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Once was a time that nearly every exciting electronic release would find it's way to our inboxes weeks, months or sometimes even years in advance. Seems we haven't been quite as in favour of late though, as now we're impatiently waiting like kids at Christmas for 3 albums that will be dropping on 2nd June.

Taylor McFerrin - Early Riser

We already have the 3 tasty morsels already been offered up but we are very much looking forwards to the rest of this debut from the latest member of Flying Lotus' esteemed Brainfeeder family. Guests on the album include Robert Glasper, Thundercat, RYAT and Taylor's poppa, Bobby McFerrin.

Throwing Snow - Mosaic

After a string of EPs that have all found a solid place on our players, this is another stunning debut album. Ross Tones seems to be making himself right at home over at Fabric offshoot label, Houndstooth and what a great place to live.

Moody Good - Moody Good

As gash as you might think something on both OWSLA and MTA Records might be, this sounds like it's actually going to be brilliant. Moody Good used to be in 16bit but now seems to be making... well, it's on our blog so you should probably be able to figure it out. If not then listen to a couple of choice cuts below.

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Fusing Indian vibes with soulful electronic excursions, this is the first we've heard from Melbourne based producer and Indian classical musician Shūnya (aka Bal Singh). By their own definition of the Buddhist concept, Shunya refers to. "the void. The opposite of existence, the ground where all life springs from. The heart of the physical world. The source, the end, the eternal self. The I am-ness of reality. The space of which love is the door and illusion cannot enter."

lovereignonus by Shūnya

Life is (feat. Aarti Jadu) by Shūnya

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Long hailed as the king of Glitch by many, the elusive wonder that is Tipper returns with a beautifully crafted downtempo electronic landscape. There are no bangers here but the tracks are both tougher and more delicate than many of his contemporaries. A stunning album that deserves space to soak up.

Incidentally Tipper will be making an appearance at BoomTown Fair this year, definitely a set not to be missed.

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H.R. Giger

Rest in peace to one of the greatest artists of our generation. We might not delve into the darkness like he did but we are definitely a product of the biomechanical universe.

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