The new look site is nearly done and we're getting set for the changeover. However in the mean time this year also sees the return of our Radio Show, which should also give you an idea of what direction the blog will be taking musically.

If you're feeling the show then please post it around.

We also have a party in the Motherland of Wales this Thursday (19th January) in Buffalo Bar, Cardiff from 10pm til 4am. It will be Stagga (first offical set back home in over a year), Monky, Kaptin, Falcon Lake, Jauge (Live), Maxx Roach and Adam Corner. To celebrate we have a free download courtesy of Falcon Lake.

CKFR#005 Falcon Lake - All I Want (Free Download) by Chrome Kids

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2 Responses to

heidalicious said...

yay! can't wait for the new site!

Anonymous said...

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