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Wretch 32 - Born Winner / Mixtape

Download: Wretch 32 - Born Winner / alt link

Download: Mixtape

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Central Spillz - How We Roll (Video)

Can download this track here.

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Freedom Is A Road Seldom Travelled By The Robots

It's been a while since Free The Robots dropped his debut EP onto the world and in that time his contemporaries on the West Coast scene such as Flying Lotus and Nosaj Thing have firmly wedged themselves into our collective psyche. Now finally we have a full length episode of the FTR show and it's certainly been worth the wait.

The name of Chris Alfaro's project is most definitely apt. This is the kind of freedom that Johnny 5 tasted and all those other androids out there have been dreaming of since. The re-education of the robots takes on a history lesson of their portrayal in human culture with tracks like Sci-fidelity, a straight up 50s B Movie robo-invasion over a killer beat which we can’t help but picture Doom tearing up… ripe for the mash up we’d say. The rest takes in everything from 60s Eastern influenced psychadelia to modern crunk, all translated for the knowledge hungry robot's out there, whilst tracks like Voices takes the education further approaching the emotional side of things and teaching them about the relationships between pain and beauty.

Finally as the freestyle nature of The Eye (a collaboration with Mars Volta's Ikey Owens on keys) really highlights the computer as instrument and with the education complete you can almost feel the life force surging through their circuits. The Robots have most definitely been freed.

Ctrl Alt Delete drops via Alpha Pup Records on March 30th.

Download: Free The Robots - Orion's Belt Buckle / alt link

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Akira Kiteshi - Ming The Merciless (Hexstatic Video Edit)

Akira Kiteshi - Ming The Merciless (Hexstatic video edit) from Hexstatic presents TRAILER TRAX on Vimeo.

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Beer Loving Robots

Doshy has been passing us some killer crunkesque tech-step recently from his secret lab in Berlin. We're loving his sound at the moment and seems like the feeling may be mututal as our boys Monkey and Stagga are all up in this new mix from him. Check it out and make sure you hunt down releases from his Robox-Neotech label (such as the latest bleeptastic Who Is Hudson River from Zet). This mix is pretty much what he's playing out at the moment but 'without the rewinds'.

Download: Doshy - ClubMix


1. monkey - a thought (forthcoming robox neotech)
2. doshy - space attack + vip (destpub)
+ zomby - aquafresh (hyperdub)
3. doshy - scatter (forthcoming tigerbeat6)
4. mr curtamos - bläh (dub)
5. rudi zygadlo - toys (doshy rmx) (forthcoming planet mu)
6. doshy - chip (destpub)
7. doshy - milky way (dub)
8. stagga - timewarp (forthcoming robox neotech)
9. eprom - humanoid (rewina)
10. doshy - ?????????(dub)
11. stagga - lopside (doshy rmx) (robox neotech)
12. doshy - sunset (dub)

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Another N.A.S.A. Journey

Big tune...Big Guest list... Big Remix.

To be honest we were never completely hot on the original but this kills it.

N.A.S.A. - 'Gifted' (Mattb rmx) ft. Kanye West, Lykke Li and Santogold by madeinglitch

Download: N.A.S.A. feat Kanye West, Lykke Li and Santigold - Gifted (Mattb Remix) / alt link

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Extra Ayoba

We recently told you about the excellent South African House compilation, Ayobaness. Well Schlachthofbronx, who have their own (unrelated) Ayoba Remix EP dropping next week have just hit us up with this killer refix of the DJ Mujava track from the EP.

Download: DJ Mujava - 'Mugwanti/ Sgwejegweje (Schlachthofbronx Remix) / alt link

Bonus Download: Die Antwoord - Zef Side (Slap In The Bass Remix) / alt link

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The Fogg

Couple of Chrome favourites have been cooking up remixes for Mr Fogg and he's been kind enough to send them over. First up is a Jakwob remix of his new single Moving Parts which drops on April 5th and secondly is a Poirier remix of Keep Your Teeth Sharp which isn't on the current EP.

Download: Mr Fogg - Keep Your Teeth Sharp (Poirier Remix) / alt link

Download: Mr Fogg - Moving Parts (Jakwob Remix) / alt link

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Old Money - Mamaseh (Video)

Mamaseh from Old Money on Vimeo.

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Monday Mixtape's Against The Pyjama Ban

Check our latest mix that was originally broadcast on BBC 1Xtra last week. More info and tracklisting below.

Download: Pyjama Ban (BBC 1xtra) Mix

From conception to birth, we have to admit we always feel rather like proud parents when we finish a mix, however with this latest in the series there’s a different kind of family pride. Aside from the obvious patriotism that swells from the fully Welsh line up, the fondness with which we regard out peers and the quality of music they have provided here hits the heart like a sibling football team winning the world cup.

When we were approached by 1Xtra to represent our motherland we were asked if we could possibly include some Welsh tracks. When we told them that we planned for the whole mix to be made up of artists from Wales they were surprised that such a feat was possible. Such misplaced surprise and ignorance is the reason why this mix is so important to us.

Not that we particularly mind being overlooked and mistaken for a nation whose musical output doesn’t stretch far beyond Guitar based Rock and Male Voice Choirs, we’re well used to that by now and our own media have always been more than supportive of the Hip-hop, Dubstep and Drum N Bass scenes here. There is a limit however as to just how much incredible music we can keep to ourselves. Let’s face it, it’s just not fair to the rest of you. So here is a quick fire tour of friends and family, mainly Dubstep with a nod to the Hip-hop and post-Hip-hop output of artists such as Squid Ninjaz and the Associated Minds crew.

The mix is meant as more of a showcase than a straight up seamless blend so keep the tracklisting at hand and make sure you look up the artists you’re feeling the most and if you reckon we’ve missed someone out, then make yourself heard so that we don’t make the same mistake next time.

Thanks for listening and don’t forget, if you’re enjoying it, someone else might too…

Pass it on.


Magenta – Gutwrencher (White)
Ital Lion – Bullet Dodger (White)
Skamma – Nuff Deep (Accapella)
Stagga feat Skamma – Sick As Sin (Ultra VIP) (Rag & Bone)
Stagga & Don Leisure – On Horse (White)
Superisk – Find Your Way (White)
Stagga Vs Joe Blow – Move In Acidicts (Accapella)
Stagga – Timewarp (forthcoming on Sonic Lodge)
Ill Diddy – The Drop Out (White)
Lung – Mari Celeste (White)
Monkey – Bubblin’ (MASK & Dank Remix) (White)
P Dubz – Cabbage (White)
Curtamos – Stormtroop (forthcoming on Subdepth)
Mr Healan – Bloody Target (White)
Don Leisure – 1X1 (White)
Dan Marshall – Footsteps (White)
Diverse Concepts – Dolphin Dance (forthcoming on
Monkey & Stagga – Glass Bong (forthcoming on Sonic Lodge)
Monkey – Poor You (White)
CRST – Turn Away (forthcoming on Bigger Than Barry)
Beatbox Fozzy Skit
Magenta – Forces (forthcoming on Sonic Lodge)
Monkey – Cygnas X1 (Pesky Plates)
Curtamos – Drop (White)
Ralph Rip S**t - Ralph Rip Rising (Hudson Mohawke Dub)
Darkhouse Family – Darkhouse Number 43 (forthcoming on Fat City)
Metabeats & Diverse Concepts - Embossed (forthcoming on Sonic Lodge)
Foot Clan – Most Real (White)

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Straight Jukin'

We're not too sure whether they're trying to inject some conscious Hip-hop flavour into Chicago's Juke-house scene, or possibly the other way round... either way it probably hasn't worked too well. However B.B.U. (Bin-laden Blowin' Up) have come up with some fun post-ironic hybrid party music that fits more with the Diplo minded rather than any strict brackets, and with some straight up infectious tracks set to splatter their debut mixtape, Fear Of A Clear Channel Planet (out March 1st)they could well find favour with those kind of scenesters.

Download: B.B.U. - Jukin' On Landmines

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Matt Humphries / Diverse Concept - Suspended Dialogue / Broken (Video)

Great new video from Matt Humphries called Suspended Dialogue which uses music from our boy Diverse Concepts. The track B r o k E n is part of the Taking Flight EP that we shall be dropping on 22nd March. The EP will also be something of a collaborative project between the two with each track corresponding to a choice photograph around the concept of flight from Matty's stunning portfolio of work.

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DJ Cable Vs. Ludacris & Starkey "How Low, Luv? (THUGSTEP Blend)

It's about time I hit you with another Thugstep blend. You may recognise this one from my January Podcast; imo it worked so well, that I decided to make a full blend out of it. Fully tagged, encoded at 320kbps...Vocals kick in after 32 bars, giving you a chance to mix/double drop properly.

DOWNLOAD: Dirty/ Clean

As the acapella didn't come with a chorus, I had to make one using a section of the first verse.

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F**k Wit Dre Day

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dr Dre, Happy Birthday to you... and you thought we forgot.

Download: Dre Dre feat Eminem - Forgot About Dre (Boy Meets Club Remix) / alt link

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Shake Ya Maraccas It's The Monday Mixtape

So right, we were going to post our latest mix for you all but as you can still listen to it online for the next 6 days on BBC iPlayer (about 1h41min in) we'll let you all do that first. It's a 20 minute mix for In New 1Xtra DJs We Trust. We were the Welsh representatives so we represented our homeland hard with 100% Welsh beef for your eardrums. What we have got for you this week is a mix that our bass blasting bredren Baobinga recorded for the same show last week. It's straight up and round the bend hyper than hype killer tracks from start to finish; next is from DJ Ames and Mystro, a taster of whom we gave you the other day with his SBTV rhyme. The mix is a kind of best of from the Natural Born Spitta, reminding us that in the last 9 years since we first caught him he's laid down some of the best rhymes out there; then finally Fletcher follows up his Cape Town Is Dope mix with a round the world romp that he originally dropped on Subcity Radio recently (it's also worth checking out the South African House mix just posted over at Blackdown..


1. Grievous Angel ft Rubi Dan - Move Down Low VIP - Soul Jazz (DUB)
2. The Body Snatchers aka Ginz & Baobinga - Dangerous ft Sir Plus & Yolanda (Bass Music Edit) - Passenger
3. Poirier ft MC Zulu - Gyal Secret Picture (Baobinga RMX) - Ninja Tune (DUB)
4. Rosie Brown - Bliss (Derrick Carter's Boom Bap Bleep Beats RMX) - Dot Bleep
5. Al Ripken Jr & Diamond K - Hands In The Air (Bok Bok RMX) - Top Billin (DUB)
6. Baobinga ft Spyda - Criss Like HD (Porier RMX) - Steak House (DUB)
7. Baobinga & I.D. - Tongue Riddim (Roska RMX) - Build
8. Kazey & Bulldog - We Ballin' - Dress 2 Sweat
9. Zinc - Super Sharp Shooter (Zed Bias ReFix) - DUB
10. Foreign Beggars - Get A Bit More (Baobinga RMX) - Never Say Die (DUB)
11. Shortstuff & Hyetal - Don't Sleep - Punch Drunk
12. Baobinga & I.D. - Wang It - Build (DUB)
13. I.D. & Skinnz - Shimmy - Double Science (DUB)
14. Gemmy - Maroon Chant - DUB
15. Ginz & Baobinga - Tha Good Stank - Build (DUB)
16. Joker - Tron - Kapsize (DUB)
17. Starkey ft Badness - OK Luv - Planet Mu
18. Terror Danjah - Bi-Polar - Butterz
19. Mensah - Acid Dub - Hench (DUB)
20. Baobinga - Ride It (Untold RMX) - Build
21. SDUK - Clunge - Slit Jockey (DUB)
22. SRC - Facepalm - Rwina (DUB)
23. Eskmo - From The Standpoint - Planet Mu
24. Ramadanman - Reclaim - Critical
25. Baobinga & I.D. - The King - Bass Music Sessions (DUB)
26. Jaydan - Something For The Mans Dem - Ganja
27. DJ Hazard - Wicked So - Playaz
28. Bullion - Young Heartache - One Handed Music

Download: DJ Ames & Mystro - The Rest Of Me (zip)


1.A Spitta Spotted Intro Feat Anecdote (Produced by Mystro)
2.One Of Those Days (Produced by Yesking)
3.Who You Gonna Blame (Produced by P-Money - New Zealand)
4.The Words Out Feat Skinnyman & Jargon (Produced by DJ Kuku)
5.Come Fly Feat Daniel Merriweather (Remix) (Produced by M-Phazes)
7.I Got This (Produced by Jehst)
8.Like Dat Potion
9.There’s Something About DJ Ames (Interlude)
10.Awkward Thief (Produced by Blufoot)
11.U Live And U Learn (Produced by Earth Hip Hop)
13.Fling Him On The Barbee (Produced by P-Money - New Zealand)
14.My Type Of Party (Remix) (Produced by C-Swing – (Black Einstein)
15.Step By Step (Produced by Keith Lawrence)
16.Open Mic Part 2 (Cutz by Shortee Blitz) - (Produced by Shape Shiftah)
18.Rock This World Feat Dawn Penn & Kenny Knotts (Produced by Yesking)
19.Mess I Ever Had
20.09 UK Rap Up (Produced by Black Einstein)

Bonus Tracks
22.Overqualified (Produced by Mark de Clive-Lowe)
23.I Wanna Rock Freestyle

Download: Fletcher’s Around The World In Headphones Mix via Mixed Bizness


01 7FT Soundsytem - Piped Piper - Cape Town
02 Beats Antique feat Fanfarra Kalashnikov - Oriental Uno - Oakland
03 Poirier feat Face T - Wha La La Leng [Maga Bo Remix] - Montreal
04 Narchi - Bam Bam Remix - Cape Town
05 Dj C feat Mims / Jnr Reid / Cham - This Is A Stage Show - Boston
06 Mix n Blend - Full Ahead [Krushed & Sorted Remix] - Cape Town
07 Noah D feat Anthony B - Good Sound - Portland
08 Fletcher - Elektro Riddim - Cape Town
09 Breakage feat Roots Manuva - Run ‘Em out - London
10 Narchi - Squelch This - Cape Town
11 Dj C feat Quality Diamond - Let It Billie - Portland
12 Mr Sakitumi - Secret Asian Man (Live @ Earthdance) - Cape Town
13 Beats Antique feat Sweet Snacks - Extra Extra - Oakland
14 P.H.Fat - Big Five [Liver Remix] - Cape Town
15 T.O.B - 5 And A Half Steps - Cape Town
16 Jahdan Blackamoore - Let’s Go - Brooklyn
17 Narchi - Skeletons - Cape Town
18 Vent - Itchy Feet - London
19 Artista Desconhecido - Coco Desconhecido [Maga Bo remix] - Rio De Janeiro
20 Mix n Blend - Sik Wid It [Biscope Remix] - Cape Town

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Pesky Digital 001 Out Now!

Just a quick post to let you know that the first digital release from Pesky Plates has just dropped, featuring cuts from the likes of Monkey, Physical, Magenta, plus a collaboration from myself and Fused Forces.

The 001 features a varied range of styles, from 2-Step, to Dubstep, to our Grime riddim, Jack Russell. You can cop the release here via Juno download.


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SB.TV F64 - Mystro

Mystro's one of our favourite emcees and this is why...

via SBTV

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Die Antwoord - Enter The Ninja (Video)

Really not sure what to make of these guys but they seem to be getting alot of blog love at the moment and there's something disturbingly fascinating about this video.

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Kaptin V Moneyshot: Head To Head

I'm greatly looking forwards to next Friday where I'm about to enter a head to head clash with one of the best DJs out there, DJ Moneyshot. Possibly not a name that springs instantly to mind for you guys, especially the straight up Bass heads out there but he's a favourite on Ninja Tunes' Solid Steel radio and before he set off to the land of Oz for a while had a quality show on the now sadly defunct XFM Wales with his long term back to back buddy Parker (it's Moneyshot trying to explain the "state of the zookeeping industry" on Where's My Monkey?).

Although I shall be dipping into many a chrome plated tune the music policy is most likely to be more fun and funk driven (for more serious sets look out for Kaptin Is Dead) with plenty of crate digging and mash ups going on. This selection from DJ Moneyshot should give you some idea on the general vibe, couple have already been getting love from Huw Stephens and Rob Da Bank on BBC Radio 1.

Download: DJ Moneyshot - A Million In Prizes / alt link

Download: DJ Moneyshot - Too Ruffneck for Crows / alt link

Download: TC - Where's My Money Caspa Remix (DJ Moneyshot 110 re-edit)

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You Can Call In On Pelski

One of our favourite blogs You Can Call Me Pelski is hosting a night in London on Friday with a suitably sick line up of guests. Rustie and Roska are both well known to smash up a dance but this mix from The Boog-A-Loo Crew shows not to sleep on them either. With the blog's very own Charles Darkly to complete the line up this is set to be a scorcher and what's more it's all totally free if you get there before midnight.

Download: The Boog-A-Loo Crew - You Can Call Me Pelski Mix


Geeneus – Yellow Tail (VIP)
DVA – Ganja
Bassjackers & Apster – Klambu
Mosca – Square One (Julio Bashmore Remix)
Jazzanova – I Can See (Don Daneeka Remix)
Pariah – And Thoughts of You Still Cross My Mind
Jose James – Blackmagic (Joy Orbison Remix)
Cinnamon Chasers – Luv Deluxe (Scaba Remix)
Greymatter – Believe In Somehting (TRG Remix)
Dark Sky – Leave
Fantastic Mr Fox – Brandy
The xx – Crystalized (Dark Sky Remix)

Download: DRT - Rising Sun (The Boog-A-Loo Crew Remix)

Download: Roska - Hey Cutie

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Heart Beats 4 Haiti

There are more reasons than we can be bothered to give you why you should scoot on over to Bandcamp and pick up a copy of dÉbruit's new EP Heart Beats 4 Haiti. Four tracks of the funk strong Frenchman's signature off kilter productions using choice samples from Haitian music at the incredibly fair fee of just £3, all of which goes to UNICEF’s Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund. See there's enough reasons for you right there.

Buy / Stream: dÉbruit's - Heart Beats 4 Haiti

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DJ Spinna feat Homeboy Sandman, P.SO & Fresh Daily - Get On Down (Video)

If more people made tracks like this then Hip-hop might not be dead and we probably wouldn't exist. Well done all you slackers out there.

DJ Spinna -feat. Fresh Daily, P.SO, Homeboy Sandman (AOK)"Get On Down" from CHANCLETAFILMS on Vimeo.

via Gnarlee's Crates

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Scorcher - London Boy (Video)

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Total Ayobaness

The new school of South African bass heavy party Glitch hop and Dubstep are pretty well represented on these pages but we rarely touch on the House aspect of things except for the occasional riddim ridden by Spoek. Well the scene over there seems to be on fire at the moment as the Kwaito scene gets quieter and the rhythms that are influencing alot of the House and Bass scenes in Europe in many ways could be said to have come full circle. This can be seen in effect throughout this EP from Outhere Records, a German based label with a history of strong African music releases.

We've already told you a little about Ayoba and it's meaning, the spirit of which is captured here by artists like the crazy blinged out man of the cloth Pastor Mbhobho (check the video for his title track) and DJ Mujava whose Township Funk on Warp was one of the biggest club anthems of last year (and the year before come to think of it).

Stream the whole EP at the label's Soundcloud account but here's a taster of the DJ Mujava track. Look out for a full length 13-track compilation due later in the year.

02 DJ Mujava - Mugwanti / Sgwejegweje by OuthereRecords

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Awkward & Open Mike Eagle - Impossible (Video)

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Hexstatic - Gammera (Video + Akira Kiteshi Remix)

Gammera from Hexstatic presents TRAILER TRAX on Vimeo.

And if you think that's heavy, check out this building smashing, fire breathing, big beast stomping on your speaker type remix from Akira Kiteshi.

Hexstatic - Gammera (Akira Kiteshi Remix) by Akira Kiteshi

Plus Hexstatic have also hit us up with their latest mix, so good to see these boys are still completely on it. Can't wait to see their added visual representation of this kind of selection.

Download: Hexstatic - NoMix

01. Akira Kiteshi- Ulysees - Black Acre
02. Kalbata - We Are Ninja - White
03. Hudson Mohawk - Fuse - Warp
04. Zinc - Super Sharp Shooter (Bioscope remix) - White
05. Bassnectar - Art Of Revolution - Amorphous
06. George Lenton - Island In The Sun - White
07. Fever Ray - Seven (CSS remix) - Rabid
08. Kraftwerk - It's More Fun to Compute (Busy P remix) - White
09. Dave Spoon and DJ Zinc - Ghost Train - Televizion
10. Two Fingers - That Girl - Ninja Tune
11. Rustie - Zig Zag - Wireblock
12. Charles Wright - Do Your Thing (Lulu Rouge edit) - edit
13. Hexstatic - Gammera - White
14. Future Sound of London - We Have Explosives (remix) - white
15. Yuksek - I Could Never Be A Dancer - Universal

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Noisia - Machine Gun

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Some of you may have noticed me ranting on Twitter about the DMCA (digital Millenium Copright Act) taking down posts but not making it clear which tracks are supposed to be taken off (so we can argue our case as we've probably had permission for all the tracks taken down). Well it looks like it's not just us and there has been a number of 'Music Blogosides' recently where whole blogs have been taken out of action. Read more here.

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Daedelus - Righteous Fists of Harmony (Video)

Daedelus "Righteous Fists of Harmony" from DestroyRockMusic Inc. on Vimeo.

Plus here's another Daedelus track featuring wife Laura Darling from the forthcoming Righteous Fists Of Harmony mini album out 22nd March on Brainfeeder.

Download: Daedelus feat. Laura Darling - Order Of The Golden Dawn / alt link

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Great Bunch Of American Men

We're always excited by any LuckyMe news so when When Mary Anne Hobbs announced that a new band had been added to the family our ears instantly pricked up more than Spock's pet corgi. The track she unleashed from American Men ran like a 4 minute HudMo meets Sigur Rós build up / break down that takes you everywhere and nowhere at the same time. They have dubbed the sound 'Miami Lazer Rock' and here's a copy of the tune courtesy of FACT, as well as a remix of their track AM System by fellow LM sibling Mike Slott (via XLR8R).

Download: American Men - Cccccoooolll Wrld (available for 7 days)

Download: American Men - AM System (Mike Slott Lazer Remix)

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The Constellations of Star(key)s

GetDarker just dropped this absolutely thumping funked out Starkey remix complete with haunted house synths for The Constellations, a nu-school Psych-Funk group from Atlanta, whose forthcoming album also features guest slots from Cee-lo and Asher Roth.

DownloadThe Constellations - Setback (Starkey Remix - 192kbps)

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NoCanDo - Exploits and Glitches (Video)

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F**k Traffic Jams Mixtape Selection

A quadruped of quality mixtapes for you to munch on right now, and right tasty snacks they are too: First up our boy Parker, who has managed to crack smiles from even the most hardcore Dubstep head with his Where's My Monkey bootleg, serves us a slice of what he's delivering to the clubs right now. An eclectic mix which matches up the likes of Nat King Cole, Lethal Bizzle and Subfocus with his own productions, bootlegs and The Beekeepers project (with Boca 45); out of the east is our girl Soulflower sending us over Sub signals from all directions; and our co-conspirator in the bass blog global takeover, Psymbionic from Bwomp Beats lays down some Crunkadelic 'Trip-step' flavours; and finally a different representation of the Haiti we've seen on our televisisons of late, DJ Still Life has compiled some of his favourite Rap Kreyol tracks from the island. These artists obviously need even more support than ever at the moment so if you're feeling it make sure to check out some more from those included.

Parker- The Monkey Did It...Mix by djparker

Download: Parker- The Monkey Did It...Mix


Parker- Intro- white
Nat King Cole- Lets face the music and dance- Capitol
Featurecast- Daaam!- white
Aretha Franklin- Rocksteady- Atlantic
Junk Yard Band- The Word- Def Jam
The Beekeepers- Transcript- Jalapeno
Azaxx- The Pygmy Ballad- Tru Thoughts
Parker- Ups n Downs- Goodgroove
Public Enemy- Bring the noise- (Acapella)- Def Jam
Average White Band- Pick up the pieces- Atlantic
PUTS- Trippin' at the disco- Tres
Liquid Liquid- Cavern- 99
Ed Solo- Age of Dub- (Parker Remix)- white
Pimpsoul & Chop Shop 45- Get original- white
The Ting Tings- Shut Up and Let Me Go- Columbia
Foreign Beggars- Contact- Dented
Tape Loops- Never do that- ft Finlay Quaye- (Parker Remix)- Jalapeno
Kid Sister- Pro Nails (Rusko Remix) (DJP's Dubfunk Refix)- white
J- Walk- Scarlet Menace- (Parker Remix)- white
Radio Trip- Computers Singing- Jalapeno
The Whispers- And The Beat Goes On- Solar
Gang Starr- Dwyck- (Acapella)- Virgin
Portishead- Machine Gun- Island
Pulp Fushion- Rain Dance (Funkanomics Remix)- Pig Balls
Meco- Star Wars Theme (Cantina Band)- RCA
Lethal Bizzle- Go Hard- V2
Bob Crosby- Big Noise From Winnetka- Atlantic
Unknown- Chase The Devil- white
Parker- Where's my monkey- white
Basement Freaks- Jam in the jungle- (Parker remix)- white
Sub Focus- Could This Be Real- (Ram)
James Brown- It's A Man's World (Parker remix)- white
Atlantic Connection- Rocksteady (LA Riots Remix)- Westbay
Tricky- Black Steel- Island
DC Breaks- Pickett Line- Frequency
Fab Samperi- Listen Up- white
Thurston Harris- Little Bitty Pretty One- Imperial
Captain Planet- Fumando- Bastard Jazz
Glenn Miller- In The Mood- Bluebird
M Beat- Incredible (Feat. General Levy)- Renk
Parker- Dr Dr- Goodgroove
Bill Haley and his Comets- Rock Around the Clock- Decca
The Funktastics- Hayes Theme- Sidechain
Martha Reeves & The Vandellas- Heatwave- Gordy
Wilson Pickett- Land of 1000 Dances- Atlantic
Ray Charles- Hit The Road Jack- His Master's Voice

Download/Stream: Soulflower - Low Frequency Funk Mix


Breakage - Together (feat. David Rodigan)
Joker - City HopperSublime - Doin Time (Zeds Dead Summer Grime Remix)
Unknown Artist vs Aphex Twin - Dublicker
Squarepusher - My Red Hot Car
Ellie Goulding - Starry Eyed (Jakwob Remix)
Producer Snafu - Epic Car Comercial Music
Freeland - Do You (Joker remix)
6blocc - Bad Boy (= (Blackheart remix)
Florence & The Machine - You Got The Love (The xx Remix)
Pantyraid - Like That
Gemmy - Wata Down Sound
Hudson Mohawke - Fuse
Red - i - Just Like That
Smoke City - UnderWater Love (Stephan Jacobs Remix)
Of Porcelain - The Greatest Distraction

Download: Psymbionic – The Fozzie Bear Crunkadelic Mixtape


Reso – Hemisphere
Eskmo – Sister, You Have Got To Listen
PantyRaid – Enter The Machine
Mimosa – Dead Like Me
Siren – What a Life
Sub Swara – Hi Fidelity (ill.gates Remix) vs. Kraddy – Forget About Dre Instrumental
Klone – A Lot Kooler
FreddyTodd – Can’t Fathom This (NastyNasty Remix)
Product 1 – Ready2Rage (Bassnectar and Jantsen Remix)
Mochipet – Godzilla New Year (Vibesquad Remix)
The Widdler – Slow Dance Chubby vs. Seventh Swami – Escape Artists
Opiuo – Nun Cha Ka
Heyoka – Borscht
Bassnectar – Boombox (Bassnectar Remix) vs. Eprom – 64 Bytes (Eprom Remix)
Bird of Prey and Chillax’n – Pipe Dream

Download: DJ Still Life - Rebel Rap: A Mix of Haitian Rap Kreyol


Guerilla Sun- Veye Kow
Chale Republic- Ti Ke
Party Clan- Men Ti Tet
Patriyot Clan feat. Ded Kra-Z- Mariwoz
Devil Click- Pwentiw
G. Bobby feat. Bon Flo- Gang Sa
Envazyon feat. Aton & Ded Kra-Z- Tout Mon Sou Bras
Anbasad Camp- Neg Sa Yo Will
Mystik 703- Kot Sa M Paka Di La
Black Roro- Aba Kidnapin
Barikad Crew- Toup Pou Yo
Hatian Link- Ou Pap Rap
Brimad- Chen Mechan
Flip MCs feat. RockFam- Intro
Mali feat. Shaolin, Lieutenant, Hayro- Metrizé tchad aw
Mighty Squad Vs. Magic Klik 08
Cash BM- Fe Bri

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Killa Remix From Jakwob

Killa Kela - Everyday (Jakwob Remix)

We're expecting big things from Jakwob this year and he's certainly got his remix game down at the moment. Here he adds some dirt to our beatbox bredren turned indie pop sensation, Killa Kela
's infectious track Everyday.

Download: Killa Kela - Everyday (Jakwob Remix)

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Dilla & Dynas Hanging Out In The Apartment

The legacy of Dilla will continue beyond for a long time. Not just in the influence he had on the next generation of producers after but, ever prolific we're pretty sure there's still a few hundred unheard Dilla produced tracks floating about out there. Here's the latest in the line from Dynas, it's the new single from his BBE album due in September, which also has production from the likes of DJ Spinna, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and Exile.

Download: Dynas - The Apartment (Clean Version) / alt link

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Digital Soul Seeking

We've been loving the first release due to drop on One4Ho, a new label from Mai Harper and Sophie Ruston (aka Ghettozoid). The track from Ghettozoid herself is called Seeking and is on some future garage space age flex, carrying some serious sonic depth with a fairly sinister bassline rumbling out out like a school of whales floating through the sonar system, whilst our favourite Bristolian diva Yolanda manages to add both upliftment and melancholoy, as she effortlessly stretches her rich soul vocals to the outer reaches of the universe.

Zoid Soundcloud bounce by GHETTOZOID

Our favourite mix however is from Blue Daisy with a tripped out excursion, building up a bed of a crisp static crunch and dublike echoes. As if the tune had been dropped into a K hole and managed to float around in it without confusion, paranoia or looking like a complete c**t.

BD Soundcloud bounce by GHETTOZOID

For a bit of a look inside Blue Daisy's head check out his mix for URB that we picked up at Robot Koch's Robots Don't Sleep blog recently.

Download: Blue Daisy - URB Presents: Blue-Tinged Spectrum Mix

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Cut Out & Carnival Masks

As Carnival season starts next weekend the Schlachthofbronx fellas have come up with these fun masks for you to cut out and carnival with. Some of you might recognise them as the same masks Spoek and Gnucci were wearing in the Ayoba video.

Download: The Official Schlachthofbronx Carnival Kit

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Crazylegs Making Moves

It has to be said that in general Bristol as a city is pretty much on it for music. When it comes to riding on the edge of excitement however we've always been more than partial to the line ups that Crazylegs produce. Since they started up in September 2008 the likes of Starkey, Joy Orbison, Raffertie, Cooly G and Brackles have all had their names beaming out of the posters at us. Now they've collected a posse of like minded promoters to form a collaboration under the Crazylegs banner. With nights such as UFO, Pollen, Focus and Work on board their hoping to step up even further.

True to expectations, their first outing of the year is right on the button as they overtake Basement 45 with: Ikonika, whose debut album on Hyperdub is easily one of the most eagerly anticipated releases of the year; Pangaea, who has one of the most essential EPs of the moment out now on Hessle Audio; Martin Kemp, who has quickly proven that there's a lot more to him than simply being Brackles younger brother; and Mosca, who kicked off the month well with a Mary Anne Hobbs mix and set an instant high bench mark for the Night Slugs label with his Square One EP.

It's always a tricky tight rope when you're largely breakin' new artists at your night but this is an exciting line up and if anyone can pull it off it's these fellas we reckon.


Ikonika - Please / alt link

Pangaea - Why? / alt link

Mosca - Nike (128kbps) / alt link

Royal T - 1Up (Martin Kemp Remix) (128kbps) / alt link

Martin Kemp - XLR8R Podcast

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Heard It On The Radio...

Hey you lot, stop listening over our shoulder. We're trying to check this new mix by Ras G. What? You want to listen to? But we haven...Oh go on then...

Download: Ras G - BTS Radio Live Set #001

Illum Sphere - Psycho (Fat City)
Flying Lotus - Data Entry (CDR)
Mike Slott - Six AM (LuckyMe)
Eccy - Silver (CDR)
Samiyam - It`s Not a Fluke (CDR)
Flying Lotus - Vicodin (CDR)
Ras_G - Raw Fruit (CDR)
O.J. Simpson (Madlib/Guilty Simpson) - The Paper (Stones Throw)
Samiyam - Zombie (CDR)
TokiMonsta/Blue Daisy - USD (CDR)
Quasimoto - Main Girl (Stones Throw)
Sluggabed - Get The Fuck Up!!! (CDR)
Otto Von Schirach - End Of The World
16 Bit - Chainsaw Calligraphy
Foreign Beggars - 7 Figure Swagga (CDR)
Excision & Datsik - Swagga Back (CDR)

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E-40 - The Server

E-40 from E-40 on Vimeo.

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Superturbo Charged Tunes

We love the fact that Superturbo have decided to appropriate a Hanson video for their track Время кромсает as it pretty much highlights everything they aren't. One is cheesy, chirpy, American pop whilst the other is edgy, emotional, Russian Glitch hop. We first caught them on Mary Anne Hobbs show last week and although it's tricky to gauge much info when you have the language capacity of a Glasweigan drunkard, the tunes pretty much speak for themselves.

Superturbo - Время кромсает from Superturbo on Vimeo.

You can find this track on the first of their 2 free EPs over at

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Tikking Timebomb

It's true that over familiarity has led to a touch of contempt when it comes to Ke$ha, but for Grayskull it's become close to mysoginistic murderation. It's a good thing he's a don on the old digital beats and has filled them with all his excess aggression or else we'd be worried about him getting all Chris Brown on her. Instead he's stomped all over her tune with big phat bass boots and glitched all over her voice, turning this flirty little pop rap into a filthy Dubstep whore.

Ke$ha - Tik Tok ( Grayskull Remix ) by grayskull

Download: Ke$ha - Tik Tok ( Grayskull Remix ) / alt link

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Ice Cold

Andre 3000 once posed the question, 'what's cooler than being cool?' We're inclined to disagree with his doppelgang of backing singers and believe that it's Ghostly International, a label that is not only too cool for school but too cool for college, university and night classes as well. If any of those finger snappin', black polo neck wearing, jazz cigarettte smoking dudes hanging out in Paris cafes back in the day could see into the future, Ghostly Int would be their vision. They've just unleashed a free EP from post Hip-hop producer Mux Mool (also so cool he even rhymes with the word), now that is cool as f**k.

Actually, having said all that this track from the EP is a touch aggressive. We wouldn't go as far as to say it's lost it's cool, perhaps redefined it somewhat.

Download: Mux Mool - Death 9000 (Prof & P.O.S. Broadcasting Version) / alt link

Grab the whole EP here.

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Elevator's Stuck (On Repeat)

Fabric has always been a benchmark for quality. Their club line ups are pretty much the best in the world and for their Fabriclive mix series, artists make that little bit of extra effort it seems. Their latest release is a compilation which both puts a marker to what is happening right here right now and will continue to do so until everyone else catches up.

Elevator Music could be taken as being something of a play on words. Largely in the Dubstep realm, some of the die hard wobble jump up fiends would indeed view a lot of the tracks here like the sort of easy listening one might find in a lift. Whilst to the music snobs who would sneer at such assumptions, this is music to elevate your mind body and soul.

fabric presents Elevator Music: Vol. 1 from Fabric London on Vimeo.

Although there are some dark and moody moments, we're talking film noir rather than Fangoria and this album is bursting with warmth and energy. Scenic is a word we've possibly over used recently but there's no denying that listening to Elevator Music conjures up electronically generated virtual landscapes of other worlds, or perhaps inner worlds. Rather than being Buddah Bar beach music however, this is more about finding yourself space both on the dancefloor and within the hustle and bustle of the city, not so much escapism as a re-imagination of your surroundings.

Featured artists include the likes of Martyn, Mosca, Julio Bashmore, Doc Daneeka, Untold, Starkey and Shortstuff and the album is available to download now.

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Cloud Surfing

It's amazing what you find whilst floating through the Soundclouds.

Chew Lips - Salt Air (Plastician Remix) by plastician

Snoop Dogg - Snoop Dogg Millionaire (Plastician Remix) by plastician

STAGGA & MONKEY - Glass Bong (Don Leisure Remix) by Don Leisure

Subfocus Rockit (Biscope Boot) by biscope

And one of our favourites from the excellent new Bassnectar remix package (which you can grab here)

Teleport Massive (Robot Koch Remix) by robot koch

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Foreign Beggars - Get A Bit More

or there's always the reeeeemix.

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Get Your Back Up

Two excellent takes on the Deekline & Wizard track Back Up (Love For The Music) courtesy of Svetlana Industries. Head over to Lowriders Collective for more info.

<a href="">Luv 4 Music (1000names RMX) by Deekline &amp; Wizard by Svetlana Industries</a>

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Not A Patch On The White Panda

Part of the fun of Mash Ups is an appreciation or at least understanding of the original tracks, but we have to admit we don't know either of these (although we get the distinct feeling we probably should) and this track's still dope. Props to The White Panda for sending it over.

Download: Yung Joc Vs Owl City - Fireflies Goin Down (The White Panda Mash Up) / alt link

Check out their whole Versus mixtape...

Versus (The White Panda Mixtape) by whitepandamusic

Download: The White Panda - Versus


01. Intro
02. What You Know About Little Secrets (T.I. // Passion Pit)
03. Sweetest Fascination (Wyclef Jean // Alphabeat)
04. Eminem Front (Eminem // Clipse // The Who)
05. Lean Back Wit It (Fat Joe // Will Smith)
06. Button Showers (M.I.A. // Sia)
07. Hypnotic Echo (Plies // Akon // Cyndi Lauper)
08. Throw Some Tik On That Tok (Rich Boy // Ke$ha)
09. Golden Encore (Jay-Z // One Republic // The Whitest Boy Alive)
10. Forgot About September (Dr. Dre // Earth, Wind & Fire)
11. Bizarre Flirt (R. Kelly // Rick James // OMC)
12. Dancefloor Sex (Jeremih // Cascada)
13. Drugs In My Rocketship (AZ // Thieves Like Us)
14. Stand Up (Like A Pimp) (Ludacris // Phonat)
15. Like This Ghetto (MIMS // Phonat)
16. Ice Chrome Paint Job (Dorrough // Chromeo)
17. Badd Fire (Mike Jones // Young Punx)
18. I’m A Gangsta (Yes You Are) (Bun B // Bob Sinclair // Mylo)
19. Picture The Donque (Will.I.Am // Sneaky Sound System)
20. Shake Drop On Video (Pitbull // Timbaland // Trans X)
21. We Made Ghosts N Stuff (Eminem // Deadmau5)
22. When The Lights Calle Ocho (Pitbull // David Guetta)
23. Party Where Your Head’s At (Basement Jaxx // Tonite Only)
24. Hustlin’ Pirates (Lil Mama // Rick Ross // Klaus Badelt)
25. Stay Fly Every Day (Three Six Mafia // Benassi Bros)
26. Army of Yeah (Wiz Khalifa // Usher // Umek & Beltek)
27. Touch 3 Skies (Kanye West // Britney Spears)
28. What Lonely Girls Do (Lil’ Jon // Ocean Lab)
29. Smack You Forever (Akon // September)
30. My Life Would Suck Without A Milli (Lil’ Wayne // Kelly Clarkson)
31. Hot N Cold Rain (Katy Perry // Fat Joe)
32. Stuntin’ Like My Energy (Lil’ Wayne // Keri Hilson)
33. Pop, Lock & Grizzly (Huey // Grizzly Bear // Fred Falke)

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