got the space to let the stunning vocals breathe like the original I think the heavier, industrial sounding beats help to underline them even better.

Dr Zygote also released his Grupo Zygote EP with the excellent Black Acre label earlier this month and has an EP on his own Zoot imprint due October 7th. You can grab a free track from the Black Acre EP plus an 'influences' mix below.

Download: Doctor Zygote - Beirut Dub (via XLR8R)

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Chrome Kids Radio Show - September 2013

Chrome Kids Radio Show - September 2013 by Chrome Kids on Mixcloud

Here's the latest instalment of our Chrome Kids Radio Show from Radio Cardiff 98.7fm. For those of you without the patience for a whole show (or for those with commitment issues), here's some of the separate tracks, but we promise it's worth investing an hour of your time... in fact we'll guarantee it, or your money back.

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I'm not sure who was behind this mini remix album for Italian composer Ludovico Einaudi, but top marks to them because there are some stunning collaborations. The album came out this week and includes contributions from Starkey, Phaeleh, Steven Siegel and Robert Lippok. You can buy a copy here.

Also, speaking of Phaeleh, he can be found guesting on the new album from our fellow Cardiff lad Lung, which is out now on Hospital off shoot, Med School. You can stream the whole thing below.

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New album from Detroit Hip-hop crew Clear Soul Forces just dropped today. Saw them in London last night, they might be a little raw and unrefined in places but their skills are undeniable and what they might lack in polish, they make up for 10 fold in unbounded energy, passion, character and general youthful exuberance. Been a fan for a little while now and any Hip-hop head should find something refreshing in their music.

Here's a couple of our favourites from the new release but you can buy a copy here or stream the whole think over at Okay Player.

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Doing Things Boperly

I know this won't be popular amongst producers but I'm getting to the stage where I don't have the patience for most laid back instrumentals. Few break particularly new ground so I tend to need a vocal to bring me in a bit further so I can really feel it. Even great beats frustrate me as I can hear vocals for them in my mind generally. However, there are a few that still manage to take me by the eardrums and lead me off somewhere special. This Boperly (pronounced Bah-per-lee) is one of those tracks… although truth be told, in the back of my mind I'd still love to hear a nice jazzy female vocal on it.

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To Be Frank This Is Nothing

Some beautiful heartfelt pop with a lovely crisp static glitch ridden beat from singer / multi instrumentalist To Be Frank from Suffolk, who comes from a long line of musicians (his great grandfather was taught to play piano by Chopin) and has been getting a fair amount of well deserved props from all over since his first track 'If You Love Her'. If you missed out on that (as we did admittedly) then it's definitely worth a play too.

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RÜFÜS - Desert Night

You may well have noticed but things have changed around here some what, so despite being one of my favourite dance music labels, it's been a while since we posted anything from Sweat It Out on the blog. This new single from RÜFÜS feels like something of a change for them too however. Early morning / late night vocal House that's making me pine for an Ibiza sunrise and a nice villa veranda from which to watch it.

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Starkey In Space

When it comes to the heavier end of Bass Music, very few can touch Starkey in my opinion. He's made consistently huge tunes for a while now, some truly defying all boundaries and pushing things to the limit. This is definitely one of his more accessible tunes and truth be told as a Starkey tune for me it doesn't quite make the grade, however as a great pop tune then it's head and shoulders above most of this kind so definitely deserves props. Plus the video's great, always love Starkey's explorations in Space, can someone please give hi ma Sci-Fi film to score.

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Shigeto Glow

It's always a gamble going to see electronic music artists, even more so than rappers (I've walked out of the last 4 Hip-hop shows due to poor quality, Young Fathers excluded as they were awesome and their music goes beyond the traditional boundaries... way beyond), for every FlyLo or Daedelus there's... well let's not name names, everyone's allowed their off days and don't want to start calling people out, though you'd have probably caught a few if you follow me on Twitter.

With that in mind I just caught some of Shigeto's show at Start The Bus and thankfully he's the right side of engaging. It's not just the beautifully produced music, or the fact he jumps on the drums and jams along, both these help, but the main factor I've noticed that makes for a watchable show along that ilk, is simply the energy that the artists give out. Even though the gremlins reared their ugly heads, causing a few technical difficulties, Shigeto glowed positivity, a lot of grumbling diva-esque artists could certainly take note.

I think the first tune we played of his was this sublime remix for Sufjan Stevens, though there have been a number of releases of note, mostly on the Ghostly label, who have just dropped the first 2 singles from his 3rd long player for them, 'No Better Time Than Now' which is due out in August. I haven't even given them enough time to comment, but his show tonight has pushed me to give them a proper airing. So let's have a listen together shall we.

We also have to mention the incredible artwork from Michael Cina! Props to Ghostly International for always having incredible covers.

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Ribbon's In The Cloud

Until The Ribbon Breaks will be no stranger to regular readers of the blog in some shape or form, we've seen him in a few incarnations but every metamorphosis brings an even stronger identity. Since 'Pressure' popped up a little while back there have been some great remixes for the likes of Laura Mvula, Tegan & Sara and of course The Weeknd, and now recently there have been a couple of killer refixes for 'Pressure' from Ta-ku and Burns (which features one of our favourite NY rappers of the moment Mr MF Exquire) and now this new tune just popped up a few minutes ago. This has got us excited that maybe an album may follow - we had a sneaky peek at what it might sound like a little while back and have been eagerly waiting since.

and in case you missed some of the others...

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Chrome Kids Radio Show - June 2013

Chrome Kids Radio Show - June 2013 by Chrome Kids on Mixcloud

"I still find it hard to understand that anyone could argue that you can't have machines that exhibit consciousness." Iain Banks

Originally broadcast on Radio Cardiff 98.7fm


Inga Copeland - A World In Danger III (via Gorilla Vs Bear)

When Saints Go Machine - Love And Respect ft. Killer Mike from When Saints Go Machine on Vimeo.

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Building The ARC

If the pic's too small to read, click on it to enlarge.

Top marks to these guys, I think this is an excellent move and shall definitely be down there. Fantastic selection of acts including family, friends and favourites such as Clark (AV Show), Martyn, Pinch, DJ Die, Close (aka Will Saul), Arkist & Komon, Skudge, Indigo, Also (Appleblim & Al Tourettes), Bass Clef, Cheeba, Behling & Simpson, Eliphino, Typesun and Face & Heel.

For the full line up or to buy tickets head over to

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We've just been told there are but a few tickets remaining for one of our favourite annual parties and this year the whole Chrome Kids family shall be there as we host the Bank Holiday Sunday in the 'Was I There?' room of Troyfest at Baskerville Hall which takes place from Friday 3rd to Monday 6th May.

As I said the whole family shall be repping with...

Kaptin Is Dead
Falcon Lake

all playing plus on our line up we also have...

Mr Healan
The Kreamy Kat
Mr Ben

Basically our room is ridiculously tight with undoubtedly some of the finest talent that Wales has to offer. Not to be outdone though Delete who are hosting the Saturday night have some tasty House DJs for you too with some of our favourites alongside the cream of Welsh residents and a headline slot from Jeremy Underground Paris.

Jeremy Underground Paris (My Love Is Underground)
Chesus aka Earl Jeffers (CRST / Darkhouse Fam / Metabeats)
The Organ Grinder
Clare James
Andrew Hill
Matt Owen
Lee Graves
Marc Parsons
Dave Little
Joey P
Soul Rebel
Rikki Humphrey
James Christopher and Scott Mantle
Dave Llewellyn
Ryan Housemasters Brown

Plus there are tons of other incredible party bands and DJs, for the price and size of the festival it's pretty damn impressive. For the whole line up check their website. If you're real quick you might even snatch those last few tickets. Trust us last year was serious fun with the friendliest crowd ever... and this year the line up is that much better.

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Chrome Kids Radio Show - Mar - April

Chrome Kids Radio Show (Mar - April 2013) by Chrome Kids on Mixcloud

I still struggle when trying to describe what it is we play on the show, but as we step into spring whilst still in the grip of a bitter winter it starts to make ever more sense. For those non commital types amongst you, here's a selection of tracks from the show. If you dig them, chances are the show was made just for you.

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Love Sex Magic

Just saw a Tweet from Kastle saying that Bodhi's new Justin Timberlake booty has been smashing up SXSW. Exciting news, somebody invite them over for next year! Grab yourselves a copy if you don't have it already.

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Enter Elmono

Those of you who actually read these posts may remember us mentioning one of our family members called elmono the other day. Well we can now let you know that his 'debut' outing will be the first release on Pinch's new Cold Recordings label and that he shall be playing in the Tectonic hosted Room 2 at Fabric this Friday. For a taster of what to expect, check out his Fabriclive Promo mix below and a mini interview with him over on the Fabric site.

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It's Quite Blury

From our extended family comes Blured. A compadre of the Chrome Kids for many years, he has just released a vinyl only monster of a Techno tune in the shape of 'It's Quite'. It provides the 1st outing for label YCO, which is run by another group of our boys from back in Cardiff (also the crew behind the excellent City Bass nights). You seriously need to check the swagger on this track. It's already been getting heavy rotation from Martyn, Jackmaster, Boddika, Gingy and Bordello.

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Bodhi Groove Series 2

With their 'Culture' EP riding high on the playlists of Skream, Gilles Peterson, FaltyDL, Machinedrum and Rob Da Bank amongst many others, we shall forgive Bodhi for missing a month in their monthly Groove Series (they did slip out a Mixmag mix instead to be fair). This is another killer mix of Housey, Garagey vibes from the boys, much in keeping with its name.

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Stagga & Monky 4

Individually, our boys Stagga & Monky are two of the country's finest producers. Together they're insane... literally. Before Monky finally drops his lifelong moniker to become elmono, the pair have released a new 4 track EP of bass heavy, glitched up goodness. In Stagga's words "its a bit mental but does have its more soft and romantic moments."

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Video Killed The Radio Star

Been a while since we posted anybody else's dope videos up here so...

We've always had love for the Seclusiasis label on here but this video from Warsnare and Fille de la Lune properly blew me away. Not heard the EP yet but I'm off to get a copy as soon as I've written this post.

Dark moody swagged out business from Black Dahlia, a dope new project from one of our favourite producers, Blue Daisy and rapper Hey!Zeus.

This is probably our favourite thing right now. Pure sunshine vibes from our South Wales compadres, Metabeats, Vanity Jay and the Associated Minds family. 80 Boogie Meets 90s RNB, Meets Future Funk... and that's just the video. Complete win.

This SOPHIE track hasn't got a video to go with it as such but as their only sending out YouTube promos and I'm feeling it, here it is.

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Bodhi Busy-ness

Well looks like we've got a load of catching up to do in regards to the Bodhi boys, can't keep up with them! So just in case you haven't been keeping an eye, here's a few things they've been up to recently.

First of all is their new single 'Culture / Deliquesce' on Sinden's 'Grizzly' label which dropped this week along with this video for 'Culture'. The video is a collaboration with Chrome Kids resident artiste, Snowskull and the EP itself has been getting some major love from the likes of Skream, FaltyDL, Giles Peterson, Machinedrum and Rob Da Bank (who has booked them for his incredible Bestival festival which we rocked a Chrome Kids set at a couple of years back).

Then of course there's this free download from XLR8R of the Bambanou remix. There's also a wicked Ifan Dafydd remix which you might have caught on our last Radio Show.

Finally there's this mix they cooked up for Mixmag, who gave a glowing review to the EP (big ups to Joe Muggs).

I'm sure there's something we've missed but that should keep you lot busy for now.

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