Revenge Of The Unicorn!

In preparation for a European/US tour and new album coming out this Spring, Chrome Kids and Th' Mole are back with yet another collection of remixes for the nerd rap classic "I Love Unicorns". The fittingly titled Beating A Dead Unicorn - I Love Unicorns Maxi-single Pt. 2 includes a music video, seven remixes of the title track, two versions of a new song, and "Th' Mole's text-based video game"(!)

Check out Savage Henry's psychedelic music video complementing the dubstep "I Love Unicorns" remix by EFXHAND.

Meanwhile, the other remixes by Splatinum (with vocals by Ilen Halogram), The Tleilaxu Music Machine, Fishstix, Bit-Tuner, Audible Terrible, and MRA run the gamut from glitch hop to drum & bass.

Th' Mole - I Love Unicorns (Splatinum Remix ft. Ilen Halogram) by magicalbass

The B-side, "How To Drive", is the unofficial sequel to Th' Mole's earlier hit "How To Be Cool", which has him rapping in pitched-up-and-down vocals, explaining how to be a safe and courteous driver. The production, featuring a face-punching beat, buzzing bassline, flute and bells, comes courtesy of Th' Mole himself. Finally, "How To Drive (Rappy McRapperson Remix - Chopped & Screwed Version)" puts Th' Mole's vocals over a catchy drum machine beat and then chops it all up.

The 40-minute-long 10-track maxi-single is available exclusively at

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