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Due to my involvement with Cardiff Arts Institute, I probably bang on about it more than you readers from the rest of the world are bothered about. However just as the blog is an extension of my excitement over the wealth of incredible music out there at the moment, so is the CAI a labour of love that gets me pretty damn excited so it shall probably crop up quite a bit (hopefully) for some time still. Also, don't be too quick to disregard these posts, I intend for the venue to be an upto date marker in music as well (not always an easy task in this fair city of ours) so anyone you see playing there, should definitely be in your radar. With this in mind, here's a few of the acts that shall be appearing over the rest of this month.

Most of you will already know Tomb Crew, however you may not already know Ital Lion or Exotope who shall both be appearing on this night.

Ital Lion is one of the founding fathers of the Welsh Dubstep scene, having first made his way through the Jungle, Garage and Grime scenes first before reaching a unique, almost tribal sound that has always had more than a passing respect for the Dub part of the genre's moniker. This particular track has had alot of play from me recently (sorry no d/l on this as he's still negotiating a release for it).

Friday 15th October: Ital Lion - Free Africa by cardiffartsinstitute

I only recently met Exotope but had already enjoyed his beat for the Astroid Boys tune Party & Bullshit (which was also released on his Juvenile Scum label). His Dubstep outings are straight dutty stinkers for the filth generation but still maintain a fun element. No doubt all these factors have since triplicated since he became the tour DJ for the Dirty Sanchez boys.

Exotope - Violation (Free Download) by EXOTOPE

Swn Festival is a fantastic multi venue weekend event here in the city curated by John Rostron and BBC Radio 1 DJ Huw Stephens. For a full line up check their site, it's not an instantly obvious line up but that's what makes it so great, as it's stacked full of new and exciting acts to discover. We shall be hosting the launch party on Monday but also a few different events over the weekend. Here's a couple of acts playing here that I'm particularly looking forwards to.

Seams (Monday 18th October)

A late addition to the already exciting prospect of Toro Y Moi, Seams caught my ear through his remixes for Gold Panda and Bibio but his solo productions don't disappoint either. This latest offering is inspired by the Brummie producer's time in Berlin and amidst the shuffling, atmospheric Four Tetesque Techno is 'field' recordings made using his phone or an old tape recorder.

Monday 18th October: Seams - Hung Markets ( Sŵn Festival) by cardiffartsinstitute

Download: Seams - Hung Markets

Shake Aletti + Nedry (Thursday 21st October)

Okay so the prospect of yet another Indie / Electro / Disco act hasn't instantly got me moist but Shake Aletti are definitely near the top of the new crop and this remix from their fellow Sheffield musical exponent Toddla T helps as well.

Download: Shake Aletti - The Way He Does (Toddla T Remix feat Serocee) via Vacay Wave

Nedry are one of many bands to have been likened to The xx, but that's just lazy. They're actually like a Portishead for the modern generation. S**t, okay that was even more lazy. Either way they combine dreamy ethereal vocals with deep up to date electronic beats that waver somewhere in the Dubstep region... and they do it very well.

Thursday 21st October: Nedry - A42 (Sŵn Festival) by cardiffartsinstitute

Dam Mantle + Quinoline Yellow (Friday 22nd October)

The guys from the Electroneg label celebrate the release of a new compilation with their first live outing including: Cian Ciaran from Super Furry Animals and Acid Casuals; Plyci; Quinoline Yellow; and an incredible new producer called Dam Mantle, from that bastion of Avante-Bass, Glasgow. His Purple Arrow EP has been gaining some heavy rotation from us recently and although the whole line up is strong it's these latter two that I'm most looking forwards to.

Friday 22nd October: Dam Mantle - Theatre (Sŵn Festival) by cardiffartsinstitute

Saturday 22nd October: Geraint Ffrancon - Night Remixes (Quinoline Yellow Remix) by cardiffartsinstitute

The Friday fun doesn't stop with Swn however. Once they close up shop at Midnight, the guys from One Mission (the University D'n'B + Dubstep society) shall be taking over the proceedings for the rest of the evening and have got our good friend Stagga flying in from Berlin for a long awaited set back on home turf. Very much looking forwards to this one.

STAGGA - THATS WHEN I JACKED IT - feat SKAMMA (clip) by stagga

If you haven't picked up a copy of the Staggamuffin EP yet, what have you been waiting for? It's still free.

Download: Stagga - Staggamuffin EP

Although Crooks & Lovers has been on heavy rotation, I'm yet to join the masses of people I've met recently who can say "Oh my God did you Mount Kimbie at (insert Festival here), they were amazing." I figured it was time to put this right and bring them some place where I can't fail to catch them.

Joining them on the night shall be a long term Chrome Kids favourite in the shape of Zwolf and a relative newcomer to our radar by the name of STD.

Ruby (Recorded Live at Berghain, Berlin) by Anorak London

The Gentle Good_Dawel Disgyn [Zwolf Remix] by zwolf

Eldridge by STD

I think that's probably enough to take in for now. No doubt you shall be hearing me shouting further praises from it's rooftop in the coming weeks. If you are in town, pop in.



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