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Here's Mud In Your Ear

We've given you a few more than usual today as we're off to brave the mud (or not, fingers triple crossed) at Glastonbury. If you happen to be going or manage to blag your way in before Saturday we shall be playing in the early hours of Sunday Morning (2am til 3am to be precise) over at the Baseline Tent in Shangri La. Come get rowdy, if not we hopefully return after the weekend.

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Buy It, Blast It and Help Make It Right

Today saw the release of Peaceblaster: The New Orleans Make It Right Remixes, with 30 big name remixers including the likes of Chrome Kids favourites Daedelus, Glitch Mob, Lazer Sword & Flying Skulls donated their time and skill (along with many of the other people involved with the album) to expertly re-craft a bunch of STS9 tracks with all of the proceeds from sales going to Brad Pitt's Make It Right Foundation.

Go buy it now!

(YSI) STS9 - Hidden Hand, Hidden Fist (The Flying Skulls Feat. Abstract Rude Remix) / alt link

(also available on the incredible forthcoming Flying Skulls album, but more of that later)

STS9 Metameme (Alex B Concepts Remix) / alt link

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Favela F**king

We gave you a little taster of Blood Shake not long ago, tasted a bit like sweat and strawberries if we remember rightly. Well seems they have a whole heap of other Bass flavoured beauties on their new album Dirty Ghetto Lovers, from Electro, Bmore and Dubstep to their homegrown Baile Funk style, all blended together with just the right amount of spice.

(YSI) Blood Shake - Mulumba / alt link

(YSI) Blood Shake - Durban / alt link

(YSI) Blood Shake feat. MC Gringo + MC Nem - Fock Me Baby Avontade / alt link

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A.M. Spittin Pt.4 - Cervantis x Metabeats

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From Strength To Weakness To Strength

Light and floaty with more than a hint of dark menace underlying it. Nope it's not the new Dark Chocolate Chilli Flake, it's the new mix from Forensics, which ties in nicely with his new Mini Album My Strength Is My Weakness My Weakness Is My Strength out now. Grab it here or here.

(Direct Link) Forensics - Moving Picture Mix


01 : Rubik - Substance
02 : Forensics - Up at dawn
03 : Forensics - Shelter
04 : Forensics - Into the flood
05 : Forensics - Swimming out to sea
06 : Sines - Test 8
07 : UltraBlack - Wither
08 : Grooki - Sleeping Giants
09 : Migrant - Sujo
10 : Likhan - Dao
11 : Sines - Days End
12 : Anansi - Margarita
13 : Everyday Prophets - Lazerbeam (Grooki remix)
14 : Juju & Don Carlos - Young Girl (VIP)
15 : J.Sparrow - Brake it
16 : J.Sparrow - Tempus
17 : RSD - Green Hill
18 : Vision - Jass
19 : Wrexile - Long wait until morning
20 : Claw - Sour Diesel ft. Jimmy Lonesome
21 : RSD - Good Energy
22 : Wrexile - Rose Bed

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Back To The Future

Lking the classic electro sound to this new Chew Fu remix of Cunninlynguist, Mr. SOS’s track Bionic off his debut solo album, How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love The Bomb, which has been retitled here as Welcome To The Future (hmm, post ironic maybe).

Chew Fu finally getting some well deserved major props for his remixes with Interscope hitting him up for a new Lady Gaga remix, which you might have caught leaked to the Sheena Beaston blog (before Chew Fu had even heard the final mix, damn she fast). Look out for some more Chewsome goodness coming up on Interscope soon.

Mr SOS - Welcome To The Future (Chew Fu's Bionic Remix - Radio Edit) / alt link

Mr SOS - Welcome To The Future (Chew Fu's Bionic Remix - Club Mix) / alt link

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Inja feat. Fallacy, SkinnyMan & Mr Thing - Hat Low

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Lord Of The D.A.N.C.E.

As the summer offically starts pretty miserably weather wise for some people, iamxl drops a brand new mix that makes it all sunshine and beaches with a jacking blend of Electro coated Reggae, Funk, Jazz, Hip-hop and Pop. Although the man from Vancouver has been hitting us up with plenty of his own remixes over the past few months this is his first mixtape outing since last year's Back To Berlin, a most welcome return indeed.

(MF) iamxl - D.A.N.C.E. Happens


01. Sublime - Summertime (iamxl edit)
02. Booty Cologne - Shake What Your Mama Gave Ya (don't feed the monkey remix)
03. Rye Rye ft. MIA - Bang Bang (Nacey Remix)
04. Missy Elliott vs Jesse Rose - Touch my Horn (Hump Day remix)
05. Mowgli - Pa Po Pon
06. N.A.S.A. - Gifted (Steve Aoki remix)
07. Chris Kaeser - Who's in the House? (DJ Chuckie remix)
08. Tiga - Shoes (Noob Remix)
09. Claude Von Stroke - Deep Throat (Justin Martin remix)
10. Douster - More Gunz
11. Armand Van Helden - Bonkers (Doorly Dubstep remix)
12. Santigold - Unstoppable (iamxl edit)
13. K-OS - Sunday Morning (iamxl edit)
14. Too Short - I Need a Freak (iamxl remix)
15. Le Le - Breakfast (Mercury remix)
16. Claude Von Stroke - Peanut Butter Jelly Time (Miami Bootleg)
17. Major Lazer - Pon De Floor (BeatauCue remix)
18. Stoopit - Wamp Wamp (Red Foxx Chopped n FX Edit)
19. Fashen - Bam Bam
20. Switch - A Bit Patchy in Bulo (Tate Re-rub)
21. Bass Weazals - Weazals Love Reggae
22. Krs-One - Sound of the Police (Freq Nasty mix / iamxl edit)
23. Dizzee Rascal - Fix Up, Look Sharp (ButtonMasher remix)
24. Bass Weazals - Weazaling (ultra low remix)
25. Prince - When Doves Cry (Bobentunem remix)
26. Hot Chip - Over and Over (Solid Groove remix)
27. Nostalgia 77 & Alice Russell - 7 Nation Army (iamxl edit)

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Inaudible Audio

After recently reloacting to Birmingham, Adam Horton aka Inaudible has been busy in the lab concocting some extremely potent Bass heavy brews, a couple of which we have posted here for your persual.

With healthy levels of Bump and Grind in the most un-R Kelly of ways the industrial midtempo stomp of Game Theory wobbles around like a Weeble with a chainsaw whilst Black Swan is a rather more mellowish glitched out trip but with enough grime and bass worthy of it's Bristolian namesake.

You can check more in a similar vein over at his website.

(YSI) Inaudible - Game Theory / alt link

(YSI) Inaudible - Black Swan / alt link

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Getting Fresh At The Weekend

We rolled in force down to Fabric in London on Friday to add some extra legs on the dancefloor for Stagga's set in the Rag & Bone room alongside Raffertie, Kanji Kinetic, noyeahno and Warlock. Some heavy sets from all which pretty much kept us posted in that room except for getting lost on the way to the bar / toilet / smoking area a few times and getting kinda nutty to DJ Hype tearing it down in one of the other rooms.

Next night we touched down at Cardiff's new regular club gathering for all things dutty, electronic and bass heavy, Music By Numbers, which also saw Raffertie's first visit to the city with appearances from the likes of Foamo, Mumdance, Schlacthofbronx, Detboi, Toddla T and Squire Of Gothos all lined up for the future.

As good an excuse as any to post these two recent mixes from the big bouncing ball of banging bonkers beats that is Raffertie. The first was posted on the Fabric First blog as a promo for the night and the other was recorded for Rob Da Bank & Friends on BBC Radio 1 a couple of weeks back.

(SS) Raffertie - Fabric Mix


01. Intro
02. Stagga - Face Gets Splat
03. Toasty - The Knowledge (Untold Remix)
04. R1 Ryders - Rubberband
05. Raffertie - Temper Temper
06. L-Vis 1990 - United Groove
07. Raffertie - Sequence Thinking
08. Raffertie - 7th Dimension
09. Major Lazer - Hold The Line (Numan's Zapper Remix)
10. Joker & Ginz - RE-UP
11. Raffertie - Doves
12. Stagga - Sick As Sin (Ultra V.I.P.)
13. Starkey - Creature
14. Raffertie - Vomit Riddim
15. Starkey - Fidelio
16. Outro

This delicious new Stagga track was also posted as a promo for the night.

(YSI) Stagga - Robotomy / alt link

(SS) Raffertie - Rob Da Bank & Friends Mix


01. Raffertie - Hole
02. Kanji Kinetic - Deep Down South
03. The Squire of Gothos - Old Skool Shit
04. Raffertie - Pumping Like Reeboks
05. Diplo & Laidback Luke - Hey (Foamo Remix)
06. Baby D - Let Me Be Your Fantasy (The Artful Dodger Remix)
07. Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby (Acapella)
08. Nightcrawlers - Push The Feeling On
09. Aretha Franklin - Deeper Love (Acapella)
10. Benga & Coki - Night
11. 2 Unlimited - Tribal Dance
12. George Michael - Freedom (Raffertie Re-Edit)
13. 2 Unlimited - Let The Beat Control Your Body
14. Fragma - Toca's Miracle (Raffertie Re-Edit)
15. 16 Bit - Panic
16. Dubwise - Pull Up
17. Reso - Smash Your Face In
18. Reso vs. VENT - Rumble
19. Raffertie - Eyes Closed
20. Jakes - Rock The Bells
21. Joker & Ginz - Purple City
22. Starkey - Starting Gates
23. Akira Kiteshi - Boom N Pow (Raffertie Remix)
24. Raffertie - Vomit Riddim
25. Akira Kiteshi - Ming The Merciless
26. Raffertie - Antisocial (B. Rich Remix)
27. Bombay Bicycle Club - Always Like This (Raffertie Remix)
28. Raffertie - Stomping Grounds VIP
29. Raffertie - Sugar
30. Outro

Just before the Raffertie mix was this equally filthy selection from A1 Bassline.

(ZS) A1 Bassline - Rob Da Bank & Friends Mix

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Man Like Don Leisure

After tearing up the Drum & Bass scene for years as Jamal, with big tracks on Ganja Tek and Rufige, one of our extended family Don Leisure has been busy in the lab making some incredible Dubstep and off key soul inflected Hip-hop. Here's a taster he's dropped us of some of that latter 'Jerky Soul' style.

(YSI) Don Leisure - Jerky Soul Micro Mix 1 / alt link

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Fusing the soulful sounds of the 80s such as Rare Groove & New Jack Swing with a new skool off kilter Hip-hop sound and touches of House, Stevie J aka West London based beat maker, Funkineven 1956 steps nicely into the warm, fuzzy and funkadafied musical family that is Eglo Records alongside fellow siblings Floating Points, Fatima and Shuanise.

(YSI) Funkineven 1956 - Mad Swing / alt link

(YSI) Funkineven 1956 - You! / alt link

And seeing as we're steppin' into that Gilles Peterson / Ross Allen type territory with these it's a good excuse to drop a couple of Seiji tracks aimed at the other end of the dancefloor, some dope Broken Beatish bounce alongs. Now I know there's some emcees out there that could jump on these and bring a bit more of our flavour to them, you might even find a few more over at his blog too.

(YSI) Seiji - Hohoho / alt link

(YSI) Seiji - Dance With Me (Remix) / alt link

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Cause Trouble

Just before coming to bless us with some phat tuneage here in Wales, Troublemaker hit Nairobi, Kenya with HOPE (Helping Other People Everywhere) for 'the experience of a lifetime'. There to share artistic abilities and knowledge with the locals, he taught kids about DJing and how to use Serato, deejayed at the Sawa Sawa Festival, and recorded with Kenya's biggest Hip hop emcee.

As something of a follow up to his work there, he is offering an advance download from his upcoming album, The Maestro (out in July), to benefit the HOPE Campaign. The track is the punchy as hell Work It Out featuring Naptron and Phoenix Orion and you can grab it via the link below.

The donation price is set at a minimum of 60 cents and all the money goes to the HOPE Campaign (minus 10 cents to PayPal).

So download it, enjoy it, and know that all the proceeds go to incredible projects for the advancement of the arts in Kenya.

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West Coast V East Coast

No we haven't decided to revive a pointless rivalry that ends up with some people shot and others very rich... okay maybe a little bit, but really it's simply a tenuous link because we happen to have some great stuff to post from New York and some other fantastic stuff from the California area.

First up, dope LA based beats and bass lovin' blog I Am A Laser has schooled us on a producer / DJ from the city called R/D. Coming out of the same scene as Glitch Mob, the sound on this Mini Mix created from tracks off his new Cricket EP is a touch on the lighter side than the Mob's full force club attacks and is rather more similar to what we've heard so far from the PANTyRAID project, no bad thing at all.

(YSI) R/D - Cricket EP Mini Mix / alt link

You can catch an interview with R/D over at the I Am A Laser blog

Plus Daly City affiliate Preshish Moments has released a Free EP of twisted style glitchy Turbo Crunk that shows a little something of his Breakcore past. Grab the EP here.

(YSI) Preshish Moments - Preshwrecka Compactotrax 1 2 / alt link

(YSI) Preshish Moments - Preshwrecka Compactotrax 1 6 / alt link

Regular readers will already be aware of South Bronx rapper June, well it's his month so it's only right we post his new track featuring fellow BX spitters AB3 & Kool and some extremely minimalist production from Ron Browz.

(YSI) June feat AB3 & Kool - Obnoxious / alt link

He's also dropped a new Mixtape hosted by the one and only Cipha Sounds.

(ZShare) June - F.A.M.E. Vol.1 - All Mixed Up

Finally, relative newcomers to the game 13/13 out of Brooklyn have hit us up with an ecletic range of remixes, all of which have had our heads nodding here in Chrome Mansions. Our favourite is probably this re-edit of a classic that doesn't stray far enough from the original to be sacrilegeous but has an extra touch of dirty bass synths to keep it fresh enough to bring back into our sets again.

(YSI) Grandmaster Flash & The Furious 5 - The Message (13/31 Edit) / alt link

We also have something of a guilty pleasure soft spot for both Lionel and Saved by the Bell, so had to get this in some place too.

(YSI) AC Slater - Hello (13/31 More Lionel Richie Remix) / alt link

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Wha's Occurin'

Thanks to a certain popular sitcom Barry is finally on the map and has even tidied itself up a little bit over the past year or so, but it ain't all Gavin & Stacey in the small Welsh seaside town known locally as Basra. Still, just like the social problems in 70s South Bronx helped to spawn Hip-hop, there's a certain energy in Barry that keeps the culture going when all around scenes are dying off, albeit in a rather darker and sinister cerebral form that embraces rather than tries to escape it's surroundings.

Out of this raw creative scene comes the Squid Ninjaz family, consisting of heavyweight artists such as Metabeats, Joe Blow, Cervantis, Skamma, Cesto and a whole heap more both direct and extended family members. Mudmowth, Ralph Rips Shit, Ruffstylz, Dead Residents, 4Dee, Imakemadbeats and Beretta 9 from Wu Tang affiliates Killarmy, all make appearances on their impressive forthcoming album Revenge Of The Blowfish and make it one of the heaviest, grimiest and also most lyrically creative Hip-hop releases of 2009.

Check this Metabeats produced head cracker from the album that also features our man Stagga on the cuts and drunken style rants courtesy of another of our favourite new producers Shadow Law's Ming Dy Nasty.

(YSI) Squid Ninjaz - Wowzers / alt link

You can catch most of the Squid Ninjaz live in the Cardiff area next month (see above flyer) alongside one of the most influential UK crews of the past few years, Task Force who I'm pretty sure haven't reached the city since their last controversial visit to Higher Learning near the start of the decade (except for supporting Super Furry Animals a few days later).

Unfortunately it doesn't look like honourary member Ramson Badbonez will be there, a man we've been watching rip battles since before he was old enought to enter them. It does however give us enough of an excuse to post up some of his recent tracks that have all found their way onto his blog in the past few weeks.

(YSI) Ramson Badbonez - Black Mags (Badbonez Remix) / alt link

(YSI) Ramson Badbonez - Here Today Gone Tomorrow Dub / alt link

And hell seeing as we're on a UK Hip-hop tip, here's a couple of tracks from those good fellas over at HHC Digital who have made something of an impressive shift online after the sad, but perhaps over due demise of their printed version earlier in the year.

(YSI) Kyza - Sin City / alt link (From the Shots Of Smirnoff Mixtape)

(YSI) Charlie Sloth feat. Rodney P and Killa Benz - We Run Everyting / alt link

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We're Playing Master P On Atari

The Daly City don of digitally crunked up dirt and devastation, Mochipet, is back with a new album that's more raw to the core than anything that's come before.

Where as Microphonepet was largely about big beats for the guests to ride on and to be honest Bunnies & Muffins pretty much snuck past us, Master P On Atari is all about gargantuan beats that are so in your face it would be impossible to ignore. They've literally taken over and they're pissed off, ready to trample buildings and fling trucks about. The sound is probably best described by taking random words from the track titles, such as: Hyphy; Turbo; Sumo; Robo; Crunk; Bass; Ghetto; Godzilla; and straight up Full Frontal Face Melt.

Master P On Atari is out July 4th on Daly City. Here's a track from the album...

(YSI) Mochipet - Turbo Thizz Petnation / alt link

Plus if like us you need to play catch up slightly, here's a track from the Bunnies & Muffins album, featuring the delightfully dapper genius of Daedelus.

(YSI) Mochipet feat Daedelus - Spring / alt link

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Doorly's Kickin' Down Doors

It's interesting that round these parts there only really appears to exist 2 Dubstep producers in the minds of the wider population, Skream and Rusko. Rusko the other night was off the hook as you would expect and all respects due, but not even Benga could pull half the crowd in the same club. However one man is well on his way to the upper echelons of the mainstream Dubstep afficiando's psyche. Doorly has found his way into the fronts of our virtual Saturday night record boxes with his killer remixes of Bonkers, You're Not Alone and Hooligans and now we have yet another big dancefloor Dub to slip into the set as he beefs up the new Mr Hudson and Kanye West track Supernova.

(YSI) Mr Hudson ft Kanye West - Supernova (Doorly Dubstep Remix) / alt link

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Men In (Fluorescent) Black

We are most excited about Fluorescent Black, the return album from digitally mutated Hip-hop innovators Anti-Pop Consortium, whose importance in the current climate of music has been scandalously overlooked. Although Beans has dropped a couple of dope projects on Warp, and both High Priest and M. Sayyid managed to sneak a few solo bits and pieces alongside their relatively un-noticed but heavily packed Airborn Audio project on Ninja Tune, this will be the first proper Anti Pop Consortium album since 2002's Arrhythmia (not including their 2003 collaboration with free-jazz pianist Matthew Shipp).

Pitchfork have just previewed this sneak preview from the album, Capricorn One is classic APC but then they were so ahead of their time in the first place that this is just as relevant now as it would have been then, if not more so.

(YSI) Anti-Pop Consortium / alt link

Fluorescent Black will be released through Big Dada on October 13.

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N.A.S.A. ft. Amanda Blank, Sizzla, and Lovefoxx - A Volta

(Direct Link) N.A.S.A. - Kanye West, Santigold, & Lykke Li - Gifted (Treasure Fingers Epicwave Remix) / alt link

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Filthy Sexy Electro Freaks

Master Shortie is perhaps the most moralistic out of the bunch today, he's from the school of look but don't touch, not even a bit of extra dirt from our good friend Mr Chew Fu can corrupt him, although we're not sure she'd fall for the old 'looking like a samosa' line anyway.

Master Shortie - Dead End (Chew Fu GhettoHouse Fix) / alt link

Next is a bit of sleazy Electro Hip-house from that rather rudely monikered German Fukkk Offf who is up to no good with his rapping friends Razor Cain & Hazel from New York.

"You're with your girl, I'm with my man but can we be more than friends."

Not quite sure if it's a bit of sneaky cheating or full on group sex that they're on about but with something of a reputation for rocking parties in Hamburg's Red Light District, we guess it could be anything. Taken from the Love Me Hate Me Kiss Me Kill Me album.

(YSI) Fukkk Offf ft Razor Cain & Hazel - More Than Friends / alt link

Sexy Brazillian duo Blood Shake bring some breaksy Electro flavour to this Baile Funk track from equally sexy, and almost downright slutty The Fire and Reason. Taken from the Shakes forthcoming first album Ghetto Dirty Lovers.

(YSI) The Fire & Reason - Preste Atenção - (Blood Shake FuckBaileFunk Remix) / alt link

And lastly those Dirty Monkeez have filthied up that nice clean cut Mr Merriweather, the Hungarian duo have definitely brought about a change in him.

(YSI) Daniel_Merriweather - Change (Dirty Monkeez Remix) / alt link

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Starkey's Music Reverberating

Not a fan of ReverbNation generally, not sure why, possibly because it took me a while to navigate the thing at first... however every now and then if you're signed to the right person's mailing list you get a freebie such as this Starkey remix of Wiley's My Mistakes. If it was a 320 I might actually be sold properly but as it is I'm willing to give it the benefit of the doubt for now. Sign up to Starkey's list and keep up to date with releases such as the forthcoming Street Bass Anthems Vol. 4, as well as the general wanderings of the Stark raving one. There may well be more goodies in future too.

Wiley - My Mistakes (Starkey Remix) / YSI

Starkey photo by Dan Wilton

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Here's Mud In Your Eye

Mudmowth was over at the Associated Minds Studios the other day and our good friend Mayor caught this footage of him ripping over a PLO beat... Heavyweight skills!

(YSI) Mudmowth - Skullcrackology (Flying Skulls Remix) / alt link (from Flying Skulls' Club Crack EP)

His mini LP with Metabeats (aka Fidget / B'more producer Chesus) Sledgehammer Kisses featuring Sonny Jim and Skamma is coming soon.

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Jay Z Declared DOA

Me and Jay Z haven't always got on. I once declared a drive-time radio show I was co-hosting a Jay Z Free Zone and banned any subsequent airplay from him. Over time I've come to appreciate his marketing genius and the occasional flashes of extremely on point rhyming, even his materialistic arrogance doesn't really bother me that much anymore. One thing that still bugs me however is the fact he still has one of the most annoyingly whiney voices in Hip-hop, something in the tone and pitch that just grates somewhere in my soul. You can imagine him as a kid, like the male version of Veruca Salt. However, something that grates on me even more is the fact that plenty of rappers and Bashment artists over the past few years have felt the need to try and make their voices purposefully and synthetically whiney by using Autotune. No doubt I have already had this rant so won't go over well worn ground but seems that actually in this area both me and Jay Z can agree on matters Autotune is dead.

(YSI) Jay Z - DOA (Death Of Autotune) / alt link

At first I thought this might be a blatant swipe at Kanye West after his last album, especially with lines such as 'you rappers singing too much', but as the track (and infact the whole Blueprint 3 album apparently) has ironically been co-produced by him it seems unlikely (although knowing both artists' courting of controversy not impossible). This isn't the best track in the world ever and won't make us rush out on September 11th (another arrogant but clever move) and buy the album but it's solid Hip-hop and the sentiments are certainly supported here at Chrome Mansions.

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The Power Of Zwolf

*image removed by request

With both feet an inch off the ground, his back against the curved walls of a cave on the outskirts of a silent town, zwolf is peering out of the darkness, staring directly at the cityscape as it slumbers. as the local children dream of a new day and it’s inherent possibilities, our mottled hero frantically arranges, arranges and rearranges the brittle 12 tones that lay in his hands, each eyeing an escape route, primed for flight… zwolf is a multi-introvertalist from an unknown location. weaving electronic lobeweapons out of old typewriters and plumage, the binary wizard refuses to tuneweld within confines of ‘genre’ or ‘acceptable behaviour’. on the road the combination of improvised beat-meddling and live scoring is a unique experience destined to leave the audience thinking they've just watched a film with your ears.

'The power of zwolf is a curious thing, Make a one man weep, make another man sing. Tougher than diamonds, rich like cream, Stronger and harder than a bad girls dream...'

We are more than pleased to have zwolf’s beautifully endearing Fake Death EP as our third official Chrome Kids Fre-Release. A selection of fine electronic based music that is as hard to pin down as it is to stop listening to. From the opening blues-nodding beats of Room For Doom, which despite the suggested absence of his one-time label mate and masked rhyme marauder is satisfyingly full enough; and the breakcore tinted murkiness of Dead Sea Scrolls, featuring UK Hip-hop stalwart Junior Disprol (Dead Residents); to the rolling glitch bitten beats that underlie the floatatious vocals of Martin Carr (of Boo Radleys / Brave Captain fame, who also has a new album Ye Gods (and little fishes) out on July 13th) on Soundtrack To Imaginary Film; and the jazzy sultriness of Red that sees an appearance from Cardiff Cabaret duo Mr & Mrs Clark (once likened to 'Terry & June on crack'); Fake Death manages to be eclectically polarised without losing its focus at any point and remains perfectly rounded introduction to the world of zwolf.

Tracks from this EP have already had BBC Radio support from Mary Anne Hobbs, Bethan Elfyn (Radio 1) and Adam Walton (BBC Wales) and whatever he might morph into next, expect big things from zwolf.

(SS) zwolf - Fake death EP (zip + covers)

Individual tracks:

(YSI) zwolf - Room For Doom / alt link

(YSI) zwolf ft Mr & Mrs Clark - Red / alt link

(YSI) zwolf - Inmicro Telecom Pt 1 / alt link

(YSI) zwolf ft Junior Disprol - Dead Sea Scrolls / alt link

(YSI) zwolf ft Martin Carr - Soundtrack To Imaginary Film / alt link

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Hot To Death

West Coast digital Hip-hop mutants The Flying Skulls have hit us up with a few rocks of their Club Crack remix bootlegs that are almost as disturbing as they are dope as f**k.

To be honest I'd be kinda scared to drop the Spank Rock sampling Club Killer remix out in an actual club, in case it did inspire literal dancefloor murderations, whilst Welsh rhymer Mudmowth is having a 'Circus In The Cemetery' and 'Carnival On Your Carcass' with his classic Skullcrackology track getting the full filth treatment from the The Flying Skulls. The death analogies don't stop there either as the ghost of Aaliyah haunts the live jam remix of Rock The Boat, probably what The Ferryman has cranked up loud on his MP3 player if he's still shipping souls to Hades.

These tracks are essentially mash ups with the beats to be found on their forthcoming album Take Flight, which isn't actually all death and doom, although it is certainly a killer. We'll tell you more about that twisted beauty nearer the time, although if you download the zip files to retrieve all three tracks then there's a press release preview for your perusal.

Flying Skulls - Club Crack EP (zip)

The Flying Skulls - Rock the Boat (Live Jam) feat Aaliyah / YSI

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King Britt-Anne (Not King Of Britain)

Philly funkster King Britt takes on Santigold's Anne from her first album, back when she was merely Santogold (oh remember the days). It's called the Moody Mix, and well that should tell you a little something about what he's done with it.

(YSI) Santigold - Anne (King Britt Moody Mix)

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Everyone Should Own At Least A Pair Of L-vis

With a big pot of tribal electronic beats for the streets L-Vis 1990 has just dropped this new mix to warn anyone planning on visiting Fabric in London this Friday (June 5th) that things are going to go off in Room 2 on a monumental scale.

It's something a little different from what we expected after his extremely cheeky bootlegs have found themselves a heavy rotation at Chrome Mansions. Although his dirty and deep UK Funky style is still noticeable in there at some places, there are times when the mix sounds like an Endor forest battle against the Imperial Stormtroopers transplanted to somewhere in the Congo and at others like a full on lunar rave up (in the best possible way of course).

L-Vis 1990 will be rocking Room 2 with Rob Da Bank & Friends, which also sees Tim Exile and Beardyman doing their thing, whilst the likes of Sinden and Toddla T tear up Room 1.

(ZShare) L-Vis 1990: Fabric Promo Mix '09


1. Untold – Anaconda (L-vis 1990 Chopped n’ Screwed Mix)
2. Christian Martin – Elephant fight (Justin Martins Jungle Remix)
3. Crystal Fighters – Exatic Truth (L-Vis 1990 Remix)
4. Boris Rush – Miami Push (Franky Rizardo Remix)
5. Uncle Bakongo – Maasai
6. Emvee – Glitch Dub
7. Zinc – Pimp My Ride
8. L-Vis 1990 – United Groove
9. Lil Silva – Different
10. L-Vis 1990 – Compass
11. Justin Martin – My Angelic Demons
12. Diplo & Laidback Luke – Hey! (L-Vis 1990 remix)
13. L-Vis 1990 – Come Together

Plus here's a few examples of his boundary blurring between Dubstep and UK Funky, or Dubble Step as he calls it...

(YSI) TC - Where's My Money (Caspa Remix - L-Vis 1990 Dubble Step Edit) / alt link

(YSI) Joker & Jakes - 3Klane (L-Vis 1990 Dubble Step Edit) / alt link

(YSI) Crazy Cousinz - Bongo Jam (L-Vis 1990 and Bok Bok Refix) / alt link

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Chrome Kids June Chart

1. Robot Koch & Cerebral Vortex - Aftershocks (Robots Don't Sleep)
2. Don Diablo & Example - Hooligans (Doorly's Dubstep Remix) (Sony)
3. DJ Vadim ft 5Nizza & Big Red - Soldier (BBE)
4. Dizzee Rascal & Armand Van Helden - Bonkers (Doorly Remix)/ YSI
5. PANTyRAID - Beba (Marine Parade)
6. High Rankin - No Money For Guns (Cheap Thrills)
Stagga ft Juakali - Science Of Skank (Chrome Kids)
7. Monkey - Draw (Promo)
8. George Lenton - Island In The Sun (Promo) / YSI
9. Bassnectar - Superstylin'(Promo) / YSI
10. Akira Kiteshi - Lorraine Kelly (Black Acre)
11. Kyza - Go (Dented)
12. Bretzel Zoo - Don't Let The Rain Come In Your Ass (Eat Concrete)
13. Harmonic 313 feat Phat Kat and Elzhi - Battlestar (Remix) (Warp)
14. Paul White - Alien Nature / YSI
15. Slugabed - Gritsalt (RAMP)
16. Major Lazer ft Mr Lexx & Santigold - Hold The Line (an-ten-nae Remix) / YSI
18. DJ Zinc - SuperSharpShooter(Biscope Dubstep Remix) (Promo) / YSI
19. Jantsen - gLitchez & hoeZ (Promo) / Direct Link
20. Sub-Versive - Vive La Punk (Promo)/ YSI

image by Mudwig

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Mr Scruff ft Roots Manuva - Nice Up The Function

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Doubling Up

The unstoppable Sydney based duo KillaQueenz finally drop their debut album on Grindin this Friday (June 5th).

Sistarhood includes a number of notable guest vocal and production slots from fellow Aussie artists such as Spit Syndicate, Ru C.L., Vida Sunshyne, Katalyst and M-Phazes, but for us the stand out track has to be the lead single which sees the mighty South Rakkas Crew on the beats and British Bashment bad gyal Lady Chann (Suncycle / Yes King) on the hook.

(YSI) KillaQueenz feat. Lady Chann - Double Up / alt link

Which also gives us a great excuse to post up a copy of Lady Chann's mixtape which we've been meaning to share with you for a while now, ever since we grabbed it off her twitterings. Also, if you haven't picked up her dangerous UK Funky track Your Eye Too Fast (produced by Sticky) then sort it out. Fiyah indeed!

(SS) Lady Chann - The New Queen Of The Dancehall Mix

For some reason these tracks are in wma files except for the outro in m4a but don't watch that.

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