Wiley Keeps Leaking

Wiley just leaked another track called The Great Leak, talking about how great his leaked zip files were (certainly was a great number of em, there's a reason some tracks tend to stay on hard drives though and alot of artists need to realise this). Have to say I'm feeling the other two tunes he 'leaked' today though, including a track with Shola Ama produced by Wizzy Wow. Reminds me of that classic 90s R'n'B sound (yes that's a good thing, stop frontin').

All these latest twitter leaks are 160kbps so no good for the club though unfortunately, shame cos the instrumental track bangs like a Glitch Mob track.

Download: Wiley - The Great Leak / alt link
Download: Shola Ama feat Wiley - Ooh La La / alt link
Download: Wiley - Rebel Instrumental / alt link

Never did figure out what this tweet meant.

@WileyArtist: who is kaptin chrome is he on here step up

Somebody retweeted it with my personal account in there but it had been deleted by the time I investigated and never heard from him... perhaps he took my Twitter name literally and thought he'd better leave it. Course it could be a coincidence, forget the Chrome bit and I'm certainly not the only Kaptin. It's also the nickname of South African MC Ben Sharpa who incidentally has just dropped this new video for his track Check The Evidence.

At the end of the tracks he name checks Jonzi D the UK Hip-hop legend who I'm going to see later on today... it's a funny old small and synchronistic world that we live in.

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