Bad Bwoy George

We posted up some amazing new George Lenton tracks recently, however the powers that be over at the DMCA chose to chop them down... twice. However Lenton is coming like a Hydra at the moment and has grown back many more new tracks with extra teeth.

First up is his remix of The Dream, turning an R'n'B smoocher into a filthy crunked up grind fest... and rightly so.

Sex Intelligent ( George Lenton remix ) by georgelenton

Next is a rather Funkadelic sounding pop tune from the Sleigh Bells which gets stripped down into a low riding minimal steppers track.

Rill Rill ( George Lenton remix ) by georgelenton

And finally, MIA enters a strange paradox as she puts out a track that sounds like a bad Lady Gaga rip off, which is ironic in the fact that Lady Gaga first came out sounding like a bad MIA rip off. Thankfully George manages to restore some of her credibility back with his heavyweight, almost Bhangraesque remix.

MIA XXXO - George Lenton remix by georgelenton

Alt Links:

Download: The Dream - Sex Intelligent ( George Lenton Remix )

Download: Sleigh Bells - Rill Rill ( George Lenton Remix)

Download: MIA - XXXO (George Lenton Remix)

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3 Responses to Bad Bwoy George

Anonymous said...

these remixes are all pretty terrible

Evil_Noodle said...

I Disagree. XXXO has a lopsided Funk Itchiness and is different. Nowt wrong there but everyone is entitled to their opinion i suppose

EL NOU MON said...

Have to say that I didn't think that this Sleigh Bells track could be redeemed–but GL did it!