Th' Mole, DJ 0.0000001 & The DJ'ing Cat

Although they've been relatively quiet for the past months, Th' Mole, DJ 0.000001 and the Magical Bass gang are in full swing again.  After last week's European tour documentary, Th' Mole also dropped a ridiculous Easter-themed instrumental video...

And this week, DJ 0.000001 has got a new remix and music video for, of all things, a Kenny Loggins song.

Kenny Loggins - This Is It (DJ 0.000001 Remix) by magicalbass

Finally, DJ 0.000001 ("one-millionth") has reportedly taught his CAT (DJ 1 Billionth) to DJ. Check out his new mix, Da Best Cat DJ!, for some brilliantly tweaked hip hop, etc.

1. Rip Slyme "Introduction (ft. Ryo The Skywalker)"
2. Kilo "Golden Rule" (Edit)
3. Da Entourage "Bunny Hop" (Original/RMX/Instrumental Mega-Edit)
4. Death Comet Crew "Dance Mofo" (Edit)
5. Soom T & Disrupt "Puff That Weed"
6. Oskar Ohlson "Hapa Mele (ft. Demune & Susanne Dietz)"
7. Rip Slyme "Checkerflag" (Edit)
8. Sebadoh "Sacred Attention" (Edit)
9. Bizzy & Krayzie Bone "Sick Old Flow 2"
10. Death Comet Crew "At The Marble Bar (ft. The Rammellzee)" (Edit)
11. Biz Markie "Biz In Harmony" (Edit)
12. Outkast "You May Die" (Screwed Edit)

DJ 1 Billionth - Da Best Cat DJ! (Mix) by magicalbass

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