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Birthday Big Ups

Big thanks to everyone who made it down to our 2nd Birthday Party at Cardiff Arts Institute on Friday especially Mr Healan, Benjamin One, Blue Daisy and Monky for rocking some killer sets (and extra special props to Monky for taking it that extra mile). We also had a Squid Ninjaz invasion briefly as both Skamma and Joe Blow jumped up to do a couple of tunes, including their firing new Genik Riddim track and OK Luv, both with Stagga (OK Luv is a reworking of the Starkey track using the Stagga remix instrumental, should be dropping sometime in the future).

Also from Barry we had a newcomer to the scene, Beatbox Major jump up and smash it on the vocal instrumentation tip. Here's a couple of vids from the night, Genik Riddim and a little jam sessino from outside the club with Beatbox Major and Traxx from the Astroid Boys crew.

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Summer Moving Forward

Generally the upcoming Bank Holiday weekend hails the end of the summer, marked for us by Notting Hill Carnival, where the last remaining sunshine gathers itself together for one almighty goodbye blow out. Nowadays however, the summer seems to dip off a bit earlier than usual, returning for an Indian summer that ventures into September. Who knows which way this Weekend is going to go, but if it's blazing then here's a couple of Bass booming Reggae style tunes that deserve to be blasted through your speakers from George Lenton.

Forward by georgelenton

Capone by georgelenton

George also has a massive rolling Dubstep single out now with rapper Jack Da Lad. You can pick up a copy from Beatport.

Stay Around ft Jack da lad by georgelenton

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Mama - Renegade (Video)

Single out today on Bastard Batty Bass .

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Darkhouse Family Tree

The dynamically downbeat duo of Metabeats and Don Leisure who make up the Darkhouse Family have just put this litte beat tape together for the guys over at and it points to some exciting goings on at the camp with a bunch of unreleased group, solo and collabo material alongside their released tracks on Fat City.

Download: Darkhouse Family - DHF Beat Tape via 92bpm


01 - Metabeats - Transposer
02 - Don Leisure - Punta Skala
03 - Darkhouse Family - Stay Blazed
04 - Don Leisure - Slix (Money)
05 - Darkhouse Family - City Rd
06 - Darkhouse Family - Kola Bruiser
07 - Don Leisure - Hear Diss!!!
08 - DHF x Mask - Mein Atari
09 - Metabeats x Diverse Concepts - Embossed
10 - Darkhouse Family - Sliced Up
11 - Don Leisure - Birthday Bounce
12 - Metabeats - Toaster Jazz
13 - Don Leisure - Your World
14 - Don Leisure x Immerse - Artichoke Rising
15 - Metabeats - Opa Beat
16 - Darkhouse Family - Tears
17 - Metabeats - Oh No You Don't
18 - Darkhouse Family - Lemon Drizzle
19 - Metabeats - Whoutalkinto
20 - Darkhouse Family - Blueberry
21 - Darkhouse Family - Blues
22 - Don Leisure - Theme
23 - Darkhouse Family - Meditation
24 - Darkhouse Family - Next Shit
25 - Metabeats - Do Dat
26 - Don Leisure - Elgin Baylor

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King Fantastic - Why? Where? What? (Video)

Warning: Video could be too hot for the office / Internet cafe....

Why? Where? What? from King Fantastic on Vimeo.

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Healan Power

Anybody keeping an eye towards the goings on of our Mixcloud page would have noticed this rather fine mix of Future Funk flavours from our Cardiff bredren Mr Healan, who was one of the number of acts from the city featured on Starkey's recent Sub FM show (the Philadelphia phuture trooper has also been bigging up the city in his Facebook feed - see we told you our hometown was doing it).

We’ve had an eye on Mr Healan’s productions for a while and it certainly seems that he’s found a perfect home in the current climate. Starting off in the Drum N Bass scene under the name Haze he was resident DJ alongside High Contrast at nights such as Silent Running and Enthusiasm. He has a great ear for subs and drum patterns and has definitely taken in the journeys of Hip-hop’s post Dilla producers as well as the current Dubstep generation. He has recently cropped up on Rinse FM, Sub FM and BBC 1Xtra and has been staking his name into the general arena like a flag in a battle zone. This mix he did for us gives a taste of his influences, innovations and collaborations. We like it very much and we think you might to. Listen above and if you're feeling it, download the whole mix below.

Download: Mr Healan - Chrome Kids Mix 2010


Mr Healan & Don Leisure - Passion Fruit
Don Leisure - Punta Skala
The Roots - Stereo Lab
Testiculo - We Do Every Day
DarkHouse Family - City Road
Samiyam - Catch Me Riding Dirty
Mr Healan - Hard Work
Mr Healan - Truffle Shuffle
Oriol - Shay Lo
Mr Healan - Palm Tree's Grow and Grow
Onra ft. Satvia - We Out Buddy
Mr Healan & Don Leisure - You Got More
Dam-Funk & MC Eiht - Hood Pass
Mr Healan - Mad Love For Zaggins

Mr Healan - Palmtrees grow and grow by Mr Healan

Mr Healan x Don Leisure - Passion Fruit by Mr Healan

Mr Healan Hard Work! by Mr Healan

Mr Healan will also be playing alongside Blue Daisy, Benjamin One, Monky & Kaptin at our 2nd Birthday party this Friday, but more info on that tomorrow.

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See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Think No Evil

Following on from his Drunkerdz single, our man Monky has a new EP out on Robox Neotech called A Thought which is the proverbial piss that rains down on anybody who attempts to make tunes without first processing their thought pattern through a quantum head space like our Chrome compadre... in other words this is the business! And so to celebrate Monky is giving away this free non-EP track, which Radio 1 new music Guru and Bestival Head Honcho, Rob Da Bank quite rightly said is "friggin' wicked."

Monky - Hypa Nova by Chrome Kids

Monky has also been chatting to Baobinga over at Bass Music Blog about music and other general madness. Plus he's provided them with a cracking new mix as well.

Bass Music Mix 22 - Monky by bassmusic


Monky - French Vanilla (dub)
Albert - Crosseyed (dub)
Mount Kimbe - Blind Night Erand (Hot Flush)
IVXX - Back In Business
Superrisk - Find Your Way (forthcoming on Punch Drunk)
Monky - Hey Miss (dub)
Ty - Heart Is Breaking (Che + Diverse Concepts RMX) (dub)
Monky - Hipster (dub)
C.R.S.T. - Forever After (dub)
Monky - Drunkerdz (Rodox NeoTech)
Monky - Train Wreck (dub)
IVXX - P the 3 (dub)
Dan Marshal - Monster tune (dub)
Stagga ft Skamma + Joe Blow - Genik Riddim (dub)
Hudson Mowhawke - Snap Dragon (warp)
2000f + J Kamata - You Don't Know What Love Is (Don Leisure Rmx) (dub)
Monky - Badman Nigiri (Robox NeoTech)
Proper Villains - Music Takes Me Up (C.R.S.T. RMX) (dub)
Lung - Broken V.I.P. (dub)
Doshy - Chip (Monky RMX) (dub)
Mr Healan - Turned Master (dub)

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DJ Cable Vs. JME, Tempz & Noah D "CD Is Seeeriousssly Dead" (Preview)

Following DJ Nappy's recent return to the DJ-ing, and all things Thugsteppery, I thought I'd give you lot a little taster as to what to expect from the forthcoming Fuck Thugstep Vol. 2 mixtape from myself & Rock The Dub – This blend sees JME & Tempz go over Noah D’s Dubstep anthem from last year…

The mix should be out next month; you can expect the usual hybrid of Dirty South & Grime acapellas over Dubstep, plus some exclusive stuff too!

P.S. If you haven't already peeped Vol. 1, do so now!

BONUS! Lil Jon Feat. Ice Cub Vs. Rusko "Roll Call" DJ Nappy THUGSTEP Refix)


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Magical Bass ft. Outkast, ODB, Lil Jon & more

Well, we’ve done a horrible job of keeping you up to date on the recent editions of DJ 0.000001‘s epic Magical Bass radio show. Since we last spoke two new stellar episodes have been released, most recently Episode #6, featuring exclusive remixes of Outkast, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Lil Jon, Tim & Eric, DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, and more.

Magical Bass Episode #6

Magical Bass – Episode #6
01. DJ 0.000001 ft. Lil Jon & Fred Wesley – Magical Bass Theme #5
02. Lil Jon ft. LMFAO – Outta Your Mind (DJ 0.000001 Remix)
03. The Fly Girlz – Fly Girlz (DJ 0.000001 Remix)
04. Myn Dwun – Prelude In M (DJ 0.000001 Remix)
05. DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – Girls Ain’t Nothing But Trouble (DJ 0.000001 Remix)
06. Killer Queens – Bitches (South Rakkas Crew Remix) (DJ 0.000001 Remix)
07. Tim & Eric – I Sit Down When I Pee (DJ 0.000001 Edit)
08. The Ranger$ – Pin Drop (DJ 0.000001 Remix ft. Foxdye)
09. Ol’ Dirty Bastard ft. Macy Gray – Don’t Go Breakin’ My Heart (DJ 0.000001 Remix)
10. Outkast – The Whole World (DJ 0.000001 Remix)

Lil Jon ft. LMFAO - Outta Your Mind (DJ 0.000001 Remix) by magicalbass

Outkast - The Whole World (DJ 0.000001 Remix) by magicalbass

Ol' Dirty Bastard ft. Macy Gray - Don't Go Breakin' My Heart (DJ 0.000001 Remix) by magicalbass

The complete Magical Bass episodes are available at but you can find more exclusive DJ 0.000001 tracks at Also, you can stream/download and subscribe to the Magical Bass podcast here.

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Bassnectar - Bass Head (King Fantastic Remix - Video))

Bassnectar - Bass Head (King Fantastic Remix) from King Fantastic on Vimeo.

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West Coast Vs West Country

Following up from his killer Ludacris v. SebastiAn Mash up, Glitch hop pioneer Kraddy hits us with another meeting of musical monsters. This time it’s a royal rumble between the Oakland crew, Luniz' classic I Got 5 On It and the purple tinted track City Hopper from Bristol's Dubstep don Joker. Grab a copy below.


Some may remember that before City Hopper dropped as an instrumental, the beat was used for the Central Spillz track How We Roll. Unfortunately we’ve lost our copy and the link’s expired but you can listen to it here and hopefully if the fellas are reading they can drop another download link in the comments below.

Central Spillz - How We Roll (Joker Production) by Central Spillz

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Cardiff Summer Round Up Part I

Things seem to be busy in Cardiff this summer and we've had a number of various gems from our home town which we keep meaning to post. Here's a selection of some and we shall post a bunch more on Tuesday. Hopefully you would have already caught the new Monky, Paul B and Dead Residents mixes we posted recently. If not grab them here.

A few regular readers may remember previous tracks from Cardiff based duo Shadow Law (aka Lex Umbra). Well producer / rapper Ming from the pair has just released a grimey Dubstep EP through Italian label Young NRG Productions that you can pick up now on Juno, Beatport, Dogs On Acid and Track It Down.

C.R.S.T. are fast becoming the number one Future Garage crew of choice, okay so the majority come from Barry rather than Cardiff but for arguments sake we’ll claim a 10 mile radius for our own. They have adorned many a recent mix including the opening track of Doorly’s new Reclaim The Dancefloor CD. They’ve also provided bubblin hot remix of the new Count & Sinden track featuring the Mystery Jets that Annie Mac recently posted on her site as a free download. Here’s that tune along with their latest mix and a few extra bits and pieces. Make sure you look out for their forthcoming releases on Car Crash Set, Well Rounded and Ten Thousand Yen.

Download: C.R.S.T - Dubplates 2 Mix


1. 1 4 Byron - C.R.S.T (Dubplate)
2. It's Like That (C.R.S.T. Remix) - Tuff Wheelz (Dead Speaker Office)
3. Music Takes Me Up (C.R.S.T. Remix) - Proper Villains (Nightshifters)
4. Redeye - C.R.S.T (Forthcoming Catapult Records)
5. Baduka - Chesus and Diverse Concepts (Forthcoming 10,000 Yen)
6. Ultra 64 - C.R.S.T (Forthcoming No hats No Hoods)
7. Dial The Operator - C.R.S.T (Forthcoming Well Rounded)
8. Bump - C.R.S.T (Forthcoming 10,000 Yen)
9. Turn Away - C.R.S.T (Bigger Than Barry)
10. May Not Be Real - C.R.S.T (Forthcoming Well Rounded)
11. Need You - C.R.S.T (Forthcoming Well Rounded)
12. Roulette - C.R.S.T (Forthcoming 10,000 Yen)
13. Shelter (C.R.S.T. Remix) - The XX (forthcoming ???)

Download: Lil Silva - Funky Flex (C.R.S.T. Remix)

After Dark (C.R.S.T Rmx) - Count and Sinden feat. Mystery Jets by C.R.S.T

Bonus Level - C.R.S.T. by C.R.S.T

Download: C.R.S.T. - Bonus Level

1 4 BYRON - C.R.S.T by C.R.S.T

Download: C.R.S.T. - Byron

Undoubtedly one of our favourite rappers from the scene, Blaktrix is due to drop his long awaited album Some People Never Go Crazy at the end of this year. As a warm up he has compiled a selection of unreleased and previously vinyl only tracks into a kind of story so far ‘mixtape’ called The Houdini Footprints of Some People Never Go Crazy. These tracks include a couple of Monky and Stagga’s earlier productions and the Monky ones in particular still bang hard, have a listen for yourself then grab the whole lot from the Blaktrix Website.

Download: Blaktrix - Tek Time (produced by Monky) / alt link

Download: Blaktrix feat Vocal Recall - Trouble Trouble (produced by Monky) / alt link / video

Finally for now, although Stagga has since relocated to Berlin he still has his hands and heart deep in the area as this new killer Grime / Dubstep / Hip-hop track featuring Skamma and Joe Blow from the Squid Ninjaz shows. This is ridiculously beastly.

Stagga feat Skamma + Joe Blow - Genik Riddim by Chrome Kids

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