DJ Cable Vs. JME, Tempz & Noah D "CD Is Seeeriousssly Dead" (Preview)

Following DJ Nappy's recent return to the DJ-ing, and all things Thugsteppery, I thought I'd give you lot a little taster as to what to expect from the forthcoming Fuck Thugstep Vol. 2 mixtape from myself & Rock The Dub – This blend sees JME & Tempz go over Noah D’s Dubstep anthem from last year…

The mix should be out next month; you can expect the usual hybrid of Dirty South & Grime acapellas over Dubstep, plus some exclusive stuff too!

P.S. If you haven't already peeped Vol. 1, do so now!

BONUS! Lil Jon Feat. Ice Cub Vs. Rusko "Roll Call" DJ Nappy THUGSTEP Refix)


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5 Responses to DJ Cable Vs. JME, Tempz & Noah D "CD Is Seeeriousssly Dead" (Preview)

Anonymous said...

huryy with it!!!!
any exact dates yet? :)
the first one was peng!!

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