Shigeto Glow

It's always a gamble going to see electronic music artists, even more so than rappers (I've walked out of the last 4 Hip-hop shows due to poor quality, Young Fathers excluded as they were awesome and their music goes beyond the traditional boundaries... way beyond), for every FlyLo or Daedelus there's... well let's not name names, everyone's allowed their off days and don't want to start calling people out, though you'd have probably caught a few if you follow me on Twitter.

With that in mind I just caught some of Shigeto's show at Start The Bus and thankfully he's the right side of engaging. It's not just the beautifully produced music, or the fact he jumps on the drums and jams along, both these help, but the main factor I've noticed that makes for a watchable show along that ilk, is simply the energy that the artists give out. Even though the gremlins reared their ugly heads, causing a few technical difficulties, Shigeto glowed positivity, a lot of grumbling diva-esque artists could certainly take note.

I think the first tune we played of his was this sublime remix for Sufjan Stevens, though there have been a number of releases of note, mostly on the Ghostly label, who have just dropped the first 2 singles from his 3rd long player for them, 'No Better Time Than Now' which is due out in August. I haven't even given them enough time to comment, but his show tonight has pushed me to give them a proper airing. So let's have a listen together shall we.

We also have to mention the incredible artwork from Michael Cina! Props to Ghostly International for always having incredible covers.

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