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Dropping Knowledge

What with us messing up last week and posting the mixtapes on Tuesday, we could if we so choose, claim a new precedent and post the phat selection of mixtapes we have for you tomorrow... and we're gonna. But what about the Monday mixtape? Surely we can't do away with that? Have no fear cos us greedy bastards are gonna keep the whole thing for ourselves, so you don't go without. That's right we have a brand new selection for you that we put together for the oracle of all that is Drums and Bass, Knowledge Mag. We kept it pretty fun filled for you all, packing a nights worth of tune into one handy 50 minute mix. Props to Drone 1 on the cover too.

You can also download it from their website, where it sits along with some quick Q&A with our DJ wing.

Download: Chrome Kids - Knowledge Me (via Knowledge Mag)


1. Of Porcelain – Signal The Captain
2. DJ Vadim ft. Wretch 32 – Soldier (UK Flex Accapella)
3. Mix N Blend – I Got Bitches
4. Bassnectar – The Churn Of The Century
5. Schlacthofbronx feat. Kein Vorspiel - Cubick
6. Micky Slim ft. Virus Syndicate – Skank Out (MRK1 Remix)
7. Mstrkrft - Bounce (Doorly Remix)
8. Mumdance – Kerplunk!
9. Cadburys ft. Tinny - Zingolo (Doorly Remix)
10. Ke$ha - TiK ToK (Untold Remix)
11. Missy Elliott - Best Best (Two Fingers Remix)
12. Dema - Chang!!XXXX
13. Jantsen – I'm A Balla (Term V Chingy Mash Up)
14. Stagga – Timewarp (Akira Kiteshi Remix)
15. The Benga Boys – Crunk World (Benga V Outkast Mash Up)
16. Ruckus & Roke – Illusion
17. Starkey feat Badness - OKLuv
18. Hudson Mohawke - Twistclip Loop
19. Ofra Haza - Im Nin'Alu (HavocNdeeD Remix)
20. Pete Lawrie – Panic (Monkey Remix)
21. The Flying Skulls - Skeleton Talk (Jason Short & J. Rogers Blipism Dub)
22. DJ 0.000001 ft. Mochipet - Eazy-E On Atari
23. Stagga – Beeps Get Down
24. Notorious B.I.G. – Dreams (Just Playin')
25. Foreign Beggars – Contact (Noisia Remix)
26. Baobinga & ID – Jah
27. Kelis ft. Andre 3000 – Millionaire
28. Busy Signal – Caan Beat We
29. Stagga – It's A Jungle
30. Count & Sinden – Strange Things
31. The Kleptones - Voodoo Sabotage (Prodigy V Beastie Boys Mash Up)
32. Dismal Futures – Witchdoctor Massif
33. Akira Kiteshi – Ulysses
34. Scarlet Harlots - A Secret (Shorterz & Enigma Mix)
35. Magenta – Force
36. Foreign Beggars – 7 Figure Swagger (Bar 9 Remix)
37. James Blake - Air & Lack There Of

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Skreaming Toddlas

Toddla T hit us up with this Skream remix for the first single being released on the Girls Music label which he's set up with Raf Rundell. The track from T Willy sounds like it might also have Benjamin Zephaniah on a poetry tip but we can't seem to find any evidence of that apart from the fact it sounds like it. Speaking of unqualified assumptions, I'm also starting to think Toddla T is actually Skream's cheeky Northern alter ego. Despite having met both of them on a few occasions and them not really being anything alike, and having no evidence to support this and no reason for thinking it at all, but the voices don't lie and when all is revealed you just wait... okay it's been a long month.

Download: T Willy - Come Out & Play (Skream Remix) / alt link (actually it's not, see comments below)

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Wednesday Round Up

Not only did Spoek provide us with a killer mix this week but he's also kindly dropped us this filthsome Kuduro style Hostage remix of a track he recorded with So Called Friend.

"Fever" / So Called Friend feat. Spoek (Hostage Remix) by RavingLoonyRecords

Download: So Called Friend feat Spoek - Fever (Hostage Remix)

All round bass music badman Baobinga kickstarts his new Build label with a helluva bang thanks to his very own Tongue Riddim alongside partner in grime I.D. The track is on a tropical tip mixing up Dubstep, Funky and Kuduro with a remix from UK Funky don and Rinse FM player Roska on the flip. to celebrate here's a another track from the duo on a similar tip that has already had support from the likes of TRG and Buraka Som Sistema.

Download: Baobinga & I.D. - Man Down / alt link

Heavyweight bass grinding Hip-hop track from Charlie Tipper and Terror Dactel courtesy of New York label Subdrive. A label well worth keeping an eye on via their blog as they regularly give out all the full-quality stems as DRM-free as part of their release package, to encourage remixers to get their hands dirty.

Download: Charlie Tipper - Vocaloid (Terror Dactel Mix) / alt link

Not one for the hardcore amongst you but a rather pleasant pop tune which floats along nicely over the Dubstep undertones from E Tubbs and Trill Bass. Sounds vaguely Swedish but that's not usually a bad thing.

Download: Owl City - Fireflies (Etubbs & Trillbass Insomniac Remix ft Catt) / alt link

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Hot And Cool

As winter kicks in, British bands start to compete for who can be more cold and haunting yet warm and inviting at the same time (think the official term for this is Super-cool). The xx have been obvious top contenders for a while now but we'd say Ninja Tune signing Emika has got a pretty good chance of grabbing the title herself, although having recently relocated to Berlin she might well have to be disqualified from the running.

This track gets extra points in each category thanks to Scuba, a London dubstep pioneer who has also jumped ship to Berlin shores a new. Look out for the single and more remixes dropping in January of next year.

Download: Emika - Drop The Other (Scuba's Vulpine Remix) / alt link

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DJ Cable "Mixin It Up" for

Shouts to Discobelle for giving me the opportunity to do a mix for their Mixin' It Up series, which has been graced by loads of other great DJs such as Bok Bok, Dave Nada and Drop The Lime, to name a few...If you don't know about Discobelle, they're one of the internet's leading dance music blogs, and have been highly influential when it comes to breaking new music.

For this mix, I decided to go with a selection of Dubstep & Grime tracks (both old and new) that I’m into at the moment, accompanied with a tiny bit of scratching here and there; Nothing too intricate though, as I wanted the tunes to speak for themselves.

You can also peep the full post here to see my reasons behind each choice. I hope you all enjoy the mix :)



01. MRK1 - Kill Zone
02. Skream - Burning Up
03. Sukh Knight - Beneath Your Blouse
04. Benny Page & Zero G - Trigger Finger
05. Rossi B & Luca Feat. Gully Gang - Music Money
06. Jakes & Joker - 3Klane
07. Tempa T - Boy Off Da Ting
08. Benga & Coki - Night
09. LD - The King Of Kong
10. Noah D - Seeeriousss
11. Flux Pavilion - Fucking Noise
12. Excision & Datsik - Swagga
13. Joker & Ginz - Purple City
14. Grand Puba - Get It (12th Planet Remix)
15. Simian Mobile Disco - Cruel Intentions (Joker Remix)
16. Caspa - Marmite (Cable VIP Re-edit)
17. Dizzee Rascal - I Luv U

Feedback is always welcomed, so please feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think!

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erm... Tuesday Mixtapes Anyone?

Okay we know these are a day late but then again if we had the Monday mixtapes up to listen to then maybe it wouldn't have seemed like such a struggle to get them up in time, it's a vicious cycle. Then again we've heard all the fashionistas saying that in fact Tuesday is the new Monday, M Kat is the new black and Tropical Tech is the new religion, so who are we to argue.

First up Mumdance just sent through this mix he did for Redlight's show on BBC 1Xtra last week. A 30 minutes journey that takes us from his more grimey mind, with the help of MCs Jammer, C Gritz & Diesel into the deeper instrumental depths of his new productions and latest loves; next up the 'post apartheid, post Hip-hop poster boy' Spoek Mathambo, who is possibly the most prolific emcee of the moment, jumping on more bass bouncing beats than just about anyone else, serves up a slice of what he's been up to and what he's been into recently. He's also been blogging hard over at 2faced1; finally we celebrate a new collective of DJ’s, producers, artists and promoters called Get Hype Collective. The members are Jeuce, Pond Life, Toast, Yoghurt Warrior and Dave Verne and the producers of the group have all collaborated in a sick little mix which is waiting patiently for you down below. Also incase you haven't picked it up yet, our boys Monkey and Curtamos have provided remixes for the new Toast single Shipwreck, which is out on Robox-Neotech now. Pick it up here.

Download: Mumdance - BBC 1Xtra Mix ft Jammer, C Gritz & Diesel


01. Mumdance - Kerplunk Part 1
02. Shazam & Slater Brockman - Forward March
03. Silencer - Dirtbag
04. P Money - Left The Room
05. Wiley - Wot U Call It? (Tease)
06. Terror Danjah - Bipolar
07. Plastician - Cha (Switch)
08. Drop The Lime - Set Me Free (Zombie Disco Squad Rmx)
09. El Guincho - Kalise (Mumdance Rmx Ft Jammer)
10. Egyptrixx - Everybody Bleeding
11. Agent X - Decoy
12. Mums Of Death (Mumdance & Drums Of Death) - Golden Axe
13. Mumdance, Shortstuff & Brackles - Sick in a Bag
15. Mumdance Ft Badness - Sacrifice Riddim

Download: Spoek - Ghosts Of Bones Mix



Download: Get Hype Collective – Get Hype Vol. 1


Ellie Goulding – Under The Sheets (Jeuce Rework)
Pond Life – Obsidian
Toast – Only One
Toast - Trouble
Synth Girl - Hurricane (Jeuce Rework)
Pond Life – Rinsed Out Rasta
Jacob Plant – Basslines In (Jeuce Rework) / Toast - Bag
Pond Life – Diamond Girl
Toast – Daft Step
Pony Pony Run Run – Hey You (Jeuce Rework)
Pond Life - Creep
Robot Disaster – Boy (Jeuce Rework)
Rafffertie – Antisocial (Toast remix)
Toast - Capsule
Pond Life – Space Marines
Toast - Bag

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Sunday Sorting

Now at the risk of sounding like a bunch of sentimentalists, sometimes you need to stop, breathe and assess what's around you to fully appreciate exactly what you've got and how that can help you move forwards. Sunday for most people is a great time to do this, so bearing that in mind we've spent the day going through our inbox and have realised that we've got some monstrous frickin' tunes and so we're going to use those to move forward in the manner of a deranged gang of cyber loons on a ruthless mission to infect the eardrums of the planet and turn you all into bass junkies. It really does help too, we feel zen as f**k, you should try it.

As well as a bunch of new tracks set to drop, Thrills is ready to kick start his new label Sub Philo Music Group with offerings from the likes of DZ & XI, Dev79, Vaski, Bombaman and Blood Shake all on the cards. Not only that but he's hooked us up some killer remixes of DJ DJ from Zion I, flipping it from Bay Area Baile Funk into some brutal Bassline jump up bizness with the help of Tony Rocky Horror.

Download: Zion I - DJ DJ (Thrills & Tony Rocky Horror Bassline Remix) / alt link

Download: Zion I - DJ DJ (Thrills & Tony Rocky Horror Dubstep Remix) / alt link

Anybody remember the R'n'B track Pony from Ginuwine? It's crazy to think it was released back in 1996 when you listen to the incredible Timbaland production on that track, even crazier when you know it was recorded 3 years earlier back in 1993. He was not only 16 years ahead of his time but positively light years. We recently had this Dubstep remix of the track through from Boson that thankfully makes full use of the original beat and helps to highlight our point here.

Download: Ginuwine - Pony (Boson Dubstep Remix) / alt link

It's easy to take you're eye off the ball when you're in the middle of a ball pool and so we haven't been keeping a close an eye as we should be on Run Riot Records. If we had been we'd have noticed this dope remix of a Gouseion track posted a couple of months back. Luckily Graintable gave as a heads up recently when he sent us a video of him performing the track on his APC 40.

Download: Gouseion - We're in High School (Graintable Remix) / alt link

Can also listen to / download the track here.

Couple of beautifully deep floatsome Dubstep remixes from Grevious Angel and Demon of Macabre Unit. The track is called Drift by A Bridge Far Away and features vocalist Indi Kaur whom some might remember from DJ Pinch's Underwater Dancehall album. The original can be found on the forthcoming Enchanted which drops on Methodology Recordings in the new year and has already been getting support from the likes of Pathaan, Jus Wan and Bobby Friction.

Download: A Bridge Far Away feat. Indi Kaur - Drift (Demon Remix)
/ alt link

Download: A Bridge Far Away feat. Indi Kaur - Drift (Grievous Angel Remix) / alt link

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Robot Koch - Gorom Sen

robot koch - gorom sen from robot koch on Vimeo.

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Elucid On Elucid

As you might have expected we have been loving the new Elucid album. But we wanted to know if our feelings and thoughts on the Sub Bass Diet had any correlation to the feelings and thoughts that went behind making it, so we asked Elucid to break the spirit of the album down for us, turns out we are definitely on the same page.

Here's what he had to say...

The Sub Bass Diet is relevant because of its fearlessness. The old model of selling music has all but vanished and NOW is the time for artists to experiment and be bold enough to not really give a fuck about popular opinion. That spirit of rebellion has always informed my music and I stuck to my guns here with The Sub Bass Diet. I set out recording SBD without any sense of nostalgia for the past (and a thorough disgust for the present) I looked ahead and tried to make music I felt was a foundation for the future. Dubstep and other digital bass heavy rhythms only matched the vibes I was bringing across lyrically.

With the title playing on The South Beach Diet I imagined the music as a method to shedding the dead weight of life and stepping into new consciousness for myself. This is reflected throughout the project. Messages of self love, vision, purpose and determination are there for those who need it. But where there's love, trust there's destruction around the corner. Destruction of outdated ways of thinking,interaction, egomania, class/race/gender inequalities and all that separate us from truth.

"Dis poem is knives. Bombs. Guns. Blood. Fire blazing for freedom" - Mutabaruka

Download: Elucid - The Sub Bass Diet

If you love the album as much as we do then it's highly recommended you head over and show some support by grabbing his new double headed single Cheap Suit / Pandemonium, available from Bandcamp for just $2.

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Crazy Giveaway

It might not be Crunkish or Bass whomping but some of the smarter lot amongst you may recognise this beautiful version from the intro to our Hulk Hop Vs Crunk Rock Mixtape. Go grab yourself a copy now from 7Digital. We shall be going to catch Alice Russell live at Bristol Academy on Sunday 29th November, come join us.

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Chew Fu & Wiley - Take That

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Where's My Monkey?

By know you should all be getting your neck snap on to Moneyshot's remix of Where's My Money, well not to be outdone by his long time partner in crime, Parker has also done this genius bootleg of said track mixed up with the Jungle Book classic King Of the Swingers, time to go bananas people!

Download: Parker - Where's My Monkey? / alt link

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Bootlegs and Bars

Having returned back to UK shores from his extended journey to Oz, award winning Solid Steel resident and Mixtape king Moneyshot is slowly easing his finely tuned party popping skills back into the credible British clubbing consciousness, including a residency at a fantastic new venue back in our collective hometown called the Cardiff Arts Institute.

We caught him there recently supporting awesome Israeli funk band The Apples and he dropped this cheeky 110bpm re-working of the TC / Caspa track Where's My Money? which he just so happened to have cooked up himself. We figured this was too far too big for just one club to hear and so mugged him outside to share with the world.

Download: TC - Where's My Money Caspa Remix (Moneyshot 110bpm Edit) / alt link

We were so impressed with the Cardiff Arts Institute infact that we shall be doing a night there ourselves this Friday (20th November) alongside filthy bass club freaks Dirty Canvas who run one of the top nights for like minded grimesters in London and shall be joining us Chrome Kids in something a little different for us, as we get all tropical and techy with just a touch of Dubstep and UK Funky under the banner of Shanti Town. We also have some incredible guests lined up for the first night in the shape of Mumdance and Brackles, you can read a bit more indepth about the night over on the CAI blog which also has links to mixes, etc. However, here's a couple of recent bootlegs to set your eardrums in motion for the night should you happen to be in the area, or rage with envy if you're not.

Maximo Park - Let's Get Clinical (Mumdance KERPLUNK! Remix) / alt link

MSTRKRFT feat John Legend - Heartbreaker (Brackles Remix) / alt link

There's many other good nights on the cards there, plus they've got a Funktion One Sound System and a Lego wall so what more could you want? Highlights to look out for this month are: Jo'burg Psychadelic Afro Dub Rock band BLK JKS on Fri November 27; Secret Carnival with Party Rhymin', Drum & Bass Charleston dancing, Hip-hop Jazz Swingers The Correspondents plus DJs including Chesus & Rodski; and Swn have one of their post-festival events on Mon November 30 with Israeli rock mentalists Monotonix and the ever incredible Totally Extinct Enormous Dinosaurs who we caught at the very first Swn Festival last year.

Download: Wolf Gang - The King And All Of His Men (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Remix) / alt link


Jammer (Boy Better Know) - Party Animal

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Trouble For Pete's Sake

Our favourite smokey soulster Pete Lawrie received some more blog loving for the Cousin Cole remix of his track All That We Keep last month but we just copped an exclusive from our Hollyrock homeboy Troublemaker that adds extra stomp whomping Hulk Hop heaviness to the track Black & Blue eating other remixes for breakfast, lunch and high tea. Check it out.

Download: Pete Lawrie - Black and Blue (Troublemaker Remix) / alt link

And if you missed the Speech Debelle remix of the same track or the Monkey remix of Panic. You can find them here and here respectively.

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Stand By For Biscope

Whilst the Mix N Blend album is still warm in your players, we have yet more Bass packed goodies from Cape Town with these two tracks courtesy of Dubstep duo Biscope, one of whom is Electro producer Richard The Third. We have a bootleg remix of the soul classic Stand By Me that maybe shouldn't work, but it does so well, plus an original Hip-hop tinted dancefloor track that is bound to do damage.

Download: Ben E King - Stand By Me (Biscope Boot)

Download: Biscope - Fire

Buy some more Biscope from Juno.

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Look Mom, Mix N Blend

Mix N Blend most definitely live up to their name on new album Look Mom No Hands which just dropped on the fairly seminal African Dope label. In fact when it comes to mixing up and blending the most exciting and relevant sounds worldwide today they are most definitely at the forefront. Like similar genre busting Dance music groups such as Basement Jaxx and Groove Armada, this is feel good fun music and although it won't revolutionise modern music, it means there's not a great deal of ego wanking and is that a bad thing? A number of our favourite glitched up Hip-hop and Dubstep crews come out of the group's native Cape Town and there's a few present here, such as: PH Fat on the Hulk hopping bounceathon Spring Step, which sounds slightly like it should be the theme music for a twisted kids detective series; or Fletcher who joins them on Shall We Swing, the kind of tune that might have been made if a mischevious time traveller decided to introduce computers and ketamine to a 1930s speak easy, reminding us of acts such as Freddie Cruger or Lucas (of 'The Lid Off' fame, remember him?). We've mainly posted up the crew's Dubstep outings previously and there are a few tracks that represent that here but there's so much more, with big Reggae and Hip-hop influence, Breaks, Drum & Bass, Soul, Jazz and a fair splattering of bass all being thrown into the Mix N Blend pot. You can pick it up from African Dope direct, Juno or Track It Down now.

We also have this super chilled Dubstep-esque remix of the Fat Freddy's Drop track The Raft by the crew (+ SFR) for you to download from their Soundcloud account.

Fat Freddys Drop - The Raft (Mix n Blend n Sfr's Re-edit) by mixnblend

Download: Fat Freddys Drop - The Raft (Mix n Blends n Sfr's Re-edit)

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Massive Monday Bag Of Mixtapes

* all single track downloads on this mix have been removed for legal reasons...

As we abstained from last Monday's Mixtape session due to political reasons we have made up for it by giving you a bumper addition this week which includes: our very own Quantum cadet, Monkey with a Dubstep selection he mixed up for 3zee1's show on Sub FM last week; a Take Flight Club mix from Doc Daneeka, who we first came across through his nights at the Monkey Bar in Swansea although we didn't make the link to his latest alias when we first heard Metabeats dropping some of his UK Funkier than though tracks recently; next is Metabeats' Darkhouse Family bredren Don Leisure with the first of a new monthly mix series, dropping some seriosuly tasty Liquid Soul and Future Hip-hop. We then hop over to South Africa as Liver gives us a homegrown mini mix selection from Cape Town and finally, a firm favourite of ours and the first to actually introduce us to Liver, Boom Monk Ben with a killer selection, something of a fusion of all the other mixes in one handy helping.

Monkey - Tell Ya Mama Mix by Chrome Kids


01 Red - I Should Tell Your Mamma On You {Dam Funk Remix} (Stones Throw)
02 Monkey - Cygnas X1 (Pesky Plates)
03 Monkey - Never Knew (Dub)
04 Starkey feat Badness - OK Luv (Planet Mu)
05 Pete Lawrie - Panic {Monkey Remix} (Dub)
06 Stagga - Timewarp Dub (Robox Neotech)
07 Stagga & Monkey - Original Misty (Rag & Bone)
08 Toast - Shipwreck {Monkey Remix} (Robox Neotech)
09 Monkey - Bubblin' (Pesky Plates)
10 Don Leisure - Japan Only (Dub)
11 Stagga & Monkey - Glass Bong (Sonic Lodge)


01 Darkstar - Aidy's Girl Is A Computer (Kyle Hall Remix)
02 Xxxy - Sing With Us
03 Unknown - Unknown
04 Trg - Since Last Night
05 Dj Cleo - Dikota
06 Rivva Star - I Was Drunk (Doc Daneeka's Drunker Than You Mix)
07 Efdemin - Acid Bells (Martyn Mix)
08 Justin Martin - My Angelic Deamons
09 Pearson Sound -Wad
10 Doc Daneeka - Electric Sandwich Rhythm
11 Zombie Disco Squad - Vie!
12 Crazy Cousinz - Inflation
13 Roska - Hey Cutie
14 Nb Funky - Frequency
15 L-Vis 1990 - Run
16 Doc Daneeka - Funky Bit
17 Gucci Vump - Sha Sti (L-Vis 1990 Remix)
18 Mosca - Gold Bricks, I See You
19 Mele - Flexi
20 Deadboy - If You Want Me
21 Florence And The Machine - You Got The Love (The xx Remix)



01 Samiyam & Hudson Mohawke - Eff This (CDR)
02 Schlomo - Hotboxing The Cockpit (Tokimonsta Remix) (CDR)
03 Nosaj Thing - fwd (Beat Dimensions)
04 Qilin - Robocaper (CDR)
05 Hudson Mohawke - Still On It (CDR)
06 Floating Points - Shangri La (Planet Mu)
07 Debruit - Solesides (Reso Remix) (CDR)
08 B Bravo - Talk To Me (Frite Nite)
09 Ras G - Overcast 78 Beat II (P-Vine)
10 Hud Mo X Dam Funk - Tell Me What You Want From Me (Warp)
11 Madlib - Get It Right (Stones Throw)
12 Lukid - Veto (Werk Discs)
13 James Blake - Air Or Lack There Of (Horses)
14 Darkhouse family - Number 43 (CDR)
15 Madvillain - Rhinestone Cowboy (Stones Throw)
16 Joy Orbison - Wet Look (Hot Flush)
17 Joker & Ginz - Stash (Hyperdub)
18 Guido - Orchestral Lab (Punch Drunk)
19 Gemmy - Rainbow Road (Planet Mu)
20 Citizen Snipz x Nyabhingi - Subwayz (Unreleased Vocal Mix) (CDR)
21 Lukid - Chord (Werk Discs)
22 Footclan - New Sound (CDR)
23 Don Leisure X M.A.S.K. - Unusual Place (CDR)
24 Samiyam - Donuts With Sprinkles (Fat City)
25 Hudson Mohawke - Gluetooth (Warp)
26 darkhouse Family - Stay Blazed (Fat City)
27 Wajeed - The Look Of Love

Download: Liver - Flip Flop Glitch Pops Mix


01. Liver – Intro
02. Mr. Sakitumi – Secret Agent Man with Liver feat. Disco Israel – Earthworms (Acapella) (unreleased/ unreleased)
03. Sibot feat. Spoek Mathambo – Banging On The Drum (Jarring Effects)
04. Sibot – Super Mix with. Mix n Blend feat. Sian – Drug in a Mug (vocals) (Unreleased/ African Dope)
05. P.h. Fat feat Fuzzy Slippaz – Big Five (Liver Remix) (African Dope)
06. Mr Sakitumi – Magnifrique (unreleased)
07. Sedgewarbler – Close Your Eyes and Open Your Mouth (unreleased)
08. P.h. Fat – Squelch This (African Dope)
09. Gazelle – Die Verlore Seun (Mix N Blend Remix)
10. SFR – Kwaito Mandla (unreleased)
11. Mix n Blend feat. Rayelle Goodman – First Light vs. Mix n Blend – Everyone Calm (African dope)

Download: Boom Monk Ben - Benny Boom Ain’t Misbehavin’ Mix


01. Fever Ray - Seven (Martyn Remix) (Rabid)
02. Gucci Vump - Sha! Shtil! (L-Vis 1990 Remix) (Institubes)
03. Roska - Tack Tiles (Roska Kicks & Snares)
04. Warrior One - The Machine (Promo)
05. Les Rhythmes Digitales - Disco 2 Disco (Tease) (Wall of Sound)
06. Diplo & Laidback Luke - Hey! (Southern Fried)
07. Trevor Loveys & Sinden - Organ Grinder (GreenMoney Remix) (Cheap Thrills)
08. Malente & Dex feat New Kidz - Lions (Exploited)
09. The Big Pink - Dominos (Switch Remix Instrumental) (Promo)
10. Fast Eddie - Yo Yo Get Funky (Nick Thayer Remix) (Giant Pussy)
11. Zinc - 128 Trek (Bingo)
12 Masters At Work - Work (Acapella) (Tommy Boy)
13. N*E*R*D* - Everyone Nose (Amen Crackhead Remix) (Unreleased)
14. Dead Prez - Hip Hop (Flufftronix Remix) (Unreleased)
15, Bassnectar - Cozza Frenzy (Z-Trip Hellarazor Remix)
16. Shorterz 99 - Enigma Groove (Bigger Than Barry)
17. Starkey - Leak Riddim (VIP Mix) (Slit Jockey)
18. Joy Orbison - Hyph Mngo (Hot Flush)
19. The Heavy - How You Like Me Now (Joker Remix) (Counter)
20. Rusko - Sound Guy Is My Target (Sub Soldiers)
21. James Brown - It’s A Man’s World (Regrooved By Parker)(Good Groove)
22. Fats Waller - I’m Saving My Love For You (Mix n Blend’s Phats Wilder Bootleg)(Unreleased)

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Nothing But Fire

Tenuous link number 89.7. Tonight in the UK is Guy Fawkes night, otherwise known as Fireworks night or Bonfire night thanks to the consentual pyromania that sweeps the nation. Back in 1605 Guy Fawkes and his Catholic homies tried to blow up the Houses Of Parliament whilst the Protestant King James I and his bredren were all inside. The Houses Off Parliament nowadays (and we have it on no authority back then as well) are chaired by The Speaker, kind of a referee for politicians. So we have, in celebration of this historic occasion, a bunch of tunes to blow ya speakers the f**k up!

Next Tuesday sees the release of Elucid's brand new album, The Sub Bass Diet with a mixture of original production and choice dubs by the likes of Kode 9 and Joker, all laced with Elucid's poetically exorcised frustrations. We were real excited when we heard one of our favourite Brooklyn rappers had hooked up with one of our favourite Welsh producers Metabeats and the excitement was well founded, Take Charge is sheer fiiiiyaah! We hear there's more from the two on Metabeats album that should be out early next year. DN3 does similar justice on the latest leak from the album too, you can feel the unplugged rage spilling from the mic to the mixing board.

Download: Elucid - Take Charge (produced by Metabeats) / alt link

Download: Elucid - Then We Rage / alt link

Even those who can't remember the days when Jungle was king and Navigator was one of it's mightiest warriors, or even later before Big Beat became Breaks and Freestylers were second only to Fatboy Slim as it's main exponents. Even if you have no memory of such things (and to be honest most who were actually there probably have a hazy reccolection at best) you will no doubt have heard the monster tune that is Ruffneck from Freestylers and Navigator that first dropped over 10 years ago. What? Still no? Well it matters not because a new remix from Ctrl Z relies on more than simple nostalgia to rock a crowd. Already getting play from the likes of Stanton Warriors, Krafty Kuts, Freq Nasty, Deekline and of course the Freestylers themselves, their version will be dropping on Vinyl along with an Excision & Datsik Dubstep remix on November 23rd with a digital package including further mixes from High Rankin, Bassline crew Pirate Soundsystem and this one from Rack n Ruin.

Download: Ctrl Z vs The Freestylers - Ruffneck '09 ft Navigator (RackNRuin Remix) / alt link

With us already being fans of Raffertie's very own brand of Bonkers Bassline it was intriguing to say the least when we heard he was turning his hand to more Hip-hop based beats. We weren't disappointed when he dropped us the mighty Hulk Hop style refix for Foamo's Wardance and it has had some major rotation from us since. Now those kind fellas over at ScenexScience have made it available so that even those of you most recession hit may wash your cares away in a big wave of glitchy killer bee bass music.

Download: Foamo - Wardance (Raffertie Remix Feat. Shiftee Moova) / alt link

Incidentally it was on a Raffertie remix that we first heard Scarlet Harlots who, if there is an ounce of justice in the music industry deserve to be huge. As we witnessed at Bigger Than Barry a couple of months, they're the perfect blend of good honest party rock, underground dance music and credible pop music, without any of the obvious contrivance one might expect from such a winning formula. Their track A Secret came out last month on Bigger Than Barry's own imprint with dope remixes from: Shorterz, who brings us Midget House 'an amalgamation of House, Garage and Electro' and also joins compadre Enigma on a Dubstep flex; and Kitch N Sync who flip a filthy Fidget version. We're a little late on this but the simple fact that we're not already over-run by these fellas on every station shows there's work to be done before justice is served.

Download: Scarlet Harlots - A Secret (Enigma & Shorterz Dubstep Remix - Preview) / alt link

Download: Scarlet Harlots - A Secret (Shorterz Midget House Mix - Preview) / alt link

Download: Scarlet Harlots - A Secret (Kitch N Sync Remix - Preview) / alt link

Finally, at the risk of renaming this site, Foreign Bloggers we have a remix of yet another Beggars track, and yes once again it's huge. This one's been around a while however and is resurfacing due to the remix being from DJ Primecuts from the Scratch Perverts who shall be hosting their annual Beatdown session at Fabriclive (see above flyer) next Friday.

Download: Foreign Beggars - Hit That Gash (DJ Primecuts Itchy Naaan Re-Rub) / alt link

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Kyza Live In London

After the hugely successful Shots Of Smirnoff release earlier this year, playlist on BBC 1Xtra, multiple appearances on Tim Westwood, Mistajam and DJ MK & Shortee Blitz’s radio shows, the legend that is Kyza hits the stage in a very special show at The Rhythm Factory in London. Joined by a full live band, and seriously remarkable support from DJ MK, Sarah Love, D Gritty, J2K and more, this is not to be missed.

Download: Kyza Smirnoff - Rules Of The Game / alt link

Download: Secondson ft Humurak D Gritty - Rags / alt link

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United Colours Of....?

Some excellent press shots from Foreign Beggars that tie in nicely with their United Colours Of Beggatron album, which if what we say holds any sway you should all be owning by now. They also have a brand new single with two of the hottest emcees of the moment Dubbledge and Badness, 7 Figure Swagger which includes a firing Bar 9 Dubstep remix and has the track Don't Dhoow It with a funkalicious Machine Drum refix on the flip.

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