A Step Into The Future

Much as I would love to give you an indepth run down of what went on at my Birthday bash on Friday, I'm far too hungover and the party ain;t stopped yet. Luckily all the legendary artists who played have incredible new mixes which should help to explain what a great night it was. Many thanks for those who made it down.



First up is my Chrome compadre Monky, who in my possibly biased opinion is one of the most exciting new producers breaking out of (and away from) the Dubstep mould today.

Monky also has a new release on Robox Neotech called Drunkerdz which you definitely have to check out.

Monky - Drunkerdz by robox-neotech

Monky - Drunkerdz(Resketch REMIX) by robox-neotech

Next up is Paul B who has managed to reinvent himself from a hardcore Hip-hop stalwart to Future Garage don. This mix is very much on a Dubby Garage tip with some great tunes but unfortunately as it's a live mix, no tracklisting.

Download: Paul B - The Future, The Present... Mix Vol 1

And finally Adam Corner, who kind of joins the dots between the mixes with this offering from his Wonky Disco stable.

All these artists / mixes are some indication of the buzz happening in our hometown of Cardiff right now. We've got a whole load more mixes and tracks from more artists here such as C.R.S.T, Diddy, Ital Lion, Don Leisure, etc, which we'll hopefully post up this week some time.

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