Jammer - Max Not Minimum (Video)

Although we may have a little rant from time to time we generally only include stuff on the blog we're feeling. If it's s**t then we'll generally just ignore it. However from time to time something comes along that we're just not sure about. Pretty much all of the singles from Jammer's Big Dada album have left us either sitting on the fence with a splinter in our ass or scratching our heads, confuseled as the day we were ejected from the womb. His latest offering is no different. Is it pent up frustrated street poetics from a Grime pioneer, over a future thinking 'post' Dubstep beat... or is it the simple mumbled ramblings of an emcee struggling to find his place in the 'post' Grime world? I think we'll let you decide for yourselves cos we're still not sure if we love it or hate it.

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One Response to Jammer - Max Not Minimum (Video)

Lifter Baron said...

I think the video is maybe the worst part in this case... Nothing like watching someone just sort of hang out while someone films them talking.

The track hardly gets me excited and the beat just distracts me long enough to be unconcerned with the powerless cadence.