Walk Like An Egyptian

Some classic Bassnectar bootleg business for you all to celebrate the events in Egypt. Here's what Lorin had to say.

"I cannot pretend that I understand the intricacies of Egypt’s current political situation (neither the history of it, nor the most recent developments: the people’s uprising, the overthrow of a dictator, etc.) but I do know it is amazing to witness humans coming together to organize and rise up against injustice. As with Obama, whom I always took with a grain of salt (knowing he has tendencies to be inept at best and corrupt at worst) I was happy merely with the SYMBOLISM of his presidential victory. Because for a country that is shamefully built on slavery, with a pathetic legacy of racism and prejudice, this was a symbolic achievement: a majority of US citizens had looked past racism in a way that would have been impossible 50 years prior. That was a big deal.

So it is a big deal also that the Egyptian people, under strict rule of an unjust dictator, found courage and conviction to unite together and stand up to an aggressor, against all odds. Additionally it is extra special that this uprising was fueled by internet organizing and social networking (yet another example of why it is SO important to fight government & corporate control of the internet, on any level. Net neutrality should be defended as a direct lesson from the victory in Egypt).

What happens next is of course uncertain, but I am an optimist. In this case, my optimism is fueled by the inspiring courage and success of the underdog.

And so with a bit of playfulness, I give you this:"

Download: Bassnectar - Walk Like An Egyptian (2003 Remix)

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