Making Of A Slave

Metabeats and Dubbledge combine on the 'The Making Of A Slave' in honour of Black History Month. Inspired by the Willie Lynch letter, ‘The Making of a Slave’ sees Dubbledge at his most controversial, ironically morphing into the shoes of a slave owner to breakdown the various techniques used to create slaves. However he does so with an intellectual, tongue in cheek delivery and enough humour to turn the ugliest of subjects into an inspirational look at the methods used to create an inbuilt self-destructive mentality that will & has spanned generations. It's thought provoking & definitely worth a listen for some true edutainment.

Dubbledge & Metabeats - The Making of a Slave aka Willie Lynch by AssociatedMinds

The download is free, however. please use the following link and help work towards a better future for us all.

The track is also available from including the original Willie Lynch letter and alternative artwork.

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