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Killa Cool Kids Up On Killer Chrome Kids

Not got any info on this collaboration but being fans of both Killa Kela and the Cool Kids it definitely caught our attention.

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Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

I first heard the Silverman track Can’t Stand The Rain at Pinch’s Dubloaded night in Bristol a few months back. Ghettozoid was spinning it and I remember getting lost inside its rolling tribal drums, warm electronic mist and melancholy Peebles sample. These days it’s rare that I’ll ask about a certain tune or I’d be hassling the DJ all night but this one I had to know. Ironically it was to be due for release on Ghettozoid’s newly launched One4Ho label and now here it is.

This tune has been receiving play from the likes of Falty DL, Starkey and Clark, who also provides a soul crunching remix that seems to flip the original track’s concept of memory, love and loss into a 3 and a half minute masterpiece of dream like emotional manipulation.

The EP is out on One4Ho on August 1st



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A Step Into The Future

Much as I would love to give you an indepth run down of what went on at my Birthday bash on Friday, I'm far too hungover and the party ain;t stopped yet. Luckily all the legendary artists who played have incredible new mixes which should help to explain what a great night it was. Many thanks for those who made it down.



First up is my Chrome compadre Monky, who in my possibly biased opinion is one of the most exciting new producers breaking out of (and away from) the Dubstep mould today.

Monky also has a new release on Robox Neotech called Drunkerdz which you definitely have to check out.

Monky - Drunkerdz by robox-neotech

Monky - Drunkerdz(Resketch REMIX) by robox-neotech

Next up is Paul B who has managed to reinvent himself from a hardcore Hip-hop stalwart to Future Garage don. This mix is very much on a Dubby Garage tip with some great tunes but unfortunately as it's a live mix, no tracklisting.

Download: Paul B - The Future, The Present... Mix Vol 1

And finally Adam Corner, who kind of joins the dots between the mixes with this offering from his Wonky Disco stable.

All these artists / mixes are some indication of the buzz happening in our hometown of Cardiff right now. We've got a whole load more mixes and tracks from more artists here such as C.R.S.T, Diddy, Ital Lion, Don Leisure, etc, which we'll hopefully post up this week some time.

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Robot Koch Goes Unicorn with Th' Mole

Here's another exclusive remix from the Magical Bass stables, but for a change it's not DJ 0.000001 doing the remixing but Robot Koch, with the song in question being the goofy and hilarious "I Luv Unicorns" by Th' Mole.

Th' Mole - I Luv Unicorns (Robot Koch Remix) (DJ 0.000001 Edit) by magicalbass

You can stream or download the entire episodes of Magical Bass right now, or if you prefer, you can access and subscribe to the show via RSS (podcast) or iTunes.

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Magical Bass Business

The officially sponsored Chrome Kids radio show, Magical Bass (produced by DJ 0.000001), has been blasting pure heat of late. We're especially loving this week's remixes of Kid Sister and Dirty Money (ft. Rick Ross and Nicky Minaj).

Kid Sister - Switch Board (DJ 0.000001 Remix ft. Venetian Snares) by magicalbass

Dirty Money - Hello Good Morning (DJ 0.000001 Remix) by magicalbass

And from the previous episode, we're definitely feeling the twisted Benga mash-up/edit as well as the revamp of an almost forgotten classic, Coolio's "Fantastic Voyage" from 1994.

DJ 0.000001 - Benga Vs. Andrew WK & Wing - From The Moon by magicalbass

Coolio - Fantastic Voyage (DJ 0.000001 Remix) by magicalbass

You can stream or download the entire episodes of Magical Bass right now, or if you prefer, you can access and subscribe to the show via RSS (podcast) or iTunes.

Magical Bass on Brooklyn Radio

Magical Bass on SoundCloud

Magical Bass/Daly City RSS Feed

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Huoratron - Corporate Occult (Video)

Big shout to Abjekt for putting us onto this one. Musically not the usual but who cares with videos like this... as a warning this may be a touch X Rated for the office.

"CORPORATE OCCULT" Huoratron Music Video from CĂ©dric BLAISBOIS on Vimeo.

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Suprise Suprise It's Cilla K

Much as we may lean towards the big and bassy or digitally mutated sounds, we’re suckers for a sweet soulful voice and so we’ve been loving an album we’ve come across recently by New York based French Caribbean singer Cilla K. With Philly producer / musician Junius Bervine ((Floetry, D'Angelo,Common,Pharell Williams) on the production, some of the beats have got a bigger bump than a pregnant woman with triplets but Cilla’s vocals manage to keep them all on the smooth and jazzy road throughout and the Guadeloupe lilt on her accent that shines through from time to time is most sweet indeed. You can listen to the whole album here, or download a little taster below.

Download: Cilla K - Drive You Home (Remix) / alt link

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DELS - Shapeshift (Video)

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Mystro - Around My Way (Video)

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Bad Bwoy George

We posted up some amazing new George Lenton tracks recently, however the powers that be over at the DMCA chose to chop them down... twice. However Lenton is coming like a Hydra at the moment and has grown back many more new tracks with extra teeth.

First up is his remix of The Dream, turning an R'n'B smoocher into a filthy crunked up grind fest... and rightly so.

Sex Intelligent ( George Lenton remix ) by georgelenton

Next is a rather Funkadelic sounding pop tune from the Sleigh Bells which gets stripped down into a low riding minimal steppers track.

Rill Rill ( George Lenton remix ) by georgelenton

And finally, MIA enters a strange paradox as she puts out a track that sounds like a bad Lady Gaga rip off, which is ironic in the fact that Lady Gaga first came out sounding like a bad MIA rip off. Thankfully George manages to restore some of her credibility back with his heavyweight, almost Bhangraesque remix.

MIA XXXO - George Lenton remix by georgelenton

Alt Links:

Download: The Dream - Sex Intelligent ( George Lenton Remix )

Download: Sleigh Bells - Rill Rill ( George Lenton Remix)

Download: MIA - XXXO (George Lenton Remix)

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