Prince Of Bass

Due to the crazy last drops of summer, we've been shamefully sitting on this remix of the Deftones track Prince from the big bad Bassnectar camp for a little while. We have however, been moshing out hard to it since then, so thought it only fair to share it with those of you yet to pick it up. As with the CLAW remix of Change, it seems the Californian rock mongers suit the heavier side of Dubstep perfectly. Perhaps a new direction for their next album is due, there's certainly space for more Rockstep tracks.

Speaking of Bassnectar, keep an eye out for the new EP dropping on October 19th, with 6 brand new songs, plus remixes. Also, Mister Gray from South Florida hit us up with this dope little bootleg mixing up Teach Me How To Dougie by Cali Swag District with Bassnectar's Basshead. It's kinda fun, check it out.

Bassnectar vs California Swag District - Teach Me How To Dubstep (Mister Gray's Mix) by Mister Gray

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2 Responses to Prince Of Bass

Mister Gray said...

Thanks for the love guys! I hope everybody enjoys it. :)

Taylor said...

i like your style. Check out my mash-up!

***lil scrappy vs bassnectar***