Cardiff Summer Round Up Part I

Things seem to be busy in Cardiff this summer and we've had a number of various gems from our home town which we keep meaning to post. Here's a selection of some and we shall post a bunch more on Tuesday. Hopefully you would have already caught the new Monky, Paul B and Dead Residents mixes we posted recently. If not grab them here.

A few regular readers may remember previous tracks from Cardiff based duo Shadow Law (aka Lex Umbra). Well producer / rapper Ming from the pair has just released a grimey Dubstep EP through Italian label Young NRG Productions that you can pick up now on Juno, Beatport, Dogs On Acid and Track It Down.

C.R.S.T. are fast becoming the number one Future Garage crew of choice, okay so the majority come from Barry rather than Cardiff but for arguments sake we’ll claim a 10 mile radius for our own. They have adorned many a recent mix including the opening track of Doorly’s new Reclaim The Dancefloor CD. They’ve also provided bubblin hot remix of the new Count & Sinden track featuring the Mystery Jets that Annie Mac recently posted on her site as a free download. Here’s that tune along with their latest mix and a few extra bits and pieces. Make sure you look out for their forthcoming releases on Car Crash Set, Well Rounded and Ten Thousand Yen.

Download: C.R.S.T - Dubplates 2 Mix


1. 1 4 Byron - C.R.S.T (Dubplate)
2. It's Like That (C.R.S.T. Remix) - Tuff Wheelz (Dead Speaker Office)
3. Music Takes Me Up (C.R.S.T. Remix) - Proper Villains (Nightshifters)
4. Redeye - C.R.S.T (Forthcoming Catapult Records)
5. Baduka - Chesus and Diverse Concepts (Forthcoming 10,000 Yen)
6. Ultra 64 - C.R.S.T (Forthcoming No hats No Hoods)
7. Dial The Operator - C.R.S.T (Forthcoming Well Rounded)
8. Bump - C.R.S.T (Forthcoming 10,000 Yen)
9. Turn Away - C.R.S.T (Bigger Than Barry)
10. May Not Be Real - C.R.S.T (Forthcoming Well Rounded)
11. Need You - C.R.S.T (Forthcoming Well Rounded)
12. Roulette - C.R.S.T (Forthcoming 10,000 Yen)
13. Shelter (C.R.S.T. Remix) - The XX (forthcoming ???)

Download: Lil Silva - Funky Flex (C.R.S.T. Remix)

After Dark (C.R.S.T Rmx) - Count and Sinden feat. Mystery Jets by C.R.S.T

Bonus Level - C.R.S.T. by C.R.S.T

Download: C.R.S.T. - Bonus Level

1 4 BYRON - C.R.S.T by C.R.S.T

Download: C.R.S.T. - Byron

Undoubtedly one of our favourite rappers from the scene, Blaktrix is due to drop his long awaited album Some People Never Go Crazy at the end of this year. As a warm up he has compiled a selection of unreleased and previously vinyl only tracks into a kind of story so far ‘mixtape’ called The Houdini Footprints of Some People Never Go Crazy. These tracks include a couple of Monky and Stagga’s earlier productions and the Monky ones in particular still bang hard, have a listen for yourself then grab the whole lot from the Blaktrix Website.

Download: Blaktrix - Tek Time (produced by Monky) / alt link

Download: Blaktrix feat Vocal Recall - Trouble Trouble (produced by Monky) / alt link / video

Finally for now, although Stagga has since relocated to Berlin he still has his hands and heart deep in the area as this new killer Grime / Dubstep / Hip-hop track featuring Skamma and Joe Blow from the Squid Ninjaz shows. This is ridiculously beastly.

Stagga feat Skamma + Joe Blow - Genik Riddim by Chrome Kids

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i want a download link for the stagga song!